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A Sneaky, Conniving Company
Posted by Twizzler766 on 06/17/2007
SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- First and foremost I want to make it clear this is the first time I have ever ever written a complaint against anyone. I am an extremely rational person and never want to point fingers and people and always try to resolve matters with others. I have been writing this complaint against American Laser Center on every place where I can write a review. I truly want to reach all consumers and warn them. I really want to warn everyone because I do not want them to be put in a compromising position and get ripped off.

The sales people at this place are extremely deceptive. Please please do not think you are getting a good deal or that they are doing a "special". Basically they give different prices to different people depending on how much they think you can pay. I'm sorry this is America, I thought we are supposed to have fixed prices. Do not trust a place where you have to negotiate pricing! They will sit there with you and knock off prices off of each item with you to make it seem like they are knocking off so much money! I fell for that because the individual sits there with you and is like I will take this much off of this and this much off of the TOTAL! I remember I was sooo impressed, but of course the price are inflated then discounted.

Well the main reason while I am extremely upset is as follows. Two of my friends and myself signed on to get packages (comprising of different areas we wanted to do). Basically Friend A was given a price and Friend B wanted to do the same thing as Friend A and two ladies at the SAME LOCATION gave Friend A a price that was $2,000 more than Friend B for the EXACT SAME PACKAGE! Friend B ended up going for something else, but the point is she was OFFERED a price $2,000 than Friend A because she was able to negotiate it down! So PLEASE beware. I mean if it was a couple hundred dollars... okay I understand... but $2,000 is in no way justifiable.

I signed on to get a deal and paid them 2,000 (which was so stupid of me, I was too trusting of the sales lady but she was very very pushy). But when I learned of what happened to my two friends I wanted to pull out of it! So I called repeatedly to get a refund, because I had no even started services. The individual who said she would "take care" of my issue never ever called me back to update me on the status so I had to call her constantly. I was very nice about the situation and never ever shouted or was rude to her in any way. I do not think you have to be rude with someone to get what you want. Well this individual there ( I wont say names) was EXTREMELY RUDE to me. I tried to get refunded before i even began services because i do NOT want to deal with such conniving sneaky sales people. She denied me a refund ( i didn't even go in FOR ANY treatments). I mean can you believe she wanted to keep my 2,000 for NOTHING? She kept trying convince me to come in for treatment but there is no way I want to have anything to do with this company. I would rather pay more money but know the value of what I am getting. And KNOW the next person coming in the door wont be getting the package I got for 2,000 less because they "negotiated" with the sales person. Well when I keep trying to explain to "this individual" the situation how she and another individual gave each of my friends prices for the EXACT same package that differed by TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS she kept denying it and flipped out on me... she was VERY RUDE and hung up on my FACE! Can you believe a manager HUNG UP on my face? How is that in any way business etiquette? I am the one who is supposed to be giving them attitude and I did not. So yea right then I called my credit card company to dispute the claim. I got my money back from my credit card company. So please please BE CAREFUL! They try to act suppppppppper sweet as if they will "work with you" to figure out how to finance your package. Do not fall into the trap of Care Credit. If for some reason you still do want to go for a consultation do not feel pressured to sign anything at all. Do not do it. Honestly research this place on Google, i am not just one person who is complaining. Please do not take my warning lightly. I am taking time out of my day to write this to let everyone know what happened to me and my friends. I am honestly trying to warn people from giving their hard earned money to such a deceptive company. We all work hard and if we want to do something like this it should be with a company who values their customers and American Laser Center does not.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-06-17:
You are kidding, right? Have you never bought a house or a car? Purchased an airline ticket or booked a hotel room? Prices on just about everything is negotiable, the difference is some people are willing to do some research, know the marketplace and negotiate and some just want the good ole' government to issue price controls so everyone pays the same. How do you know your two friend's jobs were the same? Perhaps one of your friends was fuzzier than the other and they realized more time would be required.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-17:
ALC is a quasi-medical outfit, which means they are dealing with human beings. Humans are not produced like automobiles, with identical parts, etc. Any procedure done with humans is going to vary between people, therefore the cost of doing the procedure is going to be different.
Posted by twizzler766 on 2007-06-17:
Okay thank you for your comments but honestly I now EXACTLY what the situation was. Both of them were getting the exact same packages and everything was identical in this situation. I would not be so upset if it was not. Each package for each area she explained was a set price. Honestly how would you feel if you find out after you signed a contract that the person you referred to the company and was receiving the exact same treatment as you, was given a price $2,000 less than you. I am not just complaining here because I am an "idiot". Look them up on all other sources. Everyone has complaints against them. I'm sorry but it is RIDICULOUS to me that you have to negotiate for this kind of treatment. This is like having to negotiate getting a hair cut. Buying a car and buying a house are COMPLETELY different issues from this.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-06-18:
Of course buying a house is different, but I was trying to illustrate your ridiculous behavior by being ridiculous. You stated "....this is America, I thought we are supposed to have fixed prices...." Who told you that?

