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American Laser Center Unprofessional
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In October 2009, I visited an American Laser Center located in Greenwood/Indianapolis, Indiana. I have since then been receiving bills for procedures I never fully committed to. Since my first visit, I have never been back to that office, nor have I been treated there for any procedure stating on my bills.

On January 5, 2010, I received a phone call from the financial bank stating these late fees have been reported, affecting my credit. I explained the situation, and was informed to contact American Laser customer service. After talking to a supervisor there, I was directed to dispute these charges, considering I have never been treated, and the transaction was false.

I have been working in an office for four years, collaborating with banks that will finance patient’s payments. No charge, what so ever, should be accounted for until the patient has started a procedure.

Thus being said, the bills I am receiving will not be paid. American Laser Center should have never posted the transaction as a credit, therefore, needs to be refunded to the bank in which it has been leant from. I’ve contacted the office previously, and in return have received no call back. This whole situation seems unreal to me. How can somebody be billed and expected to pay money for a procedure that has or will never be done?

Americal Laser Center is very unprofessional.
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warddw1526 on 01/06/2010:
Did you sign any agreement saying the procedure would be done in the future?
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Beware of American Laser Center
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TEXAS -- American Laser Centers charge a $75 cancellation fee & will not waive it under any circumstance. I've been going to American Laser Center (Fort Worth location) for over a year now & have had very little hair loss. My contract states that I can continue to receive treatments for two years after my initial treatments are over. Recently, American Laser Center changed their cancellation policy. It's now $75 to cancel an appointment if you do not call them the day before. They some times give reminder calls, but you can't depend on that as a reminder because it isn't consistent. They seldom have a human answering the phone, so you have to leave a message. And many times, they don't call you back until the following day. It's one of their many ways to gain extra $$ from you. I have almost two years left on my contract, but they will not let me come back until I pay their $75 fee. Beware of American Laser Centers because it's very expensive & you don't get what you pay for.
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Anonymous on 09/30/2009:
"Beware of American Laser Centers because it's very expensive & you don't get what you pay for."

Unfortunately, laser hair removal doesn't work for everyone. Just like doing the rogaine doesn't always grow hair back, trying to have your hair removed with laser doesn't always work. Some people are just lucky enough to be able to get their hair removed all at once. Some others, it takes the full time the contract is for. And others, well, it just doesn't work no matter what they do.
Like all places, they probably changed their policy for a reason. Too many people taking advantage of not coming into their appointed time, therefore that time (for them) is wasted.
But, why should they waive the fee... fees are there for a purpose.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/30/2009:
Their rules are their rules...sorry...
Eloise on 09/30/2009:
Why do you need someone to call and remind you that you made an appointment?
Nohandle on 09/30/2009:
I'm unfamilar with American Laser Center but do know I receive reminder calls for dental appointments and appointments at another doctor's office. I still jot the appointments down on my calendar at home. $75.00 sounds a bit steep for a non cancelled appointment, even though you tried to cancel it, unless you are a patient who has done this before. Their automated telephone system wasn't working? That should be their problem, not yours.
SharonLB45 on 10/18/2011:
you are an adult, you are responsible for your treatments. I know when I have to go to the doctors office, if I miss there is a fee. They have to do that because their schedules are full and time is money, right?
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American Laser Centers is a SCAM
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DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- First off these people are unprofessional, rude and seem to have contempt for their clients. Once they have your money the smiles goes away. I've bin going there for 2 years now and sill have not gotten the results I paid for ($1000.00). The procedures are very painful and all I've gotten are patchiness, pain and redness. I'm forces to go somewhere else where they have professionals, because it's apparent to me that I'm wasting my time and putting myself through unnecessary pain. I wish I did my homework before going to these people. Now I'm doing all I can to warn people of this company. Beware. American Laser Centers is a SCAM.
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madconsumer on 07/01/2009:
to bad you had to learn the hard way.

great review.

very helpful.
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American Laser - No Refund
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WESTMONT, ILLINOIS -- I also went to American laser and they will not give me a refund. I had a c-section 3 months before and was in intense pain over their attempt. They kept saying it should be fine even though I was crying. Finally the girl stopped. I went to my doctor and my ob said to wait at least 1 year and my primary care dr said I am not a Candidate for this procedure. Even with 2 doctor notes stating that I am not a Candidate, they still are not giving me a refund. I would like to join the lawsuit and I also know of another person too.

