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Where to begin?
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Last October (2005), I decided to spend some of my hard-earned Frequent Flyer miles with American to travel to Dublin, Ireland. I convinced a friend of mine to come with me, and he bought a full price ticket to Dublin. I've been an AAdvantage member since 2001 and my friend has Gold member status. Both of us used American frequently for business and personal trips and were pretty happy with their service (despite the occasional delay or cancellation).

Our journey to Dublin began last week, Sunday, May 1, 2006. We were booked on a flight from Saint Louis to Chicago O'Hare, flight 1677, and were then booked from Chicago O'Hare to Dublin on flight 92. We were scheduled to leave STL at 4:59 PM and arrive at O'Hare at 6:16 PM. Our flight to Dublin was scheduled to leave O'Hare at 7:25 PM.

Due to some weather problems in the area, our flight out of STL was delayed a full hour to leave at 6 pm, but the gate attendant reassured us that we would still be able to make the flight to Dublin leaving from O'Hare at 7:25. En route to Chicago, my friend talked to another passenger who was also heading for Dublin, but he had already been rebooked to go through London and then on to Dublin because another AA agent in STL told him he wouldn't be able to make the connection to Dublin from O'Hare that night!

That turned out to be the case with us, as well. We arrived at O'Hare and went directly to the Dublin flight's gate, but even though we stood there and looked at the plane for a full 15 minutes before it departed the gate, the AA agent would not let us on. We were sent to the "Rebooking Center," which is just a telephone bank, to try to find an alternate flight. We managed to get ourselves onto a flight to London that would connect to an Aer Lingus flight from London to Dublin. We would get to Dublin six hours later than planned, but it was the best we could get without waiting a full day.

The AA gate agent who put us on the London flight was unresponsive to our questions about what would happen to our luggage, and sure enough, our luggage was not in Dublin when we arrived there the next afternoon. The people at Aer Lingus were extremely helpful; they found and delivered my friend's luggage the evening after we arrived and mine came the following evening.

A wonderful week in Ireland was followed by yet more American Airlines service flubs. We were scheduled on AA flight 93 out of Dublin on Monday, May 8th. My itinerary that came via email said that the flight was leaving from Dublin to go to O'Hare at 12:35 pm, so we arrived at the airport at 10 am. However, when we got to Dublin airport, we found that the time had been moved forward to 10:45 am and that the flight had been closed. After talking to a supervisor at some length about the situation, she escalated the problem to American's site manager at Dublin Airport, **.

** informed us that AA had sent an email update on 3/10/06 regarding the schedule change. I looked through my email and found no such update. Being a computer geek, I explained to her that sometimes email doesn't arrive as intended, or that there may be a bug in their delivery system. She remained unmoved and dispassionately told us she would do nothing for us, that we would have to wait until the flight out the next day, that AA would not pay for our hotel that night, and that those are the risks of booking online.

We gave her a resounding piece of our minds and explained that an email notification regarding a two hour move forward of an international flight was a very, VERY poor notion of customer service. Her answer was more or less, "Those are the breaks. Neither I nor American care."

Furious, we spent an extra night in Dublin and arrived early the next morning to catch the 10:45 am flight from Dublin to O'Hare (flight 93). Miss ** had printed out our tickets for us, but she put the wrong date (May 8 instead of May 9) on my friend's ticket, causing another minor delay. Otherwise flight 93 went pretty smoothly. We landed at the scheduled time (12:30 pm-ish) in Chicago.

Our flight to Saint Louis, flight 2067, wasn't scheduled to leave until 4 pm. Being well aware of the delays and cancellations that occur at O'Hare in the evenings, we asked an AA gate agent if it would be possible to get on standby for an earlier flight. She scornfully proclaimed that if we had already checked baggage for the later flight (which we had), the FAA would not allow them to put us on a different flight than our baggage. I suspected this was nonsense as I had gone standby on flights before, even when my baggage was checked for another flight, but I couldn't prove it to argue it, so I didn't.

Our 4 pm flight to STL was delayed, and we boarded around 4:30 pm. While boarding, people were told to not block the aisle so that people could get to their seats and the craft could leave on time. How a 4:00 scheduled departure leaving now at 4:52 could be considered "on time" was beyond me. We then sat on the plane while a "mechanical issue" was dealt with. Considering the rather disturbing buzzing sound coming from one of the craft's wings during flight, I'm not really sure that the mechanical issue was actually resolved. We finally left the runway at O'Hare at 6 pm and landed in STL at 6:45.