Wake up and realize that there isn't a price out there that isn't negotiable. The difference is some people aren't afraid to ask for a better price. It's your money, you worked hard for it - it's not a sin to try and keep some of it in your pocket.

Posted by Nefastus on 2007-10-21:
just wanted to join in and say how awful this place is. seriously never trust these people and i mean NEVER! everything they say are lies. first off i agree that prices are different depending on your condition BUT how can you know someone's condition when you don't even check? I went in and assume that they would check my hair so they can give me a price. well they never check and just gave me a price and a sales pitch. i was naive and stupid because i signed up thinking i was getting a good price. the CSR lied to me and said "oh i can't give you anymore discount unless i ask my manager" she leaves the room and pretends to call her manager and came back and said she'll give me the discount. then even said how she'll give me a friends and family discount because i really wanted to do the procedure. whatever all lies. when i called back a couple of days later to cancel they gave me the run around and wouldn't let me talk to their manager. after 4 calls they stop picking up my phone calls. so i decided to block my number and guess what they picked up my call. then i finally got the manager on the phone and guess what? the CSR that i talked to a couple of days before was actually the manager! no mistake because she was the only person i talked to at that place in person and she even said that she was the one who talked to me before. unless she somehow got promoted over the weekend (maybe she got promoted after getting me to sign the contract) she completely lied to me. also their contract is a sham and refuse to refund me the money even though i never did any treatments and basically cancel the next day. if you don't believe me just simply do a search on American laser center on google and you'll see for yourself. also check the BBB for yourself their ratings an FFF.
Posted by stacy44 on 2007-12-03:
First of all, stop being so stupid and signing contracts without researching what you are signing. When you sign a contract you are agreeing to pay for that amount. If you actually read the contract when you signed it I'm sure you would have read about a no refund policy or at least terms and conditions. But apparently you were so memorized with the idea of making yourself look better and being so vain that you didn't even read the small print. Grow up and stop being naive. American Laser Center is a SALES company and a COSMETIC service. It's not some medical company where you go to get necessary treatments, you know that you are there because you want to make yourself look better. So stop blaming other people for your naivety and your vanity. Read things before you sign them. Bargain with a sales person. Stop complaining, life is too short. You are probably a terrible tipper too. 20% always tip 20%
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-27:
i could write forever on how i feel about this place.... they do over charge but i figured it was a well known place and professional. figured you get what you pay for. the price is one thing but when paying that kind of money i expect the best. they are very unorganized and no front desk. make a long story short because of this we encountered a problem. these people were nothing but RUDE to me and handled it very poorly. unfortunately i am forced to go there until i finish my packages in which I'm almost willing to just lose the money as i am so disgusted i wasted my money in the first place. i am going to try and transfer my visits to another facility just because i am so offended by them i don't think i can look at them. i paid for quality and professionalism. so far nothing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-03:
I am also a "trusting" person like you - twizzler766, Nefastus, and nikb. I resent the "naive", and "stupid" comments from the others listed above. When I buy something I expect it to work, otherwise I return it or ask for a refund. Spa treatments should be no different. I got screwed by Sleek Medspa in Burlington, MA because I trusted and believed the lying snake sales rep too. I paid a lot of money for my hair removal package...found out few months later my sister bought the same package for way less and got a year guarantee...if anything she should have paid more...she's way hairier!! Anyway, it is a shame that us trusting, honest people get screwed, while these businesses make millions in profit. It's disgusting how nice and sweet they act upfront, as soon as they have your $$$ they become rude and psychotic. I am so happy that you got your $$$ back and didn't do the treatments...I wasted a lot $$$ and time and got NO results!
I don't care if I win or loose but I will sue on principal.
Posted by AllieA on 2009-12-08:
I shopped around and did research before deciding on American Laser Centers of Fort Lauderdale and I must admit that I am very happy with my decision. The clinic manager was very professional and she explained everything in detail. I even got my treatment that same day! I really liked the medical professional that treated me, she also explained what she was doing during treatment and recommended other treatments. Adriana followed - up with me the next day to see how everything was. I would highly recommend the fort lauderdale clinic, they are not only professional but they do have good customer service.
Posted by AB555 on 2010-08-22:
I worked for an American Laser Center and everything that everyone says about them is true. It was an awful job and they way they treat their employees, along with their clients, is horrible. They DO make up any price they want and make it seem amazing. They are just trying to get a sale for that day. I've seen them recommend treatments for people that will not even work. Once they get your money, they will cancel appointments on you and don't care if your treatments are working or not. If they get a sale in that day, they will cut a persons appointment short and send them home so they can treat the new person who is paying money. And or course they will give you your first treatment that day, that way you cannot get a refund because you already got treated. Nice of them, huh? The treatments don't even work that well. I've never seen someone with 100% hair reduction after just 6 treatments. And I've seen a lot of people. Everything they do is illegal. I've even seen them scam a person with special needs before. It was the worst company I've ever worked for. Everyone, stay away from them. Do NOT support them and give them your money.
Posted by rachellesmith19 on 2010-12-02:
WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! Lets see.. I "won" $300 off a package and was talked into getting the bikini,underarms,and full legs..so i got carecredit ready and was signed up to start, well the next day i thought about it and i wanted to cancel everything that i had set up the day before and the manager stephanie told me i would lose all my money even though i never had a treatment done because i signed the paperwork. so i ended up just keeping it and doing the treatments bc i didn't want to lose 4300 dollars i just invested in the company. then a month later i found out i could of canceled it as long as i never had a treatment done yet, so the manager lied to me about that. well its been 3 years of treatments and I've been burnt from the laser a few times now and i don't even have half of the hair reduction percentage. i just did my last bikini appt. yesterday, and still have so much hair---- well now they say i can buy a after package to continue receiving treatments at an additional cost. so the $4300 was for nothing pretty much. this company is a ripp out !!!!!!!! never again ..

