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Treatment had no results / poor customer service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I AM SUBMITTING A COMPLAINT ON AMERICAN LASER CENTER LOCATED AT, 8751 Commodity Cir # 2, Orlando - (407) 770-5720. I paid $4,100.00 CASH, for 7 treatments in 4 areas of their Vella treatment which I was convincingly told would reduce cellulite, tighten and rejuvenate skin on front & back of thighs, stomach and flanks. I went to my appointments every Saturday at 10:00 for 3 hours each session.

The same tech worked on me each week. After the 7 treatments we were still not getting any results... They measure, take pictures and document before each treatment. My tech said she doesn't understand why I have made no progress and would speak to the manager ** and get back to me.

After a week I heard back and they said they decided to give me 3 free sessions and do not understand and admitted I had shown no results... I showed up for all three extra treatments and still no results! I made numerous calls (which I can prove from my cell phone bill), it took a week at a time of everyday calls to get ** to return my call, I did not ask for a full refund I simply asked for a partial refund of $1,500 to $2,000.

After weeks of back and forth conversations with **, she said she was sorry that they could not offer any refund and could only possibly give me another treatment. She said I signed a contract and that myself and the company entered into my treatments in quote "GOOD FAITH" that the treatments would work on me, therefore they will not honor any kind of refund! I could have in "good faith" had them do the treatments before I paid, but companies do not run on good faith, they run on money... I paid $4,100.00 for something that did not work.

The last conversation I had with her was in regard to the last statement above and I told her that is not satisfactory and why would I go for more treatments if it doesn't work at all! She said she would have her regional manager call me. I told her I expected a call back within 24 hours and it has now been over 3 weeks! Every time you call the office you get a voice machine and have to leave a message or if someone does answer the manager is always in a consultation and even if I call daily and leave messages it takes weeks to get a call back! Yet when I went for my first consultation and showed interest, I was getting continuous calls to come in and get it done!

I have been in sales and marketing and customer service for 14 years and am amazed at the indecency of this company and their unwillingness to make good on a service that did not work at all! And they have records and documentation to prove it! In addition to the fact that my technician and even the manager has repeatedly acknowledged the fact that their treatment did not work on me! I have done research and see many shady complaints on this company online and I am extremely upset!

Again I simply asked for a partial refund because I know they tried and took time and cost to do the treatments on me even though that is like still giving them $2,100 for doing nothing..... I truly had no results and paid over $4,000 cash. I am a single mother of three kids and worked very hard to save up money to try to do something to make myself feel better about me and now along with no results I cannot get anyone from the company to acknowledge my issue or return a call. I simply get, "well we are sorry but we entered into it with good faith and tried"! Please let me know where to go from here or what to do!

American Laser Centers. "Are you Kidding me, why so many bad reviews?"
By -

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I read a review on here about negotiating prices. My sister and I visited the same American Laser Center at different times. We do not share the same last name, so there was no way for the nurse or manager to distinguish this during our consultations. I had been wanting laser hair removal for 4 years. I waited for years, because where ever I had gone, Laser Hair Removal was costly.

My girlfriend who had it done 4 years ago kept telling me that my wax appointments and boxes of $16 'pink curved' razors were adding up and the cost was getting expensive. Over time, I'm wasting more $$ by not getting laser hair reduction. I'm going to shave anyway, I might as well invest in something that will make shaving easier. I shave once a week and MY SISTER shaves ONCE a MONTH! That's less money on waxes and plastic rusty razors.

It got rid of my ingrown hair! I had chunks ingrown hair under my arms and legs. My legs look so much softer and my armpits look pretty. I feel sexier. I'm going to try my bikini next. They had a one time only 60%. I didn't make the cut off time so they gave me $100 + 19.8% off and 2 small mini treatments. Not as good as the 60%, but I still got a deal and in a much better position to invest in something for myself. It was either this or a breast augmentation. Really.

Well, my hair reduction is at 75-80% and I'm on my 11th treatment. That's almost 2 years of treatments. It's pretty good, because I was VERY hairy. I think I'm going to continue on with my free appointments. You get free touchups up to 2 years from your start date.

I love this laser center. I used to go to Younique, but I never saw any results. Their initial package didn't sound as promising as American Laser Centers. There were a lot of "what if's" when I went into all my appointments. I'd rather sign up for everything so that each appointment is cheaper. American Laser Centers is like the Costco with safe, well trusted staff. The representative was very helpful.

