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Amex just chased me away and I spend $70K a year on a personal card
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I've been an Amex customer for over 15 years and spend about $70,000 a year on a personal card. My bill gets paid on time every month. I recently booked a 3 night stay at Treasure Island Resort. The Amex reservation clearly stated that I would receive a $50 credit that could be used to pay a number of hotel charges, including TI's Resort Fee. Unfortunately, the hotel would not honor the credit for Resort Fees. Amex admitted that they made the offer before the dates authorized by TI. No big deal right? Amex should simply issue me, a great long term customer, a $50 credit. Well, that's not right. I spent 30 minutes on my original phone call to customer service. They couldn't issue the credit because the charge hadn't posted yet. They said I would have to email the request in later, which I did. Bill comes, no credit. So I call customer service again. They won't issue the credit, even though there are notes all over the account that say it is owed to me, and my bill reflects that I incurred the charge. They wanted me to make physical copies of the hotel bill and Amex reservation (which ironically they sent to me) and physically mail them in to their corporate office. Finally, I spoke with a supervisor that told me, "think if 50,000 Amex customers requested credits of $50 with no verification or paperwork." Are they kidding? This is the first of this sort of credit I've ever requested. I spend a ton of money on their cards, each purchase generating merchant revenue for Amex. The original customer service representative actually spoke to the supervisor at TI and confirmed that they were not honoring the credit and that I would be charged. The charge appeared on my bill. And somehow they need more documentation... as if there is some remote chance that I'm pulling a scam... for $50... on a $70,000 a year account. Finally, when the supervisor realized he was a bit outmatched in the debate, he agreed to issue the credit. All that bs for a simple $50 credit. It's amazing they still have any customers.
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Anonymous on 01/06/2011:
You have $70k a year to spend, and pay your balance off every month, and you were incensed over saving $50? It was credited back to you, so all's well that ends well.
AmexCCP on 03/08/2011:
Seriously, people attempt to scam AMEX daily with false claims, it's a business, protecting the business is priority. In addition, the reason you have to send in documentation of things we have offered is because first; the customer care professional's (CCP's) you talk to have only certain information when you call, including the supervisor, and different info is with different departments (yes departments we have over 48 million cardmembers)therefore, yes, you will have to spend time occasionally correcting mistakes. I'm truly apologetic in realizing this was more than you should have ever had to do, but again, businesses protect themselves from potential scams. Example, cardmembers who spend even 500K will claim they signed up for promos they were not offered, to save 5.00. You have to also realize that people spending any amount of money are capable of any request, example, will go to a bar with a very attractive waitress, tip her over $300 to impress her with there nice flashy AMEX, then have buyers remorse when they don't get anywhere, and call amex, and claim that the waitress falsified the tip. Don't take it personal, you're appreciated, but no special treatment can be given because no matter how great cardmembers can be, you have read what happens.
Son of John on 11/29/2011:
American Depressed, leave it at home and go out
without it!
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AMEX Knows How To Cover Their Asses
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SALT LAKE CITY, VIRGINIA -- In March of 2001 the Wyoming Highway Patrol seized about $10,000. worth of AMEX travellers checks from me. Subsequently they turned the checks over to the US Secret Service. The US Secret Service held the checks for three years until 2004. I was never charged with any criminal offence regarding these checks.
Rather than returning th checks to me in 2004 the US Secret Service returned the checks to American Express. I have documentation (if you had a place to attach files I could display this) to support this allegation along with a letter from the Secret Service stating the checks sent to American Express belonged to me.
In 2006 I hired a Wyoming attorney named Timothy Kingston of Cheyenne,
Wyoming (307) 638-8885. He wrote letters to the legal department at AMEX demanding a refund for these checks being AMEX got my money and the checks back. I also have documents to support this. He even demanded AMEX show a factual or legal basis for denying me my refund. Never did an attorney respond. He only received emails from someone called Annette Holbrook (legal analyst). I checked with the Utah Bar and there was never an attorney practicing in that state by the name of Annette Holbrook. She said she was denying the claim unless I can produce a receipt or proof of purchase.

Unfortunately being it was five years since I purchased the checks I did not have the reaceipts. However requiring me to produce a proof of purchase before I could get a refund is such a farce. Number one AMEX has records. They know damn well who purchased those checks. For two the checks were held for three years with the US Secret Service. If those checks were not purchased by me clearly I would have had criminal charges filed against me. Three I have documentation
(if you only could allow me to paste documents here) where the US Secret Service clearly and unequivocally state that the checks in question belonged to me. I purchased them on either February 20 or February 21 at the AAA Office on Arkansas Avenue in Denver, Colorado.

In 2007 my attorney filed a complaint against AMEX with the Office of the Attorney General of Utah. The Utah Attorney Generals Office dismissed the complaint because I am not a Utah resident.
I then upon my own filed a complaint in 2007 with the New York State Attorney General (where I am a resident). The complaint again was dismissed. In speaking with an attorney for the New York State Attorney Generals Office she said we can only resolve disputes if both parties are willing to do so voluntarily. Which is a joke. If the two parties can resolve the issue voluntarily why would one have to go to the attorney generals office.
Then in late 2008 I tried to file a complaint against AMEX with the Federal Trade Commission (The FTC).The FTC would not take the complaint because they say they only deal with class action suits. They referred me to the Office of Thrift Supervision.
In 2008 I filed a complaint against AMEX with the OTS (Office of Thrift Supervision) and they said that AMEX is a bank and that I should go to the FDIC. I went to the FDIC and they said AMEX is not a bank and that I should go to the FTC.
In 2009 I tried to contact an attorney for AMEX to discuss the refund and I get stonewalled. I first tried phoning the 1-800-221-7282 and I got someone from the Philippines named Christian and he refused to connect me to an attorney for AMEX. I also phoned a Justin Peterson at AMEX in Salt Lake (1-801-945-5146)and he too refused to put me in contact with an in house attorney for AMEX.
It is rather obvious what AMEX is doing. They know how to cover their asses. They know the only way I would get justice from them is by sueing them. And for me to hire an attorney it would cost me more than the $10,000 I am out. I am trying to get the money back. Does anyone here know of any way that I can bring AMEX to justice, have them refund me my $10,000. without it costing me $10,000 to do so. Further there is now telling how many other times AMEX has done this.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/19/2009:
I am surprised that even the government agencies are giving you as much of a runaround as AMEX!