I'm trying to figure out if any one has sued this company or gotten any of their money back ??
Posted by the beat on 2011-05-11:
Thanks for your review. I like it when people write about the bad experiences, as well as the good ones. I agree with you about the haggling part. Every where you go it seems like you have to negotiate for hours to get any price, and then when you do you have to make sure it's a good deal and that you are not getting ripped off. It used to be only car dealerships but now it is 'medspas' and fitness clubs too. They want a credit card number as soon as you walk in and want to lock you in for eternity. Won't give a refund even if their service sucks.
American Laser seems to be this way, but I am sure some locations are worse than the others. The fact that they have no prices on their website is a red flag right there. Cannot get a price anywhere on any services. Must go in and hand over your credit card.
No I don't believe in gov't control, but please, pretty soon when you go to buy groceries, they will demand to know what you pay for your lettuce now!! That's my 3 cents.
Posted by the beat on 2011-05-11:
Thanks for your review. I like it when people write about the bad experiences, as well as the good ones. I agree with you about the haggling part. Every where you go it seems like you have to negotiate for hours to get any price, and then when you do you have to make sure it's a good deal and that you are not getting ripped off. It used to be only car dealerships but now it is 'medspas' and fitness clubs too. They want a credit card number as soon as you walk in and want to lock you in for eternity. Won't give a refund even if their service sucks.
American Laser seems to be this way, but I am sure some locations are worse than the others. The fact that they have no prices on their website is a red flag right there. Cannot get a price anywhere on any services. Must go in and hand over your credit card.
No I don't believe in gov't control, but please, pretty soon when you go to buy groceries, they will demand to know what you pay for your lettuce now!! That's my 3 cents.
Posted by sexygirl on 2011-09-20:
It is a waste of time and money. I have been on treatment form more than two years and I still don't see the results
Posted by SharonLB45 on 2011-10-18:
seriously? you don't think price is negotiable?? It is with EVERYTHING IN LIFE. Get used to it. Who is to say that one friend may have been a better candidate for the treatment so they realized they wouldn't have to spend as much time with her? come on people. And AGREED do your research then and decide for yourself.
Posted by Kristy on 2013-04-17:
I agree, I had the same experience with ALC, I went in looking to do Botox and a filler and the pushy manager said I needed 4 Ematrix treatments. I didn't sign any paperwork but inquired about their credit card. I was approved for 5000 but not ever getting any treatments The manager charged this credit card 1800.00. Called the credit card company and they say they need to speak to ALC before they cancel. Called the center numerous times, blocked my call. I have written to Attorney General and BBB n now have to get a lawyer. This place needs to be shit down. FRAUD
Posted by Glenda Smith on 2013-06-19:
My experience with American Laser Centers/skincare was so terrible that I'm finding every forum I can to post my dissatisfaction. In a nut shell. I'm out more then 2,000 dollars, and more the two years and 26 treatments, and still have to shave everyday of my life. This is a huge rip off. Anyone considering doing business with ALS, beware and look elsewhere.
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Scared and SCARRED! Beware!!
Posted by Sweet84732 on 01/19/2008

I was so happy when I received a phone call from American Laser Centers stating that I had won $300 worth of laser hair removal. I went in the next day to “just to talk” with someone about my winnings and this conniving woman told me that if I didn't purchase one of their packages right there and then, that the offer was going to be null and void. I felt cornered and unsure of this major financial commitment seeing how I was still in school, so I wanted to go home to talk it over with my mother. She assured me that the procedure was quick, painless, and will be worth the investment for never having to shave again. I told her that even with the $300 I "won" I could never afford the total she showed me. As a favor, she told me that she would give me an additional discount to knock the price down to $1000 and she would sign me up for the Customer Care Credit Card so I wouldn't have to pay it all up front. I found out that anyone who fills out there name, address, and phone number will “win” which I was never told. Although, I was told that there was a doctor that oversees the office. Later, I found out that he comes a few times a year to keep up appearances, but really the company pays them for their status to make it look more legitimate. Unfortunately I found all this out later and I did sign the papers but if I would have known what was to come, I would have started running far away from there.

