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American Airlines Crapped On Me And Then Overcharged My Credit Card
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I am writing to complain about the terrible service my boyfriend and I received from American Airlines. Other issues I am complaining about include the over inflated additional charges I received from the company, the fact that American then overcharged me on these over inflated prices, the lack of a “customer service” department, and how I have received nothing but the run around since attempting to get my money back.

The issues stemmed from a missed flight from Paris, France to Dallas, Texas, with an ultimate destination of Orlando, Florida. The original flight was AA 49 and scheduled to depart on April 2nd, 2009, with the new flight (also AA 49), and many service issues, occurring on April 3rd, 2009.

On the day of our flight, there was a breakdown of the Paris metro system leading to the airport Charles de Gaulle. After paying for a taxi in hopes of making our flight, we arrived 50 minutes prior to departure. We were then informed that check in was closed. The employees asked if it was related the metro system. We told them it was and were told to quickly rush to ticketing so that we could be transferred to and make the Chicago flight which would be closing soon. Here in lies my first complaint.

We were not informed first of all that check in closed almost an hour before take off. Second of all, if American Airlines was aware of this metro issue, why did they not leave the check in time open for an additional twenty minutes? As the day progressed, I met several other people who had also missed flights from American Airlines by a few minutes. Was American simply taking advantage of a poor situation to receive even more money from its customers instead of doing what was best for them?

We rushed to the ticketing desk and stood in line for over thirty minutes and missed the Chicago check in. Our agent was incredibly rude, impolite, spoke over me, and did not answer my questions. The Chicago flight was the last flight of the day to the U.S. I asked her if there were any other possibilities such as flying in to London and then going from there. She told me no without checking.

I asked her if we could fly with another airline in the One World Alliance. She told me it was impossible and that American did not do that. Not understanding this because I had been under the impression that the One World Alliance was there for that reason, I asked her to explain. She just snapped that it was impossible and told me she did not understand what had given me that impression.

After much time, she told me that she could arrange for us to fly out the following day on the same flight out of Paris. We were told the cost would be $280 if we decided to do this. She then explained that by doing this ticket change we would not be guaranteed a spot and if we wanted to have one, it would be an additional fee. I asked her what this fee would be. She told me she would have to call to find out.

After another ten minutes of waiting, she told me the total cost would be $408. We took some time to think about it but then decided to confirm our tickets and pay the $408. We returned to the counter and to a different agent. She typed our information into the system and had all of the information as typed in by the previous agent. We explained we were planning on confirming the flight. She asked if we already knew the rates. Having been given a quote about half an hour before, we said yes.

After being rung up, we left and then looked at our receipts and realized we had not been charged $408, but $475. We also noticed that our connecting flight in Dallas only afforded us an hour and twenty minutes before our following flight departed.

We returned to the counter again and asked about the charge and the connection time. The salesperson just told us that the system charged us $475 and that was what was in the system. I explained that we were quoted a charge of $408. She just restated that the system showed we were charged $475. I decided to not argue the point further and accept the ridiculously high cost of $475. I also mentioned the time to her and she assured me it would be more than enough. Before leaving though, I double-checked and asked her whether the charges would be in dollars or in euros. She assured me the charges were in dollars. We left the airport.

The following day, check in went off without a hitch. As we checked in, I asked two separate employees if an hour and twenty minutes would be enough time and was again assured it would be. We boarded the plane. Upon entering the plane, we discovered that we would not have a seat in front of us and would have to store our belongings. The flight attendant was very helpful. We had three bags between the two of us. After storing the first two in the compartment closest to us, only my purse was left.

Not wanting me to have my purse far away, she asked the person behind me, who I happened to have gotten to know the previous day in line at the ticket counter, if it was okay if I stored my purse under my seat during take off and landings only. The woman agreed, and I did this. However, I was getting something out of my purse prior to take off and a different attendant noticed me storing it there. He told me I had to put it in an overhead compartment. As I began to explain that a different attendant had told me it was fine, he cut me off and told me I had to store it.

