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AA Agent at Baggage Checked Yelled at Me About Cutting in Line.
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I was trying to check my bag in Las Vegas on 7/22/13 and the blonde ticket agent tells me that my bag cannot be ticketed because of the short layover in Dallas. I was told by the blonde agent to "move" to an unmanned line and wait for the supervisor; she pointed to the spot I should move to wait. I moved to the unmanned spot and three times the AA agent next to this line (different woman) yelled at me that I had cut in line. (Ummmm, there was nobody waiting in this line and I was doing what I was told by the blonde agent.)

Supervisor ** arrives and he also yells at me about "cutting in line." I explained (again) that I had been told by blonde agent to move to this line because of the baggage ticketing problem. American: The majority of your baggage and ticketing agents at the desks in the airports are rude, abusive and mean. What training are you giving them to teach them how to be rude and verbally abusive?

Cancelled Flight, delayed, Rerouted to Alternate Destination
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Rating: 1/51

After a canceled flight to Santa Fe, my travel companion & I were booked for the next day. The flight was delayed to Dallas, so the Flight to Santa Fe departed without all connecting passengers. We were sent to Albuquerque. My luggage was sent to Santa Fe. By the time I arrived there the airport was closed. I asked at the AA counter how to get my luggage in Albuquerque, said go get it!

I'm on vacation from Florida... No luggage, No transportation, & hungry. I paid extra for the flight to Santa Fe! Not Albuquerque!!! How can I be compensated? Two lost vacation days, no luggage, taxi to Santa Fe, & expensive ticket not able to use!!! Please advise. Should I be reimbursed?

This Is Bar Far the Worst Experience I Have Ever Had Booking a Flight
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- For one week and a day I have been trying to purchase a ticket with AA airline. Things go very smoothly both online and over the phone, but I don't get any confirmation. I want it out... Nothing comes through.. Every time I call I get a different reason why I haven't received the confirmation. Then I was told my card didn't go through, gave them a new card, still didn't get a thing. Called again and was told that my first card worked and now my email doesn't work, which was odd since I was getting other correspondence through that email. As we speak, I still haven't received anything.. I will never again use this airline.

Stolen Wedding Ring and Past, Present and Future Diamond Ring
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Rating: 3/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- When returning from Costa Rica to Dallas DFW airport and getting home, I discovered my wedding ring and another ring that represented past, present and future given to me by my husband. We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary September 14, 2013. In a hurry to pack in Costa Rica for my return trip to Dallas, I put my rings in a small jewelry box that also held some costume jewelry and a pair of coral earrings.

When I got home the rings were missing and ironically, one of my coral earrings. I was shocked. There was no card from TSA stating they searched my luggage but who would leave a card if they stole it? I am sick about it because they represent memories for me. I should have put them on for the return trip. Lesson learned here. However, I know there is nothing I can do to retrieve them and I hope whoever took them can living with stealing as it is a sin and he, she or they will have to answer to God.

Change Fees
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I booked a flight from LAX to Richmond, Virginia for June 13, 2013 in April 2013. On May 24, 2013, I called to change the date to June 12 for the same or any other flight. One agent said they will charge $150 per ticket as change fee, plus the fare difference between the new and the old fare. The total charges came to more that $450, I paid for the original fare.

This is the way American Airline make money. No wonder AA has no customer loyalty. They just want to capitalize from the customer's misfortune. Finally, I talked to a supervisor. She said the additional fee per ticket will be $387, which was ridiculous too. When seats are available, the most you can charge is $50- $100 per ticket. The price tag quoted above is highway robbery. There should be some legislation about this kind of behavior.

How is this legal?
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Starting about six months ago during this economic hardship I was forced due to finances (looked for six months and could only find this job) to take a job as a gate agent with American Airlines. I spent 2 months training at O'hare Chicago and then was sent to Dallas Fort Worth for two weeks of training.

Of course the airline required you to wear a suit to training everyday (even though they only pay 9 dollars an hour) so I made sure I packed all my good clothes as well as my casual clothes. For two weeks I basically packed everything I owned from suits, to shoes, to swim trunks. On my way home, a quick flight from Dallas to Chicago somehow, out of the 10 of us checking bags at the same time, mine was the only one to come up missing.

I immediately went to lost baggage to find out what was going on. They assured me that it would be on the next flight and they would deliver it later that night or call if it did not show. Sure enough, no call and no luggage. Going back to work the next day I checked in. Nobody had heard anything but they said it would turn up. This continued for the next week until I finally lost my temper and decided to call the number they had given me. After another week of being bounced around from voice recording to a person who did not have the authority to an answering machine to another voice recording I finally got a hold of someone to send me the form I needed to fill out.