I started going to treatments and I could tell right away that the staff had no idea what they were doing. It seemed as though staff members were coming and going quite regularly, while the conniving woman I mentioned was always coming and going from Dunkin Donuts. Whenever I was in the office, I was usually waiting anywhere from ten to forty minutes for my treatment. I had to sit in the waiting room on more than one occasion listening to her personal and unprofessional phone calls. When the phone calls were professional she would make it sound like it was "so busy" in the office when it wasn't. Numerous times, I would come in for an appointment and they would tell me that they only had time to treat one of my areas because of booking and time issues. One time, I waited in the waiting room for so long that she offered me three Micro-derm Abrasion treatments because I wanted to leave. Nice gesture I guess, but I just wanted what I paid for. The next time I went in for my appointment, this one staff member was taking too long on a patient so the manager started to reprimand her in front of me to the point where this staff member (Jodi) began to cry.

I was surprised by their unprofessionalism, but in my opinion these were minor problems. In the beginning, my actual treatments were pretty "average". The process took anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and the laser didn't hurt. As I was approaching my 4th and 5th treatment and I was still not noticing any hair loss, they told me that they were going to do "double passes" with the laser (meaning that they would go over the treated area twice with the laser). When that didn't work and I still wasn't really seeing much hair loss, I was told that I was going to have a “double pass” with the stronger laser. A staff member named Luna treated me that day and she was very rude and also unprofessional. She was in a hurry and basically told me that she need to turn the laser up to a higher temperature because I wasn't seeing results. The laser felt hot on my skin but she told me that I just had to deal with it if I wanted to have all the hair gone. But finally she turn down the setting and she finished my treatment at a lower temperature.

Yesterday on January 18th, 2008, I want to my appointment unaware of what was to come. Another new and seemingly friendly staff member greeted me and began my treatment. Right away, the laser was hot! Actually, I even jumped and experienced muscle spasms from the laser hurting me from being so hot. I asked her to turn down the setting and she said that that was the setting from my last appointment. I told her that it was too hot and in all my other treatments except for the last, it never was that hot. She began to tell me how well "trained" she was and all the hours of experience she had doing this. I told her my experience from my last treatment and how it was too hot and she had to turn it down and that I wanted her to do the same. She told me that that was the reason why I wasn't seeing hair loss, because it wasn't hot enough. When she got to my stomach, I pleaded with her to really turn it down because it hurt so bad. She told me that my skin wasn't even turning red and she had plenty of gel to cool the skin. Once she started to do the “double pass” on that same part, I demanded for her to turn it down. I told her how much it was hurting and she told me that it was because she was going over my hip bone (which wasn't even part of my treatment). She even suggested that the reason why I was being so sensitive was because, "Sometimes around ones cycle, your skin gets more sensitive." Well, that wasn't true in my case. When she started to do my back, I had to tell her again that I was in pain. She told me to, "try not to think about it!"

That is pretty hard to do when I was getting burned. It may be because of the protective glasses she was wearing, but she should have seen that my skin was red! Perhaps, because she did notice what she was doing to me, she did turn the setting down. While she finished up, I told her how sore the area was and how none of my other treatments were like that. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I needed to go home to put ice on my skin. As I was driving home, it hurt to press my back against the drivers seat. As I was looking as these red marks, I realized that the whole time I was sitting there getting burned. I felt so violated! I waited until my mother got home so that she could look at my back and sure enough, there were burn marks in that area too that were in the shape of the laser device. My mother took pictures so that I could see and I was so upset. I called and left a message and I am still waiting for someone to call me back. I also called the main corporate number and of course, there was no answer so I had to leave a message. I will never set foot into another American Laser Centers office.

I am certainly too afraid to finish my treatments and since I still have no hair loss, I would like my money back. I understand that I signed a paper saying that they don't give refunds but under these circumstances, I had no idea that I had to be burned to get the hair loss. That was not in the contract. I have pictures of the MULTIPLE burns, if anyone would like to see them. I do not want to have to sue and I am not asking for any pain and suffering compensation. I would just like my money back. I don't think that it too much to ask, especially when I will having scarring from this and who knows what other possible internal injuries (God forbid). I am a school teacher who just wanted to feel better about herself. I would have never even had this procedure done if I didn't "win" $300. I want to get my story heard so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-20:
You just learned a few hard lessons. If you don't understand, DON'T sign, "must sign now" DON'T sign, If you sense something wrong..it usually is.
Good Luck and stay away from the "enter our contest" plea's, especially if it concerns your body.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-01-20:
hair loss = hair falling out.

hair growth reduction = no new hair growing.

