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American Laser Centers
24555 Hallwood Ct.
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
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Crooks and Misleading
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Don't bother getting treatment and save your money. There really is no warranty since the treatments did not work for me or my wife. They will tell you that you are a perfect candidate and the treatments do not hurt. All are false!! They will treat you nice in the room and do not seem to keep their employees since you have different treatments and they have the laser turned down low so you really do not get the response you could have possibly received and are too worried about "burning" you but you get "burnt" anyway with the price.

Very Unhappy With Results They Stole $$$
By -

HOUSTON, VIRGINIA -- This is actually written on my mother's behalf. She went in 3 years ago to have full face laser and she was told laser would even take care of coarse white hairs (that was a lie)!!!! My mother prepaid over $2,000. Not only did 16 sessions not work she was scarred on her face. We tried to get her $ back but impossible unless you sue them!!!! They offered her 3 microderm for her scars (did not help at all). They were very rude to her. They told her that they couldn't work a miracle and couldn't do anything else.

Poor Customer Service And No Results
By -

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- As a patient in the Dearborn facility, I was extremely disappointed and learned a very expensive mistake. To schedule an appointment was like pulling teeth and upon arrival of the scheduled time, it was delayed to 30 minutes or 15 minutes with an additional delay of 15 to 30 minutes more without being informed. To be placed in the waiting list, was another issue, the management or scheduler has a list of clients that are of more priority and was not fair in letting other clients know of availability. I started my procedure in December 2008 and it is now March 2009 and still no results.

The cream that was given to me to be used along with the procedure irritated my skin and gave me ringworm. I consulted a dermatologist and informed the management of the irritation but they did not offer a separate cream to help the irritation.

With the inconvenience of constantly waiting and seeing no results, I requested to be moved to different facility because I couldn't tolerate the unprofessionalism and very poor customer service. Save your money and get chemical peels or plastic surgery, you will get better results.

Unprofessional, Untrained, Poor Management And Scars To Prove It
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I went to American Laser Center of Dallas. When I signed up, I was told it would take six sessions with two years to go back if any came back after the six sessions. When I asked how others had treatments I was told just about everyone sees great and immediate results and I would too. It has now been three years.

Often I would have to wait for treatments because they were running late. During that time, I overheard the technicians discussing a burn on another client. One of the girls accidentally switched the numbers on the laser. When the client's phone call was returned they mentioned that she flinched causing the burn. Over the three years, I had minimal results on my lip and eyebrows and absolutely no results on my underarms. I was also burned five times and now have scars from it.

I went in for my last treatment and asked for a refund. I was told it would be sent to medical and I would hear back in one week. She also mentioned since she could see results it would probably go my way. Two weeks later, I called to find out what medical said. They forgot to send it. A month later, I called again. After leaving multiple messages I finally got someone live. She promised to call me back that day. Another two weeks, they offer me repurchasing the package for half-price for six more treatments. $3,000 for nothing but scars. Go anywhere but American Laser Center of Dallas.

American Laser Center False Guarantee
By -

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- My mother and I were approached by a consultant for American Laser Center, at a bridal show we had attended back in January 2005. Skeptical, she wanted to speak with a president or person of higher authority. If you plan on spending money, you don't want to take a loss for something that certainly doesn't work. We finally purchased a package in September 2005, as they promised me results by my wedding, which was the following month. That was a lie.

It has been 3 years since I have started my treatment. Every time I go in, the person never treats the same area, that I paid for. When I complain, I am told that I would have to buy another package to get treated in nearby areas. I find that rather deceptive.

For those of you who have PCOS and have the embarrassment of facial hair, do not fall for American Laser Center telling you, "we have treated many women with PCOS and they no longer have facial hair." Trust me, I am not the only woman out there who has had a bad experience with American Laser.

American Laser also promised me that after my 3rd treatment, I would have to use my personal trimmer to get rid of hair, as often as I would. It would be a monthly thing, no longer a weekly thing. Deceptive once again. They have a 2 year guarantee, they will touch up areas for no charge. Well, it's been 3 years and I haven't seen the results I was promised.

If you plan on getting pregnant, they do not cover any hair that grows back in the treated area, during your pregnancy. So, their guarantee is false. You will never have hair grow back in treated areas. This is want the stress when they first approach you.