I again tried to politely tell him the situation, and he not only cut me off, but told me that I had “no right” to that storage spot and I was “wrong” in putting it there. I was of course livid, not for having to store my purse, but his actions, his aggressive tone of voice, and his word choices. I just shut my mouth as my purse, which included my wallet, passport, digital camera, and connection tickets was placed five rows behind me. I did not appreciate being treated like a petulant child, being snapped at, and being cut off. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the attendant.

Towards the end of the flight, I asked another attendant about the short connection. I asked if there was anyone I needed to speak with to receive quicker transportation to our gate. She assured me that we would have plenty of time. I was still doubtful that we would have enough time to exit the aircraft, go through the first set of customs, pick up our luggage, go through the next customs check point, check our baggage, go through security, and make it to our gate on time.

We landed and, after doing everything I just mentioned, ran to make our flight. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 4:40 and we arrived at the gate at 4:35 after sprinting the entire time. Luckily for us, the plane had a mechanical issue, thus delaying the flight. Had the plane not been delayed, we would have missed our flight, and our bags, which I saw handlers load at 4:55, would not have made the flight.

On this plane, we had been moved to first class, which I was appreciated and made me feel as American perhaps really did care about its customers, until I discovered that we would not be sitting next to each other. The flight attendant informed me that we had been split up because another couple had requested to sit together. I was not surprised because American Airlines was just further proving how little it valued its customers.

Once we arrived home, I was grateful to be done with American Airlines and figured that they were done screwing me over. Then I saw my credit card statement. Instead of charging us the already inflated $475, American decided to charge each of us $571. Of course American Airlines was going to nickel and dime me and take complete advantage of the situation.

In order to get the difference back, I attempted to contact American's customer service department and apparently, I cannot contact this department because no one is there. I have called reservations twice and been told the same thing. I sent e-mails to American and after waiting three days for something that should have been resolved by phone in five minutes, I instead received an e-mail telling me I should have been charged for $505. Wow. How the number has grown and grown. American just keeps pulling numbers out of thin air.

I am completely disgusted with American Airlines and have already told everyone I know how terrible my experience was. I have posted a copy of this letter on several different consumer report websites, among them I can assure you that I will never be flying with American Airlines again. I also am going to avoid any airline in the One World Alliance at all costs. I feel that any airline that is willing to associate itself with someone as appalling as American Airlines does not deserve my business. I have also forwarded each airline a copy of this letter.

I fully expect American Airlines to return my $96 and believe I should also be given the difference between the quoted price and the (believed) charged price ($67). I have our receipts for the $475 still and have attached it to this letter. Due to the poor treatment I have received overall, I also expect American to refund all of the additional ticketing costs to both of us.

While I have spent a majority of this letter complaining, I did want to commend the one good person I dealt with at American Airlines. I do not know her last name, but the flight attendant named (NAME WITHHELD) of AA 49 on April 3rd, 2009 was incredibly kind and helpful and reassured me during the plane landing when she noticed I looked nervous. I appreciated her kind words and wish I could have properly thanked her. Please let her know she was the only bright spot of my trip with American Airlines.

The Customer Does Not Come First!
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ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO -- This letter is to complain about service I recently received from American Airlines representatives; **, General Manager- Roswell, NM and **, Supervisor- Dallas, TX call center. My fiance and I were scheduled to return from Roswell, NM to DFW on Friday December 26, 2008, at 3:35 pm. Upon arriving at the Roswell airport at approximately 3 pm we found no employees and no lights on at the American Airlines/American Eagle ticket counter. After waiting for approximately five minutes we walked to the only gate at the airport and spoke with the only employee we could find, the TSA Security Officer.

