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Automatic renewal of contract without authorization
Posted by on
LEWISTON, MAINE -- I have had several contracts for propane with Amerigas in Lewiston Maine but now they have done it. Every year I would go to their office and sign a new contract for automatic delivery with monthly affordable payments. This year they renewed the contract without my knowledge but here is the thing.

The monthly payments are almost double. I understand prices are up but the payments are also based on last year’s consumption.

So when I received an invoice for the first month’s installment. I called them to ask what it was all about. I asked to speak with the manager to talk about the payments as they were too high for our budget. I was not allowed to speak with the manager just Chris the CSR.

I was told that no matter what if any changes were to be made, I would be charged $150.00 for an early termination fee. I asked how I could be charged an early termination fee when I never agreed to a renewed contract.

Chris the CSR kept referring to the original contract that I signed last year so I pulled it out. I don’t think that he was accepting me to have it still. I read line 9 which states both parties must agree to the price per gallon. I never received any notice of what my new per gallon price was for this month.

Chris the CSR then stated that I received a letter about my per gallon price along with the notice of the $112.00 fee that is on all contracts. I pulled out this letter as well and read it to him and NO where on the letter did it state my price per gallon. He stated his copy had the price. (Basically calling me a liar.)

After quite a lengthy argument, which was going nowhere I decided to hang up and seek advice from someone.

I called the Attorney General’s Office – Kathy Peters Phone: 207-626-8800
After speaking with her, she stated that we have a case as we cannot be forced into a contact. I am filing a formal complaint with the State of Maine.

I advise anyone having problems with Amerigas to call the attorney’s office in their state. Keep all your documents and write down any conversations you have with anyone at Amerigas along with their name and date.
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jonthethird on 09/21/2011:
It seems more and more places, as a "convenience" to the customer, are going to automatic renewals. Of course, the new contracts are always beneficial to the business. A contract, if I remember right, is the result of a meeting of the minds, with both parties agreeing. How can we call such renewals a contract?
trmn8r on 09/21/2011:
I have been an Amerigas customer for 16 years. We have kind of a hate-love relationship, and I know to always expect to have to call to work out billing errors.

I would never go on automatic anything with AG, as they are incapable of doing it correctly on manual.
AStevens on 10/15/2011:
Update on my complaint about Amerigas in Lewiston Maine. I filed my complaint with the Attorny Generals office. They stated I could as it was a forced contract. They contacted Amerigas to let them know of my complaint. Amerigas had 10 days to contact me and resolve the issue…they did not. A mediator then called me to verify what I wanted which was not to be in a contract, have the $150.00 early termination fee reversed and now $35.00 late fee reversed. I have no problem paying for the unauthorized delivery of 11.9 gals. (It is about $50.00).

Mary at Amerigas tells the mediator that I have been a customer for eight years and they have always renewed contracts automatically. Not sure why she felt compelled to lie but she did and I can prove it. Mary stated to the mediator that she would waive the fees if I promise to only purchase my propane from them until June next year.

I had to laugh, they want me to promise!!! I put no promises in writing but as we all know it is difficult to have propane delivered from a different company unless you have your own tanks. I will purchase propane from them until I have purchased my own tanks then they will see me going to a different supplier. That could be in months or years…depends on the finances. I make no promises to liers.

The Attorney Generals office is keeping the complaint open until Amerigas upholds their end of the agreement and waives the BS fees and leaves me alone to order propane as needed.
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Billing 6 months ahead
Posted by on
CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA -- I have been a customer of this company for ten years. I was occasionally late with a payment, but otherwise a good customer, and if I was sometimes behind, I was also sometimes ahead with payments. July is my month to balance my account, and I've never owed more than one month's worth. Usually I owe little or nothing in July.

This year in July I get a bill for 950$. My monthly budget payment had been increased to 134$, so we're talking about 7 months worth of gas. I called and was told my usage had increased. I said I must have a leak and they sent someone to check. It turns out that what happened is that they have filled up my tank in April and my tank is 75% full and they want me to pay for it right now.

