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Ameriprise SUCKS!!!
Posted by on
Every step of the way Ameriprise tried to screw me out of my total loss auto claim. They are a very unethical company, they low balled my offer, lied to me about how they came up with the offer, and lied about mailing out my check. After agreeing that the vehicles were incomparable, they tried to put them back into the comparable list. After the settlement is reached, they are hard to get a hold of. When they finally got around to reviewing my title, they tried to delay cutting a check by saying the mileage is not exact, so they could not pay me even though the vehicle was totaled. They are quick about picking up the lost vehicle, but slow to pay the owner for it. If a person, God help them, has to deal with them, I strongly suggest ONLY emailing them. They change their story a lot, so it's easier to catch them when it's in writing. I would also suggest looking up your state’s revised code, and send it to them. They try to get a person to agree to things that are not legal, such as saying they will ONLY pay for injuries after the person signs over all liability to them. They are a very shady company, and I am in the process of writing to the Ohio Department of Insurance about them.
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Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
That's how insurance companies work. They want you to make your payments on time and then deny any claim against them. Are you surprised?
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/18/2009:
Are they your insurance company or "the other guy's?". If you are not at fault and Ameriprise is the other driver's company, get your insurance company involved to fight on your behalf. They know all the tricks of the trade and will probably help you get a better and faster settlement.

It's part of the service you pay for, and if you are not at fault, it won't impact the rates you pay.
simplyjeff on 05/11/2011:
After reading the insurance company reviews that are listed here I felt compelled to write about my insurance company. I have bought both auto and home insurance from USAA for over 20 years. During that time period I have had over a dozen claims several of which were my fault and a few of which ran into fairly large amounts that USAA had to pay out. I have probably spoken with USAA representatives more than 100 times and every single time I came away extremely impressed with the company's efficiency and accuracy. No matter who you speak with they always have a complete and accurate record of everything that was said in previous conversations. Sometimes I cannot get through quickly to the person assigned to my claim but there is always a backup person available within seconds who is just as knowledgeable and efficient. I have also used their website a few times and found it easy to navigate although I still prefer speaking with a representative simply because it is so quick and easy. Of all the companies I have ever dealt within my life, I would have to say that USAA has provided the most consistently top-notch customer service of all. I can't ever remember a bad experience with USAA.
ziggys mom on 07/13/2011:
No. That's not how all insurance companies work. This Costco Ameriprise crosses a line that's even worse than other insurance companies. If you haven't been through it, you have no idea what it's like for people like me. And by the way, they have a high number of complaints.
montex on 03/08/2012:
No matter whether you are the insured or the victim. YOU WILL BE HURT BY THIS VERY UNETHICAL COMPANY! I shop at Costco however, their choice of this company for insurance services suck, especially if you are the victim.
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Do Not Buy Ameriprise/Costco Insurance
Posted by on
Please do yourself a favor and avoid Costco auto insurance through Ameriprise. Their service sucks. It's frustrating when you got into an accident, your car is un-drivable, you have to stay home from work and call them to get help getting a rental car. Called the claim agent 4 times during the day but no reply even though she was there. Finally called other agent and that agent ended up transferred the call back to the original agent, and guess what, she didn't pick up the phone either. Looks like I have to go get a rental car on my own so I can get to work.

Once my car got fixed and this is over, I am changing to another insurance companies.
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User Replies:
ziggys mom on 07/14/2011:
I FOUNnd this to be true the hard way lol,thanks for helping others !!!
Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
Good review. Thanks for warning us. I know what it's like to learn things the hard way.

Very helpful!
tony on 08/14/2013:
I have been Ameriprise customer for over 10 years.
recently some hit our car at the rear and was their fault . the driver also has Ameriprise insurance.
almeriprise try to avoid the claim and making claim very difficult. few years ago someone also hit my truck and it was a different company and we got our claim done efficiently and promtly.
We just cancel our policies with Ameriprise.
for anyone who is thinking about insurnace with ameriprice. Beware, think twice and check all the complaints with proper source ab out their claim reputation
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Ameriprise - Awful
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- BEWARE Of this Business:

This is My First time using Ameriprise, and service is awful. They are so sweet when you sign-up. I asked them to see if anything will change, Sales person told me that, ‘No’ in your case it shouldn’t etc. After few weeks yes, Client services called me and started adding/making changes to the policy and increased the price. When I question, they threatened me that they will cancel the policy. They forced to add my college child to the policy who lives on campus and never takes a car, to super increase the premium. I tried to reach the sales Rep who signed me up – she will NOT answer the call.

Now they are threatening me that I have to have a Fire monitoring from my alarm company or they would cancel the policy apart from the increased premium. I called a month after I signed up to see if they see any changes based on the inspection underwriter, they said everything is good. Now (after 2 months) they are saying change is based on underwriter etc.

