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Andersen Using Shoddy Materials In Storm Doors
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Rating: 1/51

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS -- In March 2010 I purchased a mid-level Andersen storm door from our local Home Depot. As I am not knowledgeable on the installation of a storm door, I hired a handyman to pick up the door, transport it and install it on my home. All was well until approximately 9 months ago when I noticed tiny cracks had begun appearing near the bottom on both the inside and outside of the door.

As time went by these cracks became quite apparent and began pulling apart. When touched, these tears emitted some type of dust which puffed out onto the ground below. Not knowing what this dust is or if it might be hazardous is quite unsettling and it was obvious that this door was failing rather quickly.

After inquiring at Home Depot on what could be causing the issue with my Andersen door, I was reminded that the door had a 12 year warranty and I should call Andersen to find out if this issue was covered. Andersen very quickly realized there was a material defect because my warranty was indeed approved via Andersen's e-mail notification shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, no representative followed up within the specified ten days they stated in the warranty approval e-mail with any further instructions so I finally called the designated number to inquire about the approved warranty.

Upon my query, I was told there were two options for the door replacement. I could return only the door for no fee or I could return everything, including the frame for a fee of $55. I was then told that Andersen regrettably would not cover the cost I would incur to have this door removed, transported, exchanged, new door transported and once again installed. Their reasoning was that labor is not covered under their warranty and I would understand that completely if the door were being replaced due to something I had caused.

Unfortunately for Andersen, it was not the labor that failed, it was the door that I purchased from them in good faith and paid to have transported and installed already once before which failed. After speaking to three people at Andersen - a customer service representative, a manager and then a technical person, I have been repeatedly told that the cost for the transport and new install would not be covered due to their warranty not covering labor.

As of this writing, my opinion of Andersen as a company has dropped several levels. I purchased their product in good faith, and now that it failed, I should not be punished by having to incur additional costs imposed by their product failure. Further, I have a friend who has a somewhat older Andersen storm door which I had the opportunity to see recently and it is in terrible shape with the outside flaking and peeling off all around the frame. Because of the condition of her very similar door, I have no expectation that the replacement door will hold up any better than the door I am replacing which means I will incur additional costs in years to come.

At the very least, Andersen should reimburse me the cost of having another door transported and installed since it was their product failure that is causing me to incur the cost. Such an amount is likely only a modest cost to a company like Andersen, but quite meaningful to my bank account. To not cover this cost is a very bad deal for me, the customer who put faith in their product and the solid reputation of their name.

My recommendation is to purchase from ANY other company than Andersen. Not only are they no longer using quality materials that stand up to normal wear and tear (and by that I mean a normal Chicago summer and winter), but their level of customer service is a fright to deal with.

Complete Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

BAYPORT, MINNESOTA -- In the fall of 2014 we bought a Series 4000 Andersen storm door from Home Depot, feeling the company's reputation spoke for itself. The door was more expensive than any other door we looked at but, we bought it anyway, despite 2 friends and our handyman trying to talk us out of it. We should have listened to them.

The door was beautiful when it went in but within 2 months it started dragging on the bottom of the door. Upon closer inspection, we discovered the hinges were warping and the weld on the door itself was coming apart. Despite trying to adjust the door repeatedly, it got to the point it wouldn't close. Andersen would only send a new hinge but refuses to fix the door which is a complete loss and will not latch at all. Trust me, this door's poor quality is only exceeded by Andersen's abysmal customer service. Run, don't walk from this door and Andersen in general. They are both pathetic!

Emco Storm Door 300
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Rating: 3/51

NEW YORK -- My Emco storm door series 300 is rotting and bulging out. It's 5 years old. I called Ecco and replaced it - had to reinstall handles. Drill holes in the door took about 2 hours to do. My complaint is it's going to happen again. I noticed the bottom of the door is not sealed and you can see the wood if you can call it wood. It's that pressed crap wood that when it gets wet it swells. What a ** design. Hey Andersen redesign this door. I guess the companies these days don't want things to last. It's a shame. Companies don't have pride in what they make.

Poor Business Model
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Rating: 1/51

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -- As many others have written, I purchased an Andersen Storm Door, 3000 model. The door has a closer that requires you to latch it to keep it open. The latch does not release properly and at this point does not work at all. In a lengthy chat with their customer service department, I was told that the latch has been redesigned with better materials, so when I buy a new one, I will not experience this problem. I explained that I should not have to pay for something that they discovered defective, but after far too long on hold with customer service, and supervisors, they refused to send me a new part. Apparently, they do not think a satisfied customer is worth a $30 part.

Flaking Panel at the Bottom of the Door
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Rating: 2/51

DES MOINES, IOWA -- I am in the process of replacing my 3rd door due to the flaking problem these doors have due to poor workmanship or material. I am not willing to pay another fee as well as pay someone to install another door. I do not feel I should keep paying money for something that is not the customer's fault. I can't afford to keep replacing this door every year; who can? It seems the door only lasts for 1 year then it starts flaking away.