Every time I have been in for an appointment, they try to get me to agree to them to treat other areas and that I can get this Care Credit to cover it. Why would I want to spend more money on a product that I have not see results with? Then they try to tell me that I need some other treatment, to help the laser remove my hair for good. So, another $2,000 they want me to spend on a product. I think not. If you have considered laser hair removal through American Laser, reconsider and go elsewhere. I honestly do not know if there is a "honest" laser service out there that will live up to its promise.

Complaint On Service and Poor Results
By -

BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE -- The nice things first: I have been going to the Brentwood office for over a year and a half and have never seen the office dirty. I work in an operating room and am over sensitive about dust and clutter. The staff is friendly.

Now the not so nice things: The over $4,000.00 I spent PLUS the time involved has not paid off in results and it is very disheartening. I am on my 8th hair removal treatment and have only seen a 40-50% reduction in hair. I can't justify the money I spent on under arms, full bikini, and leg(s) hair removal.

I was frustrated on my 6th visit when photos was taken of all areas (under arms, full bikini, and legs) to show progress of the hair removal. We are instructed to shave before our appointments at home because the laser will not work if the hair is there. They took photos of me after I shaved. How insane is that for them to take photos for progress after I shaved. Of course there is no hair there, I shaved with a razor.

Other issues, the phone goes to answering machine most of the time. I've left up to three messages over a 5 day window before someone called back. The first time this happen I thought it was just a temporary issue but have had similar thing happen several times in the last year and half.

The computer is "down" a lot so scheduling has been difficult at times. Their paper record keeping has been poor and some of the staff are not proficient with their computer skills as they spend 5 to 10 minutes figuring out when my next appointment will be.

My appointments are every 7 weeks apart. However, scheduling conflicts with American Laser in Brentwood may make them 8 to 9 weeks apart. I'm not happy about that.

I've researched several medical journals that hair laser could be every 4 weeks apart but ALC has rejected this as acceptable practice.

Having poor results upsets me the most but second to that is: The technician swears she does not skip areas while applying the laser but she does. She should research "Two-Point Discrimination on skin". I (clients) can tell when areas are skipped and it takes away their creditability to insist otherwise. But I have over $4,000 invested in the hair package and I signed a contract so I have no recourse but to go back each time, go by their rules, and hope for the best.


The Clinic Manager That Curses In Front Of The Clients!
By -

CASTRO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- The manager of the Castro Valley clinic, Miriam, I believe her name is, is THE most unprofessional and THE rudest manager I've ever met. I was one of the clients on 8/29/08. While my nurse was doing my treatment and while I was half naked, manager Miriam kept entering the room, and kept cursing about this other client. She knocked and my nurse said hold on a minute and tried to cover me up but Miriam just opened the door and said "S word", this guy is making me "f word" crazy. He is full of "s word". I'm sick and tired of his "s word" face". I wrote "s word" because that word is not accepted here.

I was very shocked because she was talking about a client here. She disrupted my treatment 3 or 4 times, and she has the guts to ask my nurse, what's taking the nurse so long to finish my treatment. She has the nerve to say that in front of me! It is very disappointing to know that this company hires people like Miriam. She treated the other employee bad and I feel very violated because I was only in my underwear and she kept entering the room. The nurse kept saying sorry, and I actually feel sorry for the nurse because she was apologizing for her manager's very bad behavior and attitude.

I suggest have a behavior investigation on Miriam, your Castro Valley clinic manager, because she is making the name American Laser Centers look really bad. If you want to investigate, ask the other clients that day, and ask the nurse schedule on that day. You can even try to ask the other nurse about this girl's attitude and I'm pretty sure she has something to say about it. I want to remain anonymous because I just bought a package and I want to enjoy it without the clinic manager cursing all over the place.

I called your 1-877 number to get an address or fax number or something to legally file a report on this matter, but somehow the Rep said that this company does not disclose any information like that over the phone. I think that is funny. But anyway, that is why I am here now. And I hope this message gets to the proper authority.

Excellent Service
By -

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a repeat customer of American Laser Center in
Fremont, CA. They treat you like Royal Blood in a fabulous
Spa setting. The products are excellent - but the Service is

American Laser Centers I GOT BURNED
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I'm happy
By -

WAUWATOSA, WISCONSIN -- I'm having a good experience. The staff is always nice and professional and always has time to answer any of my questions.

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