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Poor Service By Amerigas
Posted by Higg13001 on 03/10/2014
SANGER, CALIFORNIA -- Needed Amerigas to deliver propane as I was out (i.e. no heat) in Dec. Amerigas knew that I was out of fuel! Made arrangements for delivery on a Tues. Was told driver would call when he was on his way. Finally, after waiting around the house all day for delivery (and didn't think I needed to make other arrangements), I finally called Amerigas. I was initially told the driver had a personal issued and was unable to make the delivery.

A call back a few minutes later I was given a different reason- vehicle trouble this time. (One of those two reasons was a lie.) The end result was my family spent a cold winter night without heat because of Amerigas.

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The Worst Customer Service Ever!
Posted by Suzyq61 on 02/11/2014
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am an on call customer using propane for my cook stove and gas fireplace. I checked my tank level noting 20 PSI, called to make a payment and schedule a delivery! We are having a severe winter, so I was told the deliver would be 7-10 days away. I was also told that I would be called as to when the deliver would be.....it has been almost 3 weeks! So, of course, I am now out of propane!!

I called the office, my husband called the office, I called customer service 4 times and no one could tell me when a delivery would be! I then called 3 other propane companies who all have propane and would install a new tank as soon as tomorrow....hey guess what Amerigas, you just lost a customer! I would not recommend Amerigas to anyone! They're customer service has been a nightmare since I started using them years ago.
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Amerigas - Very poor customer service!
Posted by Rfpage on 02/11/2014
WHITE HALL, MARYLAND -- I called Amerigas to schedule a propane fill when our tank was about 22% full. They told me they would deliver within 7 business days. After 8 business days they still had not delivered and our tank was down to 5% due to extreme temperatures. I called and asked if we were on the schedule that day (a Tuesday) and they said they would be out by Friday. Friday morning I called and asked if we were on the schedule for that day. They kept me on hold for a while and then said that they would be out by the end of the day. They never showed up and we were down to 1%. Called the corporate office but they were useless! On Saturday we saw an Amerigas truck show up at our neighbors house who is on Auto fill so we thought for sure we were next, but the truck drove away without servicing us! We found another company, "Thrifty", that saved the day by filling first thing Monday morning. Will never use Amerigas again!!!
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Rent on a Tank I Don't Have
Posted by Ridgerunner4 on 02/11/2014
LEXINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Over the past three years I have been trying to tell Amerigas I am not customer but they keep billing me for a tank I do not have. They want me to lock in a contract price of $3.99per gal which is very high when others are as low as $2.05 for house and 1.80 for farms.
I am not an Amerigas customer but they keep bill me and calling the house telling they will cut off my propane if I don't pay up.

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Wow! The worst Company Ever!
Posted by Mkniskern on 01/23/2014
Beware! This is the worst company I've had the displeasure of dealing with...EVER! If you want to pay too much, wait to long and get run around in circles then sign up w/ Amerigas. If not, find another company.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Wilco8zh on 01/14/2014
PINEHURST, TEXAS -- AmeriGas is the worst I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I called to have my take refilled on November 11th, 2013 and was told they would be out sometime that week to fill it up. On Thursday the 15th, we called again to make sure they hadn't forgotten (which has happened numerous times before). We were told they would be out on Friday the 16th. Well, no one came to fill our tank. I called again on Monday the 18th and was told that they had no record of us calling on the first time on 11th, but they did have a record of us calling on the 15th. Again, this is not the first time this has happened. They said the would be out sometime on the week of the 15th. By Wednesday the 20th, we were out of propane, so I called Texas Star Propane and a mere 5 hours later, they had removed the AmeriGas tank, put in their tank, filled it with propane, and lit my pilot light. Texas Star Propane accomplished ALL that in 5 hours-- compare that with AmeriGas which after a week and a half and 3 calls, they still hadn't filled my tank.

But that isn't the end. On November 20th, we called AmeriGas to come pick up their tank, and were told it would be 4-5 weeks before they could come pick it up. All they would tell us is that it is peak season and all of their drivers are busy. It is now January 14th, 4 weeks after we told them to pick up their tank. I just got off the phone with them and now they are saying they won't be able to pick up their tank until sometime in February. I spoke with the manager of the Pinehurst location, and I asked her for a corporate customer service number. She said the number was nothing more than a complaint hotline, and the complaint would be routed back to her. Basically, I'm getting nowhere with these people. Our home owners association is complaining about the tank, and if we are fined, I told AmeriGas the bill would be going to them.

Do not do business with these people, they are a joke. I highly recommend Texas Star Propane-- they are courteous, prompt, less expensive than AmeriGas, and they know how to run a business.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-01-15:
Amerigas is a horrendous company to deal with. I've used them for 20 years, and it is just inertia and getting to know their "system" that has prevented me from switching. On another note, you are supposed to call when the tank is 10% or 15% full so what happened to you does not happen - that should be enough to last at least a few weeks.