I told them I do not have that much in the bank. Their idea of a solution is to require me to pay 25% each month for the next 4 months and to charge me 7$ month finance fees.

I am shocked that the company has no recourse for people who may have trouble affording this essential utility. I am also shocked that they apparently can and did decide to deliver a full tank in the spring and then bill me for nearly a thousand dollars in July, knowing I am on budget payments because I cannot afford 600$ bills in January and February.

I am not sure how I will afford to pay for their bad judgment, but I am sure that I will somehow end my relationship with them and either find another propane company or convert to electric. I urge everyone else to do the same.

Electric may cost more, but it almost never leaks or explodes, and they can't decide to deliver a half a year in advance and make you pay for it.
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BEJ on 08/04/2011:
Can you take this up the chain of command? If you have a contract with them for budget payments spread throughout the year, they should not be able to change the terms now. Keep at them with calls. I found this number for them--Customer Care Line 1-800-GAS-4YOU
Anonymous on 08/04/2011:
I'm wondering if they cancelled the budget plan option due to being late? You should have been notified though - years ago I had this happen when my debit card used for auto pay expired and I failed to update with the new card info prior to my next payment withdrawal. The power company cancelled my budget pay option and said there were no exceptions.

Do call the number BEJ posted, possibly someone higher up can at least work out a longer payment arrangement for you. good luck.
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Price gouging because of hard winter
Posted by on
ELDON, MISSOURI -- I had my 500 gal propane tank filled Oct 7,'09 by Amerigas, 285 gallons for $1.50.9 @ gal ($438.66 w/tax). It ran down and I had to get 390 gallons delivered today, Jan 8,'10. The driver didn't know the cost so I called Amerigas and (did not catch her name) was told it is $3.30 @ gal before taxes! I owe them $1330.11! I asked how it could be over twice as much and was told the driver made a mistake and had charged me commercial rate in October. I called Goodrich Gas and they said they charge $2.15 @ gal over 200 gallons. I called the Attorney Gen's office and was told that if Amerigas owns the tank, it can't be regulated. I called Amerigas back and talked to Audra to see if there was a mistake and she assured me there wasn't. I asked her how much it would cost if I owned the tank and Amerigas didn't and she said that it wouldn't matter, it would cost the same. I am single, I am unemployed, and this has knocked the wind out of me! I have always had at least 30% of propane left in the spring and I know that it has been cold, but to have such outrageous prices in such a hard time is too much of a shame. I was given the option to come in and get put on a 6 month payment plan, but I will send in the full amount and find a different supplier next time. I am sure Amerigas will charge an outrageous fee to pick up the tank as they do when you have to pay for a gas leak check that most suppliers don't charge for. I don't know if I signed a contract with Amerigas, but I think I had to sign something when Scott's sold out so Amerigas could charge me $60 or $65 for lease of the tank. I can't stand to think of the hardship for people with children in the home. There are other companies people. Get Amerigas out of your life.
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madconsumer on 01/08/2010:
unless you are on a pre arranged contract for price, you pay current market value per gallon.

if they own the tank, you are stuck with them.
Kati on 01/09/2010:
Yes, I understand that. But, why is the current market value per gallon $3.30 for Amerigas and only $2.15 for Goodrich when Amerigas is the largest propane distributor in the nation? Why does it make no difference in the price whether they own the tank or I do?
Kati on 01/09/2010:
By the way 'madconsumer' do you work for Amerigas? I have been reading other complaints and you always seem to be on the Amerigas side.
Eloise on 01/09/2010:
Kati, so any one who has the audacity to disagree with you must work for the company?
Kati on 01/10/2010:
Eloise, No. It is just that by reading other comments by 'madconsumer' about Amerigas complaints, it seems their actions are being justified. Your right though, I shouldn't have ask if 'madconsumer' worked for the company. 'madconsumer' would be too tired to write posts because anyone that works for Amerigas surely cannot sleep at night.
Anonymous on 01/10/2010:
Even if Amerigas owns the tank that shouldn't give them license to gouge the customer with high prices. This customer has paid a fee to lease the tank so Amerigas should be competitive to what the market rate is for the area.

