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Anderson/Emco Doors, HORRIBLE customer service
By -

I almost always check reviews online before making any major purchase, however, this time I didn't and now wish I had. I purchased an Andersen storm door from Home Depot and had them install it. The install went great, the problem arose when I went to swap the glass for the screen about a week after it was installed. Anderson sent the wrong screen, it had a bar through the center, mine was to be a full length screen, and it didn't even fit IN the door (This was a special order door so it came directly from Anderson boxed, it was packaged wrong).

I called HD right away and they said they would order the correct one and would take 7-10 to receive. 16 days later I called to check the status and was told it was never ordered and they had zero notes in my file about it! I was told again they would order one, received a call 2 days later from HD saying if they ordered it I would have to pay $60 for REPLACEMENT! I said it was Andersen's error and they didn't care, that was the policy!

I was told to call Andersen directly and they would ship one directly to my house free of charge. I did just that and was told if I wanted it shipped to my house I had to pay $37 for shipping! They would send it to HD for FREE, but not to me, and if I wanted I could just pick it up there. Was also told it would take THREE to FOUR WEEKS to receive! I called HD back and they FINALLY stepped up to the plate and called Andersen for me but unfortunately got the same answer.

I told her I didn't care that it wasn't shipped to my house but I had no way of getting it home from the store as it's too big to fit in my car so she said she would have an installer drop it off. This was yesterday (6-16-10) so I still have to see if this will work out in the end anyway. It's now summer and would LOVE to have a screen door in, that's why I bought it in the first place, and now I have to wait yet another month to enjoy it! I purchased and had this installed in APRIL, it will be JULY before I can actually use it as a screen door!

Haven't had an issue with the quality of the door, however haven't used it that much. I would suggest if you are looking for a door, skip over Anderson AND Home Depot (especially if you are looking for customer service after the sale, god forbid an error was made or the wrong product was sent to you).

Andersen Doors Coverup Of Defective Products
By -

BAYPORT, MINNESOTA -- In 1998 I had five sets of Andersen french wood gliding patio doors installed in my home by an Andersen dealer. There are two four panel two door sets and three two panel one door sets. At this point 75% of the individual panels are delaminating and failing. The cause of this failure in lamination is because that Andersen manufactured these doors with a faulty glue. This was known by Andersen shortly thereafter.

Instead of issuing a recall or trying to correct the problem Andersen chose to ignore the defect in manufacturing and let their manufacturer's warranty expire. Upon contacting customer service, I was told they would sell me new doors at a discount but I would have to pay for installation. Anyone considering an Andersen product should review the numerous complaints that are available on the internet.

Anderson Storm Doors Not Living Up To Anderson Quality Hype
By -

WAYLAND, MICHIGAN -- Just bought a New Door from Home Depot and paid to have it installed. After several times of moving the Screen up and down the screen ripped. Within two days. I went back to Home Depot and told the two boys that were working that the screen ripped. Their comments were "yeah they do that. Just call the company and they will send you one." I then said "when will you be out to replace it?" They said "you have to". I said "I just bought it and paid to have it installed." I emailed Emco from their website and got a response that they don't pay for repair.

This door is not of the quality I had expected from Andersen! Bugs can come in around the Screen because the screen fits in an open track. There are small holes little bugs can come in. Not to mention the fact it only has one closer and ether slams shut or doesn't close when adjusted. Lock is very stiff and hard to lock. I was just reading some replies from other post. Sounds like Andersen people read this site. I hope they do. But more so I hope if your looking to buy a new Storm Door look at the things I said.

  1. Screen Rip Common "just call we will send you one". 2. One closer most heavy doors have two today. 3. Look at the holes in the door so small bugs can get in. 4. Screen only fits loosely in the open track. Nothing to stop bugs from getting in. I just feel this door did not live up to the quality I am used to from Andersen!
Replacement parts
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Rating: 1/51

WALDORF, MARYLAND -- I purchased an Andersen 3000 Series storm door in June of 2007 and by the summer of 2011 the door would no longer properly latch. The problem was a small spring located behind the latch. When the door handle is depressed the spring is compressed causing the latch to retract into the frame, allowing you to open the door. When you let go of the handle the spring tension causes the latch to extend back out and the handles to rise back to their “normal” position. Over time the spring has lost its compression resistance and the latch will no longer fully extend to properly catch and seat inside the strike plate.

