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Andersen Using Shoddy Materials In Storm Doors
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Rating: 1/51
EVANSTON, ILLINOIS -- In March 2010 I purchased a mid-level Andersen storm door from our local Home Depot. As I am not knowledgeable on the installation of a storm door, I hired a handyman to pick up the door, transport it and install it on my home. All was well until approximately 9 months ago when I noticed tiny cracks had begun appearing near the bottom on both the inside and outside of the door. As time went by these cracks became quite apparent and began pulling apart. When touched, these tears emitted some type of dust which puffed out onto the ground below. Not knowing what this dust is or if it might be hazardous is quite unsettling and it was obvious that this door was failing rather quickly.

After inquiring at Home Depot on what could be causing the issue with my Andersen door, I was reminded that the door had a 12 year warranty and I should call Andersen to find out if this issue was covered. Andersen very quickly realized there was a material defect because my warranty was indeed approved via Andersen's e-mail notification shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, no representative followed up within the specified ten days they stated in the warranty approval e-mail with any further instructions so I finally called the designated number to inquire about the approved warranty. Upon my query, I was told there were two options for the door replacement. I could return only the door for no fee or I could return everything, including the frame for a fee of $55. I was then told that Andersen regrettably would not cover the cost I would incur to have this door removed, transported, exchanged, new door transported and once again installed. Their reasoning was that labor is not covered under their warranty and I would understand that completely if the door were being replaced due to something I had caused. Unfortunately for Andersen, it was not the labor that failed, it was the door that I purchased from them in good faith and paid to have transported and installed already once before which failed. After speaking to three people at Andersen - a customer service representative, a manager and then a technical person, I have been repeatedly told that the cost for the transport and new install would not be covered due to their warranty not covering labor.

As of this writing, my opinion of Andersen as a company has dropped several levels. I purchased their product in good faith, and now that it failed, I should not be punished by having to incur additional costs imposed by their product failure. Further, I have a friend who has a somewhat older Andersen storm door which I had the opportunity to see recently and it is in terrible shape with the outside flaking and peeling off all around the frame. Because of the condition of her very similar door, I have no expectation that the replacement door will hold up any better than the door I am replacing which means I will incur additional costs in years to come. At the very least, Andersen should reimburse me the cost of having another door transported and installed since it was their product failure that is causing me to incur the cost. Such an amount is likely only a modest cost to a company like Andersen, but quite meaningful to my bank account. To not cover this cost is a very bad deal for me, the customer who put faith in their product and the solid reputation of their name.

My recommendation is to purchase from ANY other company than Andersen. Not only are they no longer using quality materials that stand up to normal wear and tear (and by that I mean a normal Chicago summer and winter), but their level of customer service is a fright to deal with.
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Eliot Mayer on 06/19/2014:
Thanks for this posting - misery loves company. I had an equally bad experience with Andersen customer support, or really the lack thereof.

With me though, they led me on and told me that they would take care of a problem I was having with an Andersen sliding glass patio door. But they never did. They kept promising, even in writing (by email), but never fixed our problem. Now we need to replace a warped EMCO storm door, and of course I discovered that EMCO is now owned by - you guessed it - Andersen.
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Andersen Doors Coverup Of Defective Products
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BAYPORT, MINNESOTA -- In 1998 I had five sets of Andersen frenchwood gliding patio doors installed in my home by an Andersen dealer. There are two four panel two doorsets and three two panel one door sets.

At this point 75% of the individual panels are delaminating and failing.
The cause of this failure in lamination is because that Andersen manufactured these doors with a faulty glue. This was known by Andersen shortly thereafter. Instead of issuing a recall or trying to correct the problem Andersen choose to ignore the defect in manufacturing and let their manufactures warranty expire. Upon contacting customer service, I was told they would sell me new doors at a discount but I would have to pay for installation. Anyone considering an Andersen product should review.

