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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Coll on 11/18/2004
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In June, I booked and paid for a vacation package to Barbados through American Airlines Vacations. In July, I received a phone call advising me that my 3:45 p.m. return flight from Barbados had been canceled, and I would now be leaving at 8:30 in the morning, effectively shortening my vacation by one day.

I e-mailed AAVacations four times, asking if I could extend my vacation by one day at the same nightly rate, at my own expense and without any penalty for changing the date of my return flight. Each time, AAVacations acknowledged that they had received my e-mail, and it had been forwarded to an Electronic Care Specialist. I never received any other reply.

I wrote to AA's Vice President of Customer Service on August 27. I received a postcard stating that they were receiving an unusual number of requests and would respond as quickly as possible.

On October 12, still having not received an answer to what seemed to me to be a perfectly simple question, I again wrote to their Vice President. I received an e-mail reply that advised me that the most efficient manner to take care of questions and/or problems was to contact AAVacations by e-mail -- which I had done four times, and which had not elicited any kind of response.

On October 27 and November 5, I again faxed a letter to AA senior management, detailing the problems I had with their organization and asking that they cancel the vacation, refund my money and advise me that this has been done. Again, no response.

On November 11, I mailed a letter to the President of AAVacations (no one seemed to have a fax number for this individual), again asking that the vacation be canceled and my money refunded. Again, no response.

On November 13, I received travel documents for a vacation that I had now been trying to cancel for more than a month. The documents contained incorrect information on my return flight, as they were still showing my return flight to be the 3:45 p.m. flight, although their website reservation confirmation still showed that I was on the 8:30 flight.

In sum, after five e-mails, five letters and numerous phone calls, I never received the courtesy of an answer to my question. I called their customer service center today to cancel the vacation, and was advised that my money would be refunded upon the return of the travel documents that I received more than a month after attempting to cancel this vacation. In addition, the vacation cancellation waiver I paid for would NOT be refunded, in spite of the fact that the cancellation was due to the total incompetence and indifference of AAVacations.

In two of my letters, I mentioned that I had traveled to Europe and to California since June, and had not booked through AAVacations because of the miserable experience I had had trying to get an answer to one simple question. Apparently, in spite of their huge losses, AA feels they can afford to alienate and ignore their customers.

Needless to say, I won't be booking with either Amreican Airlines or AAVacations again, and would recommend that anyone considering doing so would be advised to think again.

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Stolen items out of checked baggage
Posted by Zeekerma on 10/06/2004

I recently attended a sales meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. During this conference, there was to be two days of golf. So being an avid golfer, I decided to take my own golf clubs instead of renting. Ina ddition to my own clubs, I bought a box of rather expensive cigars to take with me for the two days of golf. (Afterall, what is a round of golf without stoggies?)

Anyways, being the frequent flyer I am, I stuck the box of cigars as well as my favorite cigar cutter and lighter in the golf bag carrier (this is a hard shell travel carrier which the actual golf bag gets stored in). I did this since I was aware that these items would not make it thru security clearance with my carry on luggage. When I check the golf travel carrier,
I was advised by the agent that the bag had to be unlocked (which it was) since in all likelihood, the carrier would be examined by TSA/security. Everything appeared to be ok up to this point.

Upon my arrival at my hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, I was getting ready for the first golf outing. When I opened my golf luggage, I immediately noticed that the box of cigars as well as the cigar cutter and lighter were missing from the carrier. There was no doubt they were stolen since that were positioned in such a manner they would not fall out of the carrier.

I called the Logan airport, baggage claim office of American Airlines to file a claim and immediately started ot get the run around on filing the claim. First they told me they were not responsible, that TSA was and I had to file a claim with them. TSA informed me they were not and that I had to file the claim with FT Lauderdale. Ft. Lauderdale finally "accepted" my claim, but now (over a month later) is telling me that AA Dallas (central baggage claims) has to handle it since the value is over $300.00 (the box of cigars was $125, the cigar cutter and lighter were gold plated and an anniversary gift from my wife, no value can be attached to them since there is an emotional attachment to them).

To make a long s tory short, items are being stolen out of luggage on a regular basis and no one, the TSA, the airports, nor the airlines want ot accept any responsibility for the replacement of these items. In fact, I think the majority of people just give up. however, I will not.
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Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-10-06:
I'd call them and let them know about your situation. I only use carry-on when I business travel.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-10-24:
1nothung: It does not count if you actually travel inside the carry-on, Do they keep your water bowl full during the flight?
Posted by KP2005 on 2005-11-08:
I recently had a very similar experience traveling from Chicago to Seattle on American. When I arrived in Seattle everything that was along the front and side inside my suitcase was missing. The only things remaining were my clothing and the items packed in between my clothes. The items missing included my cell phone charger, my ipod charger, my hair flattening iron, my Sonicare toothbrush in its blue travel container, and my bag of toiletries that included several prescriptions. I felt very violated and devastated to find all of these items missing upon arrival.