After waiting a few minutes for our luggage in baggage claim, we found that it had already arrived on the flight before us, despite the gate agent's claim that the FAA mandates that our baggage travel on the same flight with us. Needless to say, American Airlines will receive no more business from me, and I would advise other travelers to be wary in dealing with them. Despite their exorbitant ticket prices, they show no interest in serving their customers, and no matter how many times they screw up or waste your time, you will receive no compensation or, for that matter, compassion.

How is this legal?
By -

Starting about six months ago during this economic hardship I was forced due to finances (looked for six months and could only find this job) to take a job as a gate agent with American Airlines. I spent 2 months training at O'hare Chicago and then was sent to Dallas Fort Worth for two weeks of training.

Of course the airline required you to wear a suit to training everyday (even though they only pay 9 dollars an hour) so I made sure I packed all my good clothes as well as my casual clothes. For two weeks I basically packed everything I owned from suits, to shoes, to swim trunks. On my way home, a quick flight from Dallas to Chicago somehow, out of the 10 of us checking bags at the same time, mine was the only one to come up missing.

I immediately went to lost baggage to find out what was going on. They assured me that it would be on the next flight and they would deliver it later that night or call if it did not show. Sure enough, no call and no luggage. Going back to work the next day I checked in. Nobody had heard anything but they said it would turn up. This continued for the next week until I finally lost my temper and decided to call the number they had given me. After another week of being bounced around from voice recording to a person who did not have the authority to an answering machine to another voice recording I finally got a hold of someone to send me the form I needed to fill out.

I filled out the form and mailed (and faxed) it in, they had told me it would take up to three months so I patiently waited. In November they called me and asked why I had not sent the form in, even though I saved all the paperwork proving everything I had sent in. I even had my manager's signature on the paperwork to prove everything that I had stated. I was given a number of someone who was supposed to help but once he recognized my number (**) he stopped answering and never got back to me once after two weeks of messages that I left him. Finally I went back to square one and went through the process of getting a live person again.

After much hassle I got **, the only man there who would answer his phone when I called. He said the check had been sent out and it would be there shortly. Two weeks later I began calling ** again and he said he would look into it. I asked to talk to a manager however he informed me that managers were not allowed to talk on the phone, even though I heard her insulting me in the background.

At this point they said they were sending out another check and I would have it within a week. Surprise surprise, no check. So yet again I called and ** started ducking my calls. I had been checking in and out with a lawyer at this time and told them if they did not send me my check I would be forced to take them to court.

This brings us to yesterday, February 22nd 2011. I finally received a call from ** at American Airlines 972 425 5240. He told me my claim had been rejected, no reason, just rejected. I asked him how they could lose my luggage and not be responsible, and he just answered "too bad." I told him at that point I would see him in court and he said "good luck going against American in court."

So now here I sit with none of my business clothes and since I worked for the airlines at 9 dollars an hour I can't replace all of my nice clothes I had from my previous job. The ironic part is that they take all lost luggage and sell it at a giant store and make tons of money off of it. I rounded down asking for $2500 and they will not even give me the time of day.

Well, I am off to take these guys to court in the next few days and it leaves me asking myself, "How is this legal?" They steal my stuff and sell it but will not take responsibility. And yes I worked for AA/AEagle and yes, and a lot of people do steal stuff so be careful.

Flight 118 from LAX to JFK nightmare!!!
By -

P.O. BOX 619612 MD 2400 FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- American Airlines 118 from LAX to JFK. Flight 118 was supposed to land in JFK but instead this is what happened: We were unable to land as planned at 3:30PM and spent 2 additional hours in the air due to weather conditions. Finally we landed in Washington DC around 5:30PM and the plan was to refuel and head back to JFK. We spent additional 5:30 hours inside the plane as we were not allowed to leave the plane.

To top this inconvenience the crew ran out of food!!! I didn't have anything to eat for over 12 hours!!! And no one brought food to the plane nor were we allowed to get out and get some food for ourselves!!! There was a diabetic person on the flight and a small baby!!! I was feeling as I was about to faint! I was dizzy and weak!!! I really believe this is not only wrong but inhumane! To keep people inside of a plane and not provide them with the basic of the basics - Food!