laser hair removal is not for everyone. sounds like you had experienced a poorly operated salon.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-20:
Is this a contest you actually entered....or they just called and told you that you won? If you didn't enter...you didn't win and telling you if you didn't sign NOW the offer is no longer any good is just a way to pressure you into signing a contract. One thing to remember in the future, even if you sign a contract, you USUALLY have something like 36 hours or so to cancel when there is proof of being pressured into signing. They took advantage of you, I don't know how old you are, being student, but they may have taken advantage of your age as well. One thing people have to be careful of, is "What" they are entering. Especially at places like Home and Garden shows, Auto shows etc. Every booth will have you sign up for a "give away"...this is ONLY a way for them to get your contact information to try and sell you their services. I've entered all kinds of contests as a hobby and won many things, trips, money, rooms of furniture and I knew they were legit contests that I entered...even with this kind of hobby I NEVER enter anything at these kind of shows. The little box you see at your local drug stores for a free cruise...I guarantee they will contact you with the same scam this hair removal place did. Where they tell you you won XXX dollars TOWARDS a cruise, and they will ask for your credit card info then you end up paying anyway. Another one would be the "Free Tan" drawings...same thing. You have to be careful what you enter and if you DIDN'T enter, you didn't win. I had someone call me and tell me that my name was drawn and I won the grand prize, a Satellite dish. I asked what contest was that, that I entered and won...they couldn't give me the answer, only that they call "the winners" because their company has many contest across the States...I told them to pick another entry from the contest and give the grand prize to that person. THEN my brother said he got the same call, the same day. Then we realized it was from the Home and Garden show,and that's when I stopped signing up at those places. They said it was for free installation of my new satellite and a certain amount off the dish...LOL...free my butt!
Posted by Dcrane on 2008-01-20:
I have considered going there after getting the same incentive. However, I felt a bit leery about it since it is not located within a dermatologists office.
While I am not a litigious person, I strongly recommend that you consult an attorney about this issue in an effort to protect others from being injured by these poorly trained individuals. You should not suffer while trying to make a minor improvement.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-01-20:
I agree with Basher. I used to sell waterless cookware, and we would go downtown during lunch hour and get young women who might be interested in the 'hope chest' idea to fill out cards for a 'drawing.' A few weeks later, we would select a card, call the girl and tell her she won like third prize and make an appointment to deliver her 'prize'. Then we would ask if she would like to look at some nice things while we were there. We would show up with a plastic bag that held a set of six cheap tumblers that cost us less than a dollar. If she said okay to looking at stuff, we had two big cases, one of waterless cookware and one of china, flatware, crystal, etc. I preferred to set up a dinner party for more mature people, where I would bring the food and have the couple invite two other couples. They knew from the get-go that their dinner would be prepared with the cookware we were trying to sell them. I got some pretty good orders that way, and it seemed more honest to me.
Posted by AZKatie on 2008-05-26:
I totally had a similar experience they told me I won money of a treatment but the money didn't cover much at all, they didn't help me get rid of any hair, it all grew back and then some!!! I was so frustrated I started researching places and went to Laser for Less in Chandler AZ instead and actually got to sit down with the manager of the salon who did my free consultation, she also asked me a lot of questions as to my medications I was taking and my tanning habits, she too a close look at my skin my hair and told me the truth, that laser hair removal is not always permanent and that I will most likely see a reduction after 6-8 sessions but to keep the result I will need follow up treatments probably 2-4 times a year, she also suggested I take a hormonal test to see if my levels are normal, she then did a free test patch, showed me pricing and let me leave with no pressure to buy anything! Probably the best experience I have ever had. Since then I have done 3 treatments on my face for $145 each time, I have seen a huge improvement and I am so happy, also after 6 full treatments Laser for Less offers any extra ones at half price for life!!! I just hope that more laser places start being honest and just explain how it all works, if the technology isn't perfect that is ok but be honest about it! I will never get laser treatment from any one else except Laser for Less! They are honest and care about their clients!!
Posted by akamommyx6 on 2009-02-18:
I also was "chosen" as a winner in a contest I entered for $300.00 prize. I went in to "talk" to someone about my prize and I signed up for a package for my eyes. 2 days after I signed up I realized i wasn't going to be able to afford it so I called to cancel my contract. I was told it would take 8-10 weeks to issue me a refund. I really have no idea why it would take that long but alright. I have been waiting 5 months for my refund. Every time I call I get told their policy has changed or that they will expedite my refund and still nothing. I got told today that they have no power to expedite anyones refund. And also that their policy has changed and now it takes up to 16 weeks to process a refund. 16 WEEKS COME ON!!!!!! This is ridiculous. I have contacted my credit card company and they say because it is over 60 days since the initial date they cant do anything. I am so frustrated. I am paying on this balance on my card. DON'T SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!!!!
Posted by sizzle on 2010-06-13:
i get laser hair removal done and it does hurt. it is very painful, worse than anything else i have ever felt. but they are right, the higher the laser is turned up, the better the results. although too high can create problems. and the skin does temporarily turn red. just saying.
Posted by Skye on 2010-06-13:
Sizzle, is your NIC any indication of what happened to your skin, after a laser treatment?

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-13:
Skye+100...you beat me to that punchline!
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ALC Malicious and Manipulative Sales Tactics
Posted by Ars412 on 05/31/2007
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to the Pittsburgh branch in November 2006, for a "free" consultation. [name removed], the clinic manager, manipulated and tricked me into signing paperwork. She rushed me through the procedure and said we could go over the paper work later. She said I was signing privacy and medical paperwork regarding the free consultation. She also offered me a free credit check to see if I could afford any of the procedures. I was curious to see if my credit would allow it so I said OK. Instead, she opened up an $8300 line of credit in my name. I never received any treatments, and ALC refuses to refund the money because of their "No Refund" policy.

