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The Worst Customer Service Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am an on call customer using propane for my cook stove and gas fireplace. I checked my tank level noting 20 PSI, called to make a payment and schedule a delivery. We are having a severe winter, so I was told the deliver would be 7-10 days away. I was also told that I would be called as to when the delivery would be. It has been almost 3 weeks! So, of course, I am now out of propane!!

I called the office, my husband called the office, I called customer service 4 times and no one could tell me when a delivery would be. I Then called 3 other propane companies who all have propane and would install a new tank as soon as tomorrow. Hey guess what AmeriGas, you just lost a customer! I would not recommend AmeriGas to anyone! Their customer service has been a nightmare since I started using them years ago.

AmeriGas - Very Poor Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

WHITE HALL, MARYLAND -- I called AmeriGas to schedule a propane fill when our tank was about 22% full. They told me they would deliver within 7 business days. After 8 business days they still had not delivered and our tank was down to 5% due to extreme temperatures. I called and asked if we were on the schedule that day (a Tuesday) and they said they would be out by Friday.

Friday morning I called and asked if we were on the schedule for that day. They kept me on hold for a while and then said that they would be out by the end of the day. They never showed up and we were down to 1%. Called the corporate office but they were useless! On Saturday we saw an AmeriGas truck show up at our neighbor's house who is on Auto fill so we thought for sure we were next, but the truck drove away without servicing us! We found another company, "Thrifty", that saved the day by filling first thing Monday morning. Will never use AmeriGas again!!!

AmeriGas Pricing Questionable
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Rating: 1/51

KINGSTON, RHODE ISLAND -- Used AmeriGas "Pre-Pay" program as a way to get the best price yet when I decided to keep them honest this year, I called several other propane companies for Pre-Pay pricing. Cancelled with AmeriGas and saved nearly 20% with no delivery charges and no hazmat charges. So much for having faith that when told they are giving you their best price, it appears AmeriGas' best price is considerably more than other propane distributors.

But my complaints don't end there. How difficult is it to properly schedule deliveries? For AmeriGas it is very difficult. The week prior to leaving for the two week winter trip I called the local AmeriGas office to notify them that I was low, needed a delivery, and would be away. No delivery came before we left and returned to a freeze up which caused thousands of dollars of damage. Over the next several years we developed a relationship with the delivery driver and she would ensure timely delivery.

When you cancel with AmeriGas plan on waiting until they feel like picking up your tanks. We have been waiting three months. They owe us not only for the fuel left in the tank but for the balance on our overpayment in the Pre-Pay account which they claim they will not refund until the account is closed which is AmeriGas speak for "When we get around to picking up your tanks." My next move, besides making these disparaging remarks on as many websites as I can locate, will be to call the AG's office of consumer affairs.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 2/51

SAINT JOHNS, MICHIGAN -- Late summer we upgraded our propane tank to a larger size because they were filling the tank every 2 weeks through the winter. I was told to wait until the tank was down to around 5% remaining and then call them for the tank swap. In the meantime they would put a customer will call hold on the existing tank to make sure they didn't accidentally fill it. The tank got low. I called them, they swapped out the tank, no problems.

Flash forward to the middle of winter and while looking through the checkbook I noticed we had not paid AmeriGas in several months. I check the tank and it's at 5%, almost empty. I call AmeriGas and find out they never took us off the will call list when the tank was swapped out. It was a Friday when I called and spoke to **. She was very indifferent and just said they couldn't come out until Tuesday unless I wanted to pay a $200 emergency refill fee. It's now Sunday and the gauge is down around zero so I start to wonder if there is any danger if the tank runs dry. Several Internet sites say it is dangerous for the tank to run dry. Thanks for that information **.

So I just called their emergency hotline number to see what I should do. Sat on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes before someone answered to tell me there is no danger. No way I'm paying $200 because they forgot to do their paperwork when the tank was switched. The drivers who have been out to deliver the propane and one time fix a leak were always very professional… good people. But outside of the drivers AmeriGas service is Terrible.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LEWISTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is one of the worst companies I have dealt with. We moved from our house in August and was told to expect to receive a refund for the propane left in our tank. Two months later and they are clueless as to how to refund us this amount. The last gal I spoke to said there was "a system error" and I asked her to define what she meant by "system error", of course, she had no clue. Each customer service person has a different story and honestly I think they are just making up excuses. I will never use them again.

Refusing to Accept Responsibility for Erroneous Gas Check.
By -

Last fall I responded to an AmeriGas propane ad for a promotion. I thought I was ordering propane but instead the tech came out December 7th and said he had to do a gas inspection before he could deliver the gas. His inspection indicated we had a leak and therefore, he said could not sell us any propane until we had the leak repaired. Our tank wasn't empty and we had never smelled gas nor had the tank gauge ever given any indication of a leak. We closed our house for the winter but left the hot water heater on as we always have.