Moreover - we were finally allowed to leave the plane at 11:00PM and entered the airport. Most of the stores were closed, so we had no option to purchase food!!! There was no AA representative to instruct us about our luggage or what to do for the night. I found myself with a group of people from our flight wondering around the airport helpless looking for my checked in suitcase. Finally, we found the suitcases on our own without AA help and waited for about 2 additional hours to receive our luggage.

After we obtained our personal belongings we found an AA single representative on the top floor and begged for instructions for the night. I was one of the single people on the flight who got a hotel voucher and that was due to my insistence yet I was rudely asked to share the room with a complete stranger!!! I didn't receive a cab voucher and had to pay both ways (Over $30USD).

I was told 3 different departure times for the next morning 10:00AM, 11:30AM and 2:00PM no one knew to tell me what time was my flight departing! I would like to add that no food vouchers were provided and due to the late arrival time everything was closed. I got to the hotel at 2:00AM after having less than 4 hours of sleep I called AA in the morning and was told that my flight is scheduled for 10:00AM after I got to the airport I found that my flight was delayed (again) and now departing at 11:30AM. We boarded the flight and spent an additional hour on the plane waiting to take off.

Needless to say the crew did not serve any food or drinks on that flight!!! We landed and I got to JFK at 3:00PM on Sunday March 14th. I inquired at the AA stand about me returning flight on Monday March 16th at 06:15AM (leaving in 15 hours form the time I landed!) and was told that most of the chances that the flight will be cancelled. I had to reschedule my flight to the following day.

Refunds And Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, COLORADO -- The customer service of American Airlines is terrible, but the service in Spanish is a nightmare for the Hispanic customers who need or want to communicate in their language. Usually the agents are rude, rude and give false or distorted information, believing that the customer is not able to speak English.

Two years ago we paid a companion for my son who speaks very little Spanish on a vacation trip to Spain, in the Barajas airport, Madrid they left him alone and the boy was lost, but we finally found him after be scared to death. We reported this incident and they sent us a letter of apology and a voucher for $400 dollars to be use in the purchase of another ticket.

When I went to use it, the agent in Spanish refused to give me his name, refused to give me information of which was the nearest office to use the voucher and we asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that there were none and left me waiting in line. We decided to use another company to buy the tickets for our vacation.

This year, we made the mistake of buying 4 tickets to the destination to which we would go on vacation, unfortunately one of the group members (a minor) got sick; we send all the medical documentation to the company; this ticket was not refundable...

To my surprise the Spanish agent who served me (**) with a very aggressive attitude informed me that they returned the ticket money only if the passenger died, something that is incredible IN ALL OTHERS AIRLINES, illness, hospitalization, etc. are considered when medical documentation is submitted. By insisting she change the version and said that maybe we were given a voucher valid for one year, I asked for a supervisor and she left me waiting for over 20 minutes, of course I could not talk to the supervisor.

The Department of "refund" does not have a phone that the client can communicate, by email you get no answer, either by letter, customer service does not give information in Spanish or in English and the fax number in the Website not work. Conclusion: if you can travel by another airline DO IT. American Airlines is NOT a professional company. It's a disaster.

Avoid American Airlines (AAA)
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Rating: 1/51

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- To be honest, I didn't use AA a lot for traveling in the last several years -- only 5 or 6 times as I can remember. However, for each traveling with AA, the company makes me down every time!!! The plane was either delayed, or cancelled, or no captain was assigned!!!

On June 31, 2011, my flight from LBB to DFW to Chicago to Alaska was initially delayed at LBB. Actually, they have flights directly from DFW to Alaska, but I need to travel with my friend from Chicago. Anyway I couldn't be on the plane to Chicago due to the delay, and took the one directly from DFW to Alaska. Bad thing was my packages were all delayed for two days, as was my other schedules in Alaska because I need the packages. I have no idea how did they do that?

On May 8, 2013, I had an interview in Philadelphia, and my flight was from OKC to Chicago to Phi. Again, the flight was delayed at OKC, and I was not able to get onto the one to Phi. I waited until 10:30 pm that day to get my ticket to get on board. Then, after 1h30mins, I was informed that they didn't have a captain for that plane and they were trying to get another one who was on the way home. After another 30 minutes, we were informed to leave the plane!!! I didn't get to the company in time and it was Friday on the next day... anyway, I didn't get the job.