The situation is made worse because of my student loan debt. I never knew I was signing up for a line of credit. The ALC is trying to get money for nothing. I never received any billable services and never intent to.

I tried to contact the corporate offices of ALC. They did their own "investigation" but stood by their no refund policy. The credit company got paid, so they refuse to assist me in recovering the losses. American Laser Centers and the credit company have also already sent the debt to a collection agency. So now I am fighting two battles – trying to fend off the collection agency and trying to get a refund for a service I never received. This whole experience has been so humiliating and I lie awake at night wondering how I will ever escape this fraudulent debt. And I am sure that is how they do it with everyone. They embarrass you into paying for services.

I know there are more people like me out there, but they are embarrassed and ashamed to come forward. I have found countless stories very similar to mine, where they were tricked into signing papers, or where their signature was used to open up lines of credit in their name. I have even read stories where women were severely burned from the laster and they still refuse to refund their money, despite their "satisfaction guarantee."

This company operates on manipulation of women with low self-esteem and they continually subscribe to fraudulent and deceptive practices, and should be forced to stop.

The ALC's corporate office number is in Michigan. That phone number is 248-426-8250.
You can also sign a petition at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/AmericanLaser.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-05-31:
Find an attorney for this one. You should have a good case based on the "undue enrichment" theory. You received no service therefore they should not be entitled to compensation.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-31:
Attorney hell....Call the cops for fraudently opening a credit account without your authorization. Credit theft!!!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-05-31:
EJ, cops can prosecute criminal activity, but that won't get the money back.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-31:
The kid isn't out any money except for the fraud charge of $8300.00. Easily cleared up with a dispute to the creditor along with the police report. At the end...the moron goes to jail. CALL THE COPS POSTER!!!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-05-31:
You got it EJ. Oops, my mistake. Thought it was paid. Just need to pay better attention what I read! Sheesh!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-31:
Good call ejack.

EJ is EJ... All hail EJ!
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-31:
Tnchuck...get some sleep bro. :)
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-31:
Stew....you just reached my Christmas card list. Congratulations! :)
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-06-01:
Get back in school...it honestly sounds like you could benefit from it. There is NO way for that person to have made you signed any paperwork short of holding a gun to your head. You signed it of free will. You could have set the pen down, stood up, walked away or told her you just wanted a quote. Utterly silly that you think she made you sign anything. Plus, did she tape your eyes shut? If you were curious about the paperwork, why not READ it. If you continue to sign things without reading them you will ruin your credit for life. As far as the line of credit...were any services performed?
Posted by Ponie on 2007-06-01:
Hoo boy! Quite a testimonial for the college from which you got your degree--or was it in Advanced Finger Painting?

To those who say call an attorney, call the cops--nope--a contract is a contract is a contract. No way was the poster 'manipulated' into signing the paperwork. Failure to read everything before applying your John Hancock cannot be construed as manipulation.

ALC agreed to provide a service--ars agreed to pay for that service even though she refused it. ars412, go for the treatments, you're going to have to pay for them whether you get them or not.

Sheesh! I never knew hair removal, microdermabrasion, and skin rejuvenation cost so darned much.

Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-02:
WTG, ejack.
Posted by ars412 on 2007-06-02:
I appreciate most of your comments about contacting the police and legal assistance. I do have legal counsel. She has been writing letters of my behalf. In one letter she tells ALC: “It is readily apparent that your company has engaged in deceptive and fraudulent conduct in violation of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.”

Unfortunately, they say and do just enough to keep out of trouble with the law. Also not many people have spoken up about this, so for now it is my word against theirs. Because the ALC has done this so many times, they refuse to budge.

The only way to resolve this would be with a lawsuit. But a lawsuit would cost me as much if not more than the money ALC took from me, which is why I have turned to seeking help from people online.

Let me reiterate that I never received services from them. Returning my money would cost them nothing.

Believe me, I have thought about accepting their services, rhondam. It would be a lot easier. That’s exactly what they want. And considering how dangerous this procedure can be, going back to a company that uses deceit as a major tactic in selling what can be very dangerous would be the dumbest thing I can do.
Posted by twizzler766 on 2007-06-17:
I am really sorry for what you went through. I had an issue with this company myself and I truly hope that more people find out about how conniving they are...
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Excellent Service
Posted by LePappillon on 02/18/2011
I have been a repeat customer of American Laser Center in
Fremont, CA. They treat you like Royal Blood in a fabulous
Spa setting. The products are excellent - but the Service is

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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-02-18:
please let is know your hair color, skin color, and what services you are having done. laser treatments do not work on many skin colors and hair colors.

