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Hot Water Heater/Had to Pay to Code Requirements
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Rating: 1/51

BOWIE, MARYLAND -- CONSUMERS BEWARE!!! I had no hot water so I called American Home Shield (AHS) to request for a plumber to come out. A plumber came out on Monday and said my hot water heater needs to be replaced. This made sense to me since it was 16 years old. He said he will order a new one. While I waited, I had to boil hot water on my stove and electric kettle. I mentioned this to my sister and she said they should have been able to install a new hot water heater that day. She said all they had to do was go to Home Depot and buy it. I went online and saw where the Home Depot installs new hot water heater on the same day provided you call them before noon.

At this point it's Friday of that week so I called the plumber for a status and he said AHS was suppose to call me for an update. He told me I had to pay $715 for code requirements. I was shocked because according to my AHS contact they pay for all components and parts of a water heater. Since the code requirements involved attaching parts to the water heater in order for it to work, that should have been covered by AHS. I called AHS and was put on hold for 20 minutes so I hung up, called back and was placed on hold for 20 minutes again. I hung up, called back later on and the same thing occurred.

I contacted AHS through the online chat line and no one answered after I waited for 10 mins. I tried again and to my luck someone answered. She told me AHS doesn't cover code requirements and I had to dish out $715. I was furious! About a week later I receive a generic letter from AHS apologizing for the customer service I experienced but it didn't address my main issue. I will cancel my policy with them and put the money I pay for the policy in my own "home warranty" savings account. And to think I was going to get a policy for my mother and recommended AHS to a friend. They won't be getting it now!

I Am Sure the Gate Agent Stole My Louis Vuitton Bag!
By -

DALLAS FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Plain and simple - on 18 January 2009, the gate agent at Miami International forced me to surrender my $1300 Louis Vuitton Keepall, which housed all of my belongings from a cruise vacation. I argued with her and was refused boarding without checking the bag, which fits overhead (and there was room on the plane).

Surprise, surprise, the bag never makes it to LaGuardia in NYC. It was my only luggage item. I completed all the paperwork and submitted it by the deadline (this is very time-consuming). Then, there is the three-month wait.

In the meantime, I filed a police report with Miami PD because I honestly believe the gate agent stole my bag. It is no coincidence that she forced me to surrender a bag, meanwhile there were other people allowed to board with duffel bags much larger than mine. Also, according to MIA airport security, there is no camera surveillance at this particular gate. Coincidence? I think not.

The last I was told, the investigators were going to interview the people who worked the gate when I boarded. Apparently, American Airlines staff at Miami Int'l were unwilling to provide information about who was working then. I was also told that the "gate agent" may have been an impostor. This is POST-SEPTEMBER 11th America, right?!

In April 2009, Ms. ** sent a cold letter indicating that my claim was fraudulent and that it was denied. There were no specifics given, nothing. The verbiage stated, "Some of the information you stated is not accurate," and that they may prosecute ME for fraud. Imagine that!

I needed to be cool, so I waited before I called her. This ** states she did not believe the items could fit in the bag. Also mind you, if there is even the smallest of typos, then your entire claim could be denied. For example, if the bag was 9.7 inches deep and I put 9 inches or 10 inches, then my claim is deemed inaccurate and thus, false.) She also told me that although American Airlines acknowledges my bag was lost in their care, they will not take responsibility. Does that make any sense? No.

I wrote letters to the entire Executive Board. Surprise here - not a single reply. I sent emails. Imagine this - no reply other than "Contact Baggage Services (i.e. Ms. **). I lost everything! My entire vacation was in that one article of luggage and it is all gone. I waited for hours at LaGuardia, hoping my bag would appear, but knowing it would not. The moment I surrendered it in Miami I knew I would not see it or my things again. I had a bad feeling from the start, when she singled me out and denied me to board the plane.

Next time, I will get ALL the gate agents' contact information before I surrender anything. I will also take their photo with my phone. These people are hard to locate, believe it or not. It is now October 2009 and my complaints and appeals have gotten me nowhere. I am making the next move - legal intervention. This experience has caused significant emotional distress. In addition, losing over $6k worth of material (luggage included) cannot go away quietly. It seems that suing American Airlines will be the only viable option.