The numerous complaints that are available on the internet.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/18/2011:
They can't be reglued?
dkp on 10/12/2011:
I had 6 sliders and 6 panel doors installed. Large sliders. In 1998 during a total remodel. In 2004 KTM, Inc. contacted me and told me they were having problems with the laminate fixing to the windows and though my windows didn't seem to be having a problem they we going to fix it. So 2 years ago I notice that a piece of the outside liment peeled awayon one of my doors. I called Andersen, after going through the company I bought the doors from (they told me it was in Andersens hands which is true), I called Andersen and was told the same deal $850 a panel, my cost for installation. What! Life got busy, I had a friend over and asked him what he thought. Oh my gosh, 8 of the 12 are defective. Peeling off the wood. Any suggestions would be great.
Martine on 12/01/2011:
Same thing her but I am lucky enough to have only one patio door. Anderson offered to replace the panels for $523 in itself a good deal. The nice guy at the other end went to a lot of trouble to explain us how to change them ourselves thereby avoiding installation cost. Why do I think I am being had? I am going higher up. Waiting for their call. It just happened that I have a lot of windows to change so their response will tilt my decision in their favor or not.
Laurie on 05/10/2012:
I just had the same problem with my doors and I did go higher up. Additionally, I suggested that they check with their legal department as this is a very good class action lawsuit for us customers. They are sending me two new doors at no cost. It may a good idea to contact a lawfirm that specializes in class actions such as this.
sherry on 09/03/2012:
We had the same thing happen they charged me $1400.00 for 4 panels no installation charge, I thought was a good deal, until I found out about the glue. I'm calling to get a refund. The doors should have been recalled.
Janelle Nelson on 12/12/2012:
I have 2 triple hinged patio doors upstairs and 2 double hinged downstairs. Little by little they started delaminating to the point it was time to contact Andersen. They offered to sell me new's the defective glue, not the stiles.. and they knew it. Thus, they no longer supply "Mom and Pop" stores
rbert7 on 12/12/2012:
I had the same problem with a house on the Oregon Coast. Three door panels, middle one is a door outer two are fixed. Originally purchaed in 2004, all three delaminated and were replaced free labor and materials in 2007. Door has justed failed again, delaminating and leaking through the swollen wood. Door is being replaced at no charge, but they are charging $245 labor to install it. In 2007 the Andersen guy told me it was huge problem, but they thoght they had it fixed. My 2007 door has failed much worse than the 2004 doors did. now I am waiting for the two fixed doors to fail. Andersen was very responsive in 2007, this trime they are pretty slow. I have about 45 Andersen windows in my house, some from 1988 and they are like new. the windows from 2004 addition are holding up well, it is the doors that are the problem.
Travis Vandevoir on 01/22/2013:
Same issue here, Anderson patio slider is delaminating and they won't stand by their product, they want 950.00 to fix it. A warranty is no good if they won't honor it.
Theodore R Hamilton on 02/26/2013:
Same problem...warranty had expired by 1 YEAR and the two 1997 Anderson sliders started to delaminate in 2008. Anderson said all they could do would be to sell me the replacement panels and I then I would have to install myself. So, I forked out the cash and bit my lip.
EVERETT WHORTON on 05/03/2013:
J Carey on 05/28/2013:
Just noticed my 1999 frenchwood slider delaminating just like the rest of you. I have two others (2003 and 2006) that are newer but now have to watch and wait for the delam ... not happy with this lack of quality. Not surprising I got them all through the Junk Depot ...
J Carey on 06/05/2013:
Follow-up: Just finished dealing with Andersen. They are selling me a replacement fixed panel for $212 (reg. price $706) ... a new interlock weather strip and sales tax and I'm in for $269 if I do it myself. While not happy with the whole situation, that seems like a reasonable accommodation. Door is out warranty and I didn't expect much. Got an admission that it was on their end, not mine, which helps ...
KB on 06/08/2013:
I worked for 6 weeks at their customer service center in Oak Park Heights. The entire operation centered around handling customers who call with problems regarding delamination and condensaton. we are currently in the process of replacing our Frenchwood glider patio door that has delaminated. The problem began about 5 years ago on these 1997 doors but we are just getting around to replacing them now. I won't go with an Andersen product again.
Greg on 06/13/2013:
We have 6 panels on our Frenchwood sliding doors that are delaminating. One door is a 4-panel and the other slider is a two panel. The want to sell me the replacement panels but it seems like some people have got them for free by going higher up. What do I need to do? These were installed in 1998.
Kevin on 06/18/2013:
I have 5 doors with delamination and rotting wood. Installed around 1999, just started the process with Andersen. How much are they trying to sell the panels for. Any help or knowledge is appreciated.
judy on 07/21/2013:
I have 4 of these doors installed in 1996 - some started failing before the end of the "10 year warranty" no they are all delaminating., I will be calling Anderson tomorrow. nothing short of fixing or replacing is acceptable. Class action suite seem like a possible recourse. Any help you can offer is appreciated
Hank Jackson on 07/24/2013:
Tell Andersen your experience and demand that they replace the doors at no charge. Ask to speak to a supervisor if necessary. They will offer you "options" that may include replacement panels and possibly install. Be firm and tell them you want free panels and free install.
Sahab Jee on 08/16/2013:
I have about 300K worth of Anderson doors/windows that include 4 sliding patio doors (3 of them are two doors with one fixed and one sliding and one I 4 panel with 3 fixed and 1 sliding) facing south. They all started delaminating a few years back 2 years after the warranty expired. These siding doors are from 1997-98 batch. We have 1570 homes in our country club neighborhood and there are a lot of people in the club who are facing this delamination problem. The doors are damn expensive and if you have to replace a dozen of them, it can be a huge expense. Anderson has been of very little help so far, they have offered some discount, but a class action lawsuit is the only solution. I am also planning to float a request in my neighborhood and see how many signatures do I get on this topic. I am also contacting my company's legal team to help with a legal representative. I was not planning to g through this hassle but they have been very unaccommodating, not care mode, and plain blank told me that Sir ! we will not replace your doors free of cost even after I spoke to somebody in their corporate office. This is going to be very interesting. I will keep everybody posted.
Kaye on 08/24/2013:
I bought my doors in 1998 and the panels just started to delaminate. Is there anyway to glue and caulk them. If I end up replacing the doors I will not go with an Andersen if they cannot stand behind their product.
Scott on 09/17/2013:
Its sad to see and read all of these comments about a large American company that does not stand behind their products. I too have 6 doors that are delaminating. I have been dealing with Anderson customer service and have gotten the run around. They are trying to make a deal with me but I'm not backing down. especially after a friend received free replacement and installation. Don't settle if you can wait. Their in the wrong and they should pay!
Doug on 09/28/2013:
I have three sliding patio doors here in Tucson, Az., all two panel and two of the three are delaminating. Thanks for everyone's comments. I will know more when I talk to customer service soon.