We originally purchased the 1st door in Nov. 2012 (Home Depot # 349 in Kenner, LA) and paid someone to install the 1st door. My 2nd door was replaced in August 2013 at a cost of $65.00 (returning the door) plus an additional $160 to reinstall the 2nd door. So this is the 3rd door and having the same problem as the last 2.

The wood core inside of the bottom panel keeps coming through the metal due to rotting out. My door is under the roof and not directly in the rain. I am requesting my money back or a credit towards a clear glass door. I will probably get neither one. This door was customized to fit my house so it was more costly. I sent my pictures of the door to:

Andersen PermaShield Sliding Door Won't Close!
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Rating: 1/51

BAYPORT, DELAWARE -- I purchased an Andersen PermaShield 200-Series Sliding Glass Patio door, and it won't close completely unless it is latched. Andersen acknowledged the problem, which they call 'bounce-back', but assured me that the problem would go away within 1-3 months if I kept the door closed and latched. It's been three months now, and the door STILL won't close properly!

Had I known that the door wouldn't close completely for 3 months or more after it was installed, I would NEVER have purchased it! And whatever energy efficiency rating Andersen claims for this door is BOGUS, because a door that doesn't close completely when you walk outside has an energy efficiency rating of ZERO!

Andersen Retractable Sliders Are Faulty
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- We purchase 4 Andersen doors with retractable sliding screens. All 4 are broken. They were installed by a licensed contractor. They failed within 1 week of purchase. The contractor came back and added new hardware to help the situation. That worked for 1 out of the four. I had the contractor back many times since and he is unable to help. It has been over a year with these screens.

It did not occur to me to contact Andersen directly. I finally did realizing that the screens are very faulty in the actual manufacturing and they fail easily. I had a Andersen service representative come out to repair at my own expense and he said these screens are crap and never work right. They should not be installed. I need to replace 3 of them. BUYER BEWARE - DON'T BUY RETRACTABLE SCREENS. Andersen will do nothing to help. I will join class action!!!

This Is What Financial Advisor Is!!!!
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Rating: 5/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- This is my third financial advisor in 23 years and this is the one I have been looking for. This is a friendly, knowledgeable, contentious, young man who will advise you about your finances as if you were his own Mother. If you want someone you can trust give him a try, you will not be disappointed.

I Purchased A Faulty Storm Door And Anderson Won't Replace Part
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Rating: 1/51

DES MOINES, IOWA -- I purchased a new storm door, installed it and the closer was faulty. I contacted the 800 # supplied and they refused to replace it. They keep saying they can't read the bill of sale. Serious ripoff!

Skip Buying From This Company -
By -

DES MOINES, IOWA -- I bought an Andersen Storm Series, 3000 self-storing door in June 2008, at Home Depot… installed easy and looked good. However in short time and the window frame plastic has fallen apart, warped and cracked in less than two years. Then the screen handle metal lock literally fell on the floor one day last year and I was so shocked to have then discovered the only thing that was holding it on all this time was some piece of double sided tape, seriously that is not even logical let alone secure!!! What were they thinking?

So I called customer representative to finally complain and they said they realized the issue and now have designed the lock, that now actually screws into the door frame (what a novel idea!). And I was then sold on the idea I could fix this issue by buying a redesigned lock replacement to fix that issue for a mere 27 dollars, and the window frame piece for 18. So for 45 bucks with tax the new "lock assembly" arrived and I was now shocked again, the replacement lock is now also cheap plastic, not even a metal lock.

I am very unhappy. I spend a lousy 45 bucks for cheap inexpensive plastic pieces to fix their metal taped on lock and warped plastic glass frame. Also the screen comes out of the track on the sides of the door and lets bugs in, it too is warped on the bottom and is unsightly over just two years time. Not a door with any parts that are made to last.

I also asked for the manager, when it was clear I was only getting a sales job by the customer rep, I complained to the manager that this was taped on lock is design flaw and was I was told that it as not meant to be a “security door” and was given the "we are so sorry for your inconvenience" routine over and told the new lock I could pay them for would fix the problem. They seemed unfazed no matter what I complaint I shared, but they were not going to help do anything to fix it or offer anything but to offer me the deal to buy their solution for 45 bucks.

Of course they never mentioned the lock solution to fix the problem was also just a cheaply made plastic piece (not metal) for the 27 dollars… Is a metal lock that actually attaches to the door too much to ask for a 27 dollar replacement I had to pay for to replace the tape? I even mentioned I was unhappy enough with their “solution” that I would write about my bad experience with them and their door, to let everyone know about these issues and that did not faze them at all! Buyers beware.

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