On July 2, 2013, I was traveling to Boston from OKC to visit my girlfriend. Again, it was from OKC to Chicago, to Boston. The flight was delayed at OKC, then I was assigned to the flight on the next day!!! On July 9, 2013, I was back from Boston to Chicago to OKC. The flight got to Chicago in time; however, from Chicago to OKC, I was informed that again they didn't have a captain for the plane and the flight delayed for more than 2 hours!!!

American Airlines, what's the matter with you? I will never use AA again for traveling as long as the price of other airline companies is not too much higher than that from AA (~$100 for domestic; $200 for international). Please avoid AA if you have another choice for saving time and maybe for not losing some important opportunities in your life.

Switched Seat Location
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In January of 13' I purchased two tickets (preferred status extra charge) for a flight and selected the seats which was confirmed by the airline. I go to print out the boarding pass the day prior (April - 3 months later) only to discover that the seats are no longer available.

WHAT? Of course I'm confused by all of this so I contact the reservation section and I am told that those seats are not available due to equipment change. What? Did AA remove the seats? Changed aircraft that doesn't have row 11 any longer?

My question to them was simple to me - Why did you change them w/out notification and why would you not give me what I prepaid for? I wasn't asking for a refund or inquiring about not having a ticket at all, of which I have heard AA is famous for, but no row 11? The agent was kind and offered different seats which were unacceptable and as most people do I requested to speak w/the supervisor.

Well now, talk about another level of confusion. The supervisor indicated much the same, stating equipment change (? really) and I posed the same questions w/no result. I was told that I could go to the web site and change seat locations. I indicated to the supervisor that the agent prior to her had offered to change the seats for me and was told that that was incorrect. What? This could not have been more than five minutes ago. The supervisor indicated that she could put me through to someone to help and after falling asleep from waiting so long I decided I may as well move on.

I went to the website and changed seats or should I say settled for other seats. So much for customer service I thought. Well the next thing you know I get a phone call from, yes you guessed it, another supervisor from AA! Alright now we are getting somewhere. Right. Of course I ask the same questions and I get the same answers. All I wanted to know is why they gave my prepaid seats away and no one had the answer. Next time I will skip the hassles and go to another airline.

Portable Hard drive Stolen from Luggage
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I were travelling to Brisbane Australia and started our journey in Detroit. I had packed my portable hard drive in one of our bags. I realize now that it was a foolish thing to do but live and learn. It appears to me that the hard drive was removed in Detroit where we checked our bags and it had to be by someone who had access to x-ray visions of our luggage.

After reading other similar reviews I am amazed that this type of theft cannot be stopped by using video, searching employees on exit, etc. Also, I feel the airlines should emphasize the fact that it is really stupid to pack valuables in your luggage. I also feel that the airlines should accept some of the responsibility for allowing dishonest employees to check our bags.

We arrived to check in 45 mins. before departure; they said we missed our flight
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My child had an unaccompanied minor flight scheduled for Saturday, December 15, 2007, flight 258 to JFK Airport in New York, leaving from home, Las Vegas, Nevada. This was to be the second year she was flying unaccompanied to visit her elderly grandmother, aunt and cousins. A special trip to New York City's Radio City show had been planned for Sunday, the 16th, with tickets that had already been purchased.

What happened at the airport by insensitive and uncaring employees of American Airlines was inexcusable. We live in Las Vegas and have been there many times since our family lives on the east coast and travel often, although this was the first time we have ever had anything like this happen to us.

We arrived at the airport at approximately 6:30 a.m., but there was quite a wait in line at the check-in counter, with only two employees handling the line. By the time we got up to the desk it was 6:50 a.m. Her flight was scheduled for 7:35 a.m. As we approached the desk the woman just asked, “What time does your flight depart?” We replied 7:35. She said, “You missed your flight. You need to check in two hours prior.”

My daughter had NO BAGGAGE to check, nor was she flying international. It was just a flight to New York, and your website “recommends” arrival at the airport “60 minutes prior if baggage is going to be checked.” It does not state that you “must arrive 60 minutes prior,” and we know there was plenty of time to get to her gate and on board that plane prior to takeoff as we have traveled often from McCarran.

