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Ameritech's Rotted Phone Lines

MICHIGAN -- I live in Michigan and for years I have had intermittent phone problems,usually when it rains, phone being out of service and static on lines to the point the phone is useless and I cannot maintain an internet connection. I am told by Ameritech repairmen this is caused by rotted phone lines which need replacing. I am not alone with this problem.

I have spent hours on hold, sometimes at pay phones in very cold weather while they do their automated phone line check, which usually reveals no problems, even though my phone may be acting up or out of service. The serviceman comes several days later when the sun has dried out the lines and they have repeatedly told me the same thing, main lines are bad and need replacing and that they will report it.

Not being able to find out anything about the replacement from Ameritec is frustrating. Once you get through to the call center, you always gets you a caring concerned person who always tries to help, but, this persons only forwards the info to another department. Returned calls are promised and not made, cobbled messages are left by non-existent people from valid Ameritech phone numbers. More caring people, more promises of returned calls. Apparently just lies.

Bla bla bla I could go on forever but unfortunately Ameritech's phone service sucks. They are ripping people off by not providing the service being paid for. They are constantly laying off more caring people, recently 15,000, just a little than the town I live in, and that's scary, almost a whole town like mine out of work, not because they can't do their job but because there is no job to do. Is the K-Mart and Enron syndrome about to attack Ameritech?

But all good things sometimes come to an end, once great then gone!!! Ameritech "What's gone wrong"!!! I think we all know.

Ameritech Scams Consumers Again!
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I'm not exactly sure of the details of this situation, basically I had received a letter from Ameritech a little while stated that Ameritech has lost a legal battle over their billing practices... and were being ordered to repay the consumers a certain amount. Well this week I received my "payment" from them... basically they gave out these little phone cards made out of paper... they are good for 12 minutes... can't be used for long distance, and they must be used from a local pay phone... can you believe it? and they of course must be used by this winter... so the only way consumers can get their money back, is to make minutes in local calls from payphones outside in the winter!

They are probably banking of the fact that 80% of the consumers won't ever use this little paper card they gave out... so basically they won't have to repay the consumers! Scam artists...

Thank God I Read This Review!
By -

SANDUSKY, OHIO -- Dear Blaine Bull,

As a frequent user of your company, I feel obligated to share with you my experience.

Having just talked with a sales rep about the DSL I am so glad I read a review at regarding your service!!! I won't be connecting now and will pass the Word here !!! Having just been through an AT&T MCI war for the last 7 months I truly could not take another one !!!

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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