I also received the runaround from TSA and several departments and personnel at American. In the end, I wrote Corporate only to receive a response explaining they had no responsibility. I am beyond mad and will never fly American again. They ultimately have the responsibility to get me to my destination...and all of my things. They didn't try to accomodate me in any way. They wouldn't reimburse me the $360 of missing items, miles for my trip...nothing. If they want to keep passengers, they have to start treating them right. (If anyone from American reads this, I still want my reimbursement! It is the only way to gain my trust that you will get me to my destination with all of my things. I want to know my travels - for work and personal - will be hassle-free.)
Posted by forero7 on 2006-01-18:
I am one of the unfortunate persons using American Airlines as my means of travel. I had my baggage ransacked and my jewelry stolen out of my luggage. I had alot of my jewelry and quite a few pieces of jewelry that I had received for Christmas. I could not put this into my carry on as I had to make room for my medicines and breathing machine and packed everything else in my regular luggage. When arriving in Norfolk, Va. my granddaughter picked up the wrong bag (one exactly like mine) and away we went. At home I realized, whoops, wrong bag, I immediately call American and they said they indeed has my bag. I live 75 miles from the airport, so explained I would be in to get my bag and return the other bag the next day.
My daughter did this for me, as she lives much closer to the airport than I do, and when I received it, it immediately checked and found about &6000.00 worth of jewelry had been taken. I called American, and the rude woman there told me their insurance does not cover jewelry theft.
I have written letters both to the Customer Relations Dept., and to Gerard Arpey, the President of American Airlines, and also filed a claim with TSA. As of this time, no reply from anyone. Anyone who has had a theft from their luggage needs to address this. I am contacting my local newspaper, and a local television station that investigates and reports on comsumer
problems. If we do not unite, this will continue to happen.
Posted by Abernathy on 2006-05-22:
Recently had items stolen from luggage flying American Airlines home from Miami to Nashville. The Airlines is giving me the run around, my baggage was lost for two days, and it even went to Argentina, once I recieved my bag, the only thing left in it was my clothes. I want to find a lawyer that can take up my case because the airline does not want to compensate for the loss, and the invasion of privacy. I would like some advice and maybe some information on a lawyer in TN.
Posted by LOrraine4883 on 2006-08-21:
One week ago I also had items stolen from my check-in luggage. I was returning home from studying abroad this summer in Guadalajara, Mexico and checked in two large suitcases and had a carryon. When I arrived at the check in counter, the lady searched my carry on and insisted that I could not carry my camara and my prized Louis vuitton bag ( a high school graduation present from my parents) So SHE TOOK THEM FROM ME AND PLACED THEM IN MY CHECK IN LUGGAGE. She also removed my makeup bag (that had some cash) from my carry on and put in the checked in luggage.
I was origianlly flying on flight 1502 to Dallas and connection to Oklahoma city. However, due to a bomb scare on Sat. Aug 12 at DFW , the 2 hour flight turned into a 4 hour flight. When I arrived at the airport, I waited for one hour until I figuered my luggage was lost, or had been forwarded to OKC.
Having lost the last flight to OKC I was forced to spend the night in Dallas, but I really didnt mind this. I did mind the fact that AA never offered anyone a toothbrush or anything.
The next afternoon at 2 pm I arrived at OKC (oklahoma) to find my two bags OUTSIDE of the baggage office. I promptly picked them up and went home to NORMAN, 20 or so miles.

When I opened my suitcase I saw my Murano glass necklace jammed up against the zipper...and felt my heart drop. Not because its expensive * 8 euros* only, but because it had been in a sock in the zipped up compartment.
I then opened my bags only to find the MOST EXPENSIVE ITEMS I had gone.Including my camara, my expensive jeans (didnt even touch the median jeans), my bag, a pair of shoes, my makeup bag (gross ey) and two cocktail dresses, and some sweaters. I began to cry, and yell. I also tried to find AA number, but GUESS WHAT THEY ONLY HAVE THE 1 800 RESERVATIONS NUMBER IN THE PHONE BOOK, ONLINE, OR ANYWHERE. ...

I drove back to the airport to find 18 people with missing, lost or stolen items from their check in luggage. I filed a claim, but one week later have not heard from them at all. I am so bitter, and mad because of this...YES because they took the most expensive stuff, but also because I FEEL SO VIOLATED. These are people that we to some level trust... IT IS THEIR JOB. Also AA makes it so difficult to file a claim, and when you tell them what they took they act like "sure sure, yeah they took the most expensive items....everyone has Louis Vuitton bag, and cole haan shoes when their luggage is stolen."

