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American Express Is the Worst Credit Card!
Posted by Shaolay on 12/27/2013
MASSACHUSETTS -- American express has the worst credit card practices. They purposely do not send payment reminders so they can charge you late fees. I must have called in three times asking for payment reminders which they assured me they will send. They do send it for a few months then it disappears and you forget to pay the balance and they charge you a late fee. You call back and someone finds some glitch in system and this happens again and again but they keep charging late fees. I was getting charged 25 dollars for being late 2 days on a 80 dollar bill.

Bad customer service, deceptive business practice. Highly recommend everyone to stay away. Use Visa or Discover card which I've never had any problems with!

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Posted by saj80 on 2013-12-27:
Are you sure this is an issue with American Express and not the postal service? My mail delivery is a lot less reliable than it was previous to all the cutbacks and consolidations by the USPS. You could enroll in AmEx's online account access and pay your bill there
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-12-30:
In my experience, due dates on most credit cards are pretty much the same from month to month. Write the due date on your calendar or set it up to remind you through an online calendar app like google.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Pittman24 on 12/26/2013
ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I am 53 years old and run three successful businesses, should my customer service be that of AMEX I would be out of business.

The value of the card is just not there. It is the most expensive card to own that I have. They are supposed to credit me for incidentals when I fly United, I have not seen one credit! and I already know how long I will be put on hold to resolve this (it's not worth my time)

All companies are put to the test, not when things are going good but rather when things are going bad and how well they handle the problems presented to them, AMEX has failed terribly.

I was overseas on business trip and had to make an additional flight to another country and had to change my return flight back to the US booked through AMEX. Three dropped calls two hours later it seemed the return flight to the US was handled... they never got it booked! cost me over $1000 and hours of my time, they said sorry and gave me a $100 dollar in house credit.

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Rip Off Repair
Posted by Stepet1 on 10/26/2013
Brought my computer in to be repaired. They took 80 dollar deposit. Spoke to them 2 days after dropping off my computer. Told me I had to pick up the computer because the problem never occurred. They told me even though they never experienced the problem the drop off fee was 80 dollars and they would not return the money I gave them when I dropped off the computer.
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When I was automatically billed by Costco for a membership fee and called American Express to cancel, I was intimidated!
Posted by Alicejones565 on 10/02/2013
I have been a Costco Member since 1993 and until now have been very pleased with my American Express True Earnings Card. Recently, however, when I called American Express to cancel my membership, explaining that I no longer live near a Costco, (the nearest one is 40 miles from here) the representative told me that I was still responsible for paying the bill. I responded that since I never requested a membership renewal, I felt that I was not obligated to pay for it and that if I wanted to make purchases at Costco, I still had a Costco Gold Star Member Credit Card. Finally, he said that I could dispute the charge, but needed to call Costco at 1(800)7742678 and tell them that I wanted to cancel the membership, which further upset me. Reluctantly, I did call and after waiting over 11 minutes on my cell phone to speak to a real person, I was cut off and sent back to the initial recording to begin the process all over again!
Now REALLY annoyed, I called 1-888-246-1076 (customer care) once again, explaining what had just happened and was again met with yet ANOTHER arrogant and rude and very hostile representative!!!
WHAT is going on there that an excellent customer should be treated that way?

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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-10-03:
What's going on is just another example of how customer service has declined and what Costco really thinks of you as a customer.
Posted by CU on 2013-10-04:
I believe that the membership renews automatically unles syou request an opt out. How far into the new membership period were you?
Where did the intimidation come into play?
Posted by ok4now on 2013-10-04:
Why did you call AMEX to cancel your membership with Costco? You don't need a Costco C.C. to shop there, you only need a membership card. If Costco billed your renewal to AMEX you need to contact Costco and have them remove the charge.

Customer service has not declined at Costco. I have an executive membership and am very pleased with their service. Because I get 2% back on purchases my $110 renewal was free.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-04:
Feel the same way ok4now. It's really hard to find very much fault with Costco.

Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-04:
I agree with the others here - this is a Costco issue, if anything. If you gave Costco your card info, they may have put you on auto renewal. In any event, you will have to cancel through Costco. From AMEX's point of view, these are authorized transactions.
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Irresponsibility of American Airlines
Posted by Azeytun on 09/09/2013
This is a review about how the American Airlines is irresponsible. We recently travelled (August 10-14, 2013, Flight number 2445 from IAD to Dallas and Flight number 1537 from Dallas to Albuquerque) from Albuquerque to Dulles (IAD) Washington DC. Since all our family members are on travel, there was nobody at home. When we came to IAD to check in at 8:35 am, we were told that airplane had mechanical issue, thus they canceled the flight. They further emphases that mechanical issue of the airplanes is not under the responsibility of the American Airline. They further claimed and they talked with somebody in my home about the cancellation even there was nobody in my home. Then they said they rebooked our flight for next day in two different airports, half of my family would fly from Reagan and the rest in IAD. Even they put my 2.5 year old son different flight. We could not find a hotel to stay one more night and after waiting 7 hour in airport we were be able to find flight with Delta.

Sometimes a plane may have an issue, or overbooked, or cancel, but American Airline should grow up and take responsibility for the customers who pay for ticket, particularly for those families travelling with infants and children. American Airline should know that this is unacceptable, unfortunately they are not. Not only based our horrible experience, I can give ZERO star for their service, airplanes, comfort etc. based on my overall experience for last 13 years.
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Posted by Pete on 2013-09-09:
"...mechanical issue of the airplanes is not under the responsibility of the American Airline." They lied, of course mechanical problems are their responsibility. Weather is about the only thing they cannot control. They should have put you up in a hotel until their next flight. Complain to the corporate headquarters, be concise, complete, and factual in your LETTER, not an email, and send it registered mail. Good luck.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-09:
100% agree with Pete. There are federal regulations that compel airlines to provide compensation for delays and/or cancellations due to mechanical failures.

In fact you can read American Airlines own posting of the rules that applies in this case. Scroll down to Date 2/25/2011.

Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-09:
". They further emphases that mechanical issue of the airplanes is not under the responsibility of the American Airline. "

That's a load of BS, it's their plane. Pete is absolutely correct.
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You Call This First Class???
Posted by Arizighelboim on 08/15/2013
DALLAS, LOUISIANA -- I can say from experience that flying coach on LAN is more comfortable and satisfactory that flying first class on American Airlines. For instance, all LAN planes have individual screens across the plane. The shabby AA plane from Lima to Dallas didn't have individual screens in the first class cabin---it didn't even have an entertainment program! The seats barely reclined. Passengers didn't get a toiletry kit, and amenity some airlines provide to their coach passengers. All in all, as I said, any LAN plane provides more comfort in the main cabin than AA in first class.

As a citizen of the US born in Peru, I felt ashamed for my country of adoption, and offended for my country of birth.
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Posted by olie on 2013-08-15:
But American got you to your destination in one piece, right? That's the most important thing. Isn't it?
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-08-15:
Sounds like you got one of the older planes. My husband and I recently flew American from Chicago to Dallas to Hawaii. We got to upgrade to first class on the Chicago to Dallas leg and weren't terribly impressed by it. Truth be told it was only an itty bitty bit better than what coach would have been.
Then when we went through first class on the way to coach for the Dallas to Hawaii leg, we saw exactly you expected first class to be
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-15:
Clutzy is spot on, you have to look up the equipment the flight is using. If it's an older plane you will get the older features. If it's a new Airbus or Boeing plane you will get all the newer bells and whistles. I recently flew 1st Class roundtrip SNA to MSP on older Delta planes. Other than the meal provided in 1st and an old slightly larger leather seat I saw little difference than coach.

While Business Class on Air Canada to TLV was the outstanding, it was a newer Airbus set up for longer International flights. It's a crap shoot sometimes, you just have to research the equipment being used on a particular airline for routes being used. I have found plane seating charts help a great deal so you're not given some miserable seat right where the line forms for the heads etc.
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Hotel Cancelation Fee Entrapment
Posted by Doctipen on 08/14/2013
FORT WORTH, DELAWARE -- I booked a London vacation package (airfare and hotel) and a couple of hours later I realized it will take ~ more than 1 month to get a visiting Visa, so I canceled the booking. Luckily the flight was not ticketed yet so that was canceled without a problem. The hotel reservation however was a mess.