Because we could not go through security with our luggage, which needed to be checked, he would not allow us to speak to an AA employee (who were all in the gate area past the check point) we asked him to please let the American Airlines employees know that we were waiting at the counter to check in for our flight, he agreed. After waiting another five minutes we went back to the TSA Officer and asked him if an AA employee had been notified that we were waiting to check in to this flight, by this time our plane was beginning to board.

He advised us that the counter employees had been notified, that they were assisting the customers who were in the gate area, and that they would be right with us. Ten minutes before our flight was scheduled to take off we had still not been helped and no one had come to the ticket counter. At this time we went for the third time and spoke with the TSA Officer who again advised us that the AA Agents had been informed that we were waiting and would be right with us. Finally at 3:32 P.M. ** arrived at the ticket counter.

I explained to her that I had luggage to check for the flight that was about to take off. She was immediately unaccommodating, her response was that she was unable to get us on that flight and the next flight left early the next morning. I gave her all of the details of what had happened from the time when we arrived at the airport, and although the plane had still not left she told us that the flight closed at 3:30 and that we would not be able to get on the plane. I then suggested that she allow us to board the flight and fly our checked baggage to DFW the next day.

I further explained that in New Mexico we were visiting family who lives two hours from the Roswell Airport and that my fiance and I live only fifteen minutes from the DFW airport. She refused and was extremely discourteous. Her justification for refusal was that we were required to check in an hour prior to scheduled departure. I let her know that we were there at 3 P.M. no later than 3:05 P.M. and that there was no one available to check us in, also because the Roswell airport is so small (AA/AE is the only airline flying in/out three times a day, one gate and one ticket counter) that I had never experienced a problem before when arriving thirty minutes prior to departure.

She told me that had I actually arrived thirty minutes prior to departure there would not have been a problem, but that it was impossible that I was actually there at that time because they do not close the counter until thirty minutes prior to departure. ** became increasingly impolite and argumentative, accusing me of being incorrect about our arrival time at the ticket counter.

She even went as far as saying that she would have security pull surveillance videos to “prove” it. I suggested that she go ahead and pull the surveillance videos and she could also ask the TSA Officer to confirm the times that we spoke to him. ** attempted to phone the security desk and informed me that they were closed for the weekend and would not reopen until Monday.

She went on to let us know that she could book us on the first flight the next morning and explained that we would need to arrive at the airport at 6:30 A.M. I explained again the distance that my family lives from the airport and asked her to put us on a later flight or to put us on a flight departing on Sunday. She stated that the only way she would be able to do that was if we paid to change the ticket and that the fees would be approximately $600 per passenger.

I told her that I would not like a reservation on the flight that departed early the next morning and was unwilling to pay to change our reservation as there was no error on our part. At this point ** became increasingly belligerent and told me that my “watch must be wrong”. I asked her if, as the manager, she had the authority to waive the $600 change fee.

She told me she did, but that she would not waive the fee and my only option was to “find someone to override (her) decision”. She went on to let me know that she was the highest level manager at the airport so in order to speak with someone else who had the authority to waive the fee I would need to call customer service. While another AA employee was making an effort to speak to me, ** interrupted him stating that there was no need to try to explain anything to me. I just didn't understand. I articulated my concern regarding her lack of customer service. She would accept no responsibility and did not make any attempt to accommodate us and never once apologized.

Prior to leaving the Roswell airport I called your 800 number and spoke with a customer service representative. After explaining the situation this representative offered to book us a flight leaving out of El Paso, TX (three hours from where my family lives) to DFW on Monday December 30, 2008 for $212. Rather than having to be placed on hold, wait for a manager and explain the entire ordeal again I agreed to go ahead and pay the change fee and end the nightmare. Prior to confirming the charge I asked the representative repeatedly, at least three times, to verify that the fee I was paying was for both my fiance and I. She affirmed that it was.