Unsatisfactory Response To Request For Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHILDERSBURG, ALABAMA -- I called American Home Shield and received a dispatch to a company in Birmingham AL, which is at least an hour and thirty minutes away, on July 15, 2016, promising they would contact me and arrange a mutual agreeable service call. I heard nothing from them despite calling AHS. After AHS promised to make this an emergency call and an immediate response on the same day. No calls from their contractor. I call the contractor at midday and asked about why it had been ten days in 90 to 100 degree heat that they had not called and the person on the phone at the contractor acted liked he had never heard of me.

But then he promised they would be out between 4:30 and 5:30 that day so I said OK. My wife and I are in our mid-seventies and have health issues so it was important that they came as promised, considering the heat. It was a no show and no call that evening. Since the beginning of this situation phone call took an average of an hour with some as long as an hour and a half.

Their computer system does not allow a status request and refers you to the unanswerable phone number. I was able to make contact on the chat line early the 26th and eventually and finally nice person who after trying to find another A/C contractor gave permission for me to use one here locally. Fixed it the same day by lunch time. An internal breaker on the air handler was shot, he replaced it from his supply of parts on his truck. $214.00 total, which included checking another unit and adding some freon. I decided not to go thru the reimbursement process since it is so cumbersome and no one answers their phones.

Great Coverage for the Price
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Rating: 5/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I did a massive amount of research for a warranty on a 2001 Jag XK8 that has a warranty that was expiring and the company I had been using had nothing to offer me. From the first contact with ASAP I found them to be friendly, professional, and very easy to work with. I spent a long time making this decision and Mark was not pushy while I was going through my process. I appreciated Mark sending me a copy of the contract right away, no beating around the bush, so I could study it in detail. I probably researched a total of about 12 companies, narrowed it down to three finalists, and when I called Mark back with a list of questions he was very upfront and accommodating.

I have two things that I wish could have been done differently: I wish I could have made a down payment and then made payments instead of paying in full upfront (I have never paid in full upfront, makes me a little nervous plus it's a sizable expense) and because the car is only a fun car and we don't drive it often or long distances it is going to take a while to drive it 1000 miles to get through the waiting period. Mark did ask but this is one area where there was no flexibility.

In the past it was always 30 days or 1000 miles whichever comes first. I understand they want to protect themselves from someone who has a car that needs a repair before they buy the coverage, but in my case the waiting period is rather onerous. Wish they could have made an exception but I understand that they couldn't.

I feel the negotiation process was fair on their end and I was able to make a purchase that was within my pain threshold. I have a good feeling about this warranty and company. Many other positive aspects that I could mention but this review is already long enough. Now it just comes down to how the company actually does business but I am not expecting any issues with that.

Poor Customer Contact for Question
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Rating: 2/51

I have been on hold for 2 days each time +30 minutes. The question I had could not be answered on the website or automated phone line. This is an ongoing issue, the "We are experiences high volume" messages is a crock, it is always on. Should you be lucky enough to reach someone they are always very pleasant and helpful. As a company you are at the bottom of a service rating. There isn't even an email to contact on the website that I could find, my log in mysteriously doesn't work in that area... Really??? I am so frustrated and all I had was a simple question that took 2 minutes to answer and 2 days to get through. NOT acceptable.

Won't Pre-Assign a Seat Without Paying for It
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- My handicapped husband flies on American Airlines Nov. 9. Needs an aisle seat to be able to stretch his leg and foot when possible because he was attacked by a shark 10 years ago; it ate his foot and ankle and he has severe nerve damage and pain. Was told he had to pay for a priority seat if he wanted to be assigned a seat right now. Otherwise he has to stand in line at the airport upon check-in and at that time get a seat assignment (and hope that an aisle seat is still available).

We didn't expect to pay extra for a seat assignment in order to assure he gets an aisle seat. Customer service refused to assign a seat unless we paid extra; insisting he stand in line at the airport check-in and hope that there is still an available aisle seat. He has a connecting flight with United; they already assigned him a seat and stated that their policy is to assign seats upon request without charge, and not have to stand in line at check-in to get a seat assignment.

