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Moving Broker Nightmare!!

DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA -- Here is the message that was sent to the BBB. June 25, 2002. Re: Notice of Breach of Contract, Contract #**. This letter documents the circumstances surrounding America’s Moving Network with April **, signed May 24, 2002. The contract provided for packing on 6/3/2002, including crating of a 100 gal fish tank. The movers did not show up on 6/3/2002. When the movers did not show, my wife called the office and spoke with Eli **. As she did several days in advance due to nothing was scheduled yet, such as the vehicle move. He told her that he spoke with the driver and that they would arrive to pack on the evening of 6/3 between 5 and 7 PM. No movers showed up at that time.

She was told Eli was on a conference call with the driver and his boss, she asked to be patched in and Eli told her he did not know how to do that. She then asked for his supervisor and he said he was it. She proceeded to ask for the owner's name again a different person but he had no number. He told her she may e-mail him meaning Eli and he would forward it to the owner. She told him she wanted to end everything and get out of the contract and she was told she could not due to the drivers were in route. This was witnessed by 3 individuals listening in over a speaker phone. Their names are Janet **, Elizabeth ** and Alissa **, all will write statements.

The next day, the driver, Jimmy, showed up and told my wife he did not speak with Eli on the previous day, nor had his supervisor, Dave. Furthermore, no arrangements had been made to crate the fish tank as agreed or to load and ship my truck as agreed. Ross ** of A-AAA Auto Transport confirmed they had no plan to pick up our vehicle. His number is **. All these individuals were being blamed for dropping the ball on the move and my wife was told that America’s Moving Network has never dropped the ball. These companies are also willing to write statements on our behalf.

When my wife realized many things were no scheduled as they were supposed to be my wife, April **, contacted Eli again on 6/2, 6/3 and 6/4 to try to resolve the situation. When she mentioned the possibility of canceling the contract due to their negligence, he stated that he would “screw” you and I’'ll take your money.” April asked to speak to a higher-level manager or supervisor, but Eli would not allow it. April called 8 times, but was not able to get past Eli.
She called back later to talk to the female in the office by the name of Cynthia **.

My wife made her aware of the stress associated with moving and her high-risk pregnancy. She was just passed to Eli again who claimed to be Jack in billing. He told her they would keep her money, regardless. My wife almost went to the hospital due to stomach pains and spotting. She is now in PA under the care of a physician there. We are not sure she and the baby are okay. There has been one ultrasound performed and one other schedule to verify the health of the child.

She called the credit card agency and disputed the charges. She called Eli and explained she had disputed the charges and he said he would keep her money because he has never lost a case and he always keeps the money. So it did not matter what she did and that he would “screw” her. She made her credit card company aware of her concerns and what they said to her.

NOTES: All companies associated with America’s Moving Network were terminated due to their negligence. There were not enough boxes, equipment, supplies and no one to crate the fish tank that was clearly disclosed in the contract and discussed with Eli. Also there was no one scheduled to come to pick up our vehicle to be moved from NC to PA. The contracts were broken and all were asked to go home. The ** later made all arrangements. The household items are still in route to PA and the vehicle just made it as of June 12 2002.

1. Eli is the president listed on the Better Business Bureau yet claims to just to have been hired several months ago. This is according to himself and his supervisor at the time Cynthia **.
2. Voices of the male and female voices sound alike. Eli ** president according to the BBB he claims to be the “new guy on the block”, Jack ** in billing, Moe **, Adam ** owner/president, Berry, Nora secretary for George **, yet unaware she works for him, Cynthia ** supervisor of Eli.

  1. April asked to speak with the owner/president named by Eli. His name was George ** and he doesn'’t talk to people due to having 6 offices and being very busy. She was told to speak with his secretary Nora who comes is at 10 AM. When she called back Nora had no idea who George ** was until April stated Eli told her that. Then she told her “"oh yeah that is right”."
  2. April asked to speak with Cynthia ** who is the supervisor of Eli. She was told by Nora that she was out for the day. But suddenly she came on the line later. April asked if she was in the office and she said she just got in. Yet the two girls voice sound so much alike.
  3. April tired to cancel her contract with this company several times with no luck, she was told she could not for various reasons.
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