Posted by Lwilliams on 2007-10-26:
Hi Zeekerma,
We would be interested in doing a tv news interview with you about your AA theft experiece for Miami's Fox affiliate for a story we're doing. If you'd like to talk about what happened to you, please contact me at LWilliams@wsvn.com
Posted by Lwilliams on 2007-10-26:
I am a producer from the FOX TV Affiliate in Miami, Fl. If anyone in Boston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach areas has had items stolen out of checked baggage, we'd like to interview you on camera for a news story we're putting together. If intersted please contact: LWilliams@wsvn.com Thank you!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-26:
how much does it pay?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-26:
Will you fly me from L.A. to Miami? I only travel first class and stay in five star hotels. (just kidding) Hope you can get a good story together as we consumers are tired of the TSA and the airlines stealing our stuff.
Posted by Lwilliams on 2007-10-31:
No pay for the interview- just the satisfaction of telling your own personal airline fiasco story on television. : )
Posted by ALB5 on 2007-11-26:
My husband and I had 2 things stolen this past weekend flying from Greensboro to Miami on American Airlines. One piece (jewelery) was stolen from my CARRY-ON bag that the flight attendant made us valet at the end of the boarding area (leave it with reg tag and pick it up when you get off the plane). I still don't know if it was stolen at GBO or MIA, b/c when we got off the plane via ladder I saw the guy pull my bag out and hand it to me, it was not sitting for any amount of time. The other item (a serving dish) was stolen from a checked bag, and they broke the suitcase getting it out. I am currently wading through the complaint red tape, but it does not look promising.
Posted by jml04008 on 2010-01-19:
I am actually in the process of dealing with American Airlines and claims right now! I just got back from a vacation and our bags got left in overnight at the JFK airport after a delay leaving out of St. Thomas, to get us back to San Diego. They have not been very helpful and I am afraid we will not be compensated for their careless mistake!
Posted by Rhonda on 2012-03-27:
I flew American Airlines from Seatac to Nashville. At the boarding gate, the attendant advised me they had to check my carry on bag, also tried to take my purse, which I refused to let her do. When I arrived in Nashville and drove 45 miles t my house, unpacked my bags and 2 rings I purchased on vaction that were on the carry on they took were gone. AA advised I have to drive 45 miles back to the airport to file a claim. Rude of course. I had insurance but HAVE to file a claim 45 miles away to get them paid for and it has to be done within 24 hrs of getting the bag back which is in 3 hours from now. I will never fly AA again. EVER!!!!!
Thieves. I had the rings in the fron zip compartment because I thought I was arrying on the bag. WHen they grab it in an instant, you do not have time to think about removing everything from it that is worth anything. so, $15 in gas, 45 miles and a denial, I am certain....to get the insurance to cover them. Not counting the cost of the rings. FED UP!!
Posted by Manickam on 2013-06-17:
I travelled yesterday (6/15/2013), along with my family, from Honolulu to Indianapolis. When I was about to board the flight AA72 at the Honolulu airport, the gate agents asked me to check-in my carry-on package because the flight was absolutely full and there was no space to place my luggage. So I handed my hand luggage of to the gate agent. My wife also handed her carry-on luggage to the gate agent. The agent did not ask us to take out electronic items. My hand luggage had an ipad in it. This morning when I received my luggage in Indianapolis, ipad was missing from the bag. My iPad contains several important information including personal, financial, and some important pictures. Since only AA employees should have handled my bag, clearly one of them should have stolen my iPad. Also there was an extra make-up box in my wife’s checked-in hand baggage. Missing iPad from my baggage and the presence of someone else’s item in my wife’s baggage lead me to believe that the AA employees opened many bags at the same time and stole items. I have filed a police case at the Indianapolis airport. Any advice on what I can do at this point? Thanks!
Posted by Lavinia on 2013-07-17:
Hi! I've just been through the same thing. I checked in a luggage with several handbags, mostly Coach and Guess, however, the most expensive one was a handbag made in Italy, and it was stolen! It was obviously stolen since the other cheaper bags weren't stolen. Also, a bag of expensive medicines were stolen.I AM REALLY ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!! AMERICAN AIRLINE IS A THIEF! I'll tell everyone I know to never fly AA!
Posted by Robin on 2013-08-10:
Just had a similar experience. Flew AA (American Eagle actually) from Chicago to Pitt on 8/2/13. Just as we were about to board, they told my son his backpack was too big and he had to valet it. He didn't have enough time to think about all the electronics in there and only grabbed his iPad. Well, when the bag came up from the plane when we got to Pitt, the front pocket was completely unzipped and his cell phone (which we'd forgotten to take out) was missing. We caught this as we exited the plane and sent someone back to look for the phone. Ironically they came off with a phone that was not ours. They did find his charger just laying on the ground, but no phone. I know for a fact this bag was zipped closed when we boarded the plane and find it inconceivable that it would've opened all the way on it's own. I have no doubt it was stolen. And, since it's a cell phone, it's easy enough to make a quick grab. It is totally frustrating. We waited in line to file a claim and now it's on to the next department. I doubt we'll see any money back but at least as of now it's been a nominal cost to replace due to some special we found. Further to the point of it being stolen is that the phone was off when I packed it for him. As many of you may know, when a phone is off and you call it, it goes directly to vmail. Well, what ticked me off is I tried to call the phone after it went missing and it actually rang about 6 times which means whoever had it, had actually turned it on. I then tried texting to no avail. A-holes. Ultimately, we deactivated the phone immediately and it is useless now to whomever took it, but although it's not a suitcase that was ransacked, I do feel a sense of being violated as well as my son's privacy and personal belongings. I really like American and generally have good experiences, but I am definitely never going to agree to a valet check again. It is clearly a widespread problem that they have.