Kati, can you switch out the tank and buy one? That may not be a good option because I don't know how much they cost, but in the end it may pay for itself if Goodrich has a better price.
Anonymous on 01/10/2010:
In a free market society the seller can charge as much as the purchaser will pay.
Very helpful review though.
Kati on 01/10/2010:
Thank you ProConsumer. Goodrich said they just don't have the time right now and I didn't ask if they would pump out the Amerigas tank - I have heard that wasn't legal but, I don't know. I will call again when the temperature gets manageable around here and things slow down for them. I guess I was looking for a little sympathy when I posted. I am so tired of 'sucking it up'! Thanks again and I will get away from this company as soon as I can.
Kati on 01/10/2010:
And Thank you too, zzrokk :)
Nohandle on 01/10/2010:
Kati, I don't have propane gas in my home. I do know from a friend, who uses it for certain applications in the home, finally purchased her own tank. She is free now to call any propane company of her choice. Prior to that she was obligated to the company that owned the tank. They own it, you purchase from them. Perhaps once this is over you might look into the option of owning your own tank. I have no idea if one has to sign up for a contract for gas or any of that. Check into it as well.
Kati on 01/11/2010:
Nohandle, I took your advice and checked on craiglist for a 500 gallon tank. It is $400. If I would have gotten that and used Goodrich for propane, it would have been $104 cheaper than what Amerigas charged me! I am going to buy it as soon as I can. Thank you for suggesting it!
Kati on 01/11/2010:
I'm sorry, I meant to thank Proconsumer and Nohandle both for suggesting I buy a tank :) Brain fart.
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Not again!
Posted by on
MIDWEST KY,OH,IN -- Here we go again. Every year that I need to fill my tanks. Amerigas customer service tries to play me like a fool. First of all I pay for my propane before it is even delivered. I tell Amerigas that I have 32percent in one tank and 35 in another. They tell me first of all that I owe them $90.00 balance, like I said that I pay before I can use. I asked how do I owe money too you? I guess she thought that I would just go ahead and pay it. I questioned her and she said someone in the office must have made a mistake. I checked the price for propane on-line before I called Amerigas the price per gallon is $1.89. After she figured out that I was not paying the $90.00, she told me that my price per gallon would be $2.39 a gallon, I guess she thinks that I am stupid of something. $.50 more cents a gallon is what they are going to charge me?? They last two time that I got my two-hundred gallon filled, that I paid for upfront and was supposed to put me @ 80%, one tank was 72% and the other was 73%. I paid to have them filled to 80%???? They rip people off all the time. This was not the first time that they had done this too me. And when I asked why was my tanks being filled at 60 degrees temp when it was 26 degrees outside?? Every answers that they give me, not one matches??If I would you I would save my money and call around to find a better price and a better company. Stop letting companies like this rip you off! I am sick of Amerigas taking my hard earned money and I am not getting what I pay for.
Fuel Recovery Fee $4.03
Hazardous Materials $9.56
Very bad customer service
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/06/2009:
what did your delivery receipt read you paid, owed and amount of propane delivered?
qualityappliance on 12/06/2009:
The gauge on the tank is just a rough estimate of how much liquid is remaining. First you said that you paid in advance then you said you paid to have them filled to 80%, you can't have it both ways. If you paid for 100 gallons and they give you 100 gallons it doesn't matter what the gauge reads.