Did you attempt to file a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency?
madconsumer on 05/19/2009:
sounds like the poster tried all avenues of recourse. no need to go to the office of comptolers .... lol

something is not being told here. if someone purchases 10k worth of checks, they should save the receipt. what was the reason they investigated you and confiscated the checks? drug deal? hooker?
ejack053824 on 05/19/2009:
Hmmmmm...something doesn't sound right.
Ponie on 05/19/2009:
I agree with mad and ejack. Why were the checks taken in the first place? Seems I heard there are certain reasons why $$ is not returned. How about the car? Do you still have that? :)
worldtraveller on 05/19/2009:
My car was returned in two days. I had over $3000. in cash and it was also reurned to me within a week. The travellers checks were not stolen,they were not counterfeit.The checks belonged clearly and unequivocally to me. American Express got $10,000. in cash from me when I paid for the travellers checks and plus they get all the travelers checks back. They make a windfall.
Further,do you have receipts from five years ago? Even further,AMEX has records they know damn well I purchased those checks. As a matter of fact the claims investigator in 2006 was about to give me a refund until she was instructed by the legal department to deny my claim.
My only recourse I think I have is to sue AMEX but it will cost me more than $10,000. to hire a lawyer.Once again,does anyone have any suggestions on what recourse I might have.
Ponie on 05/19/2009:
If a highway patrol confiscated $10,000 of travelers' checks from me--I'd keep those receipts for 25 years if I were in the right. Seems as though your easy access to $$$ would make it worth your while , if just to prove a point.
RestaurantGuy on 05/19/2009:
World I would think your only recourse is to sue them for the amount of the travelers checks plus your attorney fees in court. If everything you are saying in this post is true you should have a pretty good case IMO.
Ponie on 05/19/2009:
I agree, RG.
worldtraveller on 05/19/2009:
To restaurant guy:I have receipts and documentation from the Secret Service that they took my travellers checks.What I didn't have and AMEX is demanding is the purchase of the traveller check receipts.I think the police may have seized them but I couldn't be bothered with chasing the police down.

Further AMEX has records. I told the claims investigator for AMEX that I purchased the checks on either February or February 21 at the AAA on Arkansas Avenue in Denver. They could confirm this.

In addition in August of 2008 while I was flying on an Air India flight from New York JFK to London Heathrow.I checked in a bag which had $1500. in AMEX travellers checks and the receipts.Someone on the airline piched me bag. I never received the bag in London. They took my bag with the checks and the receipts. I know I shouldn't keep the two close together. Within two months of the incident without a proof of purchase AMEX gave me a $1500. refund.

So that stuff about denying my claim because I don't have a proof of purchase for the checks is a crock of sh*t. AMEX knows my only recourse is to sue and sueing them will cost me more than $10,000. That is why they are denying my claim. They got my money and their checks back. No telling how many other times AMEX has done this.
Ponie on 05/19/2009:
My, my, you have so many problems, don't you? I could comment on your last response, but I see it's useless.
RestaurantGuy on 05/19/2009:
Going to have to agree with Ponie. You seem to have a lot of problems.
Anonymous on 05/19/2009:
Worldtraveller, as much as it kills me to say it I think AMEX and the system may have beat you on this one. It sounds like you have done about all you can outside of taking AMEX to court. Maybe try to file a theft charge as a last resort.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 05/19/2009:
I guess I don't understand exactly why the checks were confiscated in the first place...there seems to be a lot of information left out of the post. However, I would have to agree with RG, you should sue them for the amount of the travelers checks, attorney and court fees.
Anonymous on 05/19/2009:
I smell some criminal activity going on.
goduke on 05/19/2009:
You put $1500 worth of AMEX cash in a checked bag. Really?
worldtraveller on 05/19/2009:

I know it is stupid but I originally wasn't planning to check in the bag with my traveller checks. When I got to the check-in counter at JFK
I had five bags. The clerk said I can only check in 2 and only carry on two. So I put my small bag that had the travellers checks in them inside of my big backpack without thinking about the travellers checks. When I got to London the big backpack was not there. Then I had to change planes and go to another airport. I then went from London Stanstead to Tegal Berlin. The big backpack was sent to me at me mates flat in Berlin without the small bag I placed inside. Not only did I lose my travellers checks, I also lost about 15 Playboy Magazines,my mobile phone and several important papers. Air India is washing their hands of this saying "we returned you your bag". Yes they returned me my bag but only with some of the original contents.
As I say my only real option with AMEX is to sue. Most lawyers I have spoken to want a lot of money before even signing off on anything. It'd be nice if there was an attorney who could take the case on a contingency fee. Or if there are others who have had similar incidents happen to them a lawyer could file a class action suit on our behalfs.
Ponie on 05/20/2009:
This story gets curiouser and curiouser. To use one of the teenage expressions when they question the credulity of a statement: Whatever....
worldtraveller on 05/21/2009:

before you accuse someone of being a liar back your accusations up with facts. I always give people the benefit of the doubt.
jktshff1 on 05/21/2009:
World, I think what has people questioning the facts is it was never explained why you would be carrying large amounts of travelers checks. Not that it happened.
I'm with ejack and some of the others. Something just ain't right here.
BokiBean on 05/21/2009:
I don't disagree with the idea that these traveler's checks should be returned to you, legally. If they didn't prove anything, they have no right to keep them, whether or not you WERE involved in illegal activity...its something law enforcement has a hard time with. Horror stories all over the net.

That said, I also don't think you ever had proof of purchase and you are going to find it next to impossible to get them back.
BokiBean on 05/21/2009:
Oh! And there are asset seizure groups online, have you thought about contacting one of them?
worldtraveller on 05/21/2009:
Dudes: First of all the $3000. in cash I had on me when it was seized I was going to go to my bank to get a money order for I was planning to invest the money in some mutual funds.Plus I had the travellers checks because I was beginning a four month vacation. $3000. is not really a lot of cash. George W. Bush made 24 million dollars in donations at a White House dinner he threw in just one night.$3000. or even $10,000. is sh*t.
As far as proof of purchase goes those checks were held for three years by the US Secret Service.The Secret Service would have clearly known if someone else purchased those checks and I wouldn't be arguing my case here today. I don't have the receipts but I have a letter from the Secret Service to my attorney stating those checks belong to me. When the letter was presented to AMEX it was just ignored.
BokiBean on 05/21/2009:
Well, maybe..maybe not. What you probably have is a letter stating that they were in your possession...not that you purchased them.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 05/21/2009:
Why were they seized in the first place?? It makes no sense for them to take them for no reason.
Ponie on 05/21/2009:
'George W. Bush made 24 million dollars in donations at a White House dinner he threw in just one night.' So? what's your point? Bernie Madoff could do that in just a couple of minutes.
'$3000. or even $10,000. is sh*t.' If that's your attitude about a hefty amount of money, I fail to see why you're complaining.
Not only is this story getting curiouser and curiouser--it's getting funnier and funnier. :)
jktshff1 on 05/21/2009:
+1 Ponie
Ponie on 05/21/2009:
Thanks, jkt. Think one of these days I can catch up to you?
jktshff1 on 05/21/2009:
worldtraveller on 05/21/2009:
$10,000. is a lot of money to me. But to people like AMEX it is sh*t. If I had at least $50,000. on me then I can see people raising some concern.
*Brenda* on 05/23/2009:
Why were they seized in the first place?
Ponie on 05/23/2009:
Brenda, that's what all of us are asking--and aren't getting an answer.
madconsumer on 05/23/2009:
"American Express got $10,000. in cash from me when I paid for the travellers checks ..."

