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Blatantly Unfair
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I was in an auto accident where the other party was speeding past a red light at an intersection, and hit my car as I started to drive forward on a green light. The other driver was ticketed. She ran a red light and also left the scene of the accident. I did nothing wrong. I simply moved forward when the light turned green. An eyewitness behind me corroborated my story.
It turns out that the other driver's insurance company, American Family Mutual, decided to pay only 90% of the cost to repair the damage to my car. The cost was less than my deductible, so I had to pay. They claim that the eyewitness saw the car coming, but I did not. Therefore, according to American Family, I'm also negligent. My response: I could not see to my left because of intense sun glare. I had to move forward because the light turned green. How ridiculous!!

I did nothing wrong, while the other driver was speeding, ran a red light and left the scene of the accident. Yet, according to American Family I'm negligent??? Why should have to pay? American Family Mutual has made a blatantly unfair and unjustified decision!!

I Got "Screwed" Big Time by American Family Insurance Group
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I Got “SCREWED” Big Time by American Family Insurance Group

I was stopped and my car was rear ended and totaled with me in it. American Family Insurance Group won’t replace my car. Not only was I injured but I’m limping around without a car. I still have the obligation of 19 lease payments. American Family Insurance Group only offered me the wholesale market value of my car. My car only had 29,000 miles and was in perfect condition. The amount they offered doesn’t cover the balance due on lease. All I get is a lot of “double-talk”.

I just wanted my car repaired or replaced with a comparable car.

One minute I’m sitting in my car and the next thing I know; I’m injured and have no car.

I can’t begin to express the stress and how helpless I feel.

American Family Doesn't Pay Claims
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Short version: We were insured by American Family when my wife was hit by another AmFam customer. The other driver was clearly at fault and the police on the scene acknowledged that.

After three years of fighting to get them to pay for the medical bills accrued through the permanent disability caused by their client we ended up settling just short of a jury trial.

Their attorney says this to us:
"I am sorry for your pain and I don't doubt it is real, but since your accident happened in Johnson County, Kansas we know a jury will not be likely to award much. In addition we are going to tell them that your pain is not real because you refuse to take the narcotics prescribed by the emergency room and our own doctor says there is nothing wrong with you. We will also tell them that you sought treatment that was not necessary"

Fact: My wife suffers from damage to her spine
Fact: Digital imaging x-rays show the damage
Fact: AmFam approved every treatment before we got it and then backed out of paying
Fact: I paid into AmFam for 15 years on two cars and homeowners and renters insurance
Fact: Our AmFam agent did NOTHING for us except give us an 800 number to call.
Fact: AmFam saw an opportunity to get one over on their customers and took advantage of them.

There is a reason that this company is advertising so hard to make people believe they pay their claims. If people knew how they really treated their customers, nobody would have them.

Don' think they will be there for you when you need them.

Cannot settle a claim
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On September 10, 2009 an insured of American Family left a stop sign and hit our vehicle, totaling it. Police were called, and following the investigation, the other driver was cited for careless driving. It was two weeks before we were contacted by American Family and finally after several calls they determined that we were 25% responsible. Their driver did not look left and admitted so to myself and the police officer. Yet American Family will not accept responsibility. After two months and still no settlement, they are still unwilling to pay the claim. I have contacted the State Department of Insurance and have filed a complaint with them. I have heard disparaging terms in the past in regard to American Family and now I fully understand as they are truly as bad as I have heard. They make their money by not paying claims fairly and as they are due.

Thought they worked for ME!?!?!
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INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I was in a wreck that totaled my car and I am "insured" by AmFam (full coverage). They are trying to tell me that my car-even before the wreck-wasn't worth blue book value and that because all four of my tires don't match (the name brand) they have to deduct from my payoff.What a crock of malarkey! I want to see where in the policy it states that if all four tires aren't the same name brand, they can deduct money from my payoff!!!! It's not a brand new car but it was in great shape until this happened. I only owe a bit over $2,000 on my car and they want to give me $1800 and then take away my $500 deductible, leaving me owing about 3 or 4 payments. The first visit, the adjuster said he'd give me $1,900 but now he's lowering the amount after a week. Am I being punished for making it hard for the adjuster? Or is it because I'm a single woman and they see me as an easy target? Whatever the reasoning behind it is, I feel like I'm being scr*wed ROYALLY and plan on taking my business elsewhere when all is FINALLY said and done. What's an extra $200 or $300 to a multi billion dollar industry?!?!

