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Stay Away - keep billing although I did not renew
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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Thought I had finally found a good insurance company. Man was I wrong. Hard to get rid of them after you do not renew. As I was going to renew my rates were jacked up way high (nothing changed except my car was one year older). Told the agent to cancel since the rates were too high and now I can't get them to stop billing me. Be WARNED - STAY AWAY. I never had an accident in my life but there billing practices I have never ever seen with any company. I can't understand how they can have a JD Power award - they flaunt it but my customer service experience is different.
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Poor Service!
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ARLINGTON -- I've been a customer for several years. Had an accident on 12/18/07. Submitted all the information immediately to both insurance companies involved. I've been waiting close to a month for someone to inspect the vehicle.

The appraiser given to me from Amica did not show for two appointments and didn't call to tell me either. The person taking care of my claim was AWAY for weeks and didn't submit the paperwork to get my car appraised.

Just very very poor service. I'm still waiting...
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Dan17 on 03/11/2008:
Amica was quick to get an estimate, but would not follow up on an email, letter nor fax. Finally had to complain and threaten to start a small claims action. They would not pay for a horn, only wanted to pay for painting part of a damaged hood, thus the color would not match for this 10 year old Volvo. Poor service, 3 months to reply to my documented requests and now trying to cheat us out of around $200.
Elizabeth08 on 09/11/2008:
I can't believe there's only one complaint! I chose this company because of their apparently high consumer satisfaction and they're refusing to replace the tire of my car which was impacted until the wheel is bent beyond usefulness and must be replaced, claiming that there's no visible damage to the tire.
Under such circumstances, logic would indicate that any tire compressed and stressed enough to have ruined the wheel itself would be very likely to be unsafe. Please comment as I've been accused of being "greedy" for wanting a new tire... which previously was fine and did not need replacement. Yikes. What has happened to common sense and decency?
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