you would one of very few that are having positive results.
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Treatment had no results / poor customer service
Posted by Kh143 on 11/27/2010
I paid $4,100.00 CASH, for 7 treatments in 4 areas of their Vella treatment which I was convincinly told would reduce celulite, tighten and rejuvinate skin on front & back of thighs, stomach and flanks. I went to my appointments every Saturday at 10:00 for 3 hours each session,,,,,the same tech worked on me each week,,,,,after the 7 treatments we were still not getting any results,,,,they measure, take pictures and document before each treatment,,,,,my tech said she doesn't understand why I have made no progress and would speak to the manager "Chelsea" and get back to me,,,,,after a week I heard back and they said they decided to give me 3 free sessions and do not understand and admitted I had shown no results,,,,,,,,i showed up for all three extra treatments and still No results !! ,,,, I made numerous calls (which I can prove from my cell phone bill),,it took a week at a time of everday calls to get chelsea to return my call, i did not ask for a full refund I simply asked for a partial refund of $1,500 to $2,000 ,,,,,,after weeks of back and forth conversations with Chelsea, she said she was sorry that they could not offer any refund and could only possibly give me another treatment. she said I signed a contract and that myself and the company enetered into my treatments in quote "GOOD FAITH" that the treatments would work on me, therefore they will not honor any kind of refund !! ,,,,,,i could have in "good faith" had them do the treatments before I paid, but companies do not run on good faith, they run on money ,,,,,,i paid $4,100.00 for something that did not work . The last conversation I had with her was in regard to the last statement above and I told her that is not satisfactory and why would I go for more treatments if it doesn't work At All ! she said she would have her regional manager call me. I told her I expected a call back within 24 hours and it has now been over 3 weeks ! every time you call the office you get a voice machine and have to leave a message or if someone does answer the manager is always in a consultation and even if I call daily and leave messages it takes weeks to get a call back ! yet when I went for my first consultation and showed interest, I was getting continuous calls to come in and get it done ! .....i have been in sales and marketing and customer service for 14 years and am amazed at the indecency of this company and their unwillingness to make good on a service that did not work at all ! and they have records and documentation to prove it ! in addition to the fact that my technician and even the manager has repeatedly acknowledged the fact that their treatment did not work on me ! ,,,i have done research and see many shady complaints on this company online and I am extremely upset! ,,,,, again I simply asked for a partial refund because I know they tried and took time and cost to do the treatments on me even though that is like still giving them $2,100 for doing nothing .....i truly had No results and paid over $4,000 cash. I am a single mother of three kids and worked very hard to save up money to try and do something to make myself feel better about me and now along with no results I cannot get anyone from the company to acknowledge my issue or return a call,,,, I simply get, well we are sorry but we entered into it with good faith and tried !!
please let me know where to go from here or what to do!
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Posted by Skye on 2010-11-27:
Ask any doctor, the only cure for cellulite, is liposuction. You cannot get rid of liposuction with these types of treatments they gave you. I'm sorry you spent all your money there, because you probably could of found a board certified plastic surgeon who would of performed lipsuction on you, for what you paid them. Also, some people have a tendency towards cellulite even at a young age. The best way to prevent it, is healthy eating, daily exercise, and remaining a good healthy weight. Also yoyo dieting brings it on, because fat never goes a way, and it comes back with a vengence when you gain weight and loose weight over and over. Just imagine your skin like a rubber band, what happens when you keep stretching it out, it looses its elasticity. But like I said, some people are prone to it, due to genetics, no matter how thin they are, or how young they are.

What does your contract say if you are not satisfied with your results? Is there an absolute guarantee if you're not happy, you get a some type of refund? Nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about yourself, but these places prey on people who are feeling a little down, and that's how they reel you in. They can plump up the skin with those treatment, but the actual cellulite stays.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-27:
The treatment is not guaranteed. Most people see a noticable difference in the appearance of cellulite gradually with this treatment, usually after 6 treatments.
Posted by HellionDeadwoman on 2010-11-27:
No treatment for anything is ever guaranteed. There is a reason we are all told many many times to READ everything BEFORE you sign it.
Posted by werelucky on 2010-11-28:
Take them to small claims court for the full amount. I think it should be under $100. List everyone who treated you or talked to and see what happens.
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My Experience With American Laser Center Fremont
Posted by Koolhot on 10/11/2010
I just read way too many complains about American Laser Center which got me disappointed and made me write this review. I guess it just depends on the location one is visiting. I have been visiting American Laser Center in Fremont and so far I am loving it. The staff is extremely nice and proffesional. Schedualing is also very flexible. And as far as my hair removal treatment, its going great. I am doing hair removal for my legs and under arms. I have only been through three treatments and I already see a difference. The hair has gotten very thin and comes out far apart. Not just me but my sister is also one of their clients who has done five treament of hair removal on her lags and has seen great results. I also recommended two of my co-workers who will soon be one of American Laser Center client. So like I said it just depends on the location one is visiting. I can assure that American Laser Center in Fremont would be a great choice for a person who is not comfortable and undecided about hair removal in American Laser Center.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-12:
It's always good to see a compliment and thank you for taking the time to write it. If a company has given you a good product, service, or experience we're always happy to hear about it!
Posted by SharonLB45 on 2011-10-18:
AGREED!! I get it that people love to complain but I am thrilled with my service and havent had any issues with this company. I did the laser hair removal and velashape with OUTSTANDING results, literally lifechanging. Forget the bad reveiws i put my stamp of approval on this company!
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Refund Wanted
Posted by Aundrea on 09/16/2010
I won $300 worth of treatment.....Boy was I lucky!!
I completed and signed papers to get the treatment financed. I later rec'd a denial letter. "We are unable to grant financing. OK No problem. I can't afford the treatment so I let it go. I get a call from the finance co. for a payment. I explained to them that they denied the financing. They said Ok, Ill note the account. Two years later I get a collection letter saying I owed over $2000.00. American Laser received money from Care Credit Plus (the sister company). They paid ALC over $1200.00 the balance is interest. They never connected me and informed me that they received the money. I contact ALC and was told that I needed to contact Care Credit. They intentionally received the money and kept it. In my book that is theft. I am hoping that they will pay me the money they received in hopes that Credit Care will waive the interest under the circumstances or pay me the full $2,000.00 so that I can pay the finance company and get this off of my credit. Ill come back and let you know how it works out. I have contacted an attorney and have him on standby if they don't want to refund the money the rec'd and kept a secret.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-16:
I would be interested in knowing how this turns out.