Liquid propane is always corrected to 60 degrees F. If it weren't you would complain about that in the summer.
SadSackSam on 12/06/2009:
First do you own or rent the tanks. The $90 a year is about what my parents pay in rent. If you own the tank you usually pay more, they give a discount to those that rent. If you pay in advance you are asking for a set amount. The gauge on the tank is at best a rugh estiment. If you don't like Amerigas then make arangments for another company to provide it for you.
madashellatu on 12/09/2009:
The tanks are 120 gallon each. Tanks cannot hold that much propane. Your tanks are full at 80%. I have never seen my tanks full, which I pay to have them filled. Right now propane is at an eight year low. Why am I paying $3.39 a gallon? When I first started using propane(six years ago) I was paying $1.49. We live in a name your own price world. Hello, people use propane the keep warm. Gas and Electric price are down this year and so should the propane prices.
Why should Amerigas give themselves a raise? I did not get one this year. How do we know how many gallons the driver is putting in the tanks, we have to go with what he says,they deliver it when I am at work. Like I said, I tell them what the tanks read and I need them filled. Amerigas tells me that I need 120 gallons to fill them.72 and 73 percent is not filled. Why am I being charged to fill them.
I never get propane in the summer. Propane expands and contracts. Hot weather expands, Cold contracts. Still ripping you off. I am confused and I am not the only one that feels that way about Amerigas. Propane is a by-product. The oil companies used to throw it away, until someone figured out that they can make money from it. Go look for yourself, Google it! Today's propane prices. Just like pellet fuel. When I pellet stoves came out, a bag of pellets were $1.79 a bag,40 pds, now they are $6.00 a bag for something the companies with sawdust used to throw away. If you are paying this much to warm you home, then just turn your house into all electric and don't worry about running out or refills. I don't want a rough estimate, I want to know how much I have and how much I need to have the tanks filled. Then I will know how much money that I am going to have to pay. Different prices, lock-in fees??? Give me a break. Amerigas just looks for a way to make money off of you. That is the way the world works today. I will use the rest of my propane and find another company. Did you know that you are being charged to fill a grill tank (20 gallons), when you are only getting 18 gallons??? WHAT A RIP OFF! I am sick of it, how about you?
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/09/2009:
Find a local provider and you might be happier. I use a local service that always weighs my portable tanks before and after filling and only charges for the LP I actually buy.

When they have filled permanent tanks, the driver makes sure you see the meter reset to zero when he starts and they charge you for the exact amount of gas that passes through the meter. Never any question as to how much product you received with them.

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Amerigas intimidation tactics
Posted by on
CLINTON, NEW JERSEY -- Amerigas is a bad company. They own the tank, they force you to buy their gas, they refuse to sell you the tank. They fill the tank also when you ordered only a partial fill (which you do due to your financial limitations), saying this is their policy, and then they charge you dear money for pumping it back out. They lie to you, claiming a partial fill is hazardous, but when you call other Propane suppliers they all say no problem. When you have a problem and want to talk to a manager you only get put to voicemail and never hear back from them. Now it is May, and they want us to pay $3.20/Gallon while you get it for less than $2 from others, although we already used more than the annual minimum usage (half a tank), i.e. there is no obligation on our end to stick to winter prices. They claim there are contracts in place, but there are not (they tell you to read their terms and conditions online). Another time they literally said this on the phone: "if you don't like it we'll rip the tank out and whatever we damage on your property is your problem" - what an illegal statement that is. All in all, intimidation tactics, bad attitude. They treat you like they own you, like a money slave. Their business license should be revoked. The best way to handle it is to part with them. Talked to other suppliers who sell you a tank. They offer a completely seemless transition by removing the evil Amerigas underground tank and putting in a beautiful new tank that you own. All done in 3-4 hours and you are liberated from hostage and you can be again yourself. Amerigas deserves to be punished with bankruptcy through a mass exodus of customers.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/22/2009:
You should report this to your local Public Utilities Commission.
madconsumer on 05/22/2009:
why not pay them to remove the tank, and go with another provider? what is to report to the utility commission? there are other choices.