I filled out the form and mailed (and faxed) it in, they had told me it would take up to three months so I patiently waited. In November they called me and asked why I had not sent the form in, even though I saved all the paperwork proving everything I had sent in. I even had my manager's signature on the paperwork to prove everything that I had stated. I was given a number of someone who was supposed to help but once he recognized my number (**) he stopped answering and never got back to me once after two weeks of messages that I left him. Finally I went back to square one and went through the process of getting a live person again.

After much hassle I got **, the only man there who would answer his phone when I called. He said the check had been sent out and it would be there shortly. Two weeks later I began calling ** again and he said he would look into it. I asked to talk to a manager however he informed me that managers were not allowed to talk on the phone, even though I heard her insulting me in the background.

At this point they said they were sending out another check and I would have it within a week. Surprise surprise, no check. So yet again I called and ** started ducking my calls. I had been checking in and out with a lawyer at this time and told them if they did not send me my check I would be forced to take them to court.

This brings us to yesterday, February 22nd 2011. I finally received a call from ** at American Airlines 972 425 5240. He told me my claim had been rejected, no reason, just rejected. I asked him how they could lose my luggage and not be responsible, and he just answered "too bad." I told him at that point I would see him in court and he said "good luck going against American in court."

So now here I sit with none of my business clothes and since I worked for the airlines at 9 dollars an hour I can't replace all of my nice clothes I had from my previous job. The ironic part is that they take all lost luggage and sell it at a giant store and make tons of money off of it. I rounded down asking for $2500 and they will not even give me the time of day.

Well, I am off to take these guys to court in the next few days and it leaves me asking myself, "How is this legal?" They steal my stuff and sell it but will not take responsibility. And yes I worked for AA/AEagle and yes, and a lot of people do steal stuff so be careful.

American Airlines Cancels Flights & Does Not Care!
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In July of this year, our flight out of Detroit was slightly delayed due to a storm. We left a few minutes late, made some time up in air, and landed nearly on time. However, there was no gate available in Dallas and we had to wait on the plane for about 30 minutes. We were told no worries, our flights were being held.

When we arrived at the gate, there was a line of about 50 people and we were told by the attendant that our flight was told to leave early and there were no more flights out. Also that she was leaving soon for the day, and we had to go to another gate to get rebooked. We stood in line for over an hour. There was one attendant to take care of all these folks.

We finally got rebooked to reach our destination, but were told there were no overnight accommodations and we would have to sleep on a cot. On cots - really? With a senior and two small children? The next morning, they rebooked us twice because flights we were scheduled on weren't going to leave the ground due to mechanical issues.

At this point we had been in Dallas airport for over 16 hours with only their airport junk food to eat and no vouchers. I noticed a supervisor and was finally able to get my father to speak to her. Noticing the multiple attempts to get us to our destination were unsuccessful, she rebooked us on an oversold flight with priority booking.

We ran to the next gate. Only to have them board the entire flight and not hear our names called. At this point I was scared and in tears. It was looking like a second night in Dallas airport due to an airline with poor planes and poor customer care.

I later wrote AA about this experience and was told better luck next time. I wrote them again to express my feelings about their lack of customer care and was told, "We have received your most recent email and want to take this additional opportunity to apologize, once again, for your and your family's interrupted travel. I can understand your continued disappointment. After review and at the risk of disappointing you further, our position remains unchanged. I am sorry. Still, your comments enable us to understand things from our customers' perspective. It would be a privilege to welcome you aboard soon."

Of course, I have no intention of ever flying American Airlines again; neither do my family members, nor do our businesses! It's not about the delay. It's about the complete lack of customer care - both during the experience and after! American Airlines simply does not care about their Advantage or frequent flier customers or any other customer for that matter!

Flight 118 from LAX to JFK nightmare!!!
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P.O. BOX 619612 MD 2400 FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- American Airlines 118 from LAX to JFK. Flight 118 was supposed to land in JFK but instead this is what happened: We were unable to land as planned at 3:30PM and spent 2 additional hours in the air due to weather conditions. Finally we landed in Washington DC around 5:30PM and the plan was to refuel and head back to JFK. We spent additional 5:30 hours inside the plane as we were not allowed to leave the plane.

To top this inconvenience the crew ran out of food!!! I didn't have anything to eat for over 12 hours!!! And no one brought food to the plane nor were we allowed to get out and get some food for ourselves!!! There was a diabetic person on the flight and a small baby!!! I was feeling as I was about to faint! I was dizzy and weak!!! I really believe this is not only wrong but inhumane! To keep people inside of a plane and not provide them with the basic of the basics - Food!