We contacted Quality Heating from Grangeville, ID, who had done our gas piping and told them of our problem and that we needed the leak fixed. They came out May 26th and after a complete and thorough inspection with digital gauges found that there wasn't any leak.

June 1st I contacted **, the AmeriGas manager in Lewiston, and related the situation to her. She insisted that there had been a leak and refused any liability regarding the bill to Quality Heating. I called ** again June 13, 2011 to get her last name and address so I could properly address my letter to her. She refused to give either but directed me to her attorney in PA. She also refused to give me her attorney's address so I attempted to call her. I got a phone message that she would not be back in the office until June 25th and was not taking phone messages.

June 13th I called the AmeriGas national customer service line and related the problem. The representative, **, said she would get the letter I hand delivered to the AmeriGas site and also contact ** the marketing man, **'s boss, and would get back to me. She wouldn't tell me either **'s or **'s last name. She said that was their policy. I was under the impression that she would be calling me back right away.

After a few days with no reply I again called and talked to ** and she said that she or ** would for sure call me back that day. She had given the problem back to the local office who was supposed to have contacted me. (Fat chance!)

** called about 3 hours later. Unfortunately I was out but my wife took the call. He told her that he had heard I was taking this to Small Claims so it was out of his hands but that I would be receiving a letter from “ECC”. I again called ** and she said that I would be hearing from ** in legal. I did receive a letter from ** in legal basically stating that it was not their error and therefore, would not reimburse me for the gas check.

This is not a big money matter and if I had been treated politely and considerately I would not have made an issue of it. AmeriGas could have easily done that and even agreed to pay part of the bill in the interest of customer relations but that's not the way they do things. This is not a company you want to deal with.

Worst Customer Treatment
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TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA -- So the next biggest propane company, Ferrellgas was gouging me, I decided to switch to AmeriGas. So I call up AmeriGas they say they have a first time customer deal on propane which was a lot cheaper than I was paying Ferrellgas and that they also have a payment plan. The lady on the phone (**) said she didn't have the details of the payment plan, "the driver that delivers your gas will tell you all about it." So I say "well I'm paying Ferrellgas $75.00 a month will it be like that or what", ** states "yes". So I take delivery of my gas and tank I'm happy.

I get the very first bill 30 days later and it shows I owe the full amount, no problem it's the first bill and maybe someone made a mistake. So I call AmeriGas and explain "I'm on the payment plan". So Jan says "well you have to fill out some papers I'll send them to you". The papers come, I fill them out and send back. I was supposed to pay around $100.00. OK, no big deal.

Well the very next bill arrives and of course the bill states I owe the whole amount plus a late fee. OK, so I call back and explain again "I'm on the payment plan". ** says "Oh yea let me take care of that for you, your next bill will reflect your monthly payment", of course only until I mentioned it did, she remove the late fee. This same scenario goes on for over a year with me paying $100.00 a month. So eventually I need to be refilled, so I call and say "I need gas". They say "we can't fill you until you pay the balance". I say "you people would have been paid already if you could just bill me correctly, so bring me some gas and I will set it up on payment plan again".

She says "OK I'm going to send the payment plan papers again". I receive and send back. AmeriGas delivers gas and all is well again. The first bill for the new delivery comes and I bet you can guess, the bill shows I owe the whole amount. So I call them and say "Listen, I'm not paying another penny until you send me a bill that shows how much my payment plan payment is". So they say "we'll figure it out" and let me know.

Well about three months go by and here is another bill for like 250 gallons more than I even have in my tank. I only use about 300 gal. a year. So I call and tell them they had to have made a mistake. It's not possible, my tank won't fit that much gas. ** says "oh yes we know we had a driver that was filling up his friends tanks and charging you for it" Great! I say "well let me know when you figure it out". So they finally send me a revised bill with what I assume is the correct amount of gas, but of course the bill states I owe the full amount.

So I call AGAIN and ** says "just keep paying $100.00 a month and disregard the bills". OK, so I pay $100.00 a month. My last payment was on 10-21-10 and wouldn't you know it on 11-09-10 they send me to a collection company for the balance of a measly $263.44. I will prevail in this case. This will turn out in my favor. DO YOURSELF A BIG BIG FAVOR, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. Do a little research and you will find this company has lost over 40 million dollars just this year.

Amerigas, the "Law-Abiding" Ripoff Artists
By -

MCFARLAND, WISCONSIN -- AmeriGas is by far the worst company to buy LP from. They are extremely unprofessional and are very discourteous as well. In plain English, they just don't care about you or your situation, they only care about how they can suck more money out of you.