SB on 10/07/2013:
I have 4 panels that began delaminating about 2 years ago. They were installed in roughly July 1999 and are in various stages of disintegration. After a call to Andersen's customer service line (1-888-888-7020), I'm waiting for one of their representatives to call to schedule an appointment to review the damage. At that point, they are supposed to give me my "options". When I told the customer service person that they began failing within the warranty period, she said that it was better than I was calling now and not 2 years earlier because the remedies were better now than they would have been a few years ago. We will see! If there is any kind of class action lawsuit, I would be very interested in joining because after reading all of your comments, I don't expect this to end in my favor.
Jeff P. on 12/29/2013:
Hello all. I too had an Andersen sliding door installed in the mid-to-late '90's, and the exterior bottom panels are delaminating. I did notice it for the first time a year or two ago, but didn't think much of it. But now it's seemed to have gotten worse, and it's time to take action. I just sent a message to them via their website, and am awaiting their reply. I'm glad I found this blog, because now I am a bit educated about this issue. Will keep you posted.
JBrando on 03/25/2014:
Frenchwood gliders delaminating, as a builder I have found Anderson not to be the product that they advertise.
Ken on 07/25/2014:
I bought a 4 panel frenchwood slider in 2012 at a Delaware state park playground fundraiser ....the doors were in the original sealed boxes i had my contractor install the doors which delaminated in 4 months! Contacted anderson customer service and they offered me new doors at a discounted rate with ruffly came to $900! Because of an old date code. They did admit to an old adhesive issue but still want me to pay.
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Skip buying from this company -
Posted by on
DES MOINES, IOWA -- I bought an Anderson Storm Series, 3000 self-storing door in June 2008, at Home Depot… installed easy and looked good. However in short time and the window frame plastic has fallen apart, warped and cracked in less than two years. Then the screen handle metal lock literally fell on the floor one day last year and I was so shocked to have then discovered the only thing that was holding it on all this time was some piece of double sided tape, seriously that is not even logical let alone secure!!! What were they thinking?

So I called customer representative to finally complain and they said they realized the issue and now have designed the lock, that now actually screws into the door frame ( what a novel idea!) And I was then sold on the idea I could fix this issue by buying a redesigned lock replacement to fix that issue for a mere 27 dollars, and the window frame piece for 18. So for 45 bucks with tax the new "lock assembly" arrived and I was now shocked again, the replacement lock is now also cheap plastic, not even a metal lock. I am very unhappy I spend a lousy 45 bucks for cheap inexpensive plastic pieces to fix their metal taped on lock and warped plastic glass frame. Also the screen comes out of the track on the sides of the door and lets bugs in, it too is warped on the bottom and is unsightly over just two years time. Not a door with any parts that are made to last.
I also asked for the manager, when it was clear I was only getting a sales job by the customer rep, I complained to the manager that this was taped on lock is design flaw and was I was told that it as not meant to be a “security door” and was given the "we are so sorry for your inconvenience" routine over and told the new lock I could pay them for would fix the problem. They seemed unfazed no matter what I complaint I shared, but they were not going to help do anything to fix it or offer anything but to offer me the deal to buy their solution for 45 bucks. Of course they never mentioned the lock solution to fix the problem was also just a cheaply made plastic piece (not metal) for the 27 dollars…is a metal lock that actually attaches to the door too much to ask for a 27 dollar replacement I had to pay for to replace the tape?

I even mentioned I was unhappy enough with their “ solution” that I would write about my bad experience with them and their door, to let everyone know about these issues and that did not faze them at all…! Buyers beware.
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/03/2011:
Some years back I used to sell Anderson products since they were considered top of the line. Sounds like they've gone the way of so many formerly trusted products and have given up making quality products. I picked up a storm door handle/lock replacement (all metal) kit at Lowes not too long ago that fit nicely on our storm door. Maybe there is one there that would fit your door.
Venice09 on 08/03/2011:
I thought Anderson was still considered top of the line. This is discouraging. The OP should return the plastic junk to Anderson and take your advice, Alain.
trmn8r on 08/03/2011:
There are a lot of complaints on this particular product. One elsewhere here, with several replies from other users who have had problems.
Venice09 on 08/03/2011:
So, it is just this door? I wonder how Anderson windows fare nowadays?
Cee on 07/05/2013:
This five-year-old door came with the house that we purchased three years ago. Like so many others, we thought that Andersen stood for quality, and were delighted to find it installed.

Same issue with the locking bar as Des Moines. My husband fixed the problem with a little double-sided Scotch brand mounting tape. EMCO/Andersen customer service is a joke - they won't admit there is an issue.

Love the EMCO motto printed on the serial number strip: "Quality First and Forever." More like, "Quality maybe, and only for a year."

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Anderson Storm Doors Not Living Up To Anderson Quality Hype
Posted by on
WAYLAND, MICHIGAN -- Just bought a New Door from Home Depot and paid to have it installed. After several times of moving the Screen up and down the screen ripped. Within two days. I went back to Home Depot and told the two boys that were working that the screen ripped. Their comments were yea they do that just call the company and they will send you one. I then said when will you be out to replace it? They said you have too. I said I just bought it and paid to have it installed.
I emailed Emco from their web site and got a response that they don't pay for repair.

This door is not of the quality I had expected from Anderson!
Bugs can come in around the Screen because the screen fits in an open track. There are small holes little bugs can come in. Not to mention the fact it only has one closer and ether slams shut or doesn't close when adjusted. Lock is very stiff and hard to lock.