A conversation then took place about putting my daughter on the next flight for the day, but she replied there were no other seats for Saturday. She then suggested Sunday, but there would be a stop over in Chicago, then another suggestion for Dallas. At that point she left us (she did not even ask us yet for ** last name, or ticket reservation number, or flight itinerary). She said she was going to speak to her supervisor.

When she came back to the counter she then spoke to us some more telling us her supervisor did not recommend the Dallas stop-over flight on Sunday because bad weather was expected. She then suggested flight 258 for Monday morning - the same flight as Saturday, same time. At that point she got on her computer terminal and started to ask for our information, which was approximately 15 minutes after we had stepped up to the check-in counter.

I have explained the course of time to you because when I arrived home, I immediately called American Airlines and asked for a supervisor. I told him what had happened and he too was so indifferent that all he could keep repeating was that it indicated on the computer that we “checked in at 7:04 a.m." I tried to explain that that time was incorrect because we had been there about 15 or 20 minutes prior to that time having conversation with the employee at the desk and she with her supervisor before she actually went on the computer to reschedule my daughter's flight.

I find your employees' manner of dealing with the public offensive and unprofessional. My husband and I both feel my daughter was bumped off that flight because AA probably overbooked it originally and gave my daughter's seat away even though we were there well within the time constraints of getting on that plane on time. If your phone conversations are recorded, as it advises when someone calls AA, you can listen to my conversation with your employee who I was told was a “supervisor.”

It should be embarrassing to a company to have employees who practice this kind of deceit upon its customers. I purchased this ticket months ago, and my 10-year-old daughter was crying she was so upset that she could not get to New York to visit with her grandmother and missed the show with her cousins, and she lost two days of her vacation time. I feel this should not happen to paying customers. You should also change your website to be more user-friendly.

The verbiage it currently indicates is not accurate because it uses terms such as “recommend” instead of notifying customers they need to arrive before a certain time or they will not be allowed to go to the departure gate before their flight departs because employees make up new rules when customers arrive to check in without taking into consideration the time someone has spent in a line because of lack of employees handling customers at the check-in desk. The practice of overbooking, which is what I believe happened to my daughter's seat, is bad practice and gives an airline a bad reputation.

Also, the Monday that my daughter finally departed, she was given two boarding passes, one from Saturday's employee and one from Monday's employee, both bearing different seat assignment numbers, and when we went through security, the security agent was all confused and questioned me why there were two boarding passes for my child. I told him that's what I was given, and he said he had never come across that before, which indicates more evidence of disorganized/unprofessional employees on your staff.

I would also like to advise you of the problems encountered in New York's Kennedy Airport when my daughter finally arrived there. The person picking her up was at the airport over one hour before her plane was due to arrive. The ticket agent would not issue him an escort pass to get through security to be able to pick up my daughter at the arrival gate (as was done last year when she flew by herself).

The agent told him to go to security and they would page him. On the other end, my daughter was being held after the plane had disembarked and the stewardess told my daughter that her “uncle was late.” In fact, her uncle was not late, but was being told to wait in a place that obviously the stewardess had not been informed of.

When they finally paged him, they told him that he was waiting in the wrong place (which was where the ticket agent told him to go), and the stewardess told him to go to another area, where he waited another 20 minutes in front of one of the shops in the concourse. My daughter's plane arrived at the gate at approximately 3:10 p.m., but he did not retrieve her until 4:00 p.m.

Obviously, your employees are not organized and should be retrained so as not to cause such chaos, such as designating ONE AREA as the pick up for minor children flying alone. I was very worried that something was wrong when I was told **'s uncle did not have ** yet by 3:45. I have also been told by other friends and family that have traveled AA in the past that your company is very disorganized and caused problems. If you want to please your customers, which should be a primary goal, you have to earn it, and certainly not by these practices.

Recent Flight
By -

ALABAMA -- I am writing to let you know how deeply disappointed I am in American Airlines. I plan to never again fly on American Airlines. I am also planning on letting every person I know hear my story and telling him or her not to fly American. I work for a company that flies weekly on American and I will let them know what I think. It is a shame because I am a young person who loves to travel. I have flown with American before numerous times, never having a problem until now. One flight changed my whole opinion forever. I will give you examples of what happened.