Upon arriving back at my family's home I went on to the AA website to confirm seat assignments for our flight. After searching my account, my fiance's account and checking my email I was unable to locate a confirmation for my fiance. It appeared as though only I was confirmed to fly out of El Paso. I again called your 800 number and immediately requested to speak with a manager. I was transferred to **, supervisor.

I explained to ** the entire incidence as it occurred in Roswell. I also gave him the details of my conversation with the previous representative who confirmed that the fee I had paid was for both parties. He reviewed my reservation and let me know that only I had a reservation to fly out of El Paso and that I would need to purchase another ticket for my fiance to fly.

I repeatedly attempted to explain to ** that my fiance and I were on one reservation originally, that the prior representative guaranteed the change fee I had paid was for both of us and questioned why a new ticket needed to be purchased. ** was of absolutely no help. He continually cut me off as I was speaking, tried to rush our conversation, was unable to locate even the original reservation for my fiance and made zero attempts to accommodate us.

Once more accepted no responsibility and did not apologize. I again expressed my frustration with the lack of service I was receiving; he could not have cared less. As I realized that ** customer service approach was similar to what I had experienced with **, I asked to speak with a manager. He told me that there were no managers available. I let him know that I would not accept that and that I would hold while he found one.

I explained to him that after working in call centers for four years that I knew there was a manager somewhere. After placing me on hold for several minutes, ** let me know that a manager would call me back. I offered to hold until the manager became available. I also asked him to provide me with his last name or ID number. He said that he would not give me his last name, that he could be identified as **- Dallas. He then let me know that I was unable to hold and that he would have to disconnect the call.

Not long after speaking with ** I received a call from a manager named **. After the awful experience I had with your company that day it was nice to finally speak with someone of her character. ** immediately apologized for the lack of service that I had experienced, confirmed my fiance on the flight leaving out of El Paso on the 30th and even refunded the $212 I had paid earlier in the day. Had any of the employees I dealt with previously placed the same level of importance on customer service as ** I could have avoided this entire horrendous experience entirely and there would be no need to write this letter of complaint.

Where to begin?
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Last October (2005), I decided to spend some of my hard-earned Frequent Flyer miles with American to travel to Dublin, Ireland. I convinced a friend of mine to come with me, and he bought a full price ticket to Dublin. I've been an AAdvantage member since 2001 and my friend has Gold member status. Both of us used American frequently for business and personal trips and were pretty happy with their service (despite the occasional delay or cancellation).

Our journey to Dublin began last week, Sunday, May 1, 2006. We were booked on a flight from Saint Louis to Chicago O'Hare, flight 1677, and were then booked from Chicago O'Hare to Dublin on flight 92. We were scheduled to leave STL at 4:59 PM and arrive at O'Hare at 6:16 PM. Our flight to Dublin was scheduled to leave O'Hare at 7:25 PM.

Due to some weather problems in the area, our flight out of STL was delayed a full hour to leave at 6 pm, but the gate attendant reassured us that we would still be able to make the flight to Dublin leaving from O'Hare at 7:25. En route to Chicago, my friend talked to another passenger who was also heading for Dublin, but he had already been rebooked to go through London and then on to Dublin because another AA agent in STL told him he wouldn't be able to make the connection to Dublin from O'Hare that night!

That turned out to be the case with us, as well. We arrived at O'Hare and went directly to the Dublin flight's gate, but even though we stood there and looked at the plane for a full 15 minutes before it departed the gate, the AA agent would not let us on. We were sent to the "Rebooking Center," which is just a telephone bank, to try to find an alternate flight. We managed to get ourselves onto a flight to London that would connect to an Aer Lingus flight from London to Dublin. We would get to Dublin six hours later than planned, but it was the best we could get without waiting a full day.

The AA gate agent who put us on the London flight was unresponsive to our questions about what would happen to our luggage, and sure enough, our luggage was not in Dublin when we arrived there the next afternoon. The people at Aer Lingus were extremely helpful; they found and delivered my friend's luggage the evening after we arrived and mine came the following evening.

