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Failure to back warranty
Posted by Imtheboss71559 on 10/02/2012
WHITEHALL, PENNSYLVANIA -- Two years ago I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat. When it was purchased the salesperson told it it has a limited lifetime warranty. Well the cable that operates the reclining portion of sofa broke. And now they say because they say its not asf branded furniture, even though it has a tag on it stating made for asf .
There are lots of other furniture places out there, and I will never make another purchase from them!

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Posted by Kelly on 2013-02-04:
AS is denying our warranty too! Our sectional sofa is caving in in 3 spots and they said because we moved our warranty is void... We are not done with them! the couch is 2 yrs old.
Posted by usarmycop on 2013-03-15:
Same thing with me will not warranty it even though they own the company that made mine. They also took down my Facebook complaint and blocked me.
Posted by usarmycop on 2013-03-15:
They are denying mine too.
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Quality Furniture & Quality Service
Posted by Pop on 09/08/2007
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- 09/08/07 Fort Lauderdale Fl.
Sawgrass Mills Mall-

American Signature Furniture is the place people need to know about if they are looking for Quality Furniture-( workmanship is superior ) Moderate prices - Friendly and Professional Sales Department and Delivery Crew. This was my first experience with this store, I found them on the Web BUT needed to see the
actual merchandise- When I did I was very impressed with there furniture - all quality made. There is such a variety to see in the store and you can browse for hours if you like they do not RUSH you.

After taking your order they discuss the delivery - this is your choice again-
The night before they are scheduled to bring your furniture they call to confirm the time. The delivery is ON TIME, ( no waiting at home all day endlessly )

The drivers are as polite and extremely careful of other home furnishings when entering your home with the new merchandise. The pieces came completely wrapped in blankets and cellophane paper that needed to be removed. After setting up the dresser and attaching the mirror and making sure everything was perfect-and in the location of your choice They leave your home spotless and take with
them all discarded material.

You can be SURE I am writing today to let everyone know what good service from the beginning to the end this company offers. I hope after this review more people will shopthere. You will not be disappointed.

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Sales Lied, No Real Return Policy, Poor Quality Furniture And Service
Posted by Meisert on 07/31/2010
SMYRNA, GEORGIA -- Piece of crap. I looked around at several furniture stores and bought this bed because I wanted a "Solid" Wood platform bed with drawers underneath. I asked the sales person twice if it was "Solid" wood which she replied yes it's all "Solid" wood. Apparently even the term "Solid Wood" now has any meaning you want, because when I brought it home took it out of the box the next week I could clearly see each piece I took out was Particle board wrapped in a veneer. This was exactly what I wanted to avoid all along since I know particle board is crap and your lucky to get 5 years out particle furniture without getting lots of nicks and/or other serious damage.

When I tried to assemble the bed a couple of joint pieces were removed for some reason, so I tried to screw them back in only to realize they were left off because the screw holes were stripped already.

I was told by sales the bed had a lifetime warranty on defects of the bed. This was clearly a defect to me. So I called the store to return the bed, only to find out a return could only be done within "7" days of the purchase. That's right only 7 days. I've never heard of such a short return policy.

I talked to manager who would only keep reiterating I could not return it, but they could have a service technician come out and try to fix it or replace defected parts. After explaining the whole story to him and how the genesis of my compliant is really that I was lied to about the product, I realized I was not going to get anywhere.

So now I'm stuck with a piece of junk that they will try to repair. But here's the thing. The defective joints that screw in to hold these very heavy pieces of wood together are just way too small for the job. And so I'm stuck with a poorly built product that maybe they can band-aid together and will later break again.

So bottom line is I would be very cautious about buying anything from ASF. And make sure you inspect and return a bad product immediately since they have a ridiculously short 7 day return policy. I rate both the product and service quality as very low. So be warned. And if the prices are low, it's likely because the quality and service are so bad.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-01:
All to often a salesperson will say anything to make a sale, true or not. To me, 'solid' means just that and not 'veneer'. Drop a note to the BBB just to make an official record of this.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-01:
I would have interpreted what you said as not being veneer as well, but it goes to show the question should have been, "Is this veneer?".
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Posted by Jenricher on 06/28/2008
CLAY, NEW YORK -- I went into American Signature in Clay, NY with my family SEVERAL times before deciding on a bedroom set that I really liked. Every time we went in, we were greeting annoyingly by the same salesman and never once did he remember us, even though he spoke with us almost every time we went in. He was obnoxious each time, and always with the same "WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME, what brings the WHOLE family in today?" We were in almost every week for a month. You'd think we at least looked familiar. Well after we kept coming back because I had my heart set on this particular bed set. we spoke in detail with this man about the quality of the furniture. Also about the slanders we found on the internet about the company saying their furniture was junk and fell apart rather quickly, that customer service was terrible, they couldn't get people out to fix what was broken. All he could come back with was that they had corporate lawyers that would take care of that. Then he continued to go on about the quality, and that all of their dressers come with English dove tailing, slats for the beds, dust covers. That we wouldn't find that ANYWHERE in upstate NY. He bashed all of the furniture stores in the area saying their furniture couldn't come close. That dovetailing couldn't be found in this area. Well I will tell you something. I will never walk into that store again. We purchased a beautiful bedroom set at Raymour and Flanigan. The drawers are dovetailed, dust covered, the bed comes with rails AND slats which he said no other place does that. I refuse to pay for junk. The prices in AMerican Signature are low, because their quality is low. They should be shut down for selling junk. I bought better furniture in Big Lots.