I asked the representative if this was true. She told me that with every client who seeks laser hair removal, they always feel as though waxing and shaving is cheaper. However, according to her calculations of what I had been spending each month, I was throwing my money down the drain. I told her that I spent about $40/month on waxing and $13-$15 every 2 months on a box of good razors. It ended up coming to $550 a year, for what I was spending on wax treatments and razors. I saw that in 2 years I would be spending about $1100 on waxing and razors, and I would have to continue paying this expense for the rest of my life.

I thought, what if I invested $2500 in laser hair removal? It was clear that laser hair removal would save me thousands over time, but does it work? $2500,$200, $30... much of what you get can be paid through payments. There is no interest for a year.

The nurse and manager were honest and experienced. They both told me that with laser hair removal, it is a process to destroy the hair follicle in every cycle or phase. I love my legs and underarms! I can't stop referring people to American Laser Centers. The company gives me $250 for every referral. I got $700. It was mailed as a check that was issued to 'cash'. I cashed it and got CASH!!! This is for real. I questioned this company before because of all the reviews about them.

Then I realized how many bad reviews were up about my company. I work for Kaiser and I'm a patient. The people who complain on the internet were probably all the managers and nurses who were terminated. One nurse told me that if the manager is not nice and firm at the same time, they will be let go. I heard that customers try to take advantage of the managers then the business starts to hurt and the manager is to blame. PEOPLE please be fair so that we can continue our treatments. This company makes smart decisions to stay in business. All the managers who I have seen have been fine.

Back to negotiating prices. Wow... huge tangent! My sister had less hair so she only did her lower legs. She paid $180 for each appointment. I did lower legs with patches done on my thighs. I paid $199 per appointment. I paid a little extra for the small patches. I would have paid $210 per whole leg appointment, but I decided not to. My payments through their monthly no int plan made it really affordable. I pay $36 as my minimum payment per month.

Avoid American Laser Centers
By -

SKOKIE, ILLINOIS -- I went to American Laser Center in Skokie Illinois. I spoke with the manager and she killed me with kindness. Initially, she said because I waited, she gave me a great discount. I went to the center intending to ask about facial hair removal. However, somehow she convinced me to obtain a Microderm, so I got the package of hair removal and microdermabrasion for $1500. I was delighted because according to the manager, the original price was close to $4000 (Of course, only a lie). I'm telling you, the manager that I spoke with was just a two-face. She acts like she's your best friend, but the only thing they care about at this facility is the money that you give them, that's it.

Anyway, when I got the second microdermabrasion, the lady convinced me to buy a "Photo Facial" so again due to my gullibility, I signed up for it and charged an additional $1000 on the credit card plan. However, I came back home and did some research, and I found out that I got ripped off, and indeed I did get ripped off. I went back the next day to cancel it, and they told me they were going to charge me $300 for cancellation fees. Guess, what, they did change me the $300 for canceling my "Photo Facial".

Additionally, right after I got the second treatment for microdermabrasions, I started to flare very badly. I guess it's because I went to Mexico around that time, and I had a bad tan. However, the people didn't warn me about the consequences, and I only got two applications of microdermabrasion, and my faced is badly damaged now, it's basically full of acne. It's also getting worse day by day. In fact, I will start on Accutane in about three weeks.

The only thing that I asked from American Laser Center is to give me a full refund for "Photo Facial" and not charge me the $300. Of course, that did not happened. I even went to the center and showed how irritated my skin was, but they still didn't give a damn. I also gave them my doctor's note, yet they charged the additional $300. They ruined my skin, but I had to pay additional $300, pretty bad huh!

My package was for $1500, now I have to pay $1800 altogether. I have to say, I don't trust this company at all. They do not care about the well-being of their patients. The company only cares about how much money you give them. It's based upon deception and lie. Even their contract indirectly tells you that you may not get the results that you want.

Please avoid American Laser Center. I can't even exit the situation that I'm in. I'm basically stuck. The only thing that I did is damage my skin. Remember, I have to use one of the strongest acne medicine, Accutane, and deal with the side effects because of American Laser. I haven't even gotten an apology from the manager or the customer service center.

If you're ever thinking about doing any simple cosmetic procedures, go to the doctor instead. The doctor may charge more than this company, but you get quality work, and you won't be treated like a number or a contract. At least, the doctor won't deceive you and disappoint you the way this company would. I seriously mean this. I warned all of my friends, and warn anyone who's reading this, American Laser is the worst company that I came across. It has no regard for its customer, none whatsoever, the only thing it cares about is the sales and the money that it deceivably receives from its victims not customer.

It's also shameful and sad that they carry the label "American" Laser. American businesses do not operate the way this company does. Perhaps Nigerian corporations operate the way American Laser does. This company does not represent America in any shape or form. It does not deserve the title it carries. It's truly conniving and deceptive. AVOID American Laser!!!