A wonderful week in Ireland was followed by yet more American Airlines service flubs. We were scheduled on AA flight 93 out of Dublin on Monday, May 8th. My itinerary that came via email said that the flight was leaving from Dublin to go to O'Hare at 12:35 pm, so we arrived at the airport at 10 am. However, when we got to Dublin airport, we found that the time had been moved forward to 10:45 am and that the flight had been closed. After talking to a supervisor at some length about the situation, she escalated the problem to American's site manager at Dublin Airport, **.

** informed us that AA had sent an email update on 3/10/06 regarding the schedule change. I looked through my email and found no such update. Being a computer geek, I explained to her that sometimes email doesn't arrive as intended, or that there may be a bug in their delivery system. She remained unmoved and dispassionately told us she would do nothing for us, that we would have to wait until the flight out the next day, that AA would not pay for our hotel that night, and that those are the risks of booking online.

We gave her a resounding piece of our minds and explained that an email notification regarding a two hour move forward of an international flight was a very, VERY poor notion of customer service. Her answer was more or less, "Those are the breaks. Neither I nor American care."

Furious, we spent an extra night in Dublin and arrived early the next morning to catch the 10:45 am flight from Dublin to O'Hare (flight 93). Miss ** had printed out our tickets for us, but she put the wrong date (May 8 instead of May 9) on my friend's ticket, causing another minor delay. Otherwise flight 93 went pretty smoothly. We landed at the scheduled time (12:30 pm-ish) in Chicago.

Our flight to Saint Louis, flight 2067, wasn't scheduled to leave until 4 pm. Being well aware of the delays and cancellations that occur at O'Hare in the evenings, we asked an AA gate agent if it would be possible to get on standby for an earlier flight. She scornfully proclaimed that if we had already checked baggage for the later flight (which we had), the FAA would not allow them to put us on a different flight than our baggage. I suspected this was nonsense as I had gone standby on flights before, even when my baggage was checked for another flight, but I couldn't prove it to argue it, so I didn't.

Our 4 pm flight to STL was delayed, and we boarded around 4:30 pm. While boarding, people were told to not block the aisle so that people could get to their seats and the craft could leave on time. How a 4:00 scheduled departure leaving now at 4:52 could be considered "on time" was beyond me. We then sat on the plane while a "mechanical issue" was dealt with. Considering the rather disturbing buzzing sound coming from one of the craft's wings during flight, I'm not really sure that the mechanical issue was actually resolved. We finally left the runway at O'Hare at 6 pm and landed in STL at 6:45.

After waiting a few minutes for our luggage in baggage claim, we found that it had already arrived on the flight before us, despite the gate agent's claim that the FAA mandates that our baggage travel on the same flight with us. Needless to say, American Airlines will receive no more business from me, and I would advise other travelers to be wary in dealing with them. Despite their exorbitant ticket prices, they show no interest in serving their customers, and no matter how many times they screw up or waste your time, you will receive no compensation or, for that matter, compassion.

How is this legal?
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Starting about six months ago during this economic hardship I was forced due to finances (looked for six months and could only find this job) to take a job as a gate agent with American Airlines. I spent 2 months training at O'hare Chicago and then was sent to Dallas Fort Worth for two weeks of training.

Of course the airline required you to wear a suit to training everyday (even though they only pay 9 dollars an hour) so I made sure I packed all my good clothes as well as my casual clothes. For two weeks I basically packed everything I owned from suits, to shoes, to swim trunks. On my way home, a quick flight from Dallas to Chicago somehow, out of the 10 of us checking bags at the same time, mine was the only one to come up missing.

I immediately went to lost baggage to find out what was going on. They assured me that it would be on the next flight and they would deliver it later that night or call if it did not show. Sure enough, no call and no luggage. Going back to work the next day I checked in. Nobody had heard anything but they said it would turn up. This continued for the next week until I finally lost my temper and decided to call the number they had given me. After another week of being bounced around from voice recording to a person who did not have the authority to an answering machine to another voice recording I finally got a hold of someone to send me the form I needed to fill out.

