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Don't do business with AMERICAN HOME SHIELD
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CARROLL, IOWA -- I took out a home warranty with American Home Shield when I purchased my home in 2002. I paid every year as the price went up and up for the sole purpose of having a warranty on my air conditioning heat pump since our house was 20 yrs old. When the heat pump finally went out after 27 years I needed a replacement. The unit they wanted to send me was the cheapest and lowest quality unit they could find. My unit was a top of the line unit in its time which was 1982 and cost 3000 dollars then. The cost of the unit they wanted to replace mine with was 1000 dollars! This is a total rip off. I got 4 quotes on comparable models to mine ranging from 5700 to 4925. AMS told me if I didn't accept the unit they were replacing mine with they would give me a cash out of 2031 dollars which the technician that was replacing it was charging 995 dollars to install it. I informed them that I hope they could sleep good at night ripping people off this way.

My advice to everyone is to not do business with these people because you'll be giving them your money for junk in return.
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NanS123 on 11/03/2009:
Believe me, I feel your pain. I have battled with my home warranty company (Total Protect) for a month to get heat back in my home. I think all of these so-called home warranty type companies are nothing but a big rip off and a huge waste of money.
moneybags on 11/03/2009:
With AHS, call and demand to speak to a supervisor. You may have to tell the story 2-3 times. When you get a supervisor, exp;ain the situation once again and remind them that they have a "Contractural Obligation" to replace with a similar unit. I was able to get an extension # and e-mail address. I kept on with twice daily calls and got satisfaction. And be sure you get names of every person you talk to. (I'm a realtor and my company endorses AHS. I threatened to never sell another AHS policy -- maybe that helped, too.)
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Extended Work Order/Cancelled Policy
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Until recently, I was very satisfied with the services rendered through American Home Shield. However, when I put in a request for a work order to check my hot water heater, the amount of time it took for a company to contact me and address the order extended from April 28 to June 3(which is date that my policy was cancelled.) When the company came to the house, they quoted an overcharged price to install the hot water heater and change the hoses given the fact that American Home Shield offered to pay for the hot water heater. After going to Lowes and speaking to one of their knowledgeable staff, he showed me how easy it was to install the hot water heater and hoses without having to change any of my hardware. I realized that the cost for the company to install the water heater was definitely over priced. As a result, I purchased and installed the water heater myself. After consulting with one of the representative with American Home Shield, he assured me that they would reimburse me for purchasing the hot water heater. To this date, I have not received any reimbursement. This is not my only complaint but rather another complaint concerning the companies that American Home Shield authorize contracts with to assist their customers. Some of these companies are very unprofessional. For instance, a worker from a company came to my house to fix my air conditioning unit. As a result, the worker did not fix the air conditioning unit but rather caused more damage to my air conditioning unit. Resulting in requesting other work orders to fix the problem. In conclusion to these problems, American Home Shield dropped my insurance policy refusing to renew it. It's amazing how some insurance companies can decipher which policies they will renew and while others they can drop with no warning or prior notificaton of a cancellation date.
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Cancel Policy
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Rating: 1/51
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I have been attempting for 2 weeks to cancel my policy. I was put on hold for more than an hour and had to hang up I have given my name and number with the promise of a return call in 24 hours (that's a joke) with no response.
I would never never recommend AHS to anyone.
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Still Waiting...
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Called in my broken washer complaint August 1. today is Sept 6. Still not fixed. I am put off constantly by unfriendly less than helpful secretaries. while I pay close to $400. a year for the service. with a $100 deductible.

I could by a new washer for that & have it delivered within the week. I'm looking for a new company.
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Alain on 09/07/2011:
I am not a fan of pre-paid maintenance/home appliance insurance companies since, as your review and others (on this site and elsewhere), point out that they seem to spend more time denying claims and procrastinating on making service calls than they do actually fixing a customers problem. Our appraoch is to have a home repair account (in our case checking account at local bank) that we use solely in the event of a home repair or appliance problem. We know something in the house will break or need replacement eventually, so we plan ahead so that we can choose our own contractors or buy a new appliance if necessary without putting up with a third party contractor whose goal is to save themselves money (and make maximum profit) and not to help their customers.
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Kurizumaru on 01/18/2011:
Some details might be helpful here. Also, using all caps makes your review hard to read.
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American Home Shields SUCKS!!!
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You were reading a complaint about American Home Shields.

Filing a new complaint about
3 weeks and still no ac. First company they sent informed the AC was in perfect working condition and my house was 85 degrees. Then they sent me a quote for a new AC (not sure why if mine was in perfect working condition according to their report) for $10,000 for an AC and Furnace. The same equipment can be acquired for 4k or less with any other local company or online.

IT took me a day and a half and HOURS on hold to have them sending another company to check my AC. It was really hard for them to understand why I didn't want the same company.

After new company goes to my house and detects the problems no one calls, we have to be calling and following up and pressuring for them to get things done. ***!!! AMERICAN HOME SHIELDS NEVER AGAIN!!!

If you want to get stressed and upset that's what you need. If you want a company that doesn't care for their customers, that's the one!!
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Lack of Communication, Failure to Follow-up in a Timely Manner, Denial of Claim
Posted by on
This is a rip-off warranty. Upon a problem, they will not follow-up with communication, they will keep you on hold, and they will find any excuse to dismiss and deny your claim.

