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Delivered damaged, don't return calls
Posted by Scotsgirl1 on 05/06/2010
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- On March 12, 2010, I purchased a Sofa and Love seat at the store located at 1075 Cobb Parkway South, Marietta, GA. The delivery was for 2pm that same day. When the delivery people brought the sofa in, I told them it was not the set I ordered, they insisted it was. After completely setting up the sofa/love seat set, they went to leave, but came back 5 minutes later to tell me they delivered the wrong set. No Kidding! They then brought in the correct sofa/love seat I ordered and set it up. At first sight it looked fine. Within 5 minutes after they left I found a tear in the arm of the sofa that could only have been made while coming in the front door of my apartment...it even had the white paint on it. I called the store immediately and told them I wanted the sofa replaced or a refund immediately. They told me it would take them 30 days to get a replacement sofa and deliver it to me. I agreed. It is now May 6, 2010, and I have called them 3 more times. No one will return my calls, and I still have paid full price for a damaged sofa. I wish I would have checked for reviews on the bad business practices of this company!!!!
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This is a very unprofessional place
Posted by Elbond90 on 04/21/2011
8920 CORPORATION DR, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I recently purchased a sectional from American freight and yet to get a phone call to tell me my couch is ready to be picked up. I was told that my sectional will be ready for pick up in two to three weeks and states that on my receipt. So when my three weeks was up I called and they gave me the run around. Eric the store manager I talked to him yesterday and he's like somehow your sectional got put on back order. I'm like I have a family event Thursday so are we supposed to sit on the floor. He got smart with me and says you being on the phone is not helping me at all if you get off the phone I can make some phone calls to make things happen. I told him I gave you a month to make things happen. So I was supposed to get a phone call last night stating the status of my couch and never received it. To me that receipt saying two to three weeks is a contract even through it says no refunds you broke a contract a written statement and I believe I should be able to get my money back even if it was a day late. I am still waiting a month and some days later on a sectional.

I advise people to stay far away from that place they are unprofessional and do not put their customers first I hope they go out of business because that is crazy.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-04-22:
American Freight Furniture has numerous complaints on this website and others.
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Do Not Waste Your Time And Money
Posted by Carrie_2124 on 04/05/2011
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- This is by far the worst store I have ever been too. They do not have same day delivery.....your lucky to get your item delivered at all. It took them 2 days and 20 calls to get mine delivered and then they ripped it during delivery. Then after a dozen calls and 2 delivery days I still have yet to get it. I asked for a refund but they said once an item is in your home they can't give a refund. I called corporate and they lady is very short and just wants to get you off the phone. No help there either.

If my sectional is not delivered by tomorrow as they said then I will be calling my lawyer because I am sick of the run around. They need to be shut down
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-05:
I've never heard of "same day" furniture delivery, and I am not sure that is done. Furniture is one of those things that is often frustrating to buy and get in the home. Damage during delivery is too common, and they pull out the "touch up" kit when you aren't looking. Guess yours was more serious.

I hope you get it soon. If you really want to cancel, *maybe* you could if it was bought with a CC. But gosh, it seems like it has only been a week or less. I don't know if legally you have much of a complaint at this point. Good luck.
Posted by carrie_2124 on 2011-04-07:
God I wish it has only been a week but it has been almost a month
Posted by Same issue on 2012-08-02:
I am waiting for them to replace the damaged price of a sectional they delivered and getting the run around. They make every excuse to not come on the phone. I called to return it now and even mailed my complaint but after reading reviews I just want my money back. It's been 6 days since I paid for it and 3 since it was delivered.
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I Knew More Than the Seller
Posted by Jreview2510 on 03/27/2014
WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS -- First the wrong mattress was ordered, the sales associate didn't even ask me which I wanted, then she couldn't explain to me why if I didn't buy their $80 dollar stain protector for the mattress, that it would void the 10 year warranty. I had to explain it to her! - After it was figured out. AVOID. After reading how poorly their couches are made, it made sense, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Also explains that there wasn't a soul in site other than us in the entire store or parking lot. lol