I should add that his valet (gate check) bag, took about 15 minutes to come up..that seems excessive considering the small plane and plenty of time for a quick ransack of the luggage. My money is that it was stolen in Pittsburgh
Posted by Valerie Smith on 2013-08-29:
I recently flew AA for business (4th time this month) St. Louis to Chicago. I never check a bag just go with 2 carry on items. Since I couldn't get checked in due to no "assigned seat," I ended up in Group 4 for boarding. When I finally got on the bin space was full. The flight attendants were rushing around because we were late departing. I was told to give my bag (along with 3-4 other people) to the man who was working at the St. Louis gate. I had in my carry on my work computer and my iPad, as I knew I was going to be keeping this bag with me. Well AA lost my bag and it ended up in Charlotte, NC. Since the flight crew was rushing everyone around they never handed out a baggage receipt or any way to track the bag if it was lost. My bag ended up being lost on that Monday. On Tuesday afternoon my husband received a call from AA saying that they found a bag with his business card on the ID. We were able to connect the bag with the file locator number they gave me when I filed the claim, but AA still only called my husband for updates on the bag even after I repeatedly asked they only contact me.

Wednesday comes and I called AA to find out when my bag would arrive I was told by 2 different people that it would arrive via 3rd party on Wednesday afternoon. Finally on Thursday afternoon I got my bag delivered via FedEx, when I opened my bag my iPad was missing and my bag damaged (1 zipper on the compartment it was in was removed). I got the same run around everyone else did. Saying that I had to file with the airport I left from only to be told from St. Louis that I had to file with Chicago (who never answered the phone the 12 times I tried to call). I finally called a 1-800 number and filed a claim only to be told that they are "not liable for jewelry or electronics over $200 in value."

So to summarize my experience, AA forced me to check my bag without giving me any way to track it, then lost the bag, and finally STOLE from me. I'm sure the individual who stole my iPad was well aware of the policies in place by AA regarding lost or stole items over the $200 mark. If you ask me, AA should say any items under $200-$300 they aren't liable for, since this might deter their sticky finger employees from taking things from the people who pay their wages.

After posting my entire story on AA's facebook page I was credited 12,000 airline miles, which really doesn't do me any good since I don't intend to support thieves anymore, not to mention that doesn't cover the cost of my iPad and broken luggage.
Posted by K.C on 2013-09-05:
DO NOT FLY WITH TURKISH AIRLINES. This is the second time we've had items stolen and this time we have a $100 item stolen. I am sick and tired of these idiots stealing
Posted by Marsha Whitehair on 2013-11-25:
Hi....I fly for the 1st time on November 2nd with American to Peru. Nothing was taken on my flight to DFW and then onto Peru but of course all I really had packed was clothes, make-up, and toileties along with a cheap hair iron. I spent 9 days in peru and bought alot of souveniers for my family, including t-shirts, shot glasses, a bottle of pisco (which is peruvian alcohol, cigars, christmas ornaments and acouple sets of earrings for my sister and a nice sterling silver bracelet for my Mom. Everything was there EXCEPT for the earrings and the bracelet!! I am surprised the alcohol and cigars weren't taken too. I am guessing the jewerly was taken because they were all in small jewerly boxes. I haven't filed a claim yet and now after reading all these comments I am wondering if its even worth the hassle. I spent $165 solees which probably equals out to about $70 american dollars...its not that much money but its the point of it!! They went thru my things and stole from me!! I am pissed about this!
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Lost Luggage means lost money
Posted by on 10/06/2003
ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- On July 3, 2003 I flew on American Airlines from Tampa Florida to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Somewhere in transit my checked luggage was lost. As required by the airline I filed a missing luggage claim that very same day. The purpose of my trip was a friend's wedding in which I was a bride's maid. We had to express order a new dress for the wedding- which regretfully didn't arrive on time. Mr. Anthony Reyes, director of bagagge services in Santo Domingo promised I would be reimbursed for my lost items, if for some odd reason my luggage failed to arrive.

My luggage never did arrive and upon my return to the USA I filed a claim with American Airlines Baggage Services. The total of the claim, including receipts for those items that cost more that $100 was of $3,700. Nearly 2 months later I receive a letter and a check for $640, 1/6th of the value of the suitcase and its content. American Airlines states that they aren't liable for more than that amount and refuse to provide any additional compensation for my loss.

I do not understand how in these days of heightened security, luggage can still be misplaced, delayed, and in my case, lost. Due to very limiting carry-on policies we, as customers, are required to entrust our unlocked luggage, containing our valuables, to the airlines and its baggage handlers. I am now forced to replace all the lost items and am not receiving much assistance from the airline to do so. I am appalled and enraged that they are wholly responsible for the loss of my luggage and I am being left to pay for their mistakes.