I have been waiting since May 24, 2010 to resolve an emergency air conditioning situation. The service company failed to submit the assessment of the problem (over seventeen days) and Home Shield stated that they could not address my problem until the service company submitted the paperwork. They also suggested that I go in person to the company to see if they would fax in the assessment. Being that the weather was 95 degree Home Shied suggested that I go purchase fans and they would reimburse me (up to $100) for a home that has over 2,900 sq. ft

This was followed by ten more days of waiting for Home Shield to contact me regarding the decision (Yes, I called them everyday and talked with the supervisor). Only to call (day 29) and was told the claim has been denied
because that the technician stated it was installed improperly even though I had the city building code inspector to come out to verify that it did meet code.

This company will not communicate and will find any excuse to deny a claim.
As another person stated who filed a complaint against this same company if I had saved the monthly cost for the warranty for the ten years I have had this warranty, I would have saved up the $9,000 not to mention the interest.

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American Home Shield is NOT a good company
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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I have an American Home Shield warranty for my home. If you are considering this company, you may want to choose another one. I have had to use their services twice and have not been satisfied.

Repair 1 - American Home Shield sent a company that did not fix the problem, replaced a part that did not need to be replaced, and installed that unnecessary part incorrectly. I know this because my neighbor is an electrical engineer who was appalled at their service. I shared this with American Home Shield who would not send out a different company.

Repair 2 - AHS sent out a company who could not come for 1 and 1/2 weeks. When the company arrived, they took a 30 second look at the appliance, said they needed to collect their $55 fee, and would send someone out with parts in 2 more weeks. The person arrived 2 weeks later, and did not complete the repair. When I called AHS to ask them so send someone else or a new company, they put me on hold for 1 hour, refused to let me talk to a supervisor, and lied and transferred me to a supervisor who was really not a supervisor.

Their customer service is appalling, and they don't send competent repair people. Consider a different company if you don't want to wait on hold for an hour, have the representative lie to you, and wait to have your repairs completed in 2 weeks to one month.
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This company hires crooks to avoid paying its customers by misconstruing reports from vendors
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- American Home Shield provides poor service by A. L. written to American Home Shield

I got this insurance on home appliances, plumbing, wiring, etc. so I would not have an unexpected bill. I ended up with a large unexpected bill that they won't pay.

The company finds many ways to avoid paying for anything. For instance, they claim they won't pay for lots of things, like sink pop ups, ice makers etc.

Further, they do not respond to emergencies. I had a flood and they couldn't find anyone to fix the problem, although the ONLY company they had on the weekend didn't feel like coming. When I finally hired my own companies to fix the leak, they refused to honor their own authorization, lied about what the service provider said, and refused to pay the company that fixed the link. They do not cover damages such as ruined carpet and walls.

While they do sometimes fix things after a few days, they will not pay for any collateral damage, such as the ruined carpeting from the flood they wouldn't fix, or the lost food after three days of no refrigeration.

The biggest problem is that they are so aggravating to deal with that it makes you want to pull out your hair. What little they do do May not be worth the cost of the stress and they constant calling, or the aggravation of getting through their phone tree on the many follow up calls.

1. Get rid of their voice recognition system and hire someone to answer the phone. Their time is worth less than mine. It takes too long to get help.

2. When you ask for services, state all that you require instead of just writing down one. Tell you upfront what they will not cover.

3. Respond more quickly. It shouldn't take three or more days, or in my case three weeks, to fix a refrigerator.

4. Take emergencies seriously.

5. Treat their vendors better. Most companies do not want to deal with them.

6. Realize their customers are their business.

7. When they do not get a job done, pay the fees immediately to vendors you have to call yourself.
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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 08/01/2007:
I don't see in the posting anywhere that mentions the part about them hiring crooks to avoid paying you. Please delve deeper.
Hugh_Jorgen on 08/01/2007:
All the parts about them not covering coincidental damages is spelled out in the contract you signed. They will pay to fix the broken appliance, nothing else. If you don't follow their instructions to the letter, they will deny your claim, but that's true for any of these types of insurance companies. Remember, they make money by collecting as much as they can in premiums and paying out as little as they can in settlements.
moneybags on 08/02/2007:
Names, names, names.....who did you speak to. Did you talk to a supervisor? Were you nice on the phone? These are eople too. Yes, I have AHS on my home too and I am a realtor. After getting jerked around by a sleazeball repairman who couldn't get my refrigerator to cool and not leak, I told an AHS supervisor that per their contract, I expected them to replace my unit and I was going shopping for one. Within 2 hours, a different repairman was at my house (I had to come home from shopping) and my refrigerator was repaired within 30 minutes. AHS refunded my service fees, and sent a gift certificate for the next service call. Remember what your mama told you - sugar, sugar not vinegar.
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Air conditioning repair
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On August 9 I reported an A/C outage. It's now late September and the repair has yet to be completed. No reason has been given, only promise after promise to get back to me as soon as possible.

This is a vendor to avoid.
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User Replies:
moneybags on 09/21/2007:
Call them again and ask for a supervisor. Be insistant. Tell the supervisor that unless the AC is fixed within 72 hours, you are going to start shopping for a new one and will send them prices in accordance with your contract as you expect and demand that they now replace the unit. Also, let them know that you will sue them if they don't comply and will also file a complaint with your state Insurance Commissioner.
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