I filled out the form and mailed (and faxed) it in, they had told me it would take up to three months so I patiently waited. In November they called me and asked why I had not sent the form in, even though I saved all the paperwork proving everything I had sent in. I even had my manager's signature on the paperwork to prove everything that I had stated. I was given a number of someone who was supposed to help but once he recognized my number (**) he stopped answering and never got back to me once after two weeks of messages that I left him. Finally I went back to square one and went through the process of getting a live person again.

After much hassle I got ** (972 425 1090), the only man there who would answer his phone when I called. He said the check had been sent out and it would be there shortly. Two weeks later I began calling ** again and he said he would look into it. I asked to talk to a manager however he informed me that managers were not allowed to talk on the phone, even though I heard her insulting me in the background.

At this point they said they were sending out another check and I would have it within a week. Surprise surprise, no check. So yet again I called and ** started ducking my calls. I had been checking in and out with a lawyer at this time and told them if they did not send me my check I would be forced to take them to court.

This brings us to yesterday, February 22nd 2011. I finally received a call from ** at American Airlines 972 425 5240. He told me my claim had been rejected, no reason, just rejected. I asked him how they could lose my luggage and not be responsible, and he just answered "too bad." I told him at that point I would see him in court and he said "good luck going against American in court."

So now here I sit with none of my business clothes and since I worked for the airlines at 9 dollars an hour I can't replace all of my nice clothes I had from my previous job. The ironic part is that they take all lost luggage and sell it at a giant store and make tons of money off of it. I rounded down asking for $2500 and they will not even give me the time of day.

Well, I am off to take these guys to court in the next few days and it leaves me asking myself, "How is this legal?" They steal my stuff and sell it but will not take responsibility. And yes I worked for AA/AEagle and yes, and a lot of people do steal stuff so be careful.

Flight 118 from LAX to JFK nightmare!!!
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P.O. BOX 619612 MD 2400 FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- American Airlines 118 from LAX to JFK. Flight 118 was supposed to land in JFK but instead this is what happened: We were unable to land as planned at 3:30PM and spent 2 additional hours in the air due to weather conditions. Finally we landed in Washington DC around 5:30PM and the plan was to refuel and head back to JFK. We spent additional 5:30 hours inside the plane as we were not allowed to leave the plane.

To top this inconvenience the crew ran out of food!!! I didn't have anything to eat for over 12 hours!!! And no one brought food to the plane nor were we allowed to get out and get some food for ourselves!!! There was a diabetic person on the flight and a small baby!!! I was feeling as I was bout to faint! I was dizzy and weak!!! I really believe this is not only wrong but inhumane! To keep people inside of a plane and not provide them with the basic of the basics - Food!

Moreover - we were finally allowed to leave the plane at 11:00PM and entered the airport. Most of the stores were closed, so we had no option to purchase food!!! There was no AA representative to instruct us about our luggage or what to do for the night. I found myself with a group of people from our flight wondering around the airport helpless looking for my checked in suitcase. Finally, we found the suitcases on our own without AA help and waited for about 2 additional hours to receive our luggage.

After we obtained our personal belongings we found an AA single representative on the top floor and begged for instructions for the night. I was one of the single people on the flight who got a hotel voucher and that was due to my insistence yet I was rudely asked to share the room with a complete stranger!!! I didn't receive a cab voucher and had to pay both ways (Over $30USD).

I was told 3 different departure times for the next morning 10:00AM, 11:30AM and 2:00PM no one knew to tell me what time was my flight departing! I would like to add that no food vouchers were provided and due to the late arrival time everything was closed. I got to the hotel at 2:00AM after having less than 4 hours of sleep I called AA in the morning and was told that my flight is scheduled for 10:00AM after I got to the airport I found that my flight was delayed (again) and now departing at 11:30AM. We boarded the flight and spent an additional hour on the plane waiting to take off.

