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Dirty And Breakfast
Posted by on
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- This is to let you know what happened to me in my stay in the hotel above mentioned.

We were there from 5/23 to 5/25, en general the hotel is not too bad, but despite that fact they should clean the hall carpets, the ceilings (especially above the bed) and the AC more often because they were really dirty and dusty.

We booked this hotel because they included the breakfast (from 7am to 10am) on the price and for us that was the most important thing that we considered when we were choosing because that helps you to save money and time.

Well, on Sunday 5/25/08 we were to have breakfast at 9.50am and while my husband was toasting bagels and others I was waiting in line for a lady to finish cooking her waffle. Right after that lady finished the maid whose name is Adelaida (I asked to the receptionist) took the machine out in front of me, I asked her to let me do my waffle because I was there before 10 am and she didn’t answered, she just leaved me stand with the plate on my hand in front of a lot of customers. I went after her to the kitchen and asked her again and she said in a very rude way “You should wake up earlier”, I told her that I was there before 10am, and that I was waiting in line. Then I went to the receptionist and explained what happened, she was really nice and apologized, but at the end of the day I was embarrassed in front of everybody and leaved without breakfast.

This should not happen to anybody, I am the customer I pay my money to get a good service and I don’t need to be embarrassed like a child.
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Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
I agree that you were very badly treated. While it is necessary to stop serving breakfast at some time, removing the toaster while you were clearly intending to use it was horrible conduct. I also agree that the person who scolded you to 'get up earlier' was very wrong. While you should have been allowed to finish your breakfast, the correct comment by the staffer should have been, "Go ahead and finish, but then I have to remove the toaster because breakfast time is over." It was not the maid's place to play 'nanny' and educate you on sleeping habits. Thanks for the review.
bargod on 05/28/2008:
You handled it very well. I would have smashed my empty plate over her head.
DebtorBasher on 05/28/2008:
They have their guests make their own breakfast? What kind of service is that? What they should have done was allowed those who were in line by 10am to finish what they needed to do...and just tell people after 10am that the line is closed, to stop people from getting in line AFTER 10am. That's what they do when stores are about to close...they let the people who entered before closing time to finish up their shopping and check out, while someone waits at the door so no other customers come in after the posted closing time.
old fart on 05/28/2008:
Basher.. I've been in several hotels where the guests use the breakfast bar to make their own... not that unusual..
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
DB, I think it was a 'continental breakfast'...all self serve cereal, bagels, toast, and frozen waffles. If it was critical that the breakfast ends at 10am, they should post the end at 9:30 and, just like DB said, stop guests from entering at that time.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
Yeah, fart, that sounds about right.

The breakfast nanny like most hourly employees see only the clock and not the mission. You know how people get around quiting time. The floor people below me line up in front of the door about 7 minutes before the MAN blows the whistle to go home. What can you do.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
Ghost, I think the OP was waiting to use the waffle iron, which takes a great deal longer than a toaster. Upwards of 10 minutes, the last time I used one.

BTW, the waffles are pretty nasty.
DebtorBasher on 05/28/2008:
I'll be danged if I pay for hotel and have to get my own breakfast! I WANT SERVED!!!
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
Bargod, "Best Answer", LOL.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
Thanks Mrs. YooWho...I had not anticipated the tremendous wait of ten minutes and how that vast sum of time may have inconvenienced the staffer so much to warrant a scolding by the maid. While waffles may be 'nasty'...the crack by the maid was nastier. Good morning...glad you're here.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
I never said the waffles potential 'nastiness' excused the maid's behavior. What if the OP had yet another several people in line behind her, waiting to use the iron?

Just how long should the breakfast bar remain open?
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
That's what I like about you YooWho. You see the big picture.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
Mrs. YooWho, the places I have been that have a self serve breakfast bar start removing the stuff at 10:00am if there are still people in the room. I have gone back to get a coffee or something and seen them taking stuff down before 10:00am if the room is empty and looks like everyone is done. I have never seen them remove stuff while people were in line.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
Nicely stated, superbowl. "What if" encompasses a lot of territory. "What if" a huge group of conventioneers entered the dining room at 9:55? We could play this forever. The staff should have started removing items not being used by patrons. Look at the bad will this one incident caused for the hotel. A waffle (of all things!) likely cost this place some business...thanks to the Waffle-Nazi..."No waffle for you, one year!"
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
I'm still entrigued by:
"but despite that fact they should clean the hall carpets, the ceilings (especially above the bed)".
Why above the bed?
Oh, wait.
Never mind.
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