Don't Yell At The Customer, No Matter How Bad Your Mood Might Be That Day!
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I'd like to inform you of an incident which should be followed by employee correction action. There was some miscommunication when I transferred my account from the Draper office to downtown SLC. I was told "You don't have to pay for parking" by one of the girls employed at the time I transferred my account to downtown. So ever since then, I have NEVER paid at the meter. So about 3 weeks ago when I had my appointment I got an expired meter ticket. I gave it to ** and explained to her that I was told that I didn't have to pay for parking. She concurred and took the ticket and said, 'We'll take care of it for you.'

A week later I get a call from ** telling me with a frustrated tone of voice that they wouldn't be paying for the $15 ticket. I told her that I was told that I didn't have to pay for parking. She then explained that I was allowed to park in the BACK parking lot. This was the first time I had ever heard of a back parking lot. Because of the miscommunication, I told ** that it was American Laser Center's responsibility to pay for the ticket since NO ONE had informed me that there was a back parking lot.

She then retaliated very rudely and said, 'Well **, just so you know this is coming out of my own pocket. I hope you enjoy your weekend knowing that.' (Something to that effect). I was INFURIATED to say the least. No one has ever treated me like this being the customer.

I then called the Draper office to request that I have my account transferred back to Draper. I also requested to reschedule my appointment. They informed that they couldn't reschedule until they had my chart at their office. It has been 2 WEEKS since then and NO ONE HAS CALLED ME BACK to reschedule my appointment!!!

In addition to this nightmare I received a letter from Salt Lake City informing me that the ticket hadn't been paid! As a result, it has now been increased to $45!!! ** lied to me and never paid for the ticket!!! THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!

Aiming for optimal customer satisfaction should be one of your goals. Apparently your managers do not understand that a happy returning customer (which I was for the last 3 YEARS!) is far more valuable than trying to acquire more customers. They also don't understand that a bad experience is told to far more people than a good experience and believe me I have told close 20 people already who I am sure have already told many more. I was also considering buying an additional package and paying up front.

** has made my decision for me, because there is no way that I am going back there. You do the math - you could have received $1500 in revenue from me from the package I was going to purchase or just deducted a minimal $15, which would have retained a happy customer and incremental revenue of about $1485. Obviously no one at your company understands the importance of customer relationship management.

In summary I'd like to highlight the bad customer experience milestones: 1) I was spoken with a disrespectful tone of voice and comment by one of your managers. 2) I was lied to by one your managers since she never paid the ticket when she said she would. 3) No one transferred my chart to the Draper office. 4) No one has called me back to reschedule my appointment in Draper. Please give a call at your earliest convenience. Thanks. On top of all this, this manager at this location does a poor job of the treatment itself. Her two other assistants have been wonderful and have done a wonderful job.

American Laser Center was the worst experience of my life!!!
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I had problems with this company from the moment I first started going there. Besides the fact that I always sat in the waiting room for at least 20-30 minutes before I get seen. The managers were terrible. One told me that sometimes burns can happen and there is nothing they can do about. The turnover rate is so high that I never had the same person doing my treatments.

One manager told me that my legs were too tan to do the treatments so they would suspend my account until my legs were less tan. Well now my "so called" warranty is over and they owe me at least 3 treatments on my legs and they will not perform them. I was told that supposedly the manager that told me that was wrong (of course she is no longer working there!) I still have hair on my legs and bikini area. It was a total waste of money!

I know other people who have gone to other treatment places and have had great results. However, since the techs at American do not know what they are doing half the time they were not using the correct settings on me. One manager said no sun exposure 2 weeks before and now I was turned away because apparently no sun exposure for a month. I live in Arizona. It makes it a little hard to wear pants in 100 degree weather.

They are extremely unprofessional. Have no clue what is going on. The managers are as incompetent as the techs. I have seen no hair reduction at all on my upper legs because my hair is too thin. Of course they didn't tell me that when they were taking my money.

BEWARE!!! This place is horrible and a total scam. Imagine going there for 2 years, still having hair on my legs and bikini spending well over $5000 and being treated like crap by unprofessional staff and managers. The worse part is I have a burn on my bikini area and the only response I have gotten is that can happen.

My husband went somewhere else after I started at American. They performed different test to ensure his safety. After 6 treatments he has seen much better reduction than I have! Do not waste your money! American Laser Center is a complete ripoff and more than likely you will have a new, untrained tech performing laser on your body. There are so many other great options in Tucson!!!