I recently re-newed my yearly agreement for my propane, and the local price was 1.89$ per gallon.
Texan connection on 08/12/2009:
If your tank is a Underground tank, well that was your first mistake. If its a leased UG tank tell them to come get it. It will cost them dearly to pick it up. but read your UG tank cleasrly. your probably screwed if its a UG LEASE tank. They can pick it up and leave a big hole to bad and charge you for doing it, should you not pay theyll damage your credit.
Under ground tanks are for those who have more money than they know what to do with.
Spuming on 10/07/2009:
I have decided to go with another provider for my propane and purchase my own tank. AmeriGas quoted me today $3.09 for a gallon. If I owned my own tank I would pay $1.40. The cheapest they can offer is $2.40 for one year, after I pay them $99. They charge me higher because I don't use enough propane!!!

To add insult to injury they now want me to pay them $170 per hour to remove the 50% propane remaining in the 1000 gl tank, plus a $94 termination fee. They told me it would take 3 hours to empty the tank.

Never again. If others are out there paying these prices the geese will be very fat for Christmas.

PepperElf on 10/07/2009:
how big is this tank and what's it used for?

just wondering cos... what about having an above ground tank instead?
Spuming on 10/07/2009:
It is an above ground tank, 1000 gal. It is used for heating, hot water and cooking. As the house is not used all year round I only need a yearly fill up.

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Amerigas Worst Propane Company EVER!
Posted by on
49684, MICHIGAN -- I never chose to have Amerigas..I got stuck with them after they decided to buy out a smaller company I was with(Level Propane)..let the drama begin.

Each July I would to get a contract for Amerigas to "lock" in my winter's propane costs. We all know with rising prices how important this is. Well I started to have problems with the Buckley, MI office sending me my invoices on time or at all sometimes including sending me my contract. I thought I could rectify this by paying online. That service was a joke as well. Even after you pay your balance the invoice still shows you owe. Never shows paid. So your choice is online invoices and no paper copy or paper copy and no online invoice.. Can’t have both. Whatever, I thought I was flexible and I dealt with that. It wasn't until they neglected to send paper invoices after I canceled the web service..So my bills came late and sometimes not at all.. But the best part is they would consider it late and tack on late fees..I had to call the Buckley office several times to REQUEST a bill. Hello, I have a life; send me a bill I will pay... but for goodness sakes, I'm not tracking you down.

Fast forward to this summer. Since Buckley was making it a habit of not sending me information.. like my lock in contract this summer, I decided to inquire with them.. It was not so kindly explained to me that oops..past the deadline you don't have the option to lock in this year..let's not forget to mention that they charge $90 to lock in any way~So now I'm angry because they tell me I have to pay $2.50 a gal for propane this winter..WTF? Other companies are charging 1.79 or less depending on the plan you select. So at this point, I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE JERKS! I decided that it would be best for me to select a new company.

I called Hamilton in Traverse City, finally a local company with some class.. they could switch me out no problem, lock in 1.79 and first fill .99. I had to run my current tank down past 15% according to the AMERIGAS BUCKLEY OFFICE. This is where the story gets interesting... I'm told by Buckley I have to pay them $100 to pick up my tank, that I paid them rent on.. even though it was NEVER really Amerigas's..instead Level propane’s. (But the office said they sent notification without the specific amount, but none the less that sent notifications that there was a charge for pick-ups when they first took the company over) Of course I don't recall ever seeing or reading this. Not surprised- okay even though I was even angrier.. I was planning to pay them maybe in pennies, but still pay them

Now the kicker-I called today to make arrangements to pick up their piece of crap tank-that was never really theirs in the first place and they inform me that it will be $100 pick up fee and because the tank has 10% gas-$100.00 pump out fee-Because by law anything over 5% can't be moved..How the HECK did the other company move it to the end of my driveway then??? According to Amerigas-it was not legal..I've switched companies before and NEVER had to deal with this crap before! Down with the tyrants! So even though I am disgusted with Amerigas they still managed to swindle me out of $200.00-

