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Calls to my cell phone
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Hi Guys, it's me. I'm the one you folks keep calling on my cell phone. I returned your calls today on a landline and got a human twice. I told your representatives I was not James M***** I would print his name in full but there are undoubtedly many individuals with the same name who would be embarrasssed through no fault of their own. When I patiently explained that 9 months ago I received a recycled telephone number and have received collection calls daily for this character, obviously this didn't make an impact on your representatives. The calls are computerized thanks to a new ruling. Just put my number on automatic redial and go for it. Pester me any time day or night.

Here's your little listing on the internet. I couldn't find anything with your name, but keyed in that familiar telephone number 877-267-3265. I couldn't previously find you on M3C but now you are a part. Enjoy. If you can irritate the rip out of me, I feel turn about fair play. Enjoy. You guys are a crock of worms.

America’s Recovery Solutions is dedicated to fast, efficient and effective accounts receivable collections. Whether you are a bank, finance company, or any other business enterprise with distressed accounts receivable; America’s Recovery Solutions is your best choice for aggressive yet professional and ethical collection efforts.

America’s Recovery Solutions is a new breed of collection agency. We are committed to providing the best service at the best price. We believe that accounts receivable collections should be done in a manner that is professional and ethical. We have a zero tolerance policy for FDCPA violations, cutting edge technology and a customer focused philosophy. We hope you will find that partnering with us for your consumer, commercial or healthcare collection needs is a decision that makes sense for your company.

America’s Recovery Solutions… “We are proud to serve you!”

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