I ordered a larger tank back in October of 2009, and was told by a manager, they would have a tank to me in a week or two. We discussed that because the house is nearly 3700 square feet, I would need a larger tank as the one I had was only 250 gal. We agreed they would bring a 1000 gal tank. We also talked about the fact that I live on a steep hill, that it would be wise to get the tank delivered before winter when it's difficult to get up here. 2 weeks went by with no tank, I called and the manager again said "we'll get a tank out there next week for sure". Another 2 weeks went by with no tank and again I called, and again the same response.

About the 2nd week in December I ran out of fuel which also happened to be our first major snowfall and they balked at having to come out and refill my tank. I was out of gas for 2.5 days and the temp inside was down to 48 degrees! When I told the receptionist, she said "I don't care" and that I should "get out there and shovel my driveway so they could get up it"! My driveway is about 200 feet long with a 60x90 pad at the top on a 45 degree incline. It would take a normal person days to shovel and she knew it.

Aside from all of this BS, the price per gallon in October was $1.39/gal and the price now is over $2.39/gal. If they would have brought me the tank they had promised in October, I would have paid $1,112 not counting taxes and fees. Instead I've had to fill now 3 times going on 4th and have already paid $1350 and I'm now currently at 5% in my tank and will have to fill again for another $500+ to get through this winter.

I figure they will cost me just over $1,000 before it's all over and when I speak to the front desk lady she tells me "I don't care". I told her I was instructed by Energy Assistance to file a complaint with the Public Service Dept. and the BBB and she again said "I don't care".

Through many phone calls and emails, I have figured out why. They are not regulated at all! I was told to file a petition and send it in to our legislators to get the propane industry regulated by our government. So if any of you feel you've been cheated or taken advantage of, it's up to us to send letters to our local legislators to get them to take some action and help protect us. If there were fines in place for instances like this, they wouldn't be doing what they are, and people would be losing their jobs over this lack of customer service. Trust me, AmeriGas knows exactly what they are doing and like the lady said, "they just don't care".

AmeriGas Worst Propane Company EVER!
By -

49684, MICHIGAN -- I never chose to have AmeriGas. I got stuck with them after they decided to buy out a smaller company I was with (Level Propane). Let the drama begin. Each July I would to get a contract for AmeriGas to "lock" in my winter's propane costs. We all know with rising prices how important this is. Well I started to have problems with the Buckley, MI office sending me my invoices on time or at all sometimes including sending me my contract. I thought I could rectify this by paying online. That service was a joke as well. Even after you pay your balance the invoice still shows you owe. Never shows paid.

So your choice is online invoices and no paper copy or paper copy and no online invoice. Can'€™t have both. Whatever, I thought I was flexible and I dealt with that. It wasn't until they neglected to send paper invoices after I canceled the web service. So my bills came late and sometimes not at all. But the best part is they would consider it late and tack on late fees. I had to call the Buckley office several times to REQUEST a bill. Hello, I have a life; send me a bill I will pay. But for goodness sakes, I'm not tracking you down.

Fast forward to this summer. Since Buckley was making it a habit of not sending me information... like my lock in contract this summer, I decided to inquire with them. It was not so kindly explained to me that "oops, past the deadline you don't have the option to lock in this year", let's not forget to mention that they charge $90 to lock in any way.

So now I'm angry because they tell me I have to pay $2.50 a gal for propane this winter. WTF? Other companies are charging 1.79 or less depending on the plan you select. So at this point, I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE JERKS! I decided that it would be best for me to select a new company. I called Hamilton in Traverse City, finally a local company with some class. They could switch me out no problem, lock in 1.79 and first fill .99. I had to run my current tank down past 15% according to the AmeriGas BUCKLEY OFFICE.

This is where the story gets interesting. I'm told by Buckley I have to pay them $100 to pick up my tank, that I paid them rent on even though it was NEVER really AmeriGas's, instead Level propane'€™s. (But the office said they sent notification without the specific amount, but nonetheless that sent notifications that there was a charge for pick-ups when they first took the company over) Of course I don't recall ever seeing or reading this. Not surprised, okay even though I was even angrier. I was planning to pay them maybe in pennies, but still pay them.

Now the kicker, I called today to make arrangements to pick up their piece of crap tank that was never really theirs in the first place and they inform me that it will be $100 pick up fee and because the tank has 10% gas, $100.00 pump out fee - because by law anything over 5% can't be moved. How the HECK did the other company move it to the end of my driveway then??? According to AmeriGas it was not legal. I've switched companies before and NEVER had to deal with this crap before! Down with the tyrants! So even though I am disgusted with AmeriGas they still managed to swindle me out of $200.00.

Cost, Billing, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATASCOSA, TEXAS -- Amerigas is expensive. Customer service is poor. They are billing me for 3 months tank rental, plus late fees, after I spent 8 months trying to get them to come and pick up an empty rental tank. Spend your money somewhere else.

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