AA vacations told me I have to pay $100 each person ($200 for 2 people.) I even called the London hotel and they haven't even received the booking and told me to call AA vacations to avoid the charges. I called back "customer service" and the supervisor that night said I should have asked for the name of the London hotel contact that I spoke with over the phone. They haven't even gotten the booking yet so how could they have waived the fee? Couple of hours passed and they can't waive the $200! Rip off and entrapment came to mind during this ordeal. I will never book a package with them ever. Anybody reading this avoid booking with them so you don't get victimized. I usually book directly with hotel sites and they usually allow days advance cancelation without penalty. Horrible customer service and I'm definitely disappointed and infuriated. They should change this horrible policy of theirs. I told my friends about this and they agree it was unfair.
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Refunds And Customer Service
Posted by RICFELIU1 on 07/27/2013
ONLINE, COLORADO -- The customer service of American Airlines is terrible, but the service in Spanish is a nightmare for the Hispanic customers who needs or wants to communicate in their language.

Usually the agents are rude, rude and give false or distorted information, believing that the customer is not able to speak English.

Two years ago we paid a companion for my son who speaks very little Spanish on a vacation trip to Spain, in the Barajas airport, Madrid they left him alone and the boy was lost, but we finally found him after be scared to death.

We reported this incident and they sent us a letter of apology and a voucher for $ 400 dollars for be use in the purchase of another ticket.

When I went to use it, the agent in Spanish refused to give me his name, refused to give me information of which was the nearest office to use the voucher and we asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that there were none and left me waiting in line . We decided to use another company to buy the tickets for our vacation.

This year, we made the mistake of buying 4 tickets to the destination to which we would go on vacation, unfortunately one of the group members (a minor) get sick; we send all the medical documentation to the company ; this ticket was not refundable..

To my surprise the Spanish agent who served me (Mary [snip]) with a very aggressive attitude informed me that they returned the ticket money only if the passenger died, something that is incredible IN ALL OTHERS AIRLINES, illness, hospitalization, etc. are considered when medical documentation is submitted. By insisting she change the version and said that maybe we were given a voucher valid for one year, I asked for a supervisor and she left me waiting for over 20 minutes, of course I could not talk to the supervisor.

The Department of "refund" does not have a phone that the client can communicate, by email you get no answer, either by letter, customer service does not give information in Spanish or in English and the fax number in the Website not work.

Conclusion if you can travel by another airline DO IT, American Airlines is NOT a professional company, is a disaster.

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Posted by yuvi on 2013-08-05:
American airlines is so terrible, I reached the airport 45 min to flight departure, and the agent at the counter did not allow me to check in because was late for 5 min, and they cancelled my flight and they are not refunding money..
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AA Agent at Baggage Checked Yelled at Me About Cutting in Line.
Posted by Kcw515 on 07/24/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I was trying to check my bag in Las Vegas on 7/22/13 and the blonde ticket agent tells me that my bag cannot be ticketed because of the short layover in Dallas.

I was told by the blonde agent to "move" to an unmanned line and wait for the supervisor; she pointed to the spot I should move to wait. I moved to the unmanned spot and three times the AA agent next to this line (different woman) yelled at me that I had cut in line. (Ummmm, there was nobody waiting in this line and I was doing what I was told by the blonde agent.)

Supervisor Alonzo arrives and he also yells at me about "cutting in line." I explained (again) that I had been told by blonde agent to move to this line because of the baggage ticketing problem.

American: The majority of your baggage and ticketing agents at the desks in the airports are rude, abusive and mean. What training are you giving them to teach them how to be rude and verbally abusive?
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Posted by Pboris on 07/18/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- To whom it may concern, 7-16-2013

The worst experience I have ever had.. never again will I travel thru DFW or on an AA flight again.
I would like to start off by saying the security was the best thing about DFW Int. airport.
Kudos to them for there courteousness, and there friendly attitude.