When we got on return flight from Salt Lake City to Dallas, we were in the emergency exit aisle. We had stuffed each of our backpacks under the seat in front of us as far as they could go. The attendant kept on coming by to tell us to put our bags under the seat. They were totally under the seat except for the back strap that was laying flat against the seat in front of us. It was not sticking out or in the way of anything. Across the aisle sat a man with a briefcase leaning against the emergency exit door that no one even said a word to him about.

A group of attendants not working sat in front of us on the same flight. They kept on talking loudly about going to get drunk. I thought it was highly inappropriate especially while they were in their uniforms. Not to mention, when we were finally off the six-hour flight (it was supposed to be three hours but was delayed due to the weather) one of the attendants was sassy with a passenger. She was getting her carry-on from the overhead compartment when he stepped in the aisle. She said “Excuse me, but I am not finished. Don't even mess with me.” The man had done nothing and said nothing but just stepped in the aisle to wait to go next.

We went straight from the plane in Dallas to talk to the first American Airlines person we saw to ask about a flight since our original flight, from Dallas to Birmingham AL, had been canceled. The lady we talked to did not mention that there were three other flights scheduled to leave that night. She failed to mention that we could only get on standby for one flight at a time (causing someone to act like we were stupid later in the night). She put us on standby for a flight leaving the next morning to Birmingham. She did not let us know that there was an earlier flight to Nashville after we had told her that we could fly into Birmingham, Nashville, Huntsville, or Atlanta.

We asked her about our luggage and she said it would go to Birmingham (where our original flight was going). She never said anything about filing a claim if we arrived in any other airport other than Birmingham. She knew there was a possibility that we would go to Atlanta since she had booked us on a for-sure flight to Atlanta the following night. I had never had this experience before of missing a flight, so I had no idea what to do or what the process was. She gave me no direction.

After we left her, I saw there were three more flights we could try to get on leaving that night. We tried two of them, but they were cancelled. The third one, going to Huntsville AL, we were able to wait in line for standby. The computer froze, so a lady put all of us waiting to get on standby in a separate line so she could help other people. Her manager came over to help unfreeze the computer. She started yelling at all of us because we were standing in a separate line. She was not being nice about it at all. We happened to be the first people in line, so she told us to get back in the line that we were originally in before the computer froze.

We walked up to the counter because we were the first people in line before the computer froze. She told us we had to go to the back of the line. A guy explained that we were the first in line originally. Then she looked at us and said in a not so friendly voice, “What do you want?” As nice as I could be, I asked her if we could get on standby. Of course the flight was cancelled. We stayed overnight in the airport since no hotel rooms or rental cars were available.

The next morning we went to the gate for the Nashville flight, got on standby, and actually got on the flight (no help to the first lady). I thought it was all over. I was wrong. When I got home all I wanted to do is sleep since I only had one hour of sleep in the airport. We had to find our luggage though. I called the American Airlines baggage number I found online. The first person I talked to told me that no flights had come into Birmingham yet and to call back in an hour. I called back, and another person said it had come in but the baggage had not been unloaded.

Each time I called, they had asked me for a delayed baggage claim file locator number that I did not have (no one told me I was supposed to have it). When I told them I did not have it, they would tell me to call back. The third time I called they said they did not see my luggage by looking up my bag number, so I would have to wait until the next flight. I waited and called back, only to be on hold forty-five minutes, and then I was hung up on.

At this point we decided to drive over an hour to Birmingham to look for the bags ourselves. We found all but one bag. The lady at the baggage department in Birmingham said that it was illegal for American Airlines not to give me a delayed baggage claim number. I called the baggage people back. I waited for thirty minutes when this lady answered. She asked for my file locator number, and I told her I needed one. She asked me what my flight number was. I tried to explain to her that my flight number via which I flew to Nashville that morning and the flight that my bags were on to Birmingham were two separate flights, but she would not let me finish.

I tried literally three times; each time she would cut me off. Then I finally had enough. Almost in tears I asked, “Why do you have to be so mean?” She just laughed a fake laugh and said “Ma'am, I am just trying to ask you a simple question.” I told her I flew into Nashville and gave her my flight number. I had gone through this process with the other people earlier in the day each time I had called, and I knew that was not the information she needed. She would not listen. Then she put me on hold and then actually hung up on me. I had to get my boyfriend to call. Of course when he called, he talked to someone extremely helpful and nice that gave him a file locator number.