here is what we are asking, you paid cash for 10 grand of checks. now in many peoples eyes, having 10 grand in cash is pretty fishy.
Ponie on 05/23/2009:
OK, mad. Now I've got it. He was going deep sea fishing! :)
madconsumer on 05/23/2009:
lol is this scott petterson from Florida?
Ponie on 05/23/2009:
Yep--the one from Florida, the one from Illinois, the one from California, and the poster from Salt Lake City, Virginia. :)
worldtraveller on 05/24/2009:
I was a passenger in my mate's car. He got pulled over for driving with expired tags. He's not too smart.Then the police ask him if they can search his car and he consented.Becauase I was a passenger in the vehicle that included searching me.Police seized the checks because they suspected I was involved in some sort of illegal activity.Remember,this happened in Wyoming and people have a very suspicious nature there.

Because I was never charged with any crime related to these checks and the fact that these checks were not stolen or belonged to someone else is all that is relevant.What specifically happened with the police is irelevant.The point is AMEX received $10,000 in cash for those checks. AMEX had no problem accepting my money. The checks were returned to AMEX. AMEX has my money and the checks that I purchased. They can have one or the other but not both.
I was further frustrated this week. I was in Salt Lake where AMEX headquarters is located and I got stonewalled.There is only one way into the AMEX building in Salt Lake and you can not get into the AMEX building without passing through security. I wanted to to speak to someone from the legal department to discuss this matter but a person named Laurie working security said there is no legal department here. I then told her I saw the email sent from an Annette Holbrook claiming to be from the legal department (with a Salt Lake phone number) to my Wyoming attorney. They said they had no record of her working there. Then in the end she gives me the AMEX toll free number (which I already knew) which is 1-800-221-7282 and you end up speaking to someone from the Philippines.

Sending an email to AMEX legal department is also frustrating. On their websites they only accept emails from Card Holders. AMEX is like Al-Quida. You are mad at AMEX but there is no one who you can contact to to address your greivance to. I guess that's the way they want it.
Ponie on 05/24/2009:
Looks as though someone else should heed the advice given in one of Denis Healy's quotes. However, a few posters have come around and kicked some of that dirt back into the hole even though it seems to be getting deeper and deeper.
worldtraveller on 05/24/2009:
Ponie: Do you have nothing better to do than insult people on line. I put my post out there hoping to find someone with empathy and understanding who might be able to help me deal with this situation. AMEX has insulted me enough I am not in need of more harassment.
If you have nothing better to do than to insult people could you please find someone else to insult. Get a life.
jktshff1 on 05/24/2009:
Ponie +100 you are catching up.
world, you are still beating around the bush, what happened with the police is relevant to your complaint, the not explaining why you had that amount of money in checks is relevant to the complaint. From your use of the word "mate" I would think that you might be from "down under". That might explain quite a bit and have something to do with this considering the "homeland security" situation now.
Nohandle on 05/24/2009:
I'm confused here. You purchased $10,000.00 in traveler's checks from AmEx which were confiscated by the SS. You have still not received reimbursement from AmEx. To quote: Then In addition in August of 2008 while I was flying on an Air India flight from New York JFK to London Heathrow.I checked in a bag which had $1500. in AMEX travellers checks and the receipts.Someone on the airline piched me bag. I never received the bag in London. They took my bag with the checks and the receipts. I know I shouldn't keep the two close together. Within two months of the incident without a proof of purchase AMEX gave me a $1500. refund.

My question to you sir is quite simply, why on earth if AmEx owed you $10,000.00 from 2001 did you purchase additional traveler's checks in 2008? I believe if a company owed me that type of money I wouldn't be doing business with them again. Just curious.
Slimjim on 05/24/2009:
I'm late and am not going to sift through 40 comments so I probably will repeat some other opinions.
This is not an AG or FTC thing by any means. Obviously something is really big and missing form the story, like um, the details why the checks were seized and held. You have an attorney representing you. Why are you screwing around with an AG office for $10,000? IF you have any valid complaint, you should have already filed suit against AMEX and/or maybe even the SS. More than likely, AMEX. The whole thing about the origin of the checks and why they were seized is way too important to leave out and expect anyone to get on board too convincingly.
worldtraveller on 05/24/2009:
First no handle: When I travel I prefer travellers checks to cash and credit cards.Between 2001 and 2007 when I travelled (which I do frequently. My handle is worldtraveller187 because I have been to 187 countries) I used Visa and Mastercard Travellers Checks.But right now Mastercard and Visa no longer sell travellers checks.Only AMEX does. So reluctantly I bought them from AMEX taking my chances.
jktshff1: I am a US citizen but I have spent five years living in Australia. Living there I picked up their lingo. I know say "boot" instead of "trunk", "bonnet" instead of "hood","Dobbed in" instead of "snitched", "rubbish" instead of "trash","root" instead of "get laid" and the list goes on and on.
Slimjim & jktshff1- Part of the reason I sat on this matter so long between 2001 and 2006 because I spent much of that time in Australia.The other reason was because I got into dickering with attorneys. Many attorneys I tried to hire wanted like $1000. just to make a five minute phone call the Secret Service (this was during the three years the checks were with the Secret Service). Then I had one lawyer who (on a contingency fee) spoke to the Secret Service and told me that they said they wouldn't give him my checks (Febhruary 2004). Then I got another lawyer and he was talking to the US Attorney in Wyoming (my classmate from law school) and he was in negotiations with him.
In 2004 the US Attorney in Wyoming was considering getting a court order (not opposing the order) from a judge allowing the checks to be returned to me. Then in May of 2004 I went off to Europe & Australia and I lost contact with that attorney who was talking to the US Attorney.I did not return to the US until May of 2006.At that time the checks were turned over to AMEX and I hired a new attorney to try to get them back. In hindsight I should have struck while the iron was hot by following up with the attorney who was in negotiations with the US attorney. As they say hindsight is always 2020.
Slimjimi: What is SS?