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User Replies:
geather-c on 11/15/2007:
this crap company fired an employee because he refused to put propane in a tank when he noticed a leak coming from his propane truck,because the dumb people had to wait because the dummies let the propane run out,this would have caused a real hazard to folks living nearby and to the driver as well as the nut's who got mad because he did not fill there tank pronto.I would not spend one thin dime with them.Why didn't you tell the butholes if they wanted the tank to get it if not after 30 days you would have it moved at there expense(sending a certified letter)then pump the fuel in a small tank or an accidental slow leak while you slept.
geather-c on 11/15/2007:
the fired employee was in plymouth,N.C and the story aired a few months ago on with channel 7 tv station. thankyou
donotpush on 01/01/2008:
Texan connection on 12/08/2008:
You dumb if you pay the 100.00 removal fee
Howard in Virginia on 04/04/2012:
I got one even better...I think.

The local AmeriGas office is run by some pretty decent folks. My original company was bought out by Columbia, which a was bought out by AmeriGas.

I've found that calling or taking a short drive to the local AmeriGas office can usually resolve my problems. Dealing with the corporate weenies in Pa is a nightmare.

I recently had a billing dispute so I called the local office and said I was going to come there in person, to get everything squared away. The accounting lady verified my bill and the add on amount from the current auto fill. She printed out the two invoices - the current and the adjusted amount of the auto fill. I wrote her a check...on the spot for the FULL AMOUNT. And noted on my check "PAID IN FULL" and the two invoice numbers. No problem...the accounting lady took the check and everything seemed OK.

A month later I get a letter from the corporate office that they will not accept a check with the words, "PAID IN FULL" and the invoice numbers on the check memo line. They want me to send them another check WITHOUT the wording.

Before winter arrives this year I am considering just purchasing my own 450 gallon tank and filling my needs for propane from the spot market.

AmeriGas is not the only game in town and I am getting tired of being their doormat.
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Customer Service STINKS!!!!!
Posted by on
LEWISTON, MAINE -- Amerigas out of Lewiston Maine has rude office people who never return a phone call! I have been trying for six months to ascertain whether a delivery slip dropped here was actually gas delivered here. The same tank had been filled just a week and a half earlier. When I called and stated I had a question on an invoice, I was told "I will have to look up your account and call you back" in a rude voice and no one ever called me back. I have since called several times, contacted the home office via their email contact page and also have written several letters disputing the delivery made that day. I have not received one phone call or one letter back until last week, May 9 when a representative from Amerigas in PA called me and asked me if I could make a payment on my past due account!!!! I was livid. I told them I would love to IF I had a Past Due account!! I told the story to that person, who assured me the local office would contact me. For once the office did call me and assured me they would take care of this and call me right back. That was last Tuesday. In the meantime, I received a collection notice on invoices I have paid - and I have the cancelled checks proving I paid them! The Amerigas representative from this office contacted my husband on his cell phone rather than calling the office of our company where I am the Co owner and the bookkeeper and I am the one that knows about the charges! Not even the manager will return a call from this office! When I contacted the collection company I was hung up on three times after their reps talked over me and would not listen to my question! I have never encountered such rude representatives in my life. I don't know how Amerigas has any customers at all! I am in business for myself and also my husband and I own a business and we would not have any customers if we treated them the way we have been treated! I am cancelling my account with them and moving on to another gas company which has a much better rate also! (another thing Amerigas does is jack up the rates sky high because their bookkeeping is so inaccurate they think you have not paid your bills!) They also have inaccurate info on their delivery tickets - they have delivered to a "temporary tank" here for several months, even though through their own invoicing, they state they picked up the temporary tank UNUSED in December! I think someone ought to look into the way they do business. Propane is a regulated substance and most propane companies know where the tanks they deliver to are!