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American Airline Customer Service SUCKS!
Posted by Lay37 on 01/17/2008
CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in your whole way of how American Airline deals with customers.

EVERY INCIDENTS LIKES THIS WILL MAKE YOU LOSE MORE CUSTOMERS. THIS IS LETTER that my sister wrote to the public and I'm forwarding it to you, AA airline.

On December 28th, I traveled from Dallas Forth Wort to Indianapolis.

It was nice winter break I had until I found out that my baggage has

been delayed. When I went to pick up my baggage at Indianapolis, I found

out my bag was delayed so I immediately went to the baggage claim service.

The guy nicely asked for the description of my bag and gave me the file locator number. I found out that they didnt give me the tag sticker when I

checked my bag. The guy said that it wasnt going to take more than 2days and they usually ship my bag in 24hrs. After 2days I became impatient and call the 1800 535 5225. They said that since it is a holiday season, there are many bags that are lost and are waiting to be delivered so I said ok fine I will wait. After 5days, they said that since the bag has been delayed more than 5 days the file goes to the Central Baggage Service Department at American Airlines. So it was now the different number. 1800 866 4010.

They said that they were sending me Property Questionnaire to list baggage contents and other pertinent information. They said the mail was sent to my address that day so I had to wait until the letter was arrived. After 2weeks,

when the letter still didn't arrive, I found out that I could print the

questionnaire form online by myself so I had to print it out by

myself and fax them.which means that now its been almost 3weeks since I havnt receive my bag. I have lost my patience. I called several time

this week again but all they are saying is that they received the questionnaire

form and is still on process. When I wanted to talk to the supervisor, the

woman who works over the phone said "we dont transfer the call to the supervisor" I asked why not and she just said "we dont transfer the call to the supervisor" again, as if I was dump or something and when I asked her

"Is this how you do your job?" she just says "Yes, did is how I do my JOB! "

I just hung up the phone...

I just started my semester and I had to buy all new clothes again just for

2weeks. My under wears,skincare and winter jacket were all in there.

When I tried to call the customer service numbers, not only did I had to wait for long time,

I also got treated as if it was my fault that baggage got delayed.

I am sick of calling and now I used up all of my minutes for my phone..

I know my rights. My time, effort, everything is just a waste.

Time is money and I know is cost more than what I lost.

All I want was my bag to be arrived but now I am angry.

This report might sound crazy but suppose that you are in my shoes..

you wouldn't just sit in your chair and wait for a bag forever.

I want to know.. what is my Rights? What should I do?

I am helpless..Please

I did some research and

"According to paragraph 3 of section II of Title IV of FAA code,

if your luggage is delayed for four days, you have the right to

a full refund of the fare you paid for your flight as well as

vouchers for 4 additional filghts, plus full compensation for the lost luggage."


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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-01-17:
She lost her bag and her patients? I think the patients are going to be very upset when found.

She knows her rights then wants to know what they are. Very interesting. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-17:
Airline Customer Service SUCKS! Wow, you just found that out? Welcome to the new friendly skies. The last decent airline I flew on was Singapore Air. Problem is they only fly to Singapore.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-17:
Not to make fun but, how many patients would fit in a bag?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-17:
When they told you that they recieved the questionnaire, and that it was in process, what else did you think a supervisor was going to tell you?
Posted by lay37 on 2008-01-17:
I guess that shows how my sister was impatient to even check her spelling. :) thanks though
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Horrible Flight
Posted by Grannyme on 02/22/2006
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Just returned from a trip from Phila. to St. Louis to see my new grandson. The flight to STL was beyond belief. After many delays the flight was FINALLY scheduled to leave hours late. (Some of the passengers spent these hours in the bar across from the gate we were supposed to take off from.) Everyone boarded the plane. I was traveling with my daughter, 8 year old grandson and 6 mo. old granddaughter. It was the last flight to STL of the day. Everyone is on board and we wait and wait. Finally we are informed that due to head winds our flight will be longer than expected and they had to take on more fuel. As a result, they will have to take 2 people off the plane. Two volunteer. Then after more delay we are told that they are going to have to bring all gate checked luggage from under the plane into the cabin and squish it wherever there is room. This procedure takes quite awhile because every piece had to be held up and identified so that the owner would know where it was being placed. After all that, we were then told that they had to take ALL remaining luggage off the plane and that it would be sent on the next plane to STL and we would all have our luggage delivered to us by 9:00am the next day. (It is 11:00 pm when this is happening.) We were told not to take this out on our flight attendant and that we would be compensated for the inconvenience by giving us a free alcoholic drink! Remember, most of the traveling businessmen spent the waiting time in the lounge so this was a good choice of compensation. However, they would have to charge $3.00!!!! for snack boxes but there was a limited amount of them. They then moved a few people around on the plane for weight distribution. Now, I thought I had boarded a plane that would handle fuel, passengers AND luggage! Guess I was wrong! Had to wait in line with a screaming infant at 3:00am to fill out paperwork so they could deliver our luggage when it "appeared". We left PHL at 72 degrees. It is now in the 20's in STL but we could not reach into our luggage and pull out coats or a snowsuit for the baby. (Formula, diapers, etc had all run out over the long wait)