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Posted by drarer on 2008-07-16:
We purchased 11 pieces of furniture from American Signature - Brandon, Fl on 7/7/08 and were told all pieces were in stock and would be delivered on Friday. Of the 11 pieces purchased in cash and paid in full - 7 pieces were damaged, defective or not delivered. One night stand was not delivered because it was mysteriously not in stock (when I called asking why, they stated they had 199 of those items in stock "not sure why it wasn’t delivered). The swivel chair was not delivered because it was noticeably damaged and was not loaded onto the truck. The $900 armoire, aside from being noticeably chipped and scratched (the chair must have been horrendous if they didn’t notice this damage); it looked as if it was built by 3rd graders. The doors were extremely crooked, the knobs didn’t match up and they would barely close. One of the TV cart's doors was crooked and would not close, as well as, had noticeable scratches. The chaise lounge leather was defective (I was told they would come out a week later to look at it to determine if they would repair it or replace it. What?!?!?!?). I ordered the King size bed and chest of drawers package...I received 2 king size beds and NO chest. (I wish I could fit 2 king size beds in my bedroom...aside form the fact this isn’t Dick Van Dyke and my husband and I sleep in the same bed). After a lengthy and frustrating - what I call a fight - with this store they agreed to credit the price of a night stand and the fictitious delivery fee that they make up. I was somewhat satisfied with this solution. My husband took ANOTHER day off from work for the replacement delivery. The night before the 2nd delivery we received a message stating the armoire and TV cart would not be delivered as it was damaged. After another “fight” with the operations manager of this store (I wasn’t even asking for additional credit. I wanted the chaise replaced with the rest of the furniture. Not repaired.), we agreed that they would come with an empty truck and pick up all of their 2nd hand, less than Salvation Army quality, over-priced furniture and credit my account in full. American Signature’s furniture is not only over priced in comparison to the quality of the furniture (obviously); Their staff has extremely poor customer service skills.
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Do not get the leather warranty!!!
Posted by Ryan-Atlanta on 05/13/2010
SMYRNA, GEORGIA -- I recently purchased a leather sofa and chair from American Signature Furniture at 2540 Cumberland Blvd in Smyrna, GA. The sales lady talked me into buying the leather warranty on the sofa and chair for nearly $250. She told me that the warranty covers 'everything' as long as we tell them what ever happen to the leather was an accident.

Recently, I discovered a few very deep scratches on the leather of the sofa and called American Signature Furniture about the scratches. I was promptly told that the warranty does not cover scratches. I then talked to the warranty company and they told me the same thing. They did tell me that it covered tears but since I already told them it was a scratch they would not cover. I then asked if I took a knife and made a tear in the sofa before I called about the scratch would it be covered. They told me it would.

I have had the most difficult time with this issue. I have to call repeatedly before anyone will return my calls at American Signature Furniture. They are very rude when I try to discuss the issue.