If you are investigating this company to purchase propane - I say run the other way. There is nothing worse than rude and shoddy customer service. I think it is worth paying more for good customer service, but in Amerigas' case, we are paying more for HORRIBLE customer service!!!!
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Doc J on 05/16/2006:
Are propane sales in your state regulated by a public utilities commission? If they call you and are rude, hang up. You're not obligated to discuss the matter with rude people. If you are being badgered by collectors over this issue and you sincerely believe you do not owe the debt. Write to the collections department or company and specifically demand they no longer call regarding this account. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they must then either leave you alone or file a suit against you. Most scummy companies scurry back into their dusty corner when a consumer knows his/her rights. If you can, pursue getting it cleared up rather than just changing companies. It'll help some other poor sod from getting into a similar mess. Hope this helps and good luck!!
amerigassucksballs on 11/28/2006:
Over the past year I have paid for Amerigas "Service". I have called for a refill, I think, five times which they state 5-10 biz days. On each of the requests, we have had to call 12+ biz days to check on the refill date. Each time, they have no record of our initial call. Three of the times, no record of the second call and complaint. When passed up the ladder, they immediately put you on hold and forward your call w/o telling them about your issue. So, each time you have to completely start over explaining and waiting for record lookups. When asked to speak to a manager, they did not know his/her name. We are changing our service as soon as our contract is over. NEVER has ANY compensation been offered for the complete incompetence of their managers or employees. The reason no one conserves using gas is because of poor service such as this. ORLANDO, FL
RT111 on 09/08/2008:
I've used Amerigas for the past few years. Thankfully, I'm dumping them soon. They have been the worst company to work with. Rude on the phone. Extremely delayed service calls.
Three weeks ago to the day I called for a service they said would take 2-3 weeks. Still hasn't happened. So I called back today and they admitted I called 3 weeks ago and reiterated the service takes 2-3 weeks. So they gave me a date today for my service. It will be 4 weeks from now! 7 weeks from my original call.

Awful, awful company! Stay away!
K Thurlow on 03/29/2013:
Amerigas in Lewiston, ME, has a sleazy way of doing business, and they are RUDE! The office manager was better than the initial CSR, Kim, but overall, my experience has been less than desirable. I bought a house, and the propane was supposed to come w it. They are saying they refunded the previous owner...funny thing is previous owner is saying no, actually they didn't. So basically they are trying to get paid for propane twice!! This can't be OK! I will call BBB, and maybe the local tv station to expose them. Hopefully I can get out of the contract, now that they have broken my trust, I don't want to give them one more penny. PS I moved into my house over 9 months ago, and they JUST decided I owe them this money??! WOW.
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WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- For the past 5 yrs. I've had AmeriGas provide propane as needed for our range. After going 3 yrs. on the same fuel they decided to start charging a rental fee. This summer I called them for something and then found out the tank was in violation due to its location, which they put in to begin with. No notice was ever provided for the violation, I had to ask them to send me the info. Due to code we would have to place the tank several feet away from the house and foot the expense to do this and once the fuel was all gone we're going to purchase our own tank and give theirs back. Today the tank was picked without prior notice, they said someone called in and told them to pick it up, but I'm the only one on the account and I didn't ask for this. Of course they won't bring it back since it's in violation. I will never deal w/AmeriGas again and I advise you don't either.
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Over My Budget
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GRIDLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I was with a different propane company that I had been with for over 15 years and never had an issue until Ameri Gas bought them out.... OH MY!!! What a shocker can you $4.98 a gallon???? WoW When I called to ask why the customer service representative says well we provide great customer service ??? For $4.98 a gallon I can get great customer service for $2.39 a gallon which is what I did paid off my bill with Ameri Gas and got new service with Suburban and they were more than happy to help me out..... NO set up fee no hassle Great service..
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Poor Service By Amerigas
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SANGER, CALIFORNIA -- Needed Amerigas to deliver propane as I was out (i.e. no heat) in Dec. Amerigas knew that I was out of fuel! Made arrangements for delivery on a Tues. Was told driver would call when he was on his way. Finally, after waiting around the house all day for delivery (and didn't think I needed to make other arrangements), I finally called Amerigas. I was initially told the driver had a personal issued and was unable to make the delivery.

A call back a few minutes later I was given a different reason- vehicle trouble this time. (One of those two reasons was a lie.) The end result was my family spent a cold winter night without heat because of Amerigas.
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