The "red flag" comes immediately when you state you "won" $300 worth of treatments and then filled out financing paperwork to "pay" for the treatment. Are you sure you knew what you were doing or what you were signing? I'd start by requesting, certified and in writing, a copy of the financing paperwork and any agreement that ALC claims they have. Don't delay, as you only have a short time frame to do it in.

Ultimately, you'll want to reference the Fair Debt Collections Act and the Fair Debt Reporting Act. Ultimately, if you've signed an agreement to pay and signed paperwork accepting the loan amount, you may be stuck. This is where an attorney will be better at instructing you. If not, you have a limited amount of time to dispute the debt and have it flagged or removed from your credit reports.

Best of luck and, again, keep us informed.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-16:
In addition, get your lawyer on them and tell him/her to include his/her fees in the deal to settle.
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Consumer beware
Posted by ProHealth on 09/04/2010
Hello everyone,

Just wanted you guys to know to be careful when dealing with Americal Laser Centers. I went to sign up for a laser hair removal package treatment and they asked me for $300 deposit before my first treatment, but before my first appointment (which was in 7 days after paying deposit), I found out that I am pregnant, so I couldn't do it. I went back to cancel it and get $300 refund - but they said that they have $300 cancellation fee, so I will not be refunded!!! I was fighting it with their corporate office and with BBB with no results. So, I basically paid $300 in nowhere and did not get any service.

So, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure that you want to finish your treatment - do not sign up with them!!
Also, I would look look for a health insurance that might cover some of the hair removal cost if it causes any health problems- for example, ingrown hair.
Here is a good site I used to find my insurance (click on the thumbnail on the page to go to the site):
http://now. getadeal. us/health/Health-Quote-Insider-Offer

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-04:
What did your contract say about cancellations? Does it say there is a $300.00 cancellation fee?

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Posted by leet60 on 2010-09-04:
You should sit down with the owner and determine if you are able to have the service performed after your pregnancy. At least you would get use of your deposit.
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Deceived, Ignored & thoroughly disgusted
Posted by Deceived2 on 07/16/2010
SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- This is a warning to everyone who even considers using American Laser Centers. DO NOT DO IT! The company DOES NOT stand behind their guarantee. They will drag you through needless laser sessions, increase the sessions and increase the heat on the lasers. All the while making excuses such as "the technician didn't know what she was doing, are you tanning? or my favorite "yes, we are taking care of the paperwork for you - we know you are a non-responder". Yes, they have a technical term for those of us who the laser doesn't work on.
It took me YEARS to get the company to respond. I would leave messages with their customer service (ha, now that's a great name for someone who doesn't forward the messages), the customer service reps would say that their area manager would contact me in a day. Which on 6 different occasions never occurred.
I finally contacted an attorney and had to take them to court. I would suggest that each a everyone of you who have been deceived by this company take this step because you will never get them to respond.
If you are in Michigan, my attorney is Thomas White in Belleville, Mi and he's well aware of what this company is doing.
Cut your losses and take them to court.
If you haven't done business with American Laser Centers - DON'T.

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Ineffective service, unreasonable company, poor customer service
Posted by Displeased85 on 06/08/2010
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I have been receiving laser hair removal from American Laser Centers for about two years. In this time I have had very poor results, only about a 30%-40% decrease in hair growth. I would continue to have the treatments done, however the location I went to closed down and the next closest location is over 250 miles away. I called to ask if American Laser Centers had a local company that would be taking over their clients or if they would issue a partial refund so I could have to procedures finished somewhere nearby and the told me the only option was to have the procedures finished at a different location. I explained that I would not have signed up for their services if the clinic was that far away. I think it is very unreasonable for American Laser Centers to expect customers to travel over 500 miles round trip for a procedure. The regional manager that I spoke with about this matter was also very rude. They raised their voice and was very short with me and hung up on me before I had asked all my questions. I did not yell or curse during the call, so there was no reason for that behavior. I am extremely disappointed and displeased with the handling of this situation by American Laser Centers.
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