They also refused to give me my medical records. Perhaps this is a medical malpractice issue too since they ignored me?
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Crooks and Misleading
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Don't bother getting treatment and save your money. There really is no warranty since the treatments did not work for me or my wife. They will tell you that you are a perfect candidate and the treatments do not hurt. All are false!!

They will treat you nice in the room and do not seem to keep there employees since you have different treatments and they have the laser turned down low so you really do not get the response you could have possibly received and are too worried about "burning" you but you get "burnt" anyway with the price.
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Very Unhappy With Results They Stole $$$
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HOUSTON, VIRGINIA -- This is actually written on my mother's behalf. She went in 3 years ago to have full face laser and she was told laser would even take care of coarse white hairs (that was a lie)!!!! My mother prepaid over $2,000. Not only did 16 sessions not work she was scared on her face. We tried to get her $ back but impossible unless you sue them!!!!

They offered her 3 microderm for her scars (did not help at all) They were very rude to her they told her that they couldn't work a miracle and couldn't do anything else.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 03/23/2009:
as you found out, laser treatments do not work on white, grey, or red hair.

very helpful.
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Poor Customer Service And No Results
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DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- As a patient in the Dearborn facility, I was extremely disappointed and learned a very expensive mistake. To schedule an appointment was like pulling teeth and upon arrival of the scheduled time, it was delayed to 30 minutes or 15 minutes with an additional delay of 15 to 30 minutes more without being informed. To be placed in the waiting list, was another issue, the management or scheduler has a list of clients that are of more priority and was not fair in letting other clients know of availability. I started my procedure in December 2008 and it is now March 2009 and still no results. The cream that was given to me to be used along with the procedure irritated my skin and gave me ringworm. I consulted a dermatologist and informed the management of the irritation but they did not offer a separate cream to help the irritation.

With the inconvenience of constantly waiting and seeing no results, I requested to be moved to different facility because I couldn't tolerate the unprofessionalism and very poor customer service. Save your money and get chemical peels or plastic surgery, you will get better results.
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Unprofessional, Untrained, Poor Management And Scars To Prove It
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I went to American Laser Center of Dallas. When I signed up, I was told it would take six sessions with two years to go back if any came back after the six sessions. When I asked how others had treatments I was told just about everyone sees great and immediate results and I would too. It has now been three years.

Often I would have to wait for treatments because they were running late. During that time, I overheard the technicians discussing a burn on another client. One of the girls accidentally switched the numbers on the laser. When the client's phone call was returned they mentioned that she flinched causing the burn.

Over the three years, I had minimal results on my lip and eyebrows and absolutely no results on my underarms. I was also burned five times and now have scars from it.

I went in for my last treatment and asked for a refund. I was told it would be sent to medical and I would hear back in one week. She also mentioned since she could see results it would probably go my way. Two weeks later, I called to find out what medical said. They forgot to send it. A month later, I called again. After leaving multiple messages I finally got someone live. She promised to call me back that day. Another two weeks, they offer me repurchasing the package for half-price for six more treatments. $3,000 for nothing but scars. Go anywhere but American Laser Center of Dallas.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 01/22/2009:
Scars are permanent. I would sue them for damages.
Anonymous on 01/23/2009:
Before I would sue, I'd consult with a board certified dermatologist. He/she can tell you if the scars are permanent and if scar ablation would be possible (and the cost). You may also want to read some of the online material about vitamin E and scar resolution. Helpful post.
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ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- I have purchased many types of treatments at ALC, including hair removal, vela shape, and microderm abrasion.

I am putting this out there to let everyone know that I was electrocuted while getting a vela shape treatment. Not only was I surprised that the equipment shocked me, but what was more shocking is how the company handled it!!