Moreover - we were finally allowed to leave the plane at 11:00PM and entered the airport. Most of the stores were closed, so we had no option to purchase food!!! There was no AA representative to instruct us about our luggage or what to do for the night. I found myself with a group of people from our flight wondering around the airport helpless looking for my checked in suitcase. Finally, we found the suitcases on our own without AA help and waited for about 2 additional hours to receive our luggage.

After we obtained our personal belongings we found an AA single representative on the top floor and begged for instructions for the night. I was one of the single people on the flight who got a hotel voucher and that was due to my insistence yet I was rudely asked to share the room with a complete stranger!!! I didn't receive a cab voucher and had to pay both ways (Over $30USD).

I was told 3 different departure times for the next morning 10:00AM, 11:30AM and 2:00PM no one knew to tell me what time was my flight departing! I would like to add that no food vouchers were provided and due to the late arrival time everything was closed. I got to the hotel at 2:00AM after having less than 4 hours of sleep I called AA in the morning and was told that my flight is scheduled for 10:00AM after I got to the airport I found that my flight was delayed (again) and now departing at 11:30AM. We boarded the flight and spent an additional hour on the plane waiting to take off.

Needless to say the crew did not serve any food or drinks on that flight!!! We landed and I got to JFK at 3:00PM on Sunday March 14th. I inquired at the AA stand about me returning flight on Monday March 16th at 06:15AM (leaving in 15 hours form the time I landed!) and was told that most of the chances that the flight will be cancelled. I had to reschedule my flight to the following day.

American Airline Customer Service SUCKS!
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CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in your whole way of how American Airline deals with customers. EVERY incidents likes this will make you lose more customers. THIS IS LETTER that my sister wrote to the public and I'm forwarding it to you, AA airline.

On December 28th, I traveled from Dallas Forth Wort to Indianapolis. It was nice winter break I had until I found out that my baggage has been delayed. When I went to pick up my baggage at Indianapolis, I found out my bag was delayed so I immediately went to the baggage claim service. The guy nicely asked for the description of my bag and gave me the file locator number. I found out that they didn't give me the tag sticker when I checked my bag.

The guy said that it wasn't going to take more than 2 days and they usually ship my bag in 24 hrs. After 2 days I became impatient and call the 1800 535 5225. They said that since it is a holiday season, there are many bags that are lost and are waiting to be delivered so I said "OK fine, I will wait." After 5 days, they said that since the bag has been delayed more than 5 days the file goes to the Central Baggage Service Department at American Airlines. So it was now the different number 1800 866 4010.

They said that they were sending me Property Questionnaire to list baggage contents and other pertinent information. They said the mail was sent to my address that day so I had to wait until the letter was arrived. After 2 weeks, when the letter still didn't arrive, I found out that I could print the questionnaire form online by myself so I had to print it out by myself and fax them which means that now it's been almost 3 weeks since I haven't receive my bag. I have lost my patience.

I called several time this week again but all they are saying is that they received the questionnaire form and is still on process. When I wanted to talk to the supervisor, the woman who works over the phone said "we don't transfer the call to the supervisor." I asked why not and she just said "we don't transfer the call to the supervisor" again, as if I was dumb or something and when I asked her "Is this how you do your job?" She just says "Yes, did is how I do my JOB!"

I just hung up the phone... I just started my semester and I had to buy all new clothes again just for 2 weeks. My underwear, skincare and winter jacket were all in there. When I tried to call the customer service numbers, not only did I had to wait for long time, I also got treated as if it was my fault that baggage got delayed.

I am sick of calling and now I used up all of my minutes for my phone. I know my rights. My time, effort, everything is just a waste. Time is money and I know it cost more than what I lost. All I want was my bag to be arrived but now I am angry. This report might sound crazy but suppose that you are in my shoes.. You wouldn't just sit in your chair and wait for a bag forever.

I want to know what is my Rights? What should I do? I am helpless. Please I did some research and according to paragraph 3 of section II of Title IV of FAA code, "if your luggage is delayed for four days, you have the right to a full refund of the fare you paid for your flight as well as vouchers for 4 additional flights, plus full compensation for the lost luggage." HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY HER BACK?

Where to begin?
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Last October (2005), I decided to spend some of my hard-earned Frequent Flyer miles with American to travel to Dublin, Ireland. I convinced a friend of mine to come with me, and he bought a full price ticket to Dublin. I've been an AAdvantage member since 2001 and my friend has Gold member status. Both of us used American frequently for business and personal trips and were pretty happy with their service (despite the occasional delay or cancellation).