It took a week to get my luggage. My dad finally had to call Birmingham because when I would call the American Airlines number to receive an update, I would talk to another rude, snappy person. When he called, they found my luggage an hour later, and it was at my house by that night.

I am glad this is over. An almost perfect vacation was ruined. I was ashamed and unimpressed with American Airlines. I have worked with the public before, and I know there were mad people there that night. I know customers were yelling at your employees, but your employees had no reason to disrespect me. I was not disrespectful to them, just confused and not sure what to do. I only needed help. What happened to pleasing the customer? What happened to customer satisfaction? What happened to the “friendly and convenient air transportation” you promise on your website? I was not satisfied at all with American Airlines.

I was not one bit mean to a single person. I did not raise my voice. I did not get an attitude. I expected the same in return. A majority of the people I talked to working for American Airlines from the moment I stepped on the plane to come home were rude, impatient people. I am not upset about the weather delay. I understand that. I am sorry many people were stranded. Our flight out of Dallas on the way to Salt Lake was even two hours delayed, but I did not mind. I am astonished with the way I was treated. At least I learned two lessons. Try to avoid flying through Dallas, and avoid flying American. Thanks for listening.

Out with the trash
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- On September the 25th I flew American Airlines from Seattle to Dallas Fort Worth, and arrived in my home city of Columbus, Ohio at 12:30am. We were supposed to get in around 9pm, but the flight had been delayed. When my head hit my pillow at 2am that morning, I was totally exhausted.

Waking up on the morning of the 26th I started to unpack my bags to hand out souvenirs, and start my laundry. Much to my surprise, my laundry bag was missing. It contained a week's worth of my favorite outfits, some brand new that I had purchased for my trip. I hopped online and got the number for the Seattle Branch Airport right away, letting them know about my missing items. I explained that I found a TSA notification that my bag had been searched, that I thought that they pulled out my laundry hefty bag and just dismissed it as trash and did not return it to my bag. They told me that while the items may very well be at their airport, the policy was for me to report it in my destination city.

I called port Columbus and let them know exactly what happened. The man on the phone said since it was Sunday there was not a lot they could do, but he took an initial inventory and promised that the staff that handles these issues would call me the next day to get the rest of the information. They didn't call. I started to call regularly on the 28th, but received an answering machine message about delayed bags and the number to call to check on my claim. I didn't have a delayed bag, and I had yet to get a hold of someone who would give me a claim form, so after leaving messages to call me back and receiving no answer this seemed a dead end.

I went online to look for a place to claim missing items, but there was no link to be found for this information. Customer reviews repeatedly mentioned that there was nothing to do for missing items via the web, and that they were given the run around when they called to inquire. Calling more baggage numbers online, I continued to run into the wall of a pre-recorded message for delayed baggage expectancies, or was asked to enter a claim number to check the status. Getting a hold of a human being was next to impossible, and when I did they told me there was nothing they could do and that I had to call my home city.

On the 10th of October a woman finally called me back from Port Columbus and left a voice mail. It explained that the search would be a ten week process, and that she hoped I had reported the missing items within 24hrs of my arrival or they would not be covered if they weren't found.

I called back several more times and finally got a hold of a man that took down my information and sent out a claim form to my address. After spelling my name a letter at a time **, the letter that took two weeks to arrive was addressed to **. The mail man almost did not deliver it, but my roommate was there to tell him that we were expecting a letter from American Airlines, and they must have mis-addressed.

I sent the letter back priority mail, having just a week before the cut off day for them to search. Around the ten week time I called to find out the status of my claim. They told me it would be a little more time. Three weeks after that I received a letter explaining that I could not be reimbursed because of my unusual delay in reporting the missing items.

I honestly feel that every step along the way - from having to report the lost items in my home city, not being called back in a timely fashion, having no way to report the items online, being left a voice mail with no further solution, to having the claim sent to the wrong name, were road blocks set up to make it impossible for me to follow the procedure that would allow me to make a claim in which I could receive reimbursement. I am going to write a letter to this effect and send it to baggage and customer service. Based upon other reviews I don't expect much. In the future I will do everything I can to avoid travel with American Airlines, and suggest you do the same.

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