I was just reading some replies from other post. Sounds like Anderson people read this site. I hope they do. But more so I hope if your looking to buy a new Storm Door look at the things I said.

1. Screen Rip Common just call we will send you one
2. one closer most heavy doors have two today
3. look at the holes in the door so small bugs can get in
4. screen only fits loosely in the open track nothing to stop bugs from getting in.

I just feel this door did not live up to the quality I am used to from Anderson!
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User Replies:
saj80 on 04/29/2009:
I agree 100%. I quit buying Andersen storm doors a couple of years ago after experiencing the same problems. When my self-storing screen quit working, I did call and was sent a new screen unit, which I replaced. Unfortunately, the replacement only lasted about six months, at which time I simply replaced the door with another brand. It seems as if Andersen quality has declined, and finding parts for them is becoming very difficult.
SSSDDD on 06/30/2010:
I have had a very similar experience as well. From Home Depot, I purchased a Anderson 3000 series screen door with retractable insect screen (the 3000 series is the top of the line they carried).

I would never again purchase an Anderson screen door for the following reasons:
1. As noted by the original reviewer, the screen vertical sides rest in open tracks where insects can easily get in.
2. Over time, the screen stretches making the above problem worse.
3. Over time, the mechanism that rolls the screen up and down will slightly move the screen to one side leaving the other side almost wide open.
4. After 9 months of owning the screen door the spring mechanism that rolls the screen up and down broke even though I've only pulled it up or down about 20 times max. Anderson was very good at sending a replacement, but labor is not included for any mechanical failures.
5. The warranty for mechanical failures is only 1 year. For an item installed on a house, this seems like a very poor warranty. For example, window blinds I purchase have a lifetime warranty for the mechanical part that is similar in design concept to the pull down screen.
twinmommy on 09/03/2010:
I bought the same stupid door, 3000 series, and 10 months later the screen is uneven, and the roller has popped 11 holes in the screen so far. Andersen said sorry, it's not our problem and I am now paying $40 for a replacement screen I have to install myself. The customer service is AWFUL, and I will never be buying another Andersen product again. Take the warnings!!!
Lifemates on 10/12/2010:
I've come across Anderson products (doors - windows) a number of times and always liked what I saw. Yet at the same time I am no expert in this industry.
frustrated now on 11/30/2010:
Bought an EMCO Series 3000 storm door with retractable screen from Home Depot. The retractable screen model only has one closer. The other designs in the series 3000 has 2. They weigh the same. The closer does not always close the door completely so the door ends up opening and swaying with just a little wind. The single closer eventually bends and needs replacement. It becomes fatigued because there is no place to mount a safety chain at the top to prevent the door from opening too far. Anderson replaced the closer once during the warranty.
They assume no liability for a design defect and Customer service has a script ready ,when the consumer calls, blaming everyone else including the consumer, the installer, and even Home Depot too.
The door frame is now bent from the wind grabbing the unclosed door and does not close properly. The Anderson rep came to inspect the door and had his script ready blaming the installer as well as telling me that my family is supposed to turn around and manually close the door when it does not close itself!
They refuse to admit a design defect in the product.
Anyone else have this problem?
Lytninrod on 12/29/2010:
I have had an identical experience as the above mentioned comments, same doors, same multiple problems, same Home Depot, same EMCO experience. EMCO actually sent me a letter from their attorney saying that if I wish to contact them further, that I must submit it in writing!! Again, simply a prepared statement. I will tell everyone that I meet about how I have been treated by these Companies, and I will never buy an Anderson (EMCO) product again.
trureviewer on 01/23/2011:
"NOT RECOMMENDED: What a disappointment. This door is not the quality I expected from Anderson. The latch to hold up the window is made of cheap plastic and takes too much force to make it latch. Once latched, the window seal is crooked, with a gap on one end. The self storing screen needs some improvements. The door does not fully latch without giving the handle a tug, which I am afraid will cause problems later on with the handle. They are clearly using the Anderson name to make a few bucks on this door. I DO NOT recommend this door. If you do buy one, pay the $97 to have it installed. It took way too long to install."
Tony on 06/14/2011:
Bought the EMCO forever door. several years later the paint came off, the door warped and the galvanized inner frame rusted away. Supposed to be 10 years or lifetime. Company would do nothing. Said I can buy repair parts if I wanted. parts would cost more than a new door. Emco has bad customer service. Threw away and purchased a Larson door. Great quality. Neighbor loved it so much he bought 2 and his brother bought 2. No more Anderson or Emco ever again.
Chris on 06/26/2011:
Bought the 3000. The number of issues with the door is truly distrubing. Instructions where terrible. Had to drill out for the latch and handle. The screen latch is held on by 2 little screws it will never last. The hinge is sloppy. The door doesn't open more than 85 degrees. Do not buy this door.
Chris in Texas on 04/06/2012:
I had the same experience as Frustrated Now in the other comments. I bought the 3000 series thinking this is the top of the line Andersen product, in fact I bought 3 of them at Home Depot at the same time for all exits to my home. What a disappointment! Two of the doors have remained open, were caught by the wind and ripped the retractor out of its cheeply screwed-in wholes. They deifnately need two retractors on this door model! Also, one of the other doors did not close, the wind caught it one night and ripped the lower hinge almost off the frame, not to mention the retractor had to be removed because it was bent almost in-half! Again, as with the other's comments, there should also be a safety chain for these doors! After reading the other comments I will not replace the ruined door with another Andersen product. Too expensive for very poor design and quality of the materials. I've never had a screen door so poorly designed, regardless of whether or not Andersen blames the installation folks. If they are doing such a poor job via Home Depot, then perhaps Andersen should certify Home Depot's contractors to install their products..then there should be no excuses.
Phil Checchia on 05/05/2012:
I had a 3000 hide away screen door installed and it is a piece of garbage.The door won't shut whent eh new entry door is closed .When it itopen the door bangs so hard it rattle the glass and bags harder ifthe screen is in the down position.
Andersen told me that is the way the door is made and we won't take it back.
The good folks at Home depot said to bring it back to the store and they will refund my money.