I was shocked during one treatment- the electricity went down my leg and out my foot. I did not suffer any burns, but my leg was numb for 4 hours after. The manager in the office reassured me that they would get a new machine and I should come back the next day. VERY RELUCTANTLY, I went back the next day. They reassured me it was a new machine and that they used it on several people that morning. Unbelievably, I got shocked AGAIN during this treatment!! Come to find out they had only used the small attachment on other clients, had not replaced the machine, and used it on me again!!

They apologized and that was it. No free services offered, no peace of mind that this was not going to happen again.

I didn't get any satisfaction from the management at the office- do I decided to call corporate.

The customer service representative had the audacity to say 'well if there weren't any burns and no photographs taken of the affected area, then there is really no evidence that it happened, is there? So what exactly do you want us to do for you?'

Can you believe this!!!???? Because I still can't. I have no idea what my next move is going to be.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 12/15/2008:
Since you are here posting this review you were not electrocuted. Electrocution is a fatal event. Shocked, yes, but not electrocuted.
hubbard53 on 12/15/2008:
had you been electrocuted, you wouldn't be writing a review :)

Electrocution refers to a fatal exposure to electrical shock. SO you were not electrocuted; merely shocked.
Ponie on 12/15/2008:
What crime did you commit for which you received 'electrocution?' BTW, MI does not have the death penalty.
Flowerbud on 09/26/2009:
Um, yeah I would agree with the above. You were shocked. But, why would it be the company's fault that you were shocked, and why would they DO something for you for their equipment shocking you?? You have to be smart and know that there are always risks involved when it comes to lasers! I would consider myself lucky that I didn't get any marks or scarring.
Anonymous on 09/26/2009:
Flower my thoughts too. Didn't you have to sign a disclosure? Were you not given a risk evaluation? Your complaint is that you didn't get an apology or free services...Not that you were shocked. services would have made it all better huh? I mean, heck, you could get shocked, but at least you would get shocked free.
fionaflyby21 on 09/26/2009:
I agree that an apology was not enough. After the second time, you should not be charged for that day's service and corporate should have told you that the safety of their clients is a high priority. According to LadyScot, being shocked is something she is comfortable with - no need to dwell on YOUR discomfort, now is there?
Eloise on 09/27/2009:
'No free services offered, no peace of mind that this was not going to happen again.'
Do you really want to go back for a 'free service'? Would that make it all right?
Anonymous on 09/27/2009:
El, that was my thought. The OP sounds like being shocked would be acceptable if she didn't have to pay for it.
Fufu487 on 09/27/2009:
I think shock would be a risk of the treatment. But the cetnre should have handled it better. They should NOT have assured you it was a new machine if it was not.
joshg on 10/02/2010:
Instead of arguing over whether electrocution implies death, why not focus on the fact this woman was electrically shocked on separate occasions without recourse.
PepperElf on 10/02/2010:
I'd suggest the following.

1) Contact your doctor. You will need to be checked out anyway after receiving 2 shocks. Plus you'll need the documentation anyway if you are seeking legal action

2) board of health. can't hurt to see if they can check this place out for health / safety risks

3) lawyer.

good luck. I know how much it sucks taking a shock.
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Happy In Miami Beach - Thanks To American Laser Centers!
Posted by on
MIAMI -- I have purchased about every possible treatment American Laser offers and am ecstatic with the results of the Skin Rejuvenation Treatments. I really feel and see myself as 10 years younger and proven by all the compliments I receive by friends, acquaintances and strangers! In addition, I began with Full Body Laser Hair Removal. I attest after 10 years of electrolysis treatments that laser is the way to go. I am extremely satisfied with the facial hair removal laser treatments and definitely much less painful than electrolysis.

Furthermore, Miami Beach center of American Laser has recruited a great team of professional, courteous and competent physician assistants and aestheticians which can make each visit worth the investment.

Thanks Melissa and your team at Miami Beach!
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User Replies:
skrizzle5 on 10/14/2008:
I had the VelaShape procedure done at ALC in NC. After losing weight I still had the cellulite even though I was much more firm then before. I have seen remarkable results and have recommended the procedure to friends.”

SharonLB45 on 10/18/2011:
glad you had good results. its nice to hear the good a company does too
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