I would like to ask you a question...
Have you ever been through a bad experience and felt good about it in the end because of the way you where treated?
I have and it's amazing how people who care, can really take a negative, and turn it into a positive. It wasn't the circumstances that was so upsetting to my wife and I, it was the arrogance and the disrespect we had
received from the American Airlines representatives. From not taking responsibility for there own actions, to the fact that we where asked to come out of pocket for transportation and lodging expense after we arrived late from PHX, and missed our connecting flight to Tampa because there ground crew was late by an hour to man the flight. When we landed we watched our connecting flight roll away from gate c-19 as we arrived at gate c-12. ( They told us they could hold that plane when we left PHX) Also note there where 8-10 of us on that PHX flight that missed the connection flight 890 that departed at 6:45..

So they put us on stand by for flight 1072, it was the first flight to Tampa Departing 8:40 p.m. We walked DFW one end to another from gate c-28, to a-39 back to gate c-11 for our opportunity to get to our destination.

Here's the trouble The plane had open seats on it and they would not book us on it because they said it was weather related... NOT TRUE!!!
You people can wait, we will make you fly stand by again if the plain sells out... Now keep in mind we where not late due to weather we where late due to there inability to staff there plane with a crew .. So we couldn't get on that flight (1072). Now listen to this customer service..
The man at gate C-11 starts issuing stand by for the 7:30 a.m. flights... STAND BY AGAIN WHEN AGAIN WE LOOKED AND SAW THE PLANE WAS NOT BOOKED.
So I confronted the man and asked him why would he not book our flights and give us a seat assignment when we where the priority for open seats, why make us fly stand by again?
As he saw the angry people around him bumped from now 2 flights.. He took back the stand by tickets issued and book our ticket and gave us a seat assignment..

Ok fine now lets get to the lodging..
We where told that we would get a cot for the night.. Again not acceptable..
Are you charging me for a ticket I book and don’t show up to use?? YES.
so I am paying not only for a rental car tonight and lodging in Tampa but I am told we won't comp you anything..
Again we are not here due to weather this is your mistake. He issues a voucher for a room, and $25 meal voucher to econolodge in Arlington..
it was 20 minutes away, had no restaurant to redeem the food voucher and we where told we would be required to pay 47.00
for the room plus a shuttle fee of 40 roughly to get back in the a.m.
So we come back to the airport and demand a supervisor.. There are 2 hotels on the airport property, why would you send us 20 minutes away??
And why would we pay anything??? The response given,
“I am sorry but we can't give distressed vouchers to the those properties” . So we asked why would we get taken 20 MINUTES FROM HERE?
As we understand there are about 30-40 hotels in the area within 5 minutes...
So we called the Hyatt.. They confirmed that they do work with American Airlines and they needed a phone call to authorize the voucher..

All I can say is if you work for this company I am sorry you don’t have any real choices as to being employed by a reputable company who puts quality and service ahead of the $$$$$ machine.. As to the multiple AA employees I spoke with I was told this was the worst on time airport with the worst customer service, they have visited as if they where ashamed themselves to be in DFW.. Now I know as a business man when your employees speak of there company with disrespect, embarrassment and contempt there is an obvious leader issue.
People should speak up and you should listen..


To Dallas You will never see one dime of my money ever again.. This reflects on my perception of what your city is like.

To the Heads of AA you can look in the mirror and point the finger at the reflection you see.. As in any organization Leader ship,
and lack there of is reflected in the attitudes and the demeanor of its staff. If this is your base, your hub, your home, I would think if your going to see class, service and quality it would be here.. UNFORTUNATELY IT WAS NOT.

Make your Billions and be happy, Rape, pillage, and look at yourself and smile, cause that’s all you got to show for it..
Sleep well, I know I won't here on a cot, listening to construction workers in DFW...

Phoenix Az.
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Posted by olie on 2013-07-20:
This very well could have been weather-related. Remember, there's weather at your destination and everywhere in between.

Mr.olie and Teen.olie traveled from Milwaukee to Baltimore a couple years ago. Our weather in Wisconsin was beautiful, but the East Coast was barraged with severe storms, in systems that weren't moving. They lucked out and were able to avoid spending the night in the airport
Posted by emily schwellenbach on 2013-07-27:
This airline cares nothing about its cutomers, safety or its reputation. So why be in business. Went through similar thiong but they held my luggage hostage and had to stay in a dirty outfit. They gave me a 200$ voucher which I deleted cause if I want to DIE, then I will fly American,
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