The company has lost my business in the future and will go to but the Larson hideaway screen door which is at Lowes and made 1000% better than the fake Andersen via emco door.
Pure garbage is a polite description of what I really call junk.
Bangs and bangs and bounces back off the frame and won't latch.
Diane Himes on 06/20/2012:
I agree with all that posted their disappointment with EMCO storm doors. They were to be the very best....NOT. I have replaced the hardware, the door slams shut and now the paint is chipping. Also our name plate came off They sent me an email on how to repaint my door today. An expensive lesson learned.
Sam on 09/04/2012:
The house I bought has a EMCO/Anderson 3000 storm door with a bad screen.I would like to replace it but Anderson wants $40 for the part. This is a rip off. I won't pay it. I think someone's hair brain idea went haywire. Think twice before buying this storm door.
China on 12/20/2012:
who knows where they get the parts from or how many different places and how many different materials tHe different components are made of
it's all Walmart quality my friend
good ol boy on 12/26/2012:
my emco storm door leaked after the first rain on the inside bottom corner window. I called the number and it goes to a call center in the Philippines.what, an American door company using Philippine workers instead of Americans.I was told
the warranty does not cover that, only door handles ,hinges etc, they said that the window does leak time to time depending on how hard the rain blows and wind . its a storm door its supposed to keep the elements out.My Home Depot rep says the door should not leak. My door installer says the same thing but yet anderson doors still refuses that this door is junk. there slogan is WE BUILD DOORS THAT HOME OWNERS WILL TAKE PRIDE OF HAVING ON THEIR HOMES.. I would not be surprised if these doors are built in the Philippines.that's why the American economy is going in the tank ..F/U ANDERSON DOORS
Dave on 01/18/2013:
Thanks for these comments, folks.
I've just changed my mind and will not be purchasing this Anderson storm door product.
d genzler on 02/05/2013:
I'm a contractor and just installed 2 of these doors.I've been doing this for 20 yrs and Did it the right way.2 Days later home owners(tenant) called me to say the window had broken because of wind blew it open.Had to pay $65.00 to replace glass! There is no place to mount wind/safety chain? what kind of door doesn't have a way to mount a SAFETY chain? Never again will I buy this door!!!!!
Tom J on 05/05/2013:
I've had almost all of the problems everyone else has had plus I had to replace the balancers because 2 of the 4 stopped working while still under warranty. Now a couple of years later and no longer under warranty I need to replace the remaining 2. That's if I can find them. Ditto on never buying Andersen anything Andersen ever again. Once a respected name that's now lost its way !
Sue Ann Kalisg on 05/08/2013:
I wish I had read these comments before I bought two if the doors. Our handyman experienced all the frustrations mentioned above. Damn. Did not do my homework. Do Not buy this product. Totally worthless .
Steve D on 05/30/2013:
Glass has started slipping out of gasket with no way to repair, only replace. Screen is garbage. Will need to buy $100 worth of replacement parts that will probably only last a few months!
Sandy from CO on 06/24/2013:
I purchased this door and had it installed by Home Depot. It was recommended as a top of the line door. Within two uses of the screen the screen started to slip out of its spline. It is now completely out of the track, and I need to replace it. Looking through my manual, there are no instructions for getting the screen component out to replace. I will never buy another Andersen door if this is considered top of the line.
Paul on 07/29/2013:
My Emco is a P.O.S. too. It is rusting on the inside lower left corner.I am now trying to see if they will do anything. I too have been installing Andersen products for 20 years and I am making the switch to Larson because of this BS.
Mary from Kansas City on 08/07/2013:
Same story here. I have had my 3000 since 2007 and it kept coming out of the track and eventually began to fray. I have a new one but I am not sure as to how to install it--the directions are not very well explained. I am definitely done with Andersen! Planned on using them to replace all the windows in my home. Not going to happen.
Dave on 08/29/2013:
So what brand should we buy?
Michael Showe on 09/09/2013:
A contractor installed 3 screen doors as part of a remodelling. They lasted about 5 years, but now all three of the top hinges have worn so the doors pull away at the top and will no longer close. I replaced the top half of the worst one and its better but not like new. Probably have to replace both halves--I think the pin is loose in the hinge because the hinge is too short for the job it is doing. You have to drill out the rivets that hold the top to the jamb. Home Depot will tell you you have to replace the whole door because Anderson doesn't sell the hinges, but you can find them on the web.
Bob C on 10/21/2013:
these doors have problems, as noted. I have had two on my home for five years. One of the pneumatic closers locked open and had to be replaced. One of the screens got all bound up and ripped. Both doors have sagged to the point where the latch holes had to be filed (door could not be pulled back into position). The fit and finish is cosmetically OK, but the engineering is grade-school quality. Under designed, poorly assembled, and basically expensive Junk. The failures have all been a pain in the a^ and *, and frustrating because I passed on "forever doors" in favor of Anderson because of reputation of their products and personal experience in four homes with their window product. These doors are just not up to a standard that should have Anderson labels.
Tom on 12/04/2013:
I don't see any comments about the hinges.
These are heavy doors. The screws strip out and there is no way to repair the jam.
These and others like this generation of storm/screen doors are overrated, overpriced, and over hyped. I went back to wood and installed weather strip. -- STAY AWAY FROM BIG BOC STORES. GO LOCAL. YOU WILL SAVE IN THE LONG RUN. PRPOABLY IN THE SHORT RUN ALS0. , BTY. If you want Gorilla glue to last in the bottle store it upside down or throw it away.
Another over hyped product. Happy holidays,Tom
Marilyn on 01/12/2014:
I have had difficulty opening the door, handle gets stuck like it is locked only the lock is not used. I cannot get out my front door! At first when it started I could eventually open. The handle seems tighter and when I did have it open the latch seemed to stick out some , probably because the handle is opening completely. I called and was told they would send me new handle set as it is only 6 months old, and I have to put in. In the meantime, I have to wait up to10 days for it to be delivered and I can't get out my front door. Like the others before me, wish I did my home work!
Yee on 02/24/2014:
Experiencing the same problem as Marilyn on Anderson Self Storage Storm Door 'handle gets stuck like it's locked, but the lock is not used" - also cannot get out of the front door. Any advice to fix the problem without spending a bundle?
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Failure to honor warranty
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CALIFORNIA -- Beauty is only skin deep!