Glad to hear you kicked AG to the curb. I keep asking myself why, but I've learned when I need to call multiple times, and what oversights to expect from them. Their billing system is all messed up as well. They fail in pretty much every category. I have to speak with them every year about correcting my bill, which usually happens on the first call. With no corrected bill, they eventually fix it but it takes 15-30 min on the phone.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-01-15:
I suggest filing a complaint with your local public utilities commission to try and compel Amerigas to remove their tank.
Posted by wilco8zh on 2014-01-15:
After e-mailing them again today, and telling them I posted scathing reviews on many different websites, I finally got a phone call. They gave me a guarantee pick-up date of February 5th and they will not charge me a pick-up fee. I stopped by the local office and got that in writing. So by the time they pick up their propane tank on Feb 5th, it will have been sitting there for 7 weeks.

I will file a complaint with the public utilities commission, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
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Amerigas Pricing Questionable
Posted by Donrajotte on 01/06/2014
KINGSTON, RHODE ISLAND -- Used Amerigas "Pre Pay" program as a way to get the best price yet when I decided to keep them honest this year, I called several other propane companies for Pre Pay pricing. Cancelled with Amerigas and saved nearly 20% with no delivery charges and no hazmat charges. So much for having faith that when told they are giving you their best price, it appears Amerigas' best price is considerably more than other propane distributors. But my complaints don't end there. How difficult is it to properly schedule deliveries, for Amerigas it is very difficult. The week prior to leaving for the two week winter trip I called the local Amerigas office to notify them that I was low, needed a delivery, and would be away. No delivery came before we left and returned to a freeze up which caused thousands of dollars of damage. Over the next several years we developed a relationship with the delivery driver and she would ensure timely delivery.
When you cancel with Amerigas plan on waiting until they feel like picking up your tanks. We have been waiting three months. They owe us not only for the fuel left in the tank but for the balance on our overpayment in the Pre Pay account which they claim they will not refund until the account is closed which is Amerigas speak for "When we get around to picking up your tanks." My next move, besides making these disparaging remarks on as many web sites as I can locate, will be to call the AG's office of consumer affairs.
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by Dunhambr on 01/06/2014
SAINT JOHNS, MICHIGAN -- Late summer we upgraded our propane tank to a larger size because they were filling the tank every 2 weeks through the winter. I was told to wait until the tank was down to around 5% remaining and then call them for the tank swap. In the meantime they would put a customer will call hold on the existing tank to make sure they didn't accidentally fill it. The tank got low. I called them, they swapped out the tank, no problems. Flash forward to the middle of winter and while looking through the check book I noticed we had not paid Amerigas in several months. I check the tank and its at 5%, almost empty. I call Amerigas and find out they never took us off the will call list when the tank was swapped out. It was a Friday when I called and spoke to Melanie. She was very indifferent and just said they couldn't come out until Tuesday unless I wanted to pay a $200 emergency refill fee. Its now Sunday and the gauge is down around zero so I start to wonder if there is any danger if the tank runs dry. Several Internet sights say it is dangerous for the tank to run dry. Thanks for that information Melanie.

So I just called their emergency hotline number to see what I should do. Sat on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes before someone answered to tell me there is no danger. No way I'm paying $200 because they forgot to do their paperwork when the tank was switched. The drivers who have been out to deliver the propane and one time fix a leak were always very professional. .good people. But outside of the drivers Amerigas service is Terrible.

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Csmskaufman on 10/16/2013
LEWISTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is one of the worst companies I have dealt with. We moved from our house in August and was told to expect to receive a refund for the propane left in our tank. Two months later and they are clueless as to how to refund us this amount. The last gal I spoke to said there was " a system error" and I asked her to define what she meant by "system error", of course, she had no clue. Each customer service person has a different story and honestly I think they are just making up excuses. I will never use them again.
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Abysmal Customer Service
Posted by Fengzi116 on 09/19/2013
CLIFTON PARK, NEW YORK -- Call #1: In preparing to move out of my rental at the end of August, I contacted Amerigas to close my account and get a refund of my security deposit and unused propane. I was advised that the landlord would have to call and either purchase the propane himself or authorize them to lock the tanks. He called them around September 1st to authorize them to lock the tanks.

Call #2: On September 9th I called to check on the status of my refund and learned that they still hadn't locked the tanks. I was told they would issue a work order to lock the tanks, and that my refund would be processed shortly afterward. I said I had already moved to my new house and left a forwarding address; I was assured the refund check would be sent to the new address.

Call #3: September 18th -- still no check. I called and learned that yes, the tanks had been locked, and that my $1000 refund had been processed -- USING MY OLD ADDRESS. I pointed out that I had left a forwarding address in my previous phone call and that it was beyond belief that I was on my third phone call to them and that this matter still wasn't resolved. Customer service representative Jeanette said she would check with accounting; perhaps it still hadn't been mailed out and she could get it sent to the correct address, because their refund checks DO NOT get forwarded by the post office! She said she would call me back on Thursday, September 19th at the latest.

Call #4 : It is now 1:00 pm on September 19th and no one has called me, so I decided to call. I was told that Jeanette is at lunch but they assured me she would return my call. Yes, I'm sure she will.

I find that Amerigas is *extremely* prompt and efficient in sending you a bill or getting your security deposit. That efficiency ends the moment it's time to close your account and issue a refund. FOUR PHONE CALLS and still no information on my refund. Ridiculous. Avoid this company at all costs.

***Bottom line: spare yourself the headache and split your own wood before you deal with this company. ***
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-20:
If you are still on good terms with your landlord I suggest contacting him to see if the check showed up there, he would probably be willing to mail it to you if you left on good terms.
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