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Posted by Avilikud on 01/29/2013
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We ordered furniture, from American Signature Furniture about 6 months ago. We spent a substantial amount of money and received complete garbage. After weeks of playing phone tag, their manager finally called me back. They agreed to replace our furniture, but would no longer honor the warranty we previously purchased with our initial purchase. During the delivery of our new couch, they tore a piece of leather on one of the legs. Of course we complained, and they showed nothing but disdain for us.

Stay away from these people, do not shop at American Signature Furniture, they're unprofessional and completely rude. I regret ever stepping foot in that store.

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Posted by Colleenmu454 on 12/12/2012
PLYMOUTH MEETING, PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a new mattress/box-spring and a couch set about 8 months ago. Our mattress has since bubbled and is caving in. Someone came out to look at it and while he was out commented on how bad it was. The company is now saying that they will not cover the warranty and it has been voided. They are claiming it is due to a stain, even though we use the mattress protector!!!! There is nothing they can do! I will NEVER buy from this company again. It may be a bit cheaper, but not worth the hassle!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-13:
The reason for a mattress protector is to protect against stains. It's a very common requirement for all mattress and a source for a variety of complaints on both this site and others.

You don't seem to claim that this proverbial stain doesn't exist; only that you were using a mattress protector. That being the case, the mattress should be stain free, but evidently is not which would indicate it was being used at some point without said protector.

It's a helpful post if for nothing more to remind people to protect their mattress if they intend on utilizing their warranty.

Thanks for the post.
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Terrible Experience - 5 months for delivery
Posted by Rickout on 03/07/2012
MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had ordered a coffee table and end tables at the end of Nov. 2011. At the time, we were told they would be delivered Jan. 4th, 2012. When they didn't come, I called. Turns out they had pushed back the delivery to March 5th, 2012 without notifying us or offering any explanation. March 5th came and went, again with no delivery, no phone call, and no explanation. They now say it will be April 7th. We paid them money for their product all the way back in November and have gotten nothing for it. Nobody will field our complaint. The employees at the store say it isn't their problem. I encourage all to NEVER shop at American Signature.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-03-07:
Dispute the charge on your CC. Failing that, take them to small claims court.
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"Not Quality"
Posted by Tffnypipes on 09/08/2011
I won't talk much about their furniture because I haven't personally bought it and from what iv seen and heard about it, I don't plan to ever buy it. If their furniture is as poor quality as the medal bedrails iv BOUGHT TWICE in 3 years time then id avoid American signatures products. My husband and I were sleeping last night when all a sudden our bed rails gave in putting us to the floor. I'm going on the 3rd set of bedrails in just 3 years. My husband and I together don't weight over 330lbs and even if we were up in weight, if these rails were better quality they would hold up for more then a year and a half. The manufactures warranty is up after 1 year so as far as American signature is concerned I'm up the creek with out a paddle by only 2 months. But thanks to Value City Furniture for replacing them at no cost and giving me the option to get a completely different set of rails.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-08:
This is exactly what I mean when recommending speaking with the retailer you purchase an item through. With additional guarantees or warranties, the retailer can help considerably.

Good to hear the outcome.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2011-09-08:
Value City is American Signature Furniture.
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Want me to pay to return defective merchandise
Posted by Hangryesq on 06/03/2011
SUNRISE, FL -- I recently purchased a 60" television stand on sale for $499. I chose to pick up my item as the delivery charge was almost $125. When we unwrapped the TV stand, it was apparent that the doors were not mounted evenly. We immediately called ASF and advised them of the situation. We were told (laugh now) to bring the stand back and they would fix it, and we could pick it up at a later date as they do not provide in-home service for picked-up items. Did I mention the stand was 150 pounds? I advised the store manager that I had an empty 5000 sq. foot house to furnish, and if I brought the TV stand back, it would be a return and not a repair. She blew me off and said okay... apparently they do not care about my business. It is easier for me to find a different furniture store than it is for American Signature Furniture to find a customer that needs to furnish 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a dining room, a library, and a loft. Good riddance that I had not wasted my time purchasing anything else there.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-05:
Since you elected to do the pick up your self any return would be your responsibility. However, if I had been the manager, I would have tried to do a compromise in order to satisfy the customer, if possible, so as not to lose future business. Sometimes bargain furniture store s are more intent on volume, though, rather than service.
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Buyer Beware, really beware
Posted by Anjfrompa on 03/28/2011
Wow, I can't believe American Signature Furniture was so afraid that my negative posts would alert other potential customers to beware of their poor products, horrible customer service and refusal to get it right that they removed all of them from their FaceBook site. All I can say is buyer beware!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-03-28:
Details would be really helpful.
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-03-29:
So what happened? How did they try to resolve it? What were the comments you posted on their Facebook site?
Posted by anjfrompa on 2011-03-30:
I don't know if it will all fit but I actually saved my posts to forward on to the president. By the way, he didn't reply. I was responding to another unhappy customer on the site as I was waiting for my situation to be resolved with my damaged fireplace, and the other customer was waiting for the 3rd time for someone to repair her damaged table (delivered that way) . Their quality control, customer service and corp office staff are very poor. They used to be pretty good but I heard a long time top official left and a Jonathon runs the show now. It appears that if you express dissatisfaction, they look the other way hoping you will disappear. What great way to keep customers...they haven't a clue. My post is below. I have quite a few but I'll just post the last one.