Pay the extra couple $100 dollars and get something that will last, and deal with people that know what they are selling.
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American Freight is a scam
Posted by Novrain420 on 02/12/2014
Not no where near what is pictured.
Not no where near what is pictured.
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- First off this company has a lot of issues. I called them and asked how much delivery charges are and they wouldn't tell me, they said its reasonable come in we will treat you right, also asked if they still had the living room package deal, he said yes and we have several to choose from. So I go there, couldn't find the place, so I called them and the lady that answered didn't even know where she was. So I find the place and asked about the package deal they had advertised, the sales guy said they only had 1 to choose from and it did not look no where near the advertisement. It did state on website that Items shown may not be included in group package. Ok so you assume maybe a different color couch, table or lamp, but this couch was so small not even close to what was shown, very misleading. Came home empty handed later in the day I decided that id go ahead and get the package so I called back and asked if I came in today to pay for it will I get it that day? The lady said YES but you need to get in here ASAP if I wanted it today, cause there delivery is starting to fill up for the day. So I go back, I was also wanting a mattress, so I asked the sales guy where they where and he showed me, I wanted to laugh, the mattress was only maybe 1 inch thick, more like a padding, way far from a mattress. So I said never mind Ill just take the package deal, then he said it would take 6 days to arrive to there warehouse after being told id get it today. Glad I didn't give them a dime after reading complaints all over the web about them. I wasted 2 hours of driving and my time cause of this. Most of there items are out of stock, I think there whole warehouse here in indy is just models. They try to get you in there and then scam you. Top it all off there sales people are very rude.
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Rip Off On Lay-A-Way.
Posted by Sissy_simmons on 11/25/2013
MOBILE, ALABAMA -- Put a couch on lay-a-way, when we went to pick it up they had sold the couch, and could not get another one. They did not have anything else I like, so I asked for a refund. They side they do not give refunds I would have to pick out something else. I called the main office, they were rude and told me I should have read the fine print, they don't have to hold you lay-a-way, and they don't give refunds. Every time someone talks about American Freight, I tell them to run as fast as you can. Rip offs!!!
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Scam Artist
Posted by Bigcash8515 on 03/21/2013
Horrible service, had a problem with my purchase and dealt with Sarah (the manager) she was useless! I would not recommend doing business here!!!
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Poor service.
Posted by Curt96 on 10/11/2012
CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- Went in to buy a bed from this location. The sales guy said the size bed I wanted would be in in a couple days. Two days later I called and they informed me it would be in on a certain date. The date came and I called they said yes it will be here around noon on truck. We all know where this is going.... The bed was not there when I went to pick it up, and was informed again it would be 7-10 days more. The communication between the store and warehouse needs to improve. I will not buy anything here with the fear of them saying it will be in on.......... Bad customer service American Freight!!!
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VERY poor customer service
Posted by Imabuxfan on 06/04/2011
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- We selected some merchandise on May 18, 2011 from the W. Broad St. location. We explained that we would not need delivery until the end of June, but we could pay for the merchandise that day. We were told that 1 of the living room sets would arrive at the store in about 2 weeks and the other set was at the Hilliard location. I then decided to not pay the entire balance just in case the merchandise didn't arrive in time. We have dealt with other furniture stores in the past and this process is very common as long as the merchandise is paid in full before delivery. May 31, 2011 we went back into the store and had decided to cancel the order. We were told it had been 13 days and no refunds are issued after 10 days....store credit only. We talked to 2 people at the corporate office and still no refund. Stay away from this company!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-05:
Was there anything in writing that stated the policy? If there was, it'll be difficult to get them to budge. Check http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov (click on 'consumer') just to be sure they can do this.
Posted by AWade on 2011-06-09:
My advise....shop your local Mom and Pop Furniture stores. They care about you and the community - cause they live there also. Mr Belford has tied the hands of the staff....it's not at their control to control their inventory levels or their orders. Your have been lied to to cover up things not in their control.
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The worse business ever
Posted by Fsmiley on 07/29/2010
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Over a year ago during the process of us building a house we put furniture on layaway. Never thought that I was going to deal with this mess. After paying off my furniture we set up a delivery date for everything to be delivered. On the day of delivery I just happen to call to make sure everything was a go and come to find out that they never put the correct address on the sheet for the delivery guy. Thank goodness my husband was home he had to help them bring everything in because there was only one guy. why you would do delivery with one guy is beyond me. We paid $70 for the delivery should have been less since we moved everything in the house. Once everything was in and set up we were pretty pleased. We purchased a sofa and love seat, bed, and a dinning room table. After about a month I noticed the dinning room table begging to peal on top. Notified the company, said there was nothing they could do. Call back again and started to deal with Jesse he seemed to be OK. He Said would call me back after he call the manufacture to see what could be done. Weeks went by no phone call. Called back he explains that I need to get the same furniture that I had needed to do an even exchange. Told him there is no way that I am going to have the same furniture I want something different. He agrees to exchange for something else. Go in and pick something else out. mean time I am noticing the sign that says all returns are done by company check. When I asked about this he tells me that they do not do returns. I start to figure this is on big mess. We pick out what we want Jesse tells us that he will call in a couple days to set up delivery. a week and half later still no call. Call speak with one of the guys there, they have no clue what I am speaking about, Jesse is off and someone will call me back the next day. Finally get the delivery set up, today they are suppose to be here between 12-4. Just felt like something was not correct. So I called to see what was going on and no one had no idea about the delivery. Jesse never scheduled it. Figure that, so they have to call Jesse to find out what is going on. Now delivery is between 3-6 and I have to pay another $50 for delivery to get new stuff and for them to take what I have. This company is the worse that I have ever dealt with, Jesse just agrees with you and never does what he says. I would watch out for this place. Cheap furniture but an expensive price.. That same day delivery does nto apply with this company...
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Posted by Alain on 2010-07-30:
Doesn't sound like a company I'd like to use. Thanks!
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