worldtraveller on 05/24/2009:
worldtraveller on 05/24/2009:
To all: As I said earlier they held the checks for three (3) years because they thought I was involved in some kind of lawless activity. It however, is still not relevant. If Ted Bundy,Timothy McVeigh or David Berkowitz were to purchase travellers checks from AMEX and the checks were returned to AMEX they too should not be denied refunds because they are murderers. One has nothing to do with the other. In 2008 I got that refund from AMEX for $1500. and the claims investigator said my 2004 claim for $10,000. will have no effect on this 2008 claim. She granted me the refund. The bottom line is AMEX received $10,000. from me for travellers checks in 2001 and in 2004 they got the checks back. They have both my checks and my money. There is no legal or factual basis for them denying me my refund.
jktshff1 on 05/25/2009:
All I can say is hang in there.
madconsumer on 05/25/2009:
" I put my post out there hoping to find someone with empathy and understanding who might be able to help me deal with this situation."

this is why you pay a counselor, and for you americans, a lawyer.

where the checks filled out? last time I purchased travel checks, I had to sign them in front of the teller. last time I made a large purchae of travel checks, I had to state the reason why, weird, but they did ask.

10 grand in America is the flag amount for money luandering and illegal activity. amex was the one who turned you in oer the untied states regulations. how were these paid for??
worldtraveller on 05/25/2009:
madconsumer: Iwhen I said empathy and understanding I wasn't looking for a counselor. I was looking for someone who may have had a similar situation and they might know what my recourse might be.
AMEX,didn't turn me in. As I said earlier I was a passenger in my mate's car when he got pulled over for driving with expired tags. He then consented to a search of the car (idiot) upon the cop's request. When the Wyoming Highway Patrol found $10,000. in travellers checks that sent up a red flag. They immediately contacted Secret Supervise. Funny, this happened in March of 2001. Six months before 9/11.
worldtraveller on 05/25/2009:
madconsumer: checks were paid for with cash. AMEX knows damn well I purchased the checks. The checks were with the Secret Service for three years. If I didn't purchase them that would mean someone else did. Someone else would have probably report them stolen and I would have been charged.If someone else purchased those checks the Secret Service would have known it. Afterall, arresting people that's how the Secret Service makes their money. AMEX is refusing my refund because the only recourse I know is to sue (they know this too). And it would cost me more than 10K to hire a lawyer to get back 10K.
Slimjim on 05/25/2009:
SS = Secret Service. I think you hit it worldtraveler, it's just too much time passed. Your statute of limitations on discovery probably ran out by now, no matter what.
Quick question, do you also refer to an elevator as a lift? That's one of my favorites.
madconsumer on 05/25/2009:
where these purchased in the united states? if so, the SS has nothing to do with it. in the united states, they are called the FBI.
BokiBean on 05/25/2009:
The Secret Service investigates cases of possible fraud or counterfeiting that involves travelers checks.
Ponie on 05/25/2009:
Well, I'll be doggone! 'Afterall, arresting people that's how the Secret Service makes their money.' Attention all Secret Service Agents who travel with President Obama: Better start issuing jay-walking or loitering citations to the many who stand around for a glimpse of the president. If you don't--you won't get your money twice a month (or whenever you get paid). If they don't met their quota, is it deducted from their check?
Slimjim, read all the comments, bet you'd find them interesting. The plot thickens with each response by the OP. Right now it's the consitency of pudding. It'll probably be set like concrete soon--and guess whose feet will be embedded?
Chapter 13 of this saga coming up. :)
DigitalCommando on 05/25/2009:
I'm getting the popcorn a poppin.
worldtraveller on 05/25/2009:
Ansdwer the questions: Yes,elevator is a lift.
I said earlier I purchased these checks on either on February 20 or February 21,2001 in Denver.That is the USA.
I thought when one of you mentioned SS you were referring to Social Security. The Secret Service also investigates money laundering.
worldtraveller on 05/25/2009:
Soaring Consumer: R U sure the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency would handle this matter?
Soaring Consumer on 05/25/2009:
I'm not sure but his job is to manage the banking system and since you tried all other avenues it would be worth a try to contact him.
worldtraveller on 05/26/2009:
I'll look into it.Thanks.
worldtraveller on 05/29/2009:
Soaring Consumer: I sent an Email to the OCC and am waiting for a reply.

worldtraveller on 06/02/2009:
Hello Soaring Consumer: I contacted the OCC and below is a copy of the respose I received:

Dear Mr. Kowal:

I am unsure as to why neither the FDIC nor the OTS were able to assist you, as there are two American Express Banks in Utah, one is regulated by the FDIC and the other by the OTS. While the OCC has no supervisory authority over either institution, you may wish to contact our Customer Assistance Group, who may be better able to point you in the correct direction.
For information regarding the CAG, national banks, or how to file a complaint and to check the status of an existing complaint, please visit our website at This website contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions in an effort to provide you with general banking information. Additionally at this website, you may access our Online Customer Complaint Form to file a complaint against a national bank. You may also fax your complaint to 713-336-4301 or forward by mail to OCC, Customer Assistance Group, 1301 McKinney, Suite 3450, Houston, Texas 77010. To contact the Customer Assistance Group by telephone, please call 1-800-613-6743.

American Express Centurion Bank has been FDIC insured since March 20, 1989.
It was established on March 20, 1989.
Its main office (headquarters) is located at:
4315 South 2700 West, Mail Code: 02-01-66
Salt Lake City, Utah 84184
County of Salt Lake

American Express Centurion Bank has 3 Domestic Branches (Offices) located in 1 state(s) and 1 Foreign Offices. (Check to locate Branches (Offices) by state.)

American Express Centurion Bank's reported (or primary) website:

American Express Centurion Bank is chartered as a Federal Reserve Non-member. Therefore the primary regulator is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). For consumer assistance regarding an issue with this institution, please contact the FDIC directly using

American Express Bank, FSB is a savings bank that is regulated by the OTS.

American Express Bank, FSB. has been FDIC insured since December 1, 2000.
It was established on December 1, 2000.
Its main office (headquarters) is located at:
4315 South 2700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84184
County of Salt Lake

Check to locate Branches Offices by state.

American Express Bank, FSB.'s reported (or primary) website:

American Express Bank, FSB. is chartered as a Savings Association. Therefore the primary regulator is the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS). For consumer assistance regarding an issue with this institution, please contact the OTS directly using
worldtraveller on 06/02/2009:
Hello again Soaring Consumer,

It looks like everybody keeps passing the buck here. Since then I emalied Charles Fisk (Omudsman at the OTS) and asked him to stop passing the buck and please have the OTS entertain my complaint. I don't know whether or not he will listen.