Well, you guessed it... next day - NO LUGGAGE, next day - NO LUGGAGE. Repeated LONG phone calls only produced rude remarks like "you should not have carried that in your luggage" and "your luggage is not lost (they couldn't find it) but it was termed "misdirected". 2 days later at 3:00 am our luggage was THROWN from a truck into my daughters front yard. Our suitcases were damaged beyond use. For the two days we were without luggage, we had to purchase new clothes, diapers, formula, toiletries, etc (as well as new luggage to return home). American Airlines offered us a grand total of a $100.00 voucher for the four of us!!! which has to be picked up at the airport (a 1 hour drive from us). I can't tell you how rude and obnoxious EVERYONE at American Airlines was. I urge everyone to NEVER travel American Airlines.

As I have told my family... I hope this is like child birth and I will forget over time because we have always traveled a lot and I would like to have the desire to travel again. I have new heard of what happened to us nor have I ever experienced anything so unpleasant. My excitement over a new grandchild was taken away by an experience that could have been handled differently with a totally different outcome. I vow to only fly Southwest from here on out!
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-22:
As a pilot myself....what kind of sardine can did you fly on where they had to distribute the weight?? Commercial jets do weight and balance based on each person weighing 200lbs and it is very rare where they have to ask people to get off or move to other locations to distribute the weight. There is more to this story then what your telling.
Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-02-22:
I dunno....I fly from Raleigh to Boston and vice versa often and have had to move to distribute weight about 40% of the time
Posted by tander on 2006-02-22:
I agree the plane must of been pretty small to have to remove people to distribute weight, but I would rather do as they say then not and end up in a crashed plane, it can be a real inconvenience for your luggage though not to make it with you on the same day.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-23:
There is no way, on a modern jet would they take off all the luggage, plus 2 people and move people around. This was not a long haul flight. I can only imagine that this was a small prop plane otherwise the identifying of the luggage would have taken all night. However, your overall treatment was bad, but as usual, the only thing you can do is avoid the company.
Posted by familytravel on 2006-07-13:
This must have been a really tiny plane for that to happen. Are you sure this wasn't maybe an American Eagle jet or something?? I recommend Delta or Continental for your next trip. My experiences with them have been wonderful.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-04:
I hope that you learned your lesson, grannyme...
NEVER FLY ON AMERICAN AIRLINES!!! (unless, of course, you are a masochist!)
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Lost Baggage
Posted by Pixeljuice on 11/08/2007
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- On November 03, 2007 I traveled from XNA to LGA with one short stop in Chicago. Seated in 24F, I saw my bag loaded onto the airplane bound for La Guardia. Still, my bag, and the bags of 4 or 5 others on my flight, never found their way to the carousel.

I gave my info to the baggage desk and was issued a file locator number. I have been contacted once by American Airlines in reference to my lost baggage and have been faxed a questionnaire on which I sadly list items that I trusted AA to move from one location to another and will have to most likely replace myself.

If an airline willingly takes possession of my baggage, are they not responsible for returning it to me? I understand that packing antiques or a computer in checked baggage is just asking for trouble, but I believe that AA doesn't intend to pay me for my $124 electric toothbrush. Come On!

I have read many posts on the internet complaining of lost baggage and little to no compensation. I have added my voice to these complaints and will continue to cry foul for what's happened and AA's inability to locate my baggage.

I called American Airlines today to ask that they define some of the language they use on their website regarding liability. They've used such general terms like "optics" that I don't know if they will compensate me for my eye glasses or contact lenses lost with the baggage. A customer service representative explained that she was not allowed to answer that question nor was I allowed to speak with her supervisor or claims agent to clarify the meaning of "optics." Most frustrating.

We all have a choice when we fly and I well intend to use that opportunity to fly with a company who has a better record (AA ranks somewhat poorly for lost luggage according to a recent USA today report) for things like lost luggage and customer service.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-11-08:
You certainly wont be the last person with complaints about lost baggage from this airline.
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Where to begin?
Posted by Puck0114 on 05/09/2006
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Last October (2005), I decided to spend some of my hard-earned Frequent Flyer miles with American to travel to Dublin, Ireland. I convinced a friend of mine to come with me, and he bought a full price ticket to Dublin. I've been an AAdvantage member since 2001 and my friend has Gold member status. Both of us used American frequently for business and personal trips and were pretty happy with their service (despite the occasional delay or cancellation).

Our journey to Dublin began last week, Sunday, May 1, 2006. We were booked on a flight from Saint Louis to Chicago O'Hare, flight 1677, and were then booked from Chicago O'Hare to Dublin on flight 92. We were scheduled to leave STL at 4:59 PM and arrive at O'Hare at 6:16 PM. Our flight to Dublin was scheduled to leave O'Hare at 7:25 PM.