About 2 years ago, we purchased some beautiful Anderson hardwood flooring. It was professionally installed by the firm which sold us the flooring. After about a year, we started noticing that the (acrylic?) finish at the ends of several pieces of flooring, at random locations throughout our home, was starting to chip and/or peel. We contacted the dealer and eventually an Anderson representative came out to inspect the flooring. He noted that there was no evidence of damage from water seepage under the wood, and explained that this would be displayed as cupping of the wood which he did not see. This was not surprising, since we had an epoxy floor leveling compound installed on the floor, and a vapor barrier placed above this, by the flooring installers.

The Anderson rep did say that the moisture measurements at some locations were as high as 12%, and that the maximum allowed under the Anderson warranty was 8% humidity. Eventually, we received a letter from Anderson Hardwood Floors stating that the defects were not covered under their warrant because of high humidity. More remarkably, he advised us that we must take exceptional care to keep the floor dry, and pointed out that even when using a spray wood flooring cleaner, we must only dampen a cloth and not spray directly onto the wood.

We find this amazing, considering that for the previous 11 years we lived in a home with comparable Harris-Tarkett wood flooring in the kitchen and all bathrooms, and that the bathroom floors were frequently wet after we exited the shower, and yet there was never any problem with the flooring. In our present home, the defective flooring is in locations that are not generally wet except for possibly water from our shoes when it rains – not too common in southern California.

Regarding the 8% moisture limit referred to by the Anderson rep, online research indicates that a maximum flooring humidity of 8% is not reasonable. At we found the following text: “The ideal moisture content for flooring installation can vary from an extreme of 4 to 18 percent, depending on the wood species, the geographic location of the end product and time of year. Most oak flooring, for example, is milled at 6 to 9 percent.”

We then sent a letter to Anderson Hardwood Flooring asking them to stand behind their warranty, and their response was an unwavering no. They did write back that we had the option of paying for a second, independent inspection. However, the “independent” inspection they offered is not really independent, as their letter states “please sign and send back to me within 14 days of the date of this letter, so we can arrange the inspection.” Obviously, a second inspection arranged by Anderson Flooring can hardly be considered independent.

This flooring is not inexpensive, and we are very disappointed both in the product defects and more with Anderson Hardwood Flooring’s failure to honor their warranty.

We will not again consider purchasing a product of Anderson Hardwood Flooring, and pass this information along so that others may avoid the problems we are encountering. If you’re looking for good quality hardwood flooring made by a company that stands behind their product, I suggest that you avoid Anderson Hardwood Flooring products.