Basically, they say anything and nothing is documented. They make changes whenever they feel like just to increase the premiums with reasons that they never communicated before. They never update their systems on time, so always mis-communicating and very confusing.

They have called a random phone number and talking to a wrong person and gave all my personal information thinking that was me, best practice for selling customer’s personal information and just saying SORRY!
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Their Client Was at Fault and We Both Got the Shaft!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I was involved in a car accident in Sept 2011. Here it is 2013 and it is still not resolved. Their client ran a light and broadsided my car. They wouldn't pay my car repairs to my satisfaction and still have not paid for all of it. They kept telling me that I should have had eye's on the right side of my face and because I didn't I was partially at fault. lol

The lady that hit me had their insurance and they screwed her over too. She had a brand new Toyota which was totaled. They gave her a car that was three years older than her new car. As she put it "They gave me this old stinky, sweaty replacement and told me to take it or leave it!" In my opinion, this is the worst company I have ever dealt with to this date in time.

One Excellent Tip: Do not give any statement to the opposing insurance company. Tell them to contact your attorney. Of course this is based on what I learned and is in no way legal advice, always consult your local laws.
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 04/06/2013:
It sounds like you need to retain a lawyer. For the record, the insurance company does not buy a person a replacement car. They pay the value on a totaled car. The at-fault driver may have had to buy an older model car because she owed more money on the car than it was worth, but that isn't the insurance company's fault.
Soaring Consumer on 04/06/2013:
I recommend that you file a complaint with your state's insurance commissioner. They are clearly breaching their obligations.
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Feel Sorry For You If You Are The Victim Or Insured
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DEPERE ALSO PHOENIX ARIZONA, WISCONSIN -- Do not buy this insurance that is sold through Costco.
Doesn't matter whether you are victim or insured you will get screwed. Yes this is the same company that we bailed out in 2008 and they still coninue screwing us americans! Don't let them get you!!! Read below story:

I was involved in an auto accident last September 2011. This lady ran a red light while I was making a left turn. I was 90+ percent into my turn when she hit me. Immediately Ameriprise wanted to ding me 15% because they say I should have had eyes behind my head and swerved to miss their insured and hit the pickup truck that was to the immediate left of me. Not only did they ding me but they also screwed their own insured by giving her an "old sweaty three year old car". They wouldn't replace her new toyota! The agents you deal with are "rude" and "unprofessional". Their agents can't even spell their name correctly! That's the calibre of personnel you are dealing with.

First off (1) do not give them any information over the phone or written communication especially if you are the victim because they will use it against you. Only say something like "their insured hit me" and keep repeating that. (2) Get an attorney especially if you are the victim because they will not settle with you unless you do.
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Not in Good Hands
Posted by on
I have home & auto but not for long. I have had to use the auto group twice recently and have never had a worse experience in my life. I have never been in an accident in my entire life that was my fault and I am close to retirement age. I was rear ended in one case and they told me I was liable. The second case, someone made a left turn in front of me and I didn't have a stop sign or traffic signal. I had no time to hit the brakes yet my fault again.

They seem to be corrupt. Getting rid of them as fast as I can.
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/17/2011:
Who said it was your fault? Ameriprise or the police report? Try going to an independent insurance agency or do some thorough shopping around for a new insurance company.
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This Company Sucks. Don't Buy Through Them They Rip People Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- Don't buy insurance through this company. I shop Costco and after dealing with this company I would never buy their insurance ever. They never return your phone call, make you jump through hoops to get your car repaired and deny any type of extra days for rental car if your is not ready on time from the repair shop. If you have a choice go through your insurance company and bypass this company if you have a choice in the matter. Better yet hire a lawyer.
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Stay away !!!!
Posted by on
My son was hit by a person that had the Costco Ameriprise insurnace. She hit two parked cars, and my son was in one of them. At first, they refused to take responsibility or even give me a rental car. I've been lied to, they played games with me, they gave me the runaround. I am appaled that Costco would have any affiliation with this Ameriprise and sell this insurance when it treats people this badly.
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 07/09/2011:
This is why you have insurance, call YOUR agent and let them take care of your needs, I had a similar situation with an Erie Insurance client that rear-ended my family. My insurance, State Farm, paid all my expenses and got the money back from Erie at a later date.
Anonymous on 07/09/2011:
great review! very helpful

Welcome to my3cents!
ziggys mom on 07/11/2011:
My son was in my father's car. He had State Farm and they were trying to negotiate a rental car and get Ameriprise to take responsibility for the accident. At first, Ameriprise refused. After which I called personally and talked to a supervisor. I complained that they were being unreasonable, and after that they did take responsibility. But, right now, I should be concentrating on my sick child instead of getting the runaround and having my son victimized. I am amazed that Costco would affiliate with this sleazy company.
Skye on 07/11/2011:
Anytime an accident is involved, you need to go through your own insurnace. Do you have an agent? This is what we pay them for, to go after the other car insurance company.