Soaring Consumer is there someone (like Secretary of Treasury) who I can contact who can sort this out and stop these government agencies from just passing the buck?
Soaring Consumer on 06/04/2009:
At this point I think you should take your plight to the media. One of your local news stations may have a consumer advocate that may be able to help you.
worldtraveller on 06/05/2009:
Soaring Consumer:
Do I just send emails (explaining my story) to the editors desks at some big city newspapers? Or do you know of any news organizations with a sympathetic ear?
Soaring Consumer on 06/05/2009:
I suggest that you call them, on the phone. My local FOX station has a consumer advocate, maybe your local one might also.
tnchuck100 on 06/05/2009:
I just discovered this guy is playing this review in two places on this site.
worldtraveller on 06/06/2009:
Hey. I sent an email today to the Deputy Chief Financial Officer at the US Treasury Department. I'll see what he says.

R U sure contacting a Fox Channel is a good idea. Fox News is run by Rupert Murdock. He is a conservative Republican. On Fox News you have people like Pat Buchanan,Glen Beck & O'Reilly. They are hard core Republicans.Republicans support big business and the rich. I don't think people on Fox News would be sympathetic to me. Perhaps I should look for an MSNBC station. Maybe I should Contact Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann.
tnchuck100 on 06/06/2009:
worldtraveller, by now it appears this "complaint" is little more than you enjoying a little attention from our members. Many have attempted to give some helpful advice. Most of which seems to result in "well I'm going to try this..." attitudes. Not really showing much appreciation for the efforts of others here.

As this point I am inclined to agree with a few others here. There is something else going on we have not been told or you are just jerking our chain.
madconsumer on 06/06/2009:
oh for sure soaring can set the person straight.
worldtraveller on 06/06/2009:

I do listen to your advice.Someone on this site told me to contact the OCC and I did. I have a feeling I'll be getting a runaround from the Treasury Department so I probably will be contacting the media.
Roger on 01/12/2012:
This sounds like a good story for 60 minutes.
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Everyone Needs To Get Involved
Posted by on
To whom it may concern,

I have read tons of complaints about this company and I agree with all of them. However useful blogs are, they often have little results with personal satisfaction or resolution.

I have made a complaint, which I emailed to the White House, Anderson Cooper 360, and 60 minutes. If they receive enough complaints, then hopefully, they will investigate the matter. This will be more effective in making Amex answer for their bad behavior.

See the email I sent below.. I encourage all of you to voice your complaints to the press and White House.. This is the only way we will get them to do a story which will expose Amex for what they are.. Maybe then, we will see some real change in their behavior..



I know you are all very busy, and I can only imagine the amount of emails being received. However, there is a major issue out there that I think your administration desperately needs to look at.. I am not going to give you my experience, but rather direct you to GOOGLE, American Express Complaints. They are going to cause a major melt down in the consumer industry. They have been practicing Serious ethical issues regarding ALL of their card members.

The common themes are shutting down their clients, many of whom are in the same league as most politicians financially as well as upper level and lower level card holders. There is no advance warning, and they are reducing the credit lines below balances owed, and tripping the default rates as well as killing credit scores on people with great credit.

The problem is this.. We, the people are giving funds to these companies that are self destructive. There can only be one outcome to this situation. They will see a mass exodus from their decent clients, leaving them with the problem accounts. Their volume will fall as a result, causing them huge losses.. They will need more bailout money to keep them afloat.

There needs to be some regulatory guidance, that can keep this company in check. I know there will be millions infuriated, if this company seeks funds from the American people. If they are afraid to do business, they should close their doors now and liquidate to other companies, that can handle the new volume. They can not and will not ever be profitable, by stopping to do business.

At this point, they are making money not by consumer activity, but by charging fees and default rates to it's entire card holding community. They will cause increased defaults at those trying to make ends meet, and this will just add to our current crisis..

I think the government should think about potentially starting either a new bank, or seizing a large zombie bank. Instead of bailout funds, the government should put the money directly into the bank for use for new loans in all sectors, credit cards, auto, and mortgages.

The other banks will either have to compete with the new bank, or they will fail. Once failed, then they can be folded into the new bank as an additional branch.

This is the only way, any money will ever make it out to the people that need it. Right now, all the money is doing, is funding operations for banks that are losing money. In turn, they are terrified to do business and as they shrink, they lose more money, feeding the need for more funds..

In closing.. I am begging this administration to google AMEX complaints, 2009. I am sure that many in your administration have been affected as well.

This company needs to be intervened and investigated.. It is really scary. I hate to compare it to the Holocaust, but it is a similar phenomena, whereas nobody seems to believe this is happening.

Best of luck,
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
"put the money directly into the bank for use for new loans in all sectors, credit cards, auto, and mortgages."

That's what a credit union is.
ejack053824 on 03/27/2009:
Credit Union is the way to go during these tough times. No way I in the world would I do business with Stank of America and Shhitibank.
leopard on 03/29/2009:
First of all, I don't think the folks at the White House neither care nor have time to read your complaints about AMEX. They have bigger fish to fry, such as crazy people trying to kill us, our collapsing economy (due to all of us using our cc's to live like rock stars) and turning our country into a communist state. Actually, AMEX has been the easist of my cc companies to work with. they lowered my interest rate twice without any fuss, and they are always friendly. The cretins at Chase are the evil little s#%t heads! They won't budge an inch! But All Credit Card Companies are now lowering credit limits on everyone. Not just you. I recommend that when you get your cards paid off, leave 1 or 2 open with no balance. This will help your credit score. I've already burned both my Chase cards, but the AMEX is a keeper!
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They didn't raise my rates but reduced my credit limit with a score of 719!!!
Posted by on
They didn't raise my rates but reduced my credit limit with a score of 719!!! Get ready folks it's already happening. Stand up, do something.

I cannot believe American Express reduced my credit limit! They invoked the “Universal Default” clause and look for other things in my credit history that don’t even apply to this account to make their judgments. This tactic will continue to choke the lifeblood cash flow out of this country. They don’t even see what they are doing.

I found out about what they did last night when I tried to buy airline tickets to take my family on vacation. They made the change before they notified me of it the morning before I tried to buy the tickets. Can you believe it? Imagine my surprise.

Shame on you people, your tactics are despicable!