I would not recommend American Signature Furniture to even my worst enemy! With the service I have received over this issue I will never be a customer of American Signature Furniture again!
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Posted by bizzy817 on 2010-05-15:
Well I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, and feel that way... I've working in retail for 3 going on 4yrs and have been working for Value City Furniture(American Sig. Company store) for a month and a half now here in St. Louis, MO. Now I don't know what they teach their sales associates down there, but up here they teach us to never miss lead the customers and give good customer service. first let me say this, when I offer an add on (Leather Protection, Stain Safe, etc), not just doing it to increase my sales to meet my goals. I do it so you can get the most out of it and not have to worry about replacing something within a year because it all messed. So when you're offered an extended service plan do consider it, but only after you know what all it covers. It is the associate's responsibility though to tell you what all it covers and give you a brochure about the things it cover just to assure you of the features and services. A good example the people at Best Buy don't get paid off commission but they still try to get people to but their service plans, and thats because they know things happen and some things are to expensive to be replacing after a year or even a week after you get it. But in our Leather protection brochure it says it covers; Food and Beverage stains, Human and Pet bodily fluids, Rips, Tears, Burns, Ballpoint, Pen ink, and lip stick... I must admit I think it's stupid that they didn't just look at it as a tear or rip tho seeing how a deep scratch is almost practically the same thing. But no I don't just tell my customers anything just to get a sale, that's stupid I would want to walk into a store as a customer and have that happen to me, i am a consumer too. But I can't blame you for not going back after that experience. That's not professional.
Posted by William on 2012-09-14:
Extended Warranty if the stuff was made right you would not need one its ridiculous. Its a shame its a throw away world.
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Delivered Used Furniture and Pretended It Was NEW!
Posted by Karen2388 on 02/13/2014
BRANDON, FLORIDA -- We went into our local Brandon store several times before deciding to purchase the Table, Chairs, China Cabinet and Buffet set. They tried selling me about three different types of warranties and told me that the $125 delivery fee was well worth it as EVERYTHING is covered if they mess up the furniture.

Well it took FOUR weeks for the table/chairs and China cabinet to arrive, still no Buffet after 6 weeks. When they delivered they left white packing material all over my home and all inside the China cabinet. They told my daughter the two drawers on the China cabinet were sticking because ".. It's new furniture and that's what new furniture does" REALLY??? They had HUGE gaping scratches all over the front of the China cabinet (the interior gut keep going on and then slowly coming back on) and the bottom of the table was scratched and sun bleached, yes they found out later as a mistake they delivered me a USED table, the China cabinet must have been dropped and the chair had a pen ink stain on it...I called and ask to speak to a manager but Nikki wouldn't get on the phone with me and told the customer service representative to have me email her the pictures, REALLY!!!!

I called the home office only to wait on an answer for over 35 minutes, so I called the store back and finally Mike got on the phone and said he would speak to delivery and get right back to me so he could help me. I will keep everyone updated on how that worked, but thus far NOTHING has been done and the furniture looks like it was assembled by five year olds. Everything is off center and cheap looking, finish is flaking and UN even. It's just a horrible experience all around. I am heartbroken. Please be careful about using this company.
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Posted by Tishan27 on 09/24/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I don't even know where to begin with the HORRIBLE experience I've had with this store. I bought my living room and dining room set 6 months ago and it has come with issues from the beginning. The screws from the dining chairs keep coming off and no matter how hard we screw them in, they still fall. That hasn't been the biggest issue, as I can live with that, no biggie. But the couch is broken. When I first received the couch I didn't notice right away but a few days later when my son went to sit on the couch, one of the seats completely sunk in. Since I also purchased their insurance plan, I called and had them come fix it. Some guy came and put an extra leg underneath the couch to hold it up. Total ghetto rig.

A week later it broke again. Ughh. They came and picked it up to get it fixed. 3 weeks later my delivery was due but it happened to be a rainy day so they called and asked me if it was ok for them to deliver it the following week. I said fine no problem and let it be. When the following week came around they didn't deliver my furniture. I called them to complain and they said I was supposed to call in another order for delivery. WHAT THE...? At this point I was getting upset so I put in an order for another week later (5 weeks). The day of my delivery they finally brought me my couch. I was happy to finally have it back but of course this was a VERY short lived happiness once I saw that my couch was UNTOUCHED. They did not fix anything at all. It came back exactly the same way that they took it except that they slightly tore the fabric on the bottom. At this point all I could do was laugh otherwise I was going to snap at one of the delivery guys and truth is, it's not their fault. They took my couch once again and set up my delivery for one week later (following Saturday). The day before my delivery, they called me from the warehouse to ask me what was the exact issue. The day before delivery ? Are they kidding me? When I told them the issue, they guy looked at it and said apparently the entire frame was broken and that they would have to order a new frame, therefore delivery would not be until Wednesday. I blew up on the guy and told him everything I had been through for the past 5-6 months. I told him I can NOT have it delivered on Wednesday because I work and I will not take a day off for their errors. I told them how unsatisfied I was of their service and how I just wanted my money back because I have not even been able to enjoy the couch at all.

The guy apologized and said he would fix it and deliver it PERSONALLY on Wednesday before I leave to work (at 8 am). Today is Tuesday and they just called me to tell me that delivery would be tomorrow between 11 am and 4 pm. NO !!!! I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I am writing a certified letter to their corporate office. I don't even want the stupid couch back. I want my money back and I will go buy another couch somewhere else. I WARN everyone out there.