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User Replies:
Gravel Girty on 09/30/2005:
You should hire a lawyer and sue the company. Looks like a sure win.
978misty on 01/08/2009:
We also bought an anderson product and they failed to honor any warranty. Our floor is Bruce Dundee solid hardwood. Immediately after the professional installation I found splits and crushed edges. More than 30, some are 23 inches long. The store sent out a rep from Bruce and he claims our home conditions were to blame. Our home temp was 67 and humidity 44%. Everyone says this is within the suggested limits. I don't know, that is why we hired professionals to do the job. Does anyone have any comments that can help? The National Wood Flooring Association recommends us hiring an independent inspector but that will cost another $295.
Frustrated Homeowner on 03/18/2013:
A rep from Anderson Floors came to assess our flooring in the main level and sure enough he said that the air is too dry in our house and that caused the delamination on our floor. After setting his humudity tester on my table, he went ahead and talked to someone on his phone, a personal call it seemed while walking around my kitchen. He then open my trashcan and throw some trash without asking permission, how rude. He said his humidity tester reads 27 when our whole house humidifier is set at 40. I went upstairs to see my own humidity reader and it is at 50. I am waiting for the letter from them denying my warranty claim before I counter. We have engineered wood floor in my entire basement and have no problem with it.
Paula on 07/31/2013:
We just had the very same type of floor laid in our living room, Mountain Lullaby by Anderson. Within just a few days we have chips popping off and the edges are broken. The sales rep came out to take photos for the claim and they have since sent a new box of flooring to replace the bad boards. We have yet to pay the company because I feel like once I do, we will never see them again. Very disappointed in what I thought was supposed to be a superior product... Curious if this is normal behavior for Hickory or just Anderson's product?
Diane K on 09/17/2013:
We just had the same incident. We purchased Anderson delamano flooring 3 years ago. After 6 months I had 2 boards that I could wipe the color off. I called the store where we purchased the floor. There response was to color the boards with a magic marker. Then when the floor was 2 years old we had a board that splintered. That board was replaced with a board that did not match existing floor. Just 3 months ago I have another area that is going to do the same thing. For the 3rd time an "inspector" was sent to our home. The long and short of it is we are being SCREWED. They will not honor their warranty. I would never buy another Anderson product. BUYER BEWARE. NEVER PURCHASE BECAUSE OF WARRANTY, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HONOR. It is always "normal wear and tear, regardless if the area in question is under an area rug. DUH!!!!!!!!!!! I will save my money and buy from box stores.
Michele on 09/24/2013:
We purchased Anderson engineered hardwood floors in June 2012. We noticed the top wood layer coming away from the core within a few weeks. The first inspector (from the wholesaler) came out within a few weeks but never followed up with us after the inspection or returned our calls. When we finally got in touch with him 8 weeks later he told me that, even though our humidity was within guidelines, there must have been a few days where our humidity was too high and that caused the delamination. A few days???? I suggested that perhaps we should obtain the records of how the floor was stored at the warehouse as that would be a better indicator considering the delamination began within weeks of laying the floor. He then went on to say that he could tell that there had been humidity issues in our house in the past by looking at the hardwood floors in the upper level of our house. I asked him what the relevance of that was as our house is 30 years old and I have no idea of how previous homeowners set their humidity, but clearly that would not be relevant to the floor issue at hand. He then told me they would not honor the warranty anyway since we voided it by not having a licensed flooring installer lay the floor. I became angry that he would insult my intelligence and I reminded him that Minnesota does not have such a thing as a flooring installation license at which time he hung up on me. I then called my place of purchase to request a new inspector. That inspector noted that we had enough leftover wood to replace the boards individually as they delaminated and therefore we were offered a dollar amount that equated to just over 1% of the cost of the flooring. At present, we have had 2 additional inspections and are still finding new areas of delamination. We would not recommend an Anderson engineered floor to anyone.
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Emco Series 400 Storm Doors by Anderson
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EMCO, a subsidiary of Anderson Doors, makes Forever storm doors with limited lifetime warranty sold at Home Depot stores. The parts that take the most wear like the latching mechanism are only covered for one year. This is normal with some companies since the part is subject to abuse, very thin and bade primarily of casr white metal. When it broke after just over a year, I contacted them to obtain a replacement. I was notagainst paying for the broken part, but the will not sell it individually. You have to buy a complete harware kit that costs a third of the original cost of the door. You get not only the latching mechanism, but all brass hardware, handles, and the door closer. Most of this you will end up throwing away because it isn't needed. Neither EMCO (Anderson) nor Home Depot were having the customer pay twice the necessary cost just to throw a substantial number of parts away.
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User Replies:
saj80 on 03/29/2011:
I currently have an Andersen storm door with broken parts, and have found the same issue as you did. Andersen quality, in my opinion, is not very good, and I am waiting for better weather to replace this POS with a new Larson storm door.
fast327 on 03/29/2011:
Emco is an economy priced low-ball door. You will be much better off with Larson. They are expensive, but high quality and have good support people.
Not a fan of EMCO on 07/03/2013:
We had storm door installed and just a few weeks after door handle kept falling off. We called company and the first time they sent a replacement but it has happened several times since. Luckily when the handle falls it doesn't crack my tile floor. I really feel like ripping this POS off and throwing it in the street to be run over. The clear protective coat was also an issue we were never able to get it completely off and we were told that they do not cover that. BIG MISTAKE TO PURCHASE STORM DOOR FROM THEM. NEVER AGAIN!
Jerry on 04/02/2014:
The inside door latch does not need to be abused to brake it is a bad design and they should give us all new ones that are made better.
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Anderson/Emco Doors, HORRIBLE customer service
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I almost always check reviews online before making any major purchase, however, this time I didn't and now wish I had. I purchased an Anderson storm door from Home Depot and had them install it. The install went great, the problem arose when I went to swap the glass for the screen about a week after it was installed. Anderson sent the wrong screen, it had a bar through the center, mine was to be a full length screen, and it didn't even fit IN the door. (This was a special order door so it came directly from Anderson boxed, it was packaged wrong) I called HD right away and they said they would order the correct one and would take 7-10 to receive. 16 days later I called to check the status and was told it was never ordered and they had zero notes in my file about it! I was told again they would order one, received a call 2 days later from HD saying if they ordered it I would have to pay $60 for REPLACEMENT! I said it was Andersons error and they didn't care, that was the policy! I was told to call Anderson directly and they would ship one directly to my house free of charge. I did just that and was told if I wanted it shipped to my house I had to pay $37 for shipping!! They would send it to HD for FREE, but not to me, and if I wanted I could just pick it up there. Was also told it would take THREE to FOUR WEEKS to receive! I called HD back and they FINALLY stepped up to the plate and called Anderson for me but unfortunately got the same answer. I told her I didn't care that it wasn't shipped to my house but I had no way of getting it home from the store as its too big to fit in my car so she said she would have an installer drop it off. This was yesterday (6-16-10) so I still have to see if this will work out in the end anyway. Its now summer and would LOVE to have a screen door in, that's why I bought it in the first place, and now I have to wait yet another month to enjoy it! I purchased and had this installed in APRIL, it will be JULY before I can actually use it as a screen door! Haven't had an issue with the quality of the door, however haven't used it that much, I would suggest if you are looking for a door, skip over Anderson AND Home Depot. (especially if you are looking for customer service after the sale, god forbid an error was made or the wrong product was sent to you)
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Andersen not taking responsibility of Manufacturing Defect
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BAYPORT, MINNESOTA -- I purchased 3 Andersen double french doors 11 years ago. I had a new Andersen door put in this year. I had the contractor look at the french doors. I noticed some issues with the doors. I just wasn't sure what was going on. He said that my year of door had a manufacturing defect which caused the outside covering to delaminate from the door. That is what was happening to all my doors. I called Andersen and they want me to pay to replace the doors. It would cost me more to replace the door than what I paid for the doors in the first place. NICE! Even though it was their manufacturing defect. They said they will give me a discount. Not much of a discount. Well, buyer beware. They have defects and don't tell you. Then when you find them, oops you are outside the warranty window.