Due to some weather problems in the area, our flight out of STL was delayed a full hour to leave at 6 pm, but the gate attendant reassured us that we would still be able to make the flight to Dublin leaving from O'Hare at 7:25. En route to Chicago, my friend talked to another passenger who was also heading for Dublin, but he had already been rebooked to go through London and then on to Dublin because another AA agent in STL told him he wouldn't be able to make the connection to Dublin from O'Hare that night!

That turned out to be the case with us, as well. We arrived at O'Hare and went directly to the Dublin flight's gate, but even though we stood there and looked at the plane for a full 15 minutes before it departed the gate, the AA agent would not let us on. We were sent to the "Rebooking Center," which is just a telephone bank, to try and find an alternate flight.

We managed to get ourselves onto a flight to London that would connect to an Aer Lingus flight from London to Dublin. We would get to Dublin six hours later than planned, but it was the best we could get without waiting a full day.

The AA gate agent who put us on the London flight was unresponsive to our questions about what would happen to our luggage, and sure enough, our luggage was not in Dublin when we arrived there the next afternoon. The people at Aer Lingus were extremely helpful; they found and delivered my friend's luggage the evening after we arrived and mine came the following evening.

A wonderful week in Ireland was followed by yet more American Airlines service flubs. We were scheduled on AA flight 93 out of Dublin on Monday, May 8th. My itinerary that came via email said that the flight was leaving from Dublin to go to O'Hare at 12:35 pm, so we arrived at the airport at 10 am. However, when we got to Dublin airport, we found that the time had been moved forward to 10:45 am and that the flight had been closed. After talking to a supervisor at some length about the situation, she escalated the problem to American's site manager at Dublin Airport, Sheila Murphy. Sheila informed us that AA had sent an email update on 3/10/06 regarding the schedule change. I looked through my email and found no such update. Being a computer geek, I explained to her that sometimes email doesn't arrive as intended, or that there may be a bug in their delivery system. She remained unmoved and dispassionately told us she would do nothing for us, that we would have to wait until the flight out the next day, that AA would not pay for our hotel that night, and that those are the risks of booking online. We gave her a resounding piece of our minds and explained that an email notification regarding a two hour move forward of an international flight was a very, VERY poor notion of customer service. Her answer was more or less, "Those are the breaks. Neither I nor American care."

Furious, we spent an extra night in Dublin and arrived early the next morning to catch the 10:45 am flight from Dublin to O'Hare (flight 93). Miss Murphy had printed out our tickets for us, but she put the wrong date (May 8 instead of May 9) on my friend's ticket, causing another minor delay. Otherwise flight 93 went pretty smoothly. We landed at the scheduled time (12:30 pm-ish) in Chicago.

Our flight to Saint Louis, flight 2067, wasn't scheduled to leave until 4 pm. Being well aware of the delays and cancellations that occur at O'Hare in the evenings, we asked an AA gate agent if it would be possible to get on standby for an earlier flight. She scornfully proclaimed that if we had already checked baggage for the later flight (which we had), the FAA would not allow them to put us on a different flight than our baggage. I suspected this was nonsense as I had gone standby on flights before, even when my baggage was checked for another flight, but I couldn't prove it to argue it, so I didn't.

Our 4 pm flight to STL was delayed, and we boarded around 4:30 pm. While boarding, people were told to not block the aisle so that people could get to their seats and the craft could leave on time. How a 4:00 scheduled departure leaving now at 4:52 could be considered "on time" was beyond me.

We then sat on the plane while a "mechanical issue" was dealt with. Considering the rather disturbing buzzing sound coming from one of the craft's wings during flight, I'm not really sure that the mechanical issue was actually resolved. We finally left the runway at O'Hare at 6 pm and landed in STL at 6:45.

After waiting a few minutes for our luggage in baggage claim, we found that it had already arrived on the flight before us, despite the gate agent's claim that the FAA mandates that our baggage travel on the same flight with us.

Needless to say, American Airlines will receive no more business from me, and I would advise other travelers to be wary in dealing with them. Despite their exorbitant ticket prices, they show no interest in serving their customers, and no matter how many times they screw up or waste your time, you will receive no compensation or, for that matter, compassion.
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Posted by Bababooey on 2007-01-31:

Serves you right for continuing to patronize the schittiest airline in the world.
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Baggage Lost
Posted by Normanfidel on 01/16/2006
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I was flying yesterday (1-15-05) from Miami, Florida to San Francisco, CA, with a connection in St. Louis mid-day. I was on flight 583. I was traveling with a friend and had 3 bags to check. All 3 bags were checked at the same time to the same location. My bag was marked "Heavy" because it exceeded 50 pounds, but so did one of the other bags. When I arrived in San Francisco, 2 of the bags were there, but 1 was missing. I made a claim in the Lost Baggage department. The clerk on duty was rude and condescending. To her, my lost baggage was "no big deal". Inside my baggage were several pairs of new shoes, clothes, and many items I could never replace again. The clerk told me that they had found my bag in Dallas, TX. A rush would be put on the bag and it would be sent by courier to my place by 4am. Four am came and went, and nothing. I called, and they said my bag didn't make the airlines. At 5am, I called again, and they didn't know what happened and why the bag wasn't on its way. I reached a supervisor named Miss Davis who was rude and nasty to me on the phone. She wouldn't listen and she didn't care. She did nothing to try and resolve the issue. When I asked for her supervisor, she got even more rude and stated that SHE didn't have a supervisor. All supervisors have a supervisor unless they are the CEO of the company they work for. I was told to call every 2 hours to check on my bags. I'm still calling and I've received absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, American Airlines has a firm policy that they only replace the clothing in the bags up to 2800.00. I'll be lucky if I see 10 percent of that.