Andrea: I so agree. This is my reply to AS from Friday's post: To AS:Who has been working long and hard for me? Not one person follows up. They say they are going to follow up, and don't. It's not regretful that I don't feel the same. If someone has been working long and hard then why haven't they kept me informed? Today we called for the manager again. Another person took the call. He took a message. The other person called us back and said the manager was willing to give us a $60.00 credit on the defective fireplace or have it picked up and refund our money. Remember, this is the same style fireplace that we have had issues with, (repaired, replaced several times) and then finally are told it has been discontinued. The May 2010 issue had us wait 7 months for a part. You appeared to be understanding which is a huge part of customer service, but please don't tell me that the associates have worked long and hard. If someone was trying to assist me, and working hard behind the scenes, shame on AS for not informing me, the customer. AS still hasn't a clue on how to treat and keep customers. I will write to Jonathon (president) and appreciate the email address. Careful words, like you use on this site, protect your company, that I understand. But when those words don't transition into action, they are just empty words. Follow up is a Huge part of customer satisfaction. Of course, I could have had the fireplace returned all along, but remember I just wanted it in the condition it should have been in when I purchased it, which isn't the end result is it? No one worked hard. This was just passed from one person's plate to another's. I have never spent this much time expressing my dissatisfaction publicly, but I really want others to be aware. After the many unhappy postings on your site and the many, many others I found on the internet, I have nothing to worry about. Such a shame.

American Signature Furniture: Andrea- I'm going to have to ask you to stop spamming the board. We've acknowledged your concerns on several occasions and you are now posting the same thing on different threads. If you continue to behave this way, we will be forced to ban you from the page. You absolutely have a right to your opinion, you don't have the right to rant and disrupt other fans on the board.

Andrea: You won't be forced, AS had never acknowledged my concerns they just wanted to know the issue and then.....nothing. I certainly don't need this page to express my opinion. As far as disrupting others, that was not my intent, it was to protect others and I apologize if I offended anyone. I have no further need of your page. Last night was to be my last post. I certainly wish you had not replied. You have the experience to deal with happy, satisfied customers but lack the experience the deal with unhappy, dissatisfied customers. A reply is not needed. I will be removing AS from my list.

My posts were removed. The bottom line is I waited 7 months for a transformer for an entertainment center. The light went out the first week. A few months later I spent another 2600.00 at the store. I had to have the dresser that was delivered replaced due to shoddy workmanship and then fireplace was repaired twice and replaced twice. I was out of town when they came for the last replacement and they delivered another broken fireplace. As you can see, I was very unhappy and let them know it. I didn't see my post as offensive on an open forum, just factual. Rather then dealing with it, they removed it. I have spent 6500.00 in the store in the last 3 years and was not finished yet. I love the American Signature style, but cannot deal with shoddy workmanship and very poor service. I finally did get the corp number after awhile, it seemed to be a top secret number that the managers could not give out. A young guy called me and promised to follow up with me the next day. You guessed it, he never called back. I am an ex-customer of AS.
Posted by usarmy cop on 2013-03-15:
The same thing happened to me. They removed all of my complaints too and blocked me.
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Posted by Hurricane Bob on 02/21/2011
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- American Signature should be forced to change their name. Literally 99% of what they sell is imported from the Far East. Cheap quality, overpriced and they do not stand behind their product. We purchased 2 leather sofas and that were represented as 100% leather. Obviously this is not true as the leather is separating from the backing and looks terrible with only moderate use. We contacted the store and customer service said "Too bad, nothing we can do. They do not make leather like they use to."