You should not be doing all the work that your insurance preimium payments entitle you to. They are just going to give you the run around, when you try contacting the other drivers insurance. You said it was your fathers car, well then let your fathers insurance company do the work.
Skye on 07/11/2011:
Ziggys mom, is your son OK?
ziggys mom on 07/11/2011:
State Farm did try at first. They said they couldn't believe that the girl had hit two parked cars and that the company wasn't taking responsibility for it. In the meantime, that was our only car. I took the initiative to call personally and try to get us a rental car. As far as my son, I really appreciate you asking how he's doing. He's a little better but still needs six more months of treatment. My family and I have suffered tremendously and I was told initially after the first E.R. visit that Costco was going to take care of me and I didn't need an attorney. I trusted them because they were affiliated with Costco. Hopefully things will get resolved soon.

Also, even if I had got an attorney, it's my understanding from one of my friends that they fight you pretty much to the death when it comes to the claim. I've tried everything.
Skye on 07/11/2011:
What does the police report say?

Getting an attorney may be the best way to go. They will set up a consultation, then tell you if you have a cliam or not. Fighting to the death is not exactly how it works, but good luck.
ziggys mom on 07/11/2011:
This is the craziest part of the story , the girl that hit my little man is our neigbor , she speeds up the hill to get to work every morning in her lifted large truck , on this day it was raining the speed in the residential street is 25 and should have been 20 with the rain my son was waiting at his bus stop by chance in a car b cuz of the rain other wise he would have been on the sidewalk and probably killed . on this jan 13 2010 she came speeding up the hill she hit one parked car and pushed it on to the childrens bus stop on the sidewalk and keep going on her journey my dad looked back saw that she hit the car . but then she kept driving up the hill 2 houses up the street and hit my dads car . The houes are spread apart very far. When I arrived on the scene, I thought it was two separate accidents. There was a community traffic officer was there. Right after the accident, the girl came out of the car and started acting hysterical. She called her Mom and started screaming that the accident was not her fault. My son heard this, and was disturbed by her behavior. When the bus came, he wanted him out of the area. I asked for them to send out the police, and the person there refused to. She said that what had happened could happen to anyone. The lady was a burnout and just wanted to get this over with. The girl who caused the accident was trying to play the victim and even said that I was upsetting her. My father took pictures, and I saw that the girl's wheel was on the second car that she hit. Right now I'm just searching for justice for my son. Next, I went online and found pictures of the girl who caused the accident kissing bottles of alcohol and joking that she has a bad case of road rage.
PepperElf on 07/11/2011:

MY insurance company gives the option of having a rental car. I have to pay for it in my premiums.

as for zig's mom's claims about the web postings... it's time to get a lawyer. that's the only real way you will fight the driver if you want something from them
ziggys mom on 07/12/2011:
Having Ameriprise insurance is like not having any insurance at all. They won't pay out to your victim no matter what. They'll find a contradiction that has nothing to do with the situation (did you eat a cheeseburger or a hamburger?) and deny your claim.

I found this on line , iam getting help now but its still very hard !!
ziggys mom on 07/13/2011:
This Costco Ameriprise crosses a line that's even worse than other insurance companies. If you haven't been through it, you have no idea what it's like for people like me. And by the way, they have a high number of complaints. I would never want anyone to go through what I did !!

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Ameriprise uses inferior parts
Posted by on
My wife has a 2007 Honda that she had an accident with. Ameriprise refuses to use OEM parts for its repair. They supposedly called my repair shop and got them to agree to this by talking to someone named Ralph. There is no one named Ralph at my repair shop and the repair shop says we should use OEM parts. What kind of scam is this? Aftermarket bumper covers are inferior product that do not fit like original. When I called they said the only way I could get them to pay for original parts was to bring it to one of there shops, but there is not one in Vermont. The person I talked to said I would have to pay the difference in price from aftermarket to OEM. I understand Insurance companys trying to save money by using aftermarket parts, but when it comes to body panels thet are inferior and do not fit correctly. On Ameriprise website it says they will repair your vehicle to its preloss condition, well my preloss condition was all Original parts.
I had Allstate prior to Ameriprise and when I had an accident they wanted to use aftermarket parts and I said I wanted original they said OK, end of story. Allstate I am coming back. Beware people of Ameriprise they are a scam, using fake agreement names and inferior parts.
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