Our journey to Dublin began last week, Sunday, May 1, 2006. We were booked on a flight from Saint Louis to Chicago O'Hare, flight 1677, and were then booked from Chicago O'Hare to Dublin on flight 92. We were scheduled to leave STL at 4:59 PM and arrive at O'Hare at 6:16 PM. Our flight to Dublin was scheduled to leave O'Hare at 7:25 PM.

Due to some weather problems in the area, our flight out of STL was delayed a full hour to leave at 6 pm, but the gate attendant reassured us that we would still be able to make the flight to Dublin leaving from O'Hare at 7:25. En route to Chicago, my friend talked to another passenger who was also heading for Dublin, but he had already been rebooked to go through London and then on to Dublin because another AA agent in STL told him he wouldn't be able to make the connection to Dublin from O'Hare that night!

That turned out to be the case with us, as well. We arrived at O'Hare and went directly to the Dublin flight's gate, but even though we stood there and looked at the plane for a full 15 minutes before it departed the gate, the AA agent would not let us on. We were sent to the "Rebooking Center," which is just a telephone bank, to try to find an alternate flight. We managed to get ourselves onto a flight to London that would connect to an Aer Lingus flight from London to Dublin. We would get to Dublin six hours later than planned, but it was the best we could get without waiting a full day.

The AA gate agent who put us on the London flight was unresponsive to our questions about what would happen to our luggage, and sure enough, our luggage was not in Dublin when we arrived there the next afternoon. The people at Aer Lingus were extremely helpful; they found and delivered my friend's luggage the evening after we arrived and mine came the following evening.

A wonderful week in Ireland was followed by yet more American Airlines service flubs. We were scheduled on AA flight 93 out of Dublin on Monday, May 8th. My itinerary that came via email said that the flight was leaving from Dublin to go to O'Hare at 12:35 pm, so we arrived at the airport at 10 am. However, when we got to Dublin airport, we found that the time had been moved forward to 10:45 am and that the flight had been closed. After talking to a supervisor at some length about the situation, she escalated the problem to American's site manager at Dublin Airport, **.

** informed us that AA had sent an email update on 3/10/06 regarding the schedule change. I looked through my email and found no such update. Being a computer geek, I explained to her that sometimes email doesn't arrive as intended, or that there may be a bug in their delivery system. She remained unmoved and dispassionately told us she would do nothing for us, that we would have to wait until the flight out the next day, that AA would not pay for our hotel that night, and that those are the risks of booking online.

We gave her a resounding piece of our minds and explained that an email notification regarding a two hour move forward of an international flight was a very, VERY poor notion of customer service. Her answer was more or less, "Those are the breaks. Neither I nor American care."

Furious, we spent an extra night in Dublin and arrived early the next morning to catch the 10:45 am flight from Dublin to O'Hare (flight 93). Miss ** had printed out our tickets for us, but she put the wrong date (May 8 instead of May 9) on my friend's ticket, causing another minor delay. Otherwise flight 93 went pretty smoothly. We landed at the scheduled time (12:30 pm-ish) in Chicago.

Our flight to Saint Louis, flight 2067, wasn't scheduled to leave until 4 pm. Being well aware of the delays and cancellations that occur at O'Hare in the evenings, we asked an AA gate agent if it would be possible to get on standby for an earlier flight. She scornfully proclaimed that if we had already checked baggage for the later flight (which we had), the FAA would not allow them to put us on a different flight than our baggage. I suspected this was nonsense as I had gone standby on flights before, even when my baggage was checked for another flight, but I couldn't prove it to argue it, so I didn't.

Our 4 pm flight to STL was delayed, and we boarded around 4:30 pm. While boarding, people were told to not block the aisle so that people could get to their seats and the craft could leave on time. How a 4:00 scheduled departure leaving now at 4:52 could be considered "on time" was beyond me. We then sat on the plane while a "mechanical issue" was dealt with. Considering the rather disturbing buzzing sound coming from one of the craft's wings during flight, I'm not really sure that the mechanical issue was actually resolved. We finally left the runway at O'Hare at 6 pm and landed in STL at 6:45.

After waiting a few minutes for our luggage in baggage claim, we found that it had already arrived on the flight before us, despite the gate agent's claim that the FAA mandates that our baggage travel on the same flight with us. Needless to say, American Airlines will receive no more business from me, and I would advise other travelers to be wary in dealing with them. Despite their exorbitant ticket prices, they show no interest in serving their customers, and no matter how many times they screw up or waste your time, you will receive no compensation or, for that matter, compassion.

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