You definitely need t think twice before making a purchase from them. Yes the furniture looks cute but remember looks can be very deceiving plus never judge a book by it's cover. It's not very expensive but for the quality it is a rip off. I paid $1000 for my sofa set and that might not be a whole lot of money for some people but it might be a lot for others. When you go in to purchase their furniture, they will be all nice and professional but once you have purchased something and have an issue then they are no longer the nice and helpful people they were in the beginning. Just BEWARE you have been warned !!!
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Happy Customer
Posted by Robertfaircloth on 09/03/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Despite numerous negative reviews regarding the whole company (from poor quality furniture, delayed delivery issues, as well as employees on the inside talking about the "make money no matter what" culture). My wife and I still bought a two-piece couch from the Orlando store.

The piece was exactly what we were looking for and it was a good price. No other store in the city had a piece like it.

When we first walked in the store, a salesperson, Kim, welcomed us, offered her assistance and then she left us alone. That is what we wanted. "Leave me alone and let me browse" is my policy. When we were ready to talk about other options, Kim was available and very helpful in showing us what the store had to offer.

I did my research and then hesitantly returned to the store, but, I took some time with Kim to explain what I had uncovered (the bad reviews). None of the bad reviews were actually about that store in particular and Kim was understanding about my hesitation. She sincerely wanted to make this a good experience for my wife and I, so, I bought the couch. She even offered to give me her personal number if I needed to follow-up with her on anything.

Our couch was scheduled to be delivered four days later, and due to a conflict, we had to reschedule for another date.

On that date the delivery crew arrived 30 minutes ahead of the "Delivery Window" and the couch was placed in our apartment without any defects.

We have had the couch for a few weeks now and we love it.

We will be looking for Kim on our next visit to the store.

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Posted by ok4now on 2013-09-04:
As long as you are happy that's all that counts. Write back in 6 months and let us know if you still love it.
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Awful Company and Customer Service! Do Not Buy Here!
Posted by Vmstambaugh on 07/24/2013
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went here about a month and a half ago. I was going to purchase a whole bedroom set and sofas. I signed up for the credit financing and after an hour of entering in my information, the guy told me he entered in the wrong set. I wanted to cancel the whole order and the card, and he told me I had to do so myself.

Yesterday I just found out that someone from this store took my information and stole my identity. The reason I know this is because I never used the credit card that I used to sign this application. Well what do you know? The credit card I used here has been used in various states. Not only was the service bad in the store, but an employee copied my social security number and sold my identity and information. Stay away from this place! I would never recommend anyone buy anything here. Consider this a warning!
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-24:
You should be reporting the whole rotten bunch to the Philly PD.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-07-25:
File an identity theft report with the police department and contact the credit bureaus to place a security freeze on your credit file to prevent more credit cards from being opened with your name. You should also notify your banker to flag your accounts so that your funds are not compromised.
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Nonchalant Attitude With No Customer Service Skills
Posted by Andre_adonisintl on 06/28/2013
CAMP CREEK, GEORGIA -- I just had the most horrible experience I've encountered in quite sometime from American Signature Furniture in Camp Creek. My 91 year old father passed away last month. I had to liquidate the entire estate thinking I would keep his bedroom suit and living room suit that I had just bought him for assisted living. I sold my old living room suit and ended selling his also. I have been without a living room set for about 2 months now.

My girlfriend dragged me out shopping for furniture which I hate. She lives near Camp Creek so we went top American Signature Furniture in Camp Creek. I was greeted by an extremely unprofessional salesperson but I saw a living room set that I liked and we left. My girlfriend was convinced that we would be out shopping for another 4 mos and 8 different places but I don't have the time or the inclination to do that. I went back the next day and purchased a nice white leather ensemble with a lamp for cash. My salesperson Clinton was extraordinary but he was the only bright spot in this whole experience.

The delivery was set for Thursday (today) between 2 and 5pm. I have a function that I put together 2 mos ago at my dealership at 6pm. I called the store at 4:30 and the receptionist said they would be there in 35 minutes. I called back at 5:00 and asked for the manager (John) who was trying to determine when the driver would be there. He said they told me it was going to be an hour. I told him I had to get back to work. I called back at 5:30. John was ignoring my calls and another manager (Ann) came on the phone and was very unpleasant. She chastised me for being upset.(Sistergirl). The driver finally called me at 5:45 and said he was on the way. I was pissed. bad scheduling bad customer service and two managers and a driver that didn't care.

I had a date with my girlfriend later that night at my place where she had planned to bring food over and chill on the new sofa. The drivers refused to assemble the lamp when they finally came. I had left the key with my neighbor. I will never shop again with American Signature Furniture and I will tell everyone I know to never go there. This is the first of many reviews that I will write on this company.
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