Needles to say the crew did not serve any food or drinks on that flight!!! We landed and I got to JFK at 3:00PM on Sunday March 14th. I inquired at the AA stand about me returning flight on Monday March 16th at 06:15AM (leaving in 15 hours form the time I landed!) and was told that most of the chances that the flight will be cancelled. I had to reschedule my flight to the following day.

Refunds And Customer Service
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ONLINE, COLORADO -- The customer service of American Airlines is terrible, but the service in Spanish is a nightmare for the Hispanic customers who need or want to communicate in their language. Usually the agents are rude, rude and give false or distorted information, believing that the customer is not able to speak English.

Two years ago we paid a companion for my son who speaks very little Spanish on a vacation trip to Spain, in the Barajas airport, Madrid they left him alone and the boy was lost, but we finally found him after be scared to death. We reported this incident and they sent us a letter of apology and a voucher for $ 400 dollars to be use in the purchase of another ticket.

When I went to use it, the agent in Spanish refused to give me his name, refused to give me information of which was the nearest office to use the voucher and we asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that there were none and left me waiting in line . We decided to use another company to buy the tickets for our vacation.

This year, we made the mistake of buying 4 tickets to the destination to which we would go on vacation, unfortunately one of the group members (a minor) got sick; we send all the medical documentation to the company; this ticket was not refundable...

To my surprise the Spanish agent who served me (**) with a very aggressive attitude informed me that they returned the ticket money only if the passenger died, something that is incredible IN ALL OTHERS AIRLINES, illness, hospitalization, etc. are considered when medical documentation is submitted. By insisting she change the version and said that may be we were given a voucher valid for one year, I asked for a supervisor and she left me waiting for over 20 minutes, of course I could not talk to the supervisor.

The Department of "refund" does not have a phone that the client can communicate, by email you get no answer, either by letter, customer service does not give information in Spanish or in English and the fax number in the Website not work. Conclusion: if you can travel by another airline DO IT. American Airlines is NOT a professional company. It's a disaster.

Avoid American Airlines (AAA)
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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- To be honest, I didn't use AA a lot for traveling in the last several years -- only 5 or 6 times as I can remember. However, for each traveling with AA, the company makes me down every time!!! The plane was either delayed, or cancelled, or no captain was assigned!!!

On June 31, 2011, my flight from LBB to DFW to Chicago to Alaska was initially delayed at LBB. Actually, they have flights directly from DFW to Alaska, but I need to travel with my friend from Chicago.

Anyway I couldn't be on the plane to Chicago due to the delay, and took the one directly from DFW to Alaska. Bad thing was my packages were all delayed for two days, as was my other schedules in Alaska because I need the packages. I have no idea how did they do that?

On May 8, 2013, I had an interview in Philadelphia, and my flight was from OKC to Chicago to Phi. Again, the flight was delayed at OKC, and I was not able to get onto the one to Phi. I waited until 10:30 pm that day to get my ticket to get on board. Then, after 1h30mins, I was informed that they didn't have a captain for that plane and they were trying to get another one who was on the way home. After another 30 minutes, we were informed to leave the plane!!! I didn't get to the company in time and it was Friday on the next day... anyway, I didn't get the job.

On July 2, 2013, I was traveling to Boston from OKC to visit my girlfriend. Again, it was from OKC to Chicago, to Boston. The flight was delayed at OKC, then I was assigned to the flight on the next day!!! On July 9, 2013, I was back from Boston to Chicago to OKC. The flight got to Chicago in time; however, from Chicago to OKC, I was informed that again they didn't have a captain for the plane and the flight delayed for more than 2 hours!!!