I have been a member since 1981 and always paid my bills. I find it sneaky and underhanded that they took this tactic. The process is to review your credit, look at one or two other elements on my credit that don't fit the "New Rules", and deduce that they should reduce my ability to buy and be offered credit. Way to go, what a great stimulate the economy tactic. Not only does it reduce my ability to buy, it actually hurts my credit rating more because they put my limit $400 above my current balance which makes it look like I am way to close to my limit. The account was $3,000 away from the limit.

I just made a payment on this account of $1,000 last week. I was even going to make another payment of $1500 on it last night. I opened this account when they sold me their bill of goods that I could use it as business account. I started a small business and it was going along great, Realizing revenues, it was looking good. FAT CHANCE now.

After all the money they received from the federal government to bail them out, they probably paid the execs their big bonuses and turn around and stick it to the people like you and me. We, the consumers, are really the people who are responsible for bailing these banking institutions out. Where do they think the money comes from? Way to instill confidence with generous practices of credit.

I think it totally unreasonable and an invasion of my privacy that they can invoke a "Universal Default" clause and make judgments based on something else they think they found in my credit that has absolutely no bearing on what was happening with the payment history of this account.

My credit score is 719 with one of the all - powerful credit agencies and the other two have me listed with ratings just below that. THAT FALLS IN THE RATING OF EXCELLENT I BELIEVE. WHAT IDIOTS!

Well, they have done it now. I WILL BE CLOSING MY ACCOUNTS AS SOON AS I CAN.

I have already written an entry on the HUGE consumer advocate site "RIPP Off I am sure there will be other entries made as they continue this deplorable tactic. Check it out folks, speak up RIP Off We need to stand up, this practice needs to made illegal.

I am writing my congressman, and I am going to try to get through to the new president. In fact, I hope he reads this. This is exactly why he needs put constraints on these institution and make them abide by clauses to open up credit so we can get things rolling again!

Congratulations AMX on driving a way a good customer long term customer. I hope you get what you deserve. I am sure it won't be long and the mighty American Express will go the way of Bear Sterns.

Very, very disappointed,

I am mad as Hell, and I am not going to take it any more.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/20/2009:
Unfortunately, you learned the higher credit limit was not 'yours', it belonged to Amex. The action by Amex should not lower your FICO by more than a few points. Even so, you should be able to secure any needed credit through other sources. You should be angry only if you intended to use the higher credit limit.
r1100 on 01/28/2009:
I thought FICO was a carefully devised complex formula created by the credit bureau big-three to rate creditworthiness based on debt ratios, payment history, etc., etc. A high FICO score is universally acknowledged and accepted as high creditworthiness. It appears that AMEX has devised its own formula using the credit bureaus' raw data, even ignoring history with its own customers, and rates its customers independently, obviously in conflict with FICO scores. So apparently, a high FICO score means little or nothing to AMEX, and from now on we'll all have to succumb to FICO and AMEX credit scoring. And who scores AMEX's own corporate balance sheet?
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Letter to CEO
Posted by on
Let me start off by stating how displeased I am with American Express. I have been a loyal card member for several years now. I have always paid my bill on time and usually pay more than what is due. I went online today to pay my bill and noticed that both of my accounts have had a credit limit reduction. I called and spoke with Andre Towns; he explained that due to abnormally high credit card usage, American Express has decided to lower my credit limit. Mr. Towns stated that beginning in April of this year my credit card use has doubled. I explained to him that my father passed away and I used my Amex card for an emergency situation to pay for a flight to Thailand, my father's hospital expenses and then pay for funeral services and also had to use other cards to fly my father's remains back to the United States. This all occurred over a 2 month period because that it is not easy to ship human remains back into the country and having to wait for availability at Arlington National Cemetery.

I explained to Mr. Towns that I had to use all cards to pay for this and Hotel rooms in Arlington and that I intentionally spread the fees over several cards so no one card would be maxed out. He then stated that he was "sorry" for my loss but the decision would not be reversed. Mr. Towns stated that American Express could not afford in this economy to take a risk on someone defaulting, especially with someone who chooses not to use their credit wisely. I explained to him that I have been a member for years and have never once defaulted; I in fact usually pay more than the minimum due. I am never late on any payments for any card. He said the decision was actually based on my credit report. I told him he needs to look at my report beyond the number because it will fluctuate due to usage but my payments are never late! I in fact have a blue card with Amex that has a zero balance and IF I "chose not to use my credit wisely" this card would be maxed out. Mr. Towns stated that he had the authority to reverse the decision but even with the facts presented he stated he would not because Amex could not risk default. I attempted to explain again that my credit usage was not abnormally high before my father's death and not high after his funeral in June. I in fact used it on Saturday for a high purchase ($950) to purchase a laptop for work but other than that hardly at all.

I actually pay a fee for this card and can easily transfer this balance to another card(s). American Express is not the most user friendly card to have. Many merchants will not accept it; trust me I know firsthand because I had to call 5 funeral homes before I found one that would take the card. Given the fact that I do pay a fee for this card and I do pay all my bills on time every month I am asking that the decision to reduce my line of credit be reversed on both my Amex cards. Mr. Towns stated that Amex could not risk me losing my job due to the economy. I stated that that has nothing to do with my history with Amex and that I am in the medical field as a Nurse Practitioner and am at no risk of ever losing my job! He then stated that I could get sick and not be able to work. I then explained that that is why I have insurance. To me, it seems that Mr. Towns is grasping for a reason.

It has been hard enough dealing with the government, the Veterans Administration and the various agencies concerning the passing of my father. I never thought American Express would turn their back on me

I always thought that American Express would always be there for me in emergency situations and was a company that had compassion and understanding for individual card members. This is obviously not the case. I am not asking for more than I had, just to be reinstated to my original credit limits. All I am asking is that Amex be as loyal to me as I am to them

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 07/15/2008:
Sorry about your father. But the sad fact is American Express couldn't care less about you.

Most financial institutions today are treating their customers like garbage. Maybe if you had been late a few times and they were able to hit you with late fees they might have considered you to be a cash cow and would have wanted to keep you.