I have a bunch of windows to replace. I had originally thought I would use Andersen. But after this experience, I will be looking else where. You pay a premium for customer service and quality with Andersen. Unfortunately, you don't get either.

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User Replies:
Skye on 06/04/2010:
Good information. You can also always google just about anything these days, to see if there are any defects, complaints or recalls about any company and just about any product.
talvin62 on 07/24/2010:
I have a frenchwood sliding door, and guess what, its delaminating also. Along with that problem, its now got cracks and splitting in the seal around the glass. I tried last year to contact their support people and got nothing but the run around. They wanted the numbers off the glass, and I sent them every single number that was visible, and even a photo of the same and they told me I didn't have the right numbers! Unbelievable. I gave up and am now thinking of ways to try to fix it myself. I am sure it won't work either. I feel ripped off, like you say, they are supposed to be a reputable and quality manufacturer. I am very disappointed. on 06/21/2011:
Is there any BBB or class action litigation happening on these issues? We have the same de-laminating problem with our 1999 Andersen French doors.
Thomas on 08/03/2011:
Mine are coming apart also. Is there any recourse?
mbma9 on 05/14/2013:
I am having the same problem. The bottom seal, where the window part goes into the door frame, has come apart. It now is a "pocket" exposed to rain, ice and snow. I bought Anderson for the reputation...sorry to hear they are not standing by their product!
Greg on 06/13/2013:
my 1998 Frenchwood doors are delaminating too. Is there any action on this?
Hank Jackson on 07/24/2013:
Tell Andersen that you are not satisfied with your panels and that they need to be replaced. Panels 10 to 15 years old are being offered 60 percent discount with install, 70 percent without install. If you push harder you can get both for free. Call 888-888-7020.
J. Forichon on 08/02/2013:
Same with mine! They were manufactured in 1998 but installed later on just before 2005 and they have got bad just a couple of years after!
Mrs. V. on 10/30/2013:
Had the same problem with one of three doors. Was told replacement door would be in excess of $500, apparently with a discount. After further discussion, able to get it replaced at no charge. Andersen did back their warranty in my eyes, I do have to pay for installation, however.
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Window Self-Storing Storm Door w/ Retractable Screen
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DESMOINES, IOWA -- We have two of these doors that are two years old and both have the same problem. The retractable screen will not roll completely up without help from someone outside pushing in while someone on the inside is pushing it up. Very difficult to open and close. The company who installed them said that is just the way it is. Anderson company won't send new screens and guides without charging and then they don't know if that will fix the problem or not. I don't think they are worth the $600 we paid for them. This is a very poor design and I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.
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saj80 on 08/14/2009:
I had the same problem a couple of years ago, and Andersen sent free replacement parts. I have since the house this door was in, so don't know if it still works, but from what I have heard, the self-storing screen is a great idea but does not work for any manufacturer.
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Bad Quality Product - Poor Customer Service
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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- We purchased a Anderson/EMCO full view solid glass storm door in metal frame from Home Depot Fall 2008. It was professionally installed from our contractor. Shortly after installation, we noticed the hinges were pulling away from the metal door causing the storm door itself to not close or lock without having to pull up on the handle. Home Depot told me to call the Anderson/Emco company to complain about the defective door. Unfortunately, they were extremely unsympathetic and stated they would send out a replacement part - BUT I would have to tear the door apart and replace myself!! ARE THEY KIDDING?? This is a very heavy glass door and I (a petite woman) am supposed to manhandle a heavy glass door to make the repair or hire someone to do this for me? Their only concern was that I should have "read the warranty small print". WHAT!
This was supposed to be a quality item but the quality is very inferior to the cheapest storm door Home Depot sells. Beware! They do not stand behind their product nor care about customer satisfaction!! I will never purchase another Emco/Anderson product!
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User Replies:
earl calegoure on 07/02/2013:
door is junk
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