American Airlines, what's the matter with you? I will never use AA again for traveling as long as the price of other airline companies is not too much higher than that from AA (~$100 for domestic; $200 for international). Please avoid AA if you have another choice for saving time and maybe for not losing some important opportunities in your life.

Switched Seat Location
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In January of 13' I purchased two tickets (preferred status extra charge) for a flight and selected the seats which was confirmed by the airline. I go to print out the boarding pass the day prior (April - 3 months later) only to discover that the seats are no longer available.

WHAT? Of course I'm confused by all of this so I contact the reservation section and I am told that those seats are not available due to equipment change. What? Did AA remove the seats? Changed aircraft that doesn't have row 11 any longer?

My question to them was simple to me - Why did you change them w/out notification and why would you not give me what I prepaid for? I wasn't asking for a refund or inquiring about not having a ticket at all, of which I have heard AA is famous for, but no row 11? The agent was kind and offered different seats which were unacceptable and as most people do I requested to speak w/the supervisor.

Well now, talk about another level of confusion. The supervisor indicated much the same, stating equipment change (? really) and I posed the same questions w/no result. I was told that I could go to the web site and change seat locations. I indicated to the supervisor that the agent prior to her had offered to change the seats for me and was told that that was incorrect. What? This could not have been more than five minutes ago. The supervisor indicated that she could put me through to someone to help and after falling asleep from waiting so long I decided I may as well move on.

I went to the website and changed seats or should I say settled for other seats. So much for customer service I thought. Well the next thing you know I get a phone call from, yes you guessed it, another supervisor from AA! Alright now we are getting somewhere. Right. Of course I ask the same questions and I get the same answers. All I wanted to know is why they gave my prepaid seats away and no one had the answer. Next time I will skip the hassles and go to another airline.

I Sent My Check by Mistake and They Won't It Back
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I have been a long term member of the American Automobile Association. This year, I intended to let my membership lapse, and did not pay my membership dues by check as I have done routinely over the years. My membership was to expire on February 1, 2013.

I mistakenly, some time ago, had set a payment order in my automatic payment system at the Navy Federal Credit Union, which unbeknownst to me at the time it happened, sent a check for $110.50 for my membership dues to American Automobile Association, which was received by the American Automobile Association on January 13, 2013, according to ** (I have her email address).

On January 29, 2013, I called the American Automobile Association, spoke to ** (I have his email address), explained what had happened, and requested a refund. He and I both noted my membership for the current year had not yet expired, and my membership for the next year had not yet started. He said no problem. The American Automobile Association would return my money by check in 14 business days.

When the check didn't arrive, I called the American Automobile Association on February 25, 2013, and spoke to **, who checked my record. ** told me that: (1) the American Automobile Association had received my $110.50 check on January 23, 2013; (2) ** had logged my call of January 29, 2013, and as I had requested started the refund process; (3) someone else in the American Automobile Association had cancelled the refund; and (4) the American Automobile Association's policy is not to refund anything in a situation such as mine.

I told ** I rejected the American Automobile Association's policy and requested a refund. I also asked why no one contacted me to tell me that, contrary to ** promise, the American Automobile Association was not going to issue me a refund. ** had no answer to my question. I asked to speak to someone higher in the organization. ** spoke to "membership" who told her to tell me I could send a letter. ** gave me membership's address. Please reconsider, and send me my refund.

Portable Hard drive Stolen from Luggage
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DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I were travelling to Brisbane Australia and started our journey in Detroit. I had packed my portable hard drive in one of our bags. I realize now that it was a foolish thing to do but live and learn. It appears to me that the hard drive was removed in Detroit where we checked our bags and it had to be by someone who had access to x-ray visions of our luggage.

After reading other similar reviews I am amazed that this type of theft cannot be stopped by using video, searching employees on exit, etc. Also, I feel the airlines should emphasize the fact that it is really stupid to pack valuables in your luggage. I also feel that the airlines should accept some of the responsibility for allowing dishonest employees to check our bags.

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