American Express seems to be lowering the credit limit on a lot of its customers.
madconsumer on 07/15/2008:
what ever happened to amex cards that had to be paid in full monthly?
Anonymous on 07/16/2008:
MC, AMEX offers both charge cards and credit cards. Charge cards are always paid in full each month, credit cards we all know. At one point in history, AMEX offered a charge card only, but that changed years ago.
CollegeGirl on 12/19/2008:
In this case I think the company acted in a completely understandable way. A credit card company looks at hard data - namely how much you are spending every month. If you suddenly start spending a lot of money, that is a red flag to them. In this economy, they have a reason to get jumpy. A lot of people (and companies for that matter) are defaulting on their debts. It makes sense for them to reduce your credit line. They have no way of knowing if it's a one time thing or if you are suddenly deciding to splurge. When you called, the decision was already final. There was nothing the guy on the phone could do. There are instances of real abuse by credit card companies, but this was not one of them.
bedoyap on 03/30/2009:
What it's unclear to me is how a company like American Express can be so ignorant as to provide horrible customer service and lower credit limits on their best customers yet. Don't they know that when all of this is over and people start spending again, customers like myself will NEVER use American express again no matter what they have to offer. I was their customer for over 8 years with excellent payment history. I had built a credit limit of $30,000 which of course I never used. I always paid on time and very often I paid the entire balance every month. three months ago they reduced my credit limit to $1,800 and just yesterday they reduced it to just $1000. It's insulting! I understand they need to manage their risk but what they are doing is mistreating good customers that will never go back to using their cards on top of writing horrible reviews about the company, their products and service.
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Security Harassment
Posted by on
I wanted an American express gold card because in my mind it was one of the best cards to have and their customer service was terrific. I have found through my own experience that this is not so. Let me tell you what they have done to me in the last 3 months. I booked a cruise for myself and my parents {different rooms} through AMEX travel on my gold rewards card and added 2 nights in 2 hotels in Florida and 2 travel insurance policies as well as 4 roundtrip airline tickets. The hotels and insurance and airfare and one of the cruise staterooms went through and one was declined. I called them and they wanted to know why 2 rooms, and that I had been putting large amounts on the card. I explained what I was doing and while I was on the phone I paid for all of the charges and had them rebook the other stateroom. When I flew to Florida and checked in to the hotel I was told that it had not been paid for so I again used my card and paid for the rooms. While I was on the cruise AMEX shut down my card for security reasons and I had to deal with all that mess through the cruise line proving to them who I was etc. So my card was released for use. When I returned from the cruise and got home I find a letter telling me that I have to contact them immediately due to security concerns it was dated 9/6 {I was on the cruise} so I contacted them by phone and went through all the security questions I was told that I should have contacted them earlier. I was told that I had to prove to them that I am me. They needed a copy of my drivers license, my social security card, a bill in my name at my address, {I guess their bill doesn't count} and that I needed to send in a check stub and have my signature notarized and fax it to them. I did all this.

When I confirmed that they had the fax I was told that it would take 3 days to clear this up. That was on 9/28. When I received my bill I disputed the dual charge from the hotel and AMEX verified that it had been previously paid and promptly credited it back to my account 3 times. I contacted them and told them that I only needed it credited back once. Then I paid my bill online and they tried to take it out of the wrong account, and charged me an nsf fee. I again contacted them and they agreed that they had messed up and refunded the nsf fee. The payment then went through on the correct account. Then yesterday 10/5 I went to use the card and was once again embarrasssed by it being declined. I called them and was told that the fax containing the notarized signature, drivers license, truck payment bill, high school diploma, draft card,and check stub was not good enough to prove who I am because pay chex did not have my employers address on the check stub. They said they needed a stub with the address on it, a phone number for the notory and a phone number for my employer {they already had this} so I hunted around and found an old stub with the address on it and faxed them the info they asked for. Then this morning they call me on my cell phone and tell me that the stub is too old they had confirmed that I gave them the correct phone number for my employer, but the bank is closed on Saturdays {no kidding} so they could not verify that the notary was real I guess. So now they want a 3 way conference call with my employer and I'm sure he's going to love that.

Since I have had this card I have spent about 14,000.00 On it and paid it in full and on time every month and now the former gestapo agents that they have running their security department are trying very hard to make me miserable, they have cost me time from work, embarrasssed me and generally treated me like scum. And I can not get contact info for a supervisor who might be able to resolve this due to "security concerns" the commercial that they run on TV is a lie, a joke, and false advertisement. They do not practice customer service they practice customer harassment
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/08/2007:
Why are you jumping through so many hoops to have this credit card? Pay any undisputed balance then close the account. If there is any further disputed amounts, go to arbitration or small claims. I have never had a credit card that I had to go to this extent to prove my identity to. The credit card company does not need a phone number for the notary. The notary seal has the notary's certification number on it that can be verified with the secretary of state in which the certification was issued. If they are disputing whether or not the notarized copy was legitimate they can then ask for a copy of the line item entry that was made in the notary's journal. No notary will give this information over the phone, to anyone!