American Laser Centers
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- Hello, I highly recommend that no one uses American Laser Centers in Scottsdale. I used them for years on many of the treatments they offered. After going for 2 years of the hair removal and wasting my time for countless hours, it did not work. I have blonde hair and light skin. The treatment actually stimulated hair growth on my face. I spent nearly 5,000 on hair laser treatments only to be refunded 2000. They kept telling me to come back and purchase more treatments and it never worked. Secondly, they did the photo facial on me and the tech was only there for one month and permanently damaged my face with extensive hypopigmentation. I can show you pictures.

Then when I called to complain to the manager, they ignored my calls and told me the hypopigmentation was somehow 'my fault' or it was there before treatment. It was not. Coincidentally, when I requested my medical records, they took 3 months to give them to me and when I finally did get them, my before and after photos were missing from my file and I had other people's pictures in my file. When I tried to contact the 'doctor' affiliated with this facility, they would not let me talk with him or her or even let me know who this so-called doctor was.

As to date, this 'doctor' never addressed my concerns and complaints. The prior manager from American Laser wrote me a letter after she was let go, stating that they made her ignore my complaints, concerns etc. and actually told her not to respond. She said they wanted her to give horrible customer service. Also, these services they offer - people pay different amounts.

It is a joke and very upsetting to have my face permanently damaged from their techs. I even went to a BC dermatologist of whom gave me a letter stating that the damage on my face was caused by their laser. Did they care? Absolutely not. They didn't not even refund me anything let alone offer me to be treated by a real doctor on their dollar. If you go to American Laser Centers, you will be risking permanent damage to your face and risk losing thousands of dollars on treatments that do not work. Take it from someone who learned the hard way. Google American Laser, you will see extensive complaints.

Don't Trust American Laser Centers!
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- A few years ago, I went to an event in Boston where a representative from American Lasers was holding a contest for "free laser hair removal". I entered, as did my friend. I ended up receiving a phone call days later stating that I won a $300 coupon off any laser hair treatment. $300, I thought, could get buy a decent package for laser hair removal. I never win anything, so I decided to find out more about this "coupon" and returned the phone call. Turns out, my friend and three other girls I know, received the same exact coupon. Too late! I already got suckered into buying a laser hair removal package.

As with every other complaint against this company, the sales representative was very pushy and rude. I did not get a good vibe from the rep/manager and should have left immediately, but the rep/manager continued to make me feel almost dumb. She continued to take off money for hair removal from my forearm/upper lip and when I said no or made an excuse (buying a home, still in school, paying student loans, really any excuse I could think of) she would give me attitude and say that this is such a good deal, I can't turn it down. Also, telling me that this "deal" is only valid that day, at that time. She almost just pulled it out of thin air, as it was not stated anywhere.

She gets care credit on the phone. Tells me I qualify for a great deal - the no APR if paid off in one year. I signed. I felt very uncertain and uneasy about the whole thing, as I found other laser hair removal companies that offer drastically lower prices. I also, like others who wrote reviews, called to get a refund, as I did NOT start services yet. No luck. I suppose I should have called the credit card company.

Anyway, I have had well over the 6 treatments and I am now into my "extra" year. Still not happy with my results. I'm very bitter with the place because of how they conned me into this, plus it's very time consuming, making the trip back and forth. I also do not think the techs are very professional. It never seems busy in there, yet I am always waiting. I already paid it off and I will use their 2 year guarantee, but every time I go in, they make it seem like my fault that the hair is not completely gone, yet.

The kicker is, they are still trying to sell me services! Telling me the manager has all kinds of coupons and then offering me hair removal at ridiculous prices. I now know to just say NO! I don't even feel badly and almost laugh when they try to offer me more. WHY would I buy more when it clearly hasn't worked!?!?!!

American Laser Center False Guarantee
By -

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- My mother and I were approached by a consultant for American Laser Center, at a bridal show we had attended back in January 2005. Skeptical, she wanted to speak with a president or person of higher authority. If you plan on spending money, you don't want to take a loss for something that certainly doesn't work. We finally purchased a package in September 2005, as they promised me results by my wedding, which was the following month. That was a lie.

It has been 3 years since I have started my treatment. Every time I go in, the person never treats the same area, that I paid for. When I complain, I am told that I would have to buy another package to get treated in nearby areas. I find that rather deceptive.

For those of you who have PCOS and have the embarrassment of facial hair, do not fall for American Laser Center telling you, "we have treated many women with PCOS and they no longer have facial hair." Trust me, I am not the only woman out there who has had a bad experience with American Laser.