I call the adjuster and he doesn't answer and when I finally get a hold of him, he changes my payoff then when I call him back to tell him NO WAY, he won't answer again. When he calls me back, it's 5 minutes till time for him to clock out at 4pm and I'm not at my desk at the time. I start the next day by repeating the same song and dance. I even said if they can come within 600 of my payoff AFTER the deductible, I'd accept it.

Wish I wouldn't have done that now. I'm rattled enough after the wreck, I'm scared to ride in a car and nervous about getting behind the wheel again. It's been over two weeks and I'm scared. Now I'm afraid to turn over my medical claims to them!!!!!!

Insurance company washes hands of their dirty work to consumer
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COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- For the first time in my life a bill was sent to a collection agency. It is a long story, but suffice it to say that 12 months went by from the time treatment was complete to the time a bill was sent to me by the medical clinic. I asked for details about this unexpected charge, twice on the phone and once in writing, and had response from them. Bottom line is that they refused to provide the paper to prove the disputed charges.

When it was sent to collection, a full year+ after the treatment, the American Family Insurance Company immediately sent me a letter saying they were no longer offering me a rate reduction because of this "disputed" bill.

Little do they know, and even littler did they care, that the bill was paid in full once the documents I requested were provided to me. Who in this world would just pay someone without a explanation of what the charges were? Particularly when there was a full year lapse between end of treatment and the medical clinic "transferring charges to patient"....and without the patient "ME" knowledge!

I have been a paying customer to American Family Insurance for years, both home and auto. That they choose to treat me, their long-standing customer in such a disrespectful manner is worth my time to convey their unsavory action to you. Whatever happened to a courtesy phone call to ask before jumping to conculsion and sending a valued customer such a letter?
In this mad world of ours, consumers take it everyday with little to no recourse as big banking, insurance and credit companies steam roller over our rights and good standing as working, contributing citizens in this country.

I'm fed up.
Seek Justice

Refusing to pay claim
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AmerFam cust ran into the right rear tire and quarterpanel-she ran a stop sign, called my agent that night and left a message-didn't hear from them. Called the following day & was told to call 800 #, before I could hang up the phone to do so, she tried to sell me more insurance?? Stated that if I hit a Lexus valued at 60k I would owe, stated I didn't care-I need to file a claim that was not my fault.After all said and done they will only pay me 1/2? Have paid them for 15 yrs on home and 4 cars-never made a claim -but the other AmerFam member lied so 50/50
Please drop them-they take your money and provide nothing. I will go to court --this is wrong, even the estimaters for AMerican fam could tell it was not my fault when they looked at my car which by the way I had to take off work to go to as they do not come to you. I think this is because my car is paid for--they would not do this if the bank had the title--they would fix it.

Ignored for mini tort
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On 11/23/09 a cell phone impaired driver turned left from the right lane of a one way street into my vehicle.
As of 2/8/10 American Family Mutual Insurance Co. in Arizona has ignored several calls by me to satisfy a $500.00 Michigan mini tort obligation. Leaving few recourses but to sue their client in Small Claims Court for the full damages of $1700.00

Not Really The Customer First For Them
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KEOKUK, IOWA -- After many years (10+) of insurance with them with no claims, and 20 years plus our grandparents before us, we have had nothing but grief with the Keokuk Ia. They said we had to put on new roof, we did. They said we had to reside the garage. We did. A year goes by. Then they said we had to reside the house - in the middle of winter deep freeze. We said first thing come spring - the contractors protected it with plywood and plastic where it had blown off. They said nope had to be now . So we did. Then we received notice that we needed to replace the roof and garage siding. The local agent took pictures, never sent them to corporate in over a year. Local agent gave poor service. We tell them so. Then we receive notice that we are canceled because we didn't fix the front siding on the house, but we did, a month prior just like they asked. You know what, I'm just tired of having to fight to pay them my easy premiums every month - poor service, poor agent.

Don't bother with these guys. I can only imagine the run around with a claim would be. Now they have messed up switching the house insurance to a commercial one . I give, I'm finding better insurance elsewhere. Does it ever end with them ?

American Insurance is very very slow!
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WEST LAFAYETTE, INDIANA -- I have never seen or heard this much slow insurance company. State Farm, All State, Progressive, 21st and so on... All of them have reasonable process speed.
A nightmare with AmFam!

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