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There has to be a better airline...
Posted by TomInJax2 on 06/17/2005
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- The first leg of our trip was from Jacksonville, FL to Las Vegas, NV. When we arrived at the airport in Jacksonville, there was a very long line because the computers were down and ticket processing had to be done manually. This was a dark omen of things to come. When we finally made our connection, we were required to obtain boarding passes in Dallas/Ft. Worth. We received boarding passes, but the seats were several rows apart. When we requested to be seated together the agent at the gate rudely stated "you have your tickets - those are your seats"! Stunned, I returned to my wife with the bad news. On boarding, we swapped seats with another passenger and were able to sit together after all.

On our return trip things got worse. Our flight from Las Vegas to our connection in DFW had a new departure time. It was leaving about 30 minutes earlier. We had received an updated itinerary from our travel agency, but we had misplaced it and were using an older itinerary. Most airports require you to check in 30 minutes prior to flight time. In Las Vegas it is 45 minutes prior to flight time. Double whammy! We attempted to check in about 7 minutes late of the 45 minute window (after waiting in line). The agent put us on standby and we proceded through security. When we arrived at our original gate, the flight was still boarding. When we asked if we could board anyway - the matronly flight attendant/agent replied loudly and sternly "NO", turned and walked away. We then waited at the gate of the next flight that we were on standby with, and watched our original flight leave the airport. When I spoke with the gate agent, I was informed that we had a very good chance of getting on the next flight. We waited for another 2 hours until this flight started boarding. Five minutes before the flight left the gate, we were informed that we would not be boarding. There was only one seat available and we were about 10 to 12 down the standby list. According to the gate agents all the remaining flights were booked and the next flight probably had little chance of extra standby seats. It was getting late in the morning and we wanted to be home the same day. We walked over to the Continental Airlines gate and purchased tickets to return home. We returned to our home airport in Jacksonville late and found that our luggage was still in the custody of American Airlines in Raleigh/Durham. We filed a report at the JAX airport and our luggage was returned the next day.

AA could have helped us out by offering a discounted flight on another airline. We ended up paying full fare ($1,000) for a return flight. A few employees of AA were curt, rude, and didn't seem to offer any assistance or guidance to us. How long were we expected to wait - several days on standby at the Las Vegas airport?

According to American Airlines Customer Service, AA will not issue a refund, credit, travel voucher, or other tickets to replace our fare. The only thing that our existing tickets are good for is airfare from Las Vegas to Jacksonville, FL during the next 12 months. This is unacceptable.
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Complaint Letter
Posted by PKingkaysone on //00
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Dear Customer Service Relations:

Re: Flight Personnel

On Sunday, November 19, I was faced with a really bad flight attendant front desk at DFW Airport in Terminal B.

Unfortunately, DeAnna was not very helpful with my flight information. My parents were flying an international flight and I told her that they will get their VISA in LAOS. She kept on insisting that without proper documentation, they are not allowed on the flight. I told her that our travel agent said that we could get the VISA back at Vientiane, LAOS. With all the arguing back and forth going on, my parents did not make it on the flight that they were supposed to get on. We then decided to leave that terminal and get into 2 more terminals before someone had finally directed us to the right direction. When we finally arrived at the last terminal, the flight front desk lady told us that my parents are able to get on the flight and that they could get their VISA in LAOS. She also said that the first lady just needed to scrolled down and read further to determine that "anyone flying out of the country could get their VISA's in that country". Due to that, my parents were delayed for couple of hours at several airports, and have missed my grandmother's funeral back in LAOS.

I am disappointed because I thought American Airlines was really good with their customer service and had well trained employees. That is the main reason why, I have decided to choose AA as my Advantage Flight Miles program. This incident have given me a different perspective.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could compensate in someway for the time that we missed the original flight which caused my parent's to miss my grandmother's funeral.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will wait until December 15, 2000 before really condsidering to cancel my AA Advantage Flight Miles program.
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Posted by janethappygirl1 on 2004-01-31:
I sympathise with you regarding your story and indeed do feel that you and/or your parents are entitled to some kind of free service. But, unfortunately it will never happen. Airlines suck. See my complaint North American Airlines. They truly do not care. If you get any resolution please let me know what and how because I have not been offered any resolution from North American Airlines..janethappygirl1@aol.com
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