American Laser also promised me that after my 3rd treatment, I would have to use my personal trimmer to get rid of hair, as often as I would. It would be a monthly thing, no longer a weekly thing. Deceptive once again. They have a 2 year guarantee, they will touch up areas for no charge. Well, it's been 3 years and I haven't seen the results I was promised.

If you plan on getting pregnant, they do not cover any hair that grows back in the treated area, during your pregnancy. So, their guarantee is false. You will never have hair grow back in treated areas. This is want the stress when they first approach you.

Every time I have been in for an appointment, they try to get me to agree to them to treat other areas and that I can get this Care Credit to cover it. Why would I want to spend more money on a product that I have not see results with? Then they try to tell me that I need some other treatment, to help the laser remove my hair for good. So, another $2,000 they want me to spend on a product. I think not. If you have considered laser hair removal through American Laser, reconsider and go elsewhere. I honestly do not know if there is a "honest" laser service out there that will live up to its promise.

Complaint On Service and Poor Results
By -

BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE -- The nice things first: I have been going to the Brentwood office for over a year and a half and have never seen the office dirty. I work in an operating room and am over sensitive about dust and clutter. The staff is friendly. Now the not so nice things: The over $4,000.00 I spent PLUS the time involved has not paid off in results and it is very disheartening. I am on my 8th hair removal treatment and have only seen a 40-50% reduction in hair. I can't justify the money I spent on underarms, full bikini, and leg(s) hair removal.

I was frustrated on my 6th visit when photos was taken of all areas (under arms, full bikini, and legs) to show progress of the hair removal. We are instructed to shave before our appointments at home because the laser will not work if the hair is there. They took photos of me after I shaved. How insane is that for them to take photos for progress after I shaved. Of course there is no hair there, I shaved with a razor.

Other issues, the phone goes to answering machine most of the time. I've left up to three messages over a 5 day window before someone called back. The first time this happen I thought it was just a temporary issue but have had similar thing happen several times in the last year and half. The computer is "down" a lot so scheduling has been difficult at times. Their paper record keeping has been poor and some of the staff are not proficient with their computer skills as they spend 5 to 10 minutes figuring out when my next appointment will be.

My appointments are every 7 weeks apart. However, scheduling conflicts with American Laser in Brentwood may make them 8 to 9 weeks apart. I'm not happy about that. I've researched several medical journals that hair laser could be every 4 weeks apart but ALC has rejected this as acceptable practice.

Having poor results upsets me the most but second to that is: The technician swears she does not skip areas while applying the laser but she does. She should research "Two-Point Discrimination on skin". I (clients) can tell when areas are skipped and it takes away their credibility to insist otherwise. But I have over $4,000 invested in the hair package and I signed a contract so I have no recourse but to go back each time, go by their rules, and hope for the best. My suggestions to anyone researching this: DO NOT GO TO AMERICAN LASER CENTERS. IT IS UNETHICAL WHAT THEY GET AWAY WITH.

The Clinic Manager That Curses In Front Of The Clients!
By -

CASTRO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- The manager of the Castro Valley clinic, Miriam, I believe her name is, is THE most unprofessional and THE rudest manager I've ever met. I was one of the clients on 8/29/08. While my nurse was doing my treatment and while I was half naked, manager Miriam kept entering the room, and kept cursing about this other client. She knocked and my nurse said hold on a minute and tried to cover me up but Miriam just opened the door and said ""S word", this guy is making me "f word" crazy. He is full of "s word". I'm sick and tired of his "s word" face". I wrote "s word" because that word is not accepted here.

I was very shocked because she was talking about a client here. She disrupted my treatment 3 or 4 times, and she has the guts to ask my nurse, what's taking the nurse so long to finish my treatment. She has the nerve to say that in front of me! It is very disappointing to know that this company hires people like Miriam. She treated the other employee bad and I feel very violated because I was only in my underwear and she kept entering the room. The nurse kept saying sorry, and I actually feel sorry for the nurse because she was apologizing for her manager's very bad behavior and attitude.

I suggest have a behavior investigation on Miriam, your Castro Valley clinic manager, because she is making the name American Laser Centers look really bad. If you want to investigate, ask the other clients that day, and ask the nurse schedule on that day. You can even try to ask the other nurse about this girl's attitude and I'm pretty sure she has something to say about it. I want to remain anonymous because I just bought a package and I want to enjoy it without the clinic manager cursing all over the place.

I called your 1-877 number to get an address or fax number or something to legally file a report on this matter, but somehow the Rep said that this company does not disclose any information like that over the phone. I think that is funny. But anyway, that is why I am here now. And I hope this message gets to the proper authority.

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