Won't fly American again. My personal opinion is that they don't care about handicapped and their policy is abusive to the handicapped and mean. I just read that they are honoring their error in offering free and discounted trips to China, but they can't give a handicapped person the courtesy of a pre-assigned seat without additional pricing.

Horrible flight--being in HELL
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS/FT WORTH, CALIFORNIA -- I wrote a recent letter complaining about my HORRIBLE experience flying on American Airlines from Dallas to San Jose on 10-19-15 and received an answer from a service representative, Ms. **... Here is my follow-up note to her:

Thank you for your prompt response (to my letter outlining how awful an experience I had: incredibly uncomfortable seat - with NO air-conditioning at 30D, WI-FI that I paid for that broke up every few moments...). But, my main question remains: how can American fly such an obsolete, antiquated, anti-environmental (NOISE, vibration, rapacious fuel consumption) plane as the S-80 in the year, 2015.

It is an AWFUL plane - my seat was 30D - the HOT spot in the plane; absolutely no air-conditioning there - whereas, the lavatory at the back of the plane on the right-hand side was spewing ARCTIC air while one was using the lavatory. Boiling hot while seated in 30D & freezing cold while using the lavatory - NOT an ideal environment - and cause for my current upper respiratory infection.

I will ALWAYS ALWAYS avoid flying any flight using the decrepit S-80 aircraft. FROM a former passenger on AA and frequent flier member, AVOID American Airlines if you can - even Spirit air was better... My most terrifying image of being in HELL for all eternity: being trapped forever on Flight #140 from DFW to SJC (San Jose)!!!

Terrible, Unprofessional, Untimely
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I had a living room set on the way. Went in to pay it off and they said that's set been discontinued. I requested a refund and asked why no one had notified me before it had been discontinued. No response to that question! I requested a refund and at that time they said I can pick something else out and that's not what I want it, they wouldn't give me a refund so I went online and pick something else out. They gave me a time between 4 to 6 weeks which I thought was rather long. I waited 6 weeks and in between that time I had only two phone calls from them letting me know they were still waiting.

After that I begin to call a couple times a week wondering where my furniture was. The only answer they could give me is that they were still waiting! Six weeks came and I called again. The only thing they said has been to delivered to him yet I think in to get ever tasted because they weren't concerned. They had all the money it was paid for that I had no furniture. So I waited, called again, they said "Oh well you can come and get a refund" after waiting a month and a half. I would never recommend American Freight to anyone and I don't! Very unprofessional there. It's a scam. I guess you get what you pay for, everything cheap isn't always good!

Vendor Stole My Train Set!
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Rating: 1/51

LUDLOW, KENTUCKY -- I sent Mr. ** a detailed list of my model train set and he offered me $285.00 for the set. I sent 4 packages via UPS and they were signed for by someone named Mason. Over a year later after numerous e-mails and promises to pay me, I have yet to receive a dime. Mr. ** has never given an explanation and once told me that he had sent me a check but it must have been lost in the mail. If you go to Google+ review of this company 3 of 4 responders report similar experiences. He is an on-line thief!

Horrible Customer Service!!! Stay Away!!!
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Rating: 1/51

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! STAY AWAY!!! These people brought furniture into our Brand new home (purchased 1 day before this incident) and destroyed the furniture as well as our home on the way in. We provided a detailed and accurate claim, pictures, and a statement for the damages...and they flat out denied it and called us LIARS! Brandon, the store Manager over at the Duluth, GA store is wasting American Signature's money as he doesn't have a clue about customer service. Unless of course, American Signature condones treating customers like crap and giving two cents about customer service or satisfaction.

Although, that would explain a lot to me about who he is and that he is only a by-product of their management training. No one can be that clueless. And I won't even go into the fact that half the staff at both the Duluth and Buford store lay around more than anything else on the furniture like models...(In short, spare yourself of the show and the closing act which is a nice dose HORRIBLE customer service. Couple that with CHEAP poorly made furniture and you can understand our frustration.

If you purchase from American Signature, I GUARANTEE that you'll be leaving the same review that we did. If you don't believe us...check other reviews and you'll see similar complaints. Thanks American Signature for ruining our experience! I knew I should have gone to Haverty's!! #Bring back customer service

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