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Survey Scam
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Some weeks ago, I received an envelope from the American Mint, requesting I take part in a survey about the Bald Eagle. For taking part in the survey, I would receive a Bald Eagle Collectible knife and a wristwatch for my time and effort, an would only be charged $4.95 shipping and handling. This afternoon, I received a package from American Mint. Inside, I found two white boxes, one marked Bald Eagle Knife Item # 5278152. When I broke the Scotch tape seal on the box, I found a bubble-wrap type material around a nice lockback knife. The other white box was simply marked Item # 5278154. The tape seal had been broken and the bubble material was loose in the main package. In the opened box was another Bald Eagle Knife, identical to the first one. In addition, there was an invoice, they wanted me to pay $49.90 for the Bass Pocket Knife, or it would be turned over for collections. I packaged everything but the one Eagle knife and the watch, as I had paid for them, and enclosed a photo of both the knives, so they couldn't say I kept the Bass knife and sent the eagle knife. told them nothing was ever said about an additional knife or charge when I sent for the knife and watch. they had other merchandise I could order, but I told them they had cut their own throat as far as I was concerned.

I will order nothing else from them. They tried running a scam on me and they lose out on ever selling me anything else.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/14/2007:
Good review, Starlord. Certainly smacks of a scam.
Anonymous on 11/14/2007:
Agree with Emt. (VH info)
Anonymous on 11/14/2007:
starlord, I googled American Mint and it seems that they've had a fair share of lawsuits over scams they've been pulling for years. The most recent one I found was over false advertising of the Freedom Tower coin:
Anonymous on 11/15/2007:
What nerve that the invoice has a threat to turn it over to collections if not paid.
Principissa on 11/15/2007:
I agree with Passing. That is very balsy of them to say they will turn you over to collections. You didn't ask or expect the extra merchandise to be in the box.
Sparticus on 11/15/2007:
Thanks for the warning! I collect such things as well... You see so many in magazines... never know which are stand-up companies versus scams...
Anonymous on 11/15/2007:
Thanks for the review starlord and it is a shame that people will do anything now to try to screw people with there stupid scams and on top of that threats of collections makes me wonder is they have something to do with collection companies?
old fart on 11/15/2007:
Anything on line scares the heck out of me. Anything unsolicited, likewise. These pirates will stop at nothing to get decent people hooked. Did you send it back with postal documentation?
Nohandle on 11/15/2007:
Starlord, with some other members I might question if there was some fine print on the survey where one agreed for additional items to be shipped. In your case I feel you are too observant to have missed that one. Quite interesting there was a different stock number on an identical item. It has been my understanding if an individual/company receives merchandise not ordered he is under no obligation to pay for or return the product and may consider it a gift.
Starlord on 11/15/2007:
The opened box I received was marked with the item number for the Bass Pocket Knife. There was also a certificate of authenticity for the Bass knife. All I could figure is that someone took advantage of the 20 day examination period, and sent back the eagle knife instead of the bass knife. They do have a replica of the 1873 Colt Peacemaker for $29.95 + S&H, but I will never order it now.
pisceandelusions on 11/24/2007:
I used to work at American Mint and I slowly felt my soul and karma slipping away to hell after seeing what kind of operation those Germans were running in there.

People would get charged all the time for stuff they didn't order, seniors on fixed incomes would have their debit cards charged sending their checking accounts into the negative, making it so they couldn't pay their thanksgiving grocery bill, they got letters like that all the time.

You should see the way they run that warehouse. The warehouse manager is a real piece of work, a real meathead. The kind of person who blames all the mistakes on everyone else while behind their back takes the credit for all their innovations.

For a long time I wanted to get the word out about this company, it's a shame they prey on seniors and people who don't take a good long hard look at what they're spending their money on.

The certificates of authenticity are complete crap also. They mass produce them in whatever quantity they want, and the numbering is never kept track of. I wouldn't be surprised if more than one people have an identical certificate. They're just a gimmick.

At least half of the inventory has been returned, meaning it's been sent to a customer, opened or not, returned, looked at by a returns person, sent back to inventory, pulled later by someone else to fill another order, and sent back out, often times not inspected at all.

They don't really pay much attention to what they're doing in there at all and most of the mail they send out is collection letters - they pretend to be the debt collectors too!

I could write a book about this place, I'd love to see a class action against them and everyone who ever gave them a dime refunded... I know a lot about these people...

I'm so glad I got the hell out of there when I did, my conscious couldn't take anymore!
blackwolf on 01/31/2012:
I received the (so-called) J.F.K. tribute coin only to very
disappointed with these cheap knock offs.
Coin is solid copper w/ silver plating, coin made in China.

Also received a cheap wrist watch that was broken!
Tried calling them and was given a recorded message.

This company is a major scam and would suggest
all victims to notify their state attorney generals office
and file a complaint.

Note: products are really gumball machine trinkets!
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