Do not do business with these folks if you want a retailer that will stand behind what they sell. There are too many other choices out there that are reputable and will stand behind their product.
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Obnoxious TV Commercials
Posted by Obnoxious on 02/01/2011
Do any of you realize how totally obnoxious your TV commercials are? If I had no furniture at all and you were giving it away...I would NOT take advantage of it simply because of the offensive and obnoxious nature of your commercials. That song is completely out of sink with the subject matter of the ad...and you repeat it over and over in the course of a program. Honestly, I immediately change channels when I hear it. In fact, I had to keep from changing channels long enough to see who the company was that the commercial was for...in order to know who to send this complain to. Apart from the fact that its OLD! It might be time to try something else.

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Posted by old fart on 2011-02-01:
Where is this company?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-02-01:
Got your attention did it not?
Posted by old fart on 2011-02-01:
Could be in Timbuktu for all anyone knows!
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-02-02:
Where is this company? If they (or any other furniture company for that matter) were to give away free furniture I'd want in, I wouldn't care what there commercial was like.
Posted by VCF/ASF Corporate Customer Service on 2011-02-02:
We appreciate any feedback and we are working hard to improve our services. Thank you for
your time.
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-02-02:
I've never seen these commercials and I'd like to know how they're offensive. Obnoxious I can understand, anything can be overplayed to that point.
Posted by Harold Overton on 2013-02-17:
I agree that commercial that's playing now is just plain stupid for two idiots dancing around in presidential costumes how stupid, your selling furniture,what's. The problem you need some one to write better material call me 615 260 3796/ 3187 LaGrange dr Nashville Tn 37218
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Cushion Warranty?! WOW!! I should have walked out then!
Posted by Assucks on 01/02/2011
MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I am not a picky nor am I a complainer. Through out the last 20 years while having 4 kids and a cat... I have purchased about 6 different sofas. From just starting out from used furniture from Rent-A-Center, new from: Unclaimed Freight, Levitz, Raymour & Flanigans, due to style change or just an update, never because the furniture wasn't any good... However until I went to American Signature Furniture and purchased the "Magic Camel Sleeper Sofa" August of 2009... I was asked at the time of purchase if I wanted a Cushion Warranty and I remember thinking how odd that question was. I repeated it to the salesman and said really ? I told him, I purchased furniture from cheaper places than this and never had a problem like that, it wasn't a question about the springs in the sofa but the cushions... Well around April/May of 2010 the cushions became completely flat, when you sit, the frame digs into the back of your thighs, I rotate the cushions once a week & let them sit out to regain some firmness and about an hour of sitting on them they're right back to flat again... Cushion Warranty?! I should have walked out then!.!.
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Quality has gone down
Posted by Robert0380 on 10/14/2010
I bought pieces from their Camp Granada line about 1 year ago. I went in the store yesterday (10/14/2010) to purchase more pieces from the same line only to find that the quality has been cut DRASTICALLY. The furniture is now made of light weight cheap wood. The drawer boxes are smaller and no longer dove tailed. They are stapled together. The drawer boxes don't pull out the way they used to ( I couldn't pull one out at all). The furniture is very light. The pieces I have at home are solid wood and very heavy. The new junk they are selling now is pitiful. Maybe they decided it was best to make cheap furniture given the state of the economy but I don't buy cheap furniture so they have lost my business.

The employess in the store I was in have noticed the change and they were very nice and understanding. One lady said she would bring up our issue in her store meeting, but I doubt it will change anything...at least I won't be holding my breath.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-10-14:
From what you described, it sounds like the Oak furniture you were looking for, is now being made from partical board. Does this store manufacture the furniture, or is it manufactured by someone else? If it is, try contacting them.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-10-14:
This "Camp Granada" furniture wasn't pieced together by kids from Allan Sherman's summer camp, by any chance? Hello muddah, hello faddah, you got junk called "Camp Granada". The supplier of this furniture needs to build it to high quality again. Cheap furniture belongs to Walmart or Big Lots. Not a major furniture company like American Signature.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-14:
GenuineNerd, I had to laugh. Haven't heard that song in a l-o-n-g time. Does sound like the furniture company has slipped big time.
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