Something does not sound right about this story.
WESLUTHER on 10/08/2007:
In reading through the other reviews and complaints, it looks like I'm not the only one being treated like this. I thought it was suspicious too, but it really is AMEX security that I am talking to, but I can barely understand half of what they are saying. I have been in contact with customer service who sends me to account services who then sends me back to security. I have already paid the undisputed balance. I have sent in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and I have requested a supervisor to talk to at least 6 times.I guess when this first started I thought they were trying to protect both their and my interests but now I have come to believe that they hire obsessive, compulsive, sadistic nut cases for their security department. They called me again today to inform me that they are still trying to verify my identity but that the bank where the notary is is not open today. What bank is open on Columbus day? I told them not to call me again and that I will no longer talk to anyone other than a supervisor. I could not understand what triggered all this, since I booked all this through them so when I was double charged it was very obvious, even to them. The only thing I still owe them is a small balance that was on flex pay,{200.00} but they will not allow me to pay it off since "there is no balance due at this time" so until this billing cycle closes I can not pay it off or close the account, thankfully that is the 11th of this month. This is the most idiotic way of doing business I have ever seen. The funny part is that customer service keeps sending me emails about this issue and telling me that they are sorry and that they have forwarded this to a supervisor and they value me as a customer and look forward to serving my needs for many years.
WESLUTHER on 10/13/2007:
I am putting this on as an update to my situation. Security confirmed that the notary did notarize my signature and that I do work for my employer. Now in addition to to my social security card, my pay stubs, my high school diploma, my draft card, my notarized signature, my banking information, my truck billing and having gone through their interrogations several times they want my w2s. I told them that I had sent them every thing I was going to, unless they want to tell me exactly what the problem is. Today when I try to sign into my account it shows that my card has been canceled and that there is a credit on the account. I know that there has to be more to this then they are telling me, but I thought that if there is a problem with an account that the cardholder has a right to know what it is that they are looking for. Amex apparently writes their own rules as they go along.
DigitalCommando on 10/13/2007:
Whenever you anticipate a large purchase far above your normal spending habits, you should contact them and make them aware of it PRIOR to the purchase, especially if you are planning to use the card outside the city you live in. While their actions were an inconvenience to you, the flip side is a lack of security which may have allowed an unauthorized user to go on that same trip. Your unusual sudden increase in spending is a standard "red flag" and it appears to me American Express security department did an excellent job doing what they are supposed to do.
WESLUTHER on 10/13/2007:
What they started questioning is the charges from the cruise ship for the cruise that I booked through them. The problem now is that I can not prove that I am me. It is anything but doing an excellent job. Even customer service has apoligized for their actions.
DigitalCommando on 10/13/2007:
If you can't prove that you are you, are you really you? (That's what AMEX is probably thinking) If Amex is asking for W-2's, their probably more concerned with your ability to pay, more than with whom you are, considering the mountain of documents you have already given them. As for the security dept. doing a good job, I was referring to their initial reaction and actions, not the bs run-around your getting now. Wes luther, if we are to continue this conversation, I will need 6 picture ID's showing that you are "Wes luther".....
WESLUTHER on 10/13/2007:
Have you ever heard of anyone questioning a notary? I have paid these people 8000.00 in the past 3 months, and strangly enough all these payments came through my bank accounts so I guess the banks believe I am me. At least someone does.
El Jefe on 10/16/2007:
Ditto for me except it happened 20 years ago.The "security" department still treats me with complete disdain.I have an 800+ FICO score,no debts,own my house outright,have hundreds of thousands in bank but the problem between the two of us is my fault.Bull!The last time the world saw anything like this we were at war against them.
WESLUTHER on 10/21/2007:
UPDATE: Yesterday I received 4 letters from AMEX 3 from customer service telling me that that have investigated my disputes and they have been decided in my favor and what a valued customer I am and they look forward to serving all my future needs. One letter from credit operations/security telling me that my acount has been cancelled for the following reasons "You did not provide the banking information, financial statements, income tax return and/or identification documents requested." They never asked for financial statements or income tax returns and I sent them every identification document they asked for except my w2. They then go on to tell me that "our cancellation of your account under these circumstances may result in negative reporting of this account to the consumer reporting agencies" I have sent a letter to a consumer relations officer that according to customer service has the authority to over ride these idiots in security outlineing all that they have put me through, so we'll see it it does any good. I'll post again if there are any updates.
Anonymous on 10/21/2007:
Ask for your annual fee to be refunded and cut up the card and move on already!! Geez! If you continue to try to keep this card after all they have supposedly put you through, then you deserve what you get.
WESLUTHER on 10/22/2007:
I'm not trying to keep the card just the rewards points I had earned and they still owe me 196.24 but I'm not going to allow them to report anything negative to the consumer reporting agencies without a fight.
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Travel Miles
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- My family recently booked a flight to Boston using our American Express miles. An emergency arose two weeks before our flight causing us to change our departure date. We called the 1-800 number on our confirmation email and agreed to the change fees for 3 tickets of $1271.00. We were told we would receive a new flight itinerary in 3-5 minutes, we said our good byes and parted ways. 24hrs later no itinerary ever came. I called the 1-800 number again and spent the entire Saturday trying to sort this issue out. The flight was never booked do to errors on AmEx's part. They never communicated this error to us and they charged our AmEx card $1790.00 -- anyway! AmEx then stated the new ticket fee would be even higher. By the end of the day, tired of arguing and their not accepting any responsibility on their part for errors we got stuck with a $1900.00 change fee.
After 12 years as a card holder we too will be cutting up our card! As a side note, most European businesses refuse to accept AmEx cards. This caused serious problems for us when we were overseas with our young children.

Something is seriously wrong with American Express.
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American Express Spy On People By Going To The Cbi
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Doesn't matter how long you have been with American Express doesn't matter how much membership fee you have paid to them at present we paid $180.00 a year, they without permission goes to the credit bureau report and without checking with you they make their own decision in lowering your credit limit, they have the nerve of stating because you "have too much credit" what a nerve, if you're in business you have too much useless talking to them, they just don't care about anybody, they think they are number #..Capital one is a better card with no membership, high credit limit, some times some memberships..nice customer service, helpful, American express you sucks..You have no right ongoing to your card member [bureau report without permission especially for no reason, my account is not past due, has never being past due..Maybe someone in your office is stealing info..after all the credit bureau contains a lot of info..
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AMEX Charges Interest No Matter What
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FISHERS, INDIANA -- What gives? I was doing great without any interest being charged to the card as I pay the entire balance showing on the billing statement before the due date. I recently received a statement showing an interest charge. When I phoned the customer service representative was immediately on the defensive and suggested I don't take it that way even though I gave her no indication that I would. I simply asked her for a reason why I was being charged an interest when I never received one before.

She stated I am always being charged an interest but it will not apply if I pay the balance in full by the due date. I agreed with her and asked again why I'm now being charged interest. She repeated her statement about it not being her opinion and that interest is charged all of the time. When I read the definition of interest posted on the back of the billing statement and specifically the part where I would not be charged interest if paid in full by the due date she again went of the defensive and said I would be charged interest no mater what.

Knowing I wasn't going to get anywhere with her I simply thanked her for her time and said that due to her customer care I would be cancelling the card after I speak with Costco. Keep moving forward.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 10/01/2013:
It depends upon how you use your card. When you purchase at a retailer designating that you are using credit it will have an interest waiver if you pay in full. If you designate it as debit you will be charged interest starting at the purchase date. Retailers pay a fee to accept credit cards. The fee is less if debit is used rather than credit. You or a person processing your sale could have used the wrong designation. This may have been what happened to you.
trmn8r on 10/01/2013:
There is evidence of lack of communication if this is the sum total of the conversation. If you paid the full balance in the previous billing cycle to the one in question by the due date, there must be an expanation as to why you were actually billed interest.

AMEX is a very successful company, and not through charging people for things they don't owe. I am surprised the CSR didn't address the specific question as to why you were billed interest in the cycle in question.

The only thing I can think of is a cash advance or something... If this happened to me I would call back and ask someone else.
Weedwhacked on 10/02/2013:
They don't want customers that don't make them any money.
bcd on 10/03/2013:
The interest charge is probably due to a cash advance.


Credit card companies prefer customers don't pay their full balance monthly but still welcome their business because they earn money from the merchants.
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Giving a Gift and Taking It Away
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I was given a free pass to the American Express Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas. The man at the counter did not run my card and I was told I needed to pay $50. He also said I needed to pay $50 for him to answer a simple question.

I have been given an offer for my brother to attend the lounge for free because of the way I was treated. I am going to cancel my card and never attend that stupid lounge. Some employees at American Express treat their customers differently depending on a variety of factors I guess. I will not continue to give business to a company that discriminates.
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