This should be an easy fix, simply replace the cheap spring behind the latch. But Andersen does not sell replacement springs and has instead told me over the phone that I need to purchase the entire door handle assembly which costs $58.99 online. They offered me a 20% discount but still, the entire door only costs $199.00. Why would I want to pay 25% of the cost of a new door for a spring which shouldn't cost more than a couple dollars? What a ripoff. I won't be buying Andersen products in the future.

Andersen not taking responsibility of Manufacturing Defect
By -

BAYPORT, MINNESOTA -- I purchased 3 Andersen double french doors 11 years ago. I had a new Andersen door put in this year. I had the contractor look at the french doors. I noticed some issues with the doors. I just wasn't sure what was going on. He said that my year of door had a manufacturing defect which caused the outside covering to delaminate from the door. That is what was happening to all my doors.

I called Andersen and they want me to pay to replace the doors. It would cost me more to replace the door than what I paid for the doors in the first place. NICE! Even though it was their manufacturing defect. They said they will give me a discount. Not much of a discount. Well, buyer beware. They have defects and don't tell you. Then when you find them, oops you are outside the warranty window.

I have a bunch of windows to replace. I had originally thought I would use Andersen. But after this experience, I will be looking else where. You pay a premium for customer service and quality with Andersen. Unfortunately, you don't get either.

Bad Quality Product - Poor Customer Service
By -

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- We purchased a Andersen/EMCO full view solid glass storm door in metal frame from Home Depot Fall 2008. It was professionally installed from our contractor. Shortly after installation, we noticed the hinges were pulling away from the metal door causing the storm door itself to not close or lock without having to pull up on the handle. Home Depot told me to call the Andersen/Emco company to complain about the defective door. Unfortunately, they were extremely unsympathetic and stated they would send out a replacement part - BUT I would have to tear the door apart and replace myself!

ARE THEY KIDDING? This is a very heavy glass door and I (a petite woman) am supposed to manhandle a heavy glass door to make the repair or hire someone to do this for me? Their only concern was that I should have "read the warranty small print". WHAT! This was supposed to be a quality item but the quality is very inferior to the cheapest storm door Home Depot sells. Beware! They do not stand behind their product nor care about customer satisfaction! I will never purchase another Emco/Andersen product!

Price Gouging
By -

ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I went to AnMed for a procedure in August, 2006. Being uninsured I had no clue what was about to happen. I received a bill for $38,725.85 for a stay of less than 24 hrs. The stent that was used cost the hospital around $3,000 (to the best of my knowledge) and they charged me $16,919.00. Not a bad profit margin. After doing some investigation on my own and with the help of, I discovered that medicare would have paid approx. $7,336.00 and private insurance would have paid approx. $9,170.00. We went back and forth with the CFO trying to negotiate this down. This went on for a couple of months.

On November 22, the CFO wrote me a letter stating if I paid in full (sounds like extortion to me) by December 31, 2006 they would discount the bill by 30% (insurance carriers got about a 75% discount). This means it's still about $15,000 too high. In a previous letter that he wrote to Congressman Barrett on November 16, 2006 who wrote to the CFO on my behalf, the CFO (in his politically correct letter) said that I had 60 days (which would have made it January 16, 2007). With that information, I sent AnMed a good faith check in the amount of $11,463.44. I indicated that this was the undisputed portion of my bill. I assumed I could continue to negotiate the balance.

My previous offers of $15,000.00 and $18,000.00 were rejected. My payment of $11,463.44 reflected the reimbursement private insurance would have paid PLUS an extra 25%. Two weeks later, they had not deposited the check. On December 15, 2006 they filed a civil action against me and then returned my check. What happened to December 31st and January 16th. I guess they just couldn't wait to sink their teeth into me. Apparently they are not going to budge, and neither am I. In fact, my physician called the hospital CEO who indicated they were holding their position and when my physician stated that AnMed was going to be a lot of bad publicity, the CEO didn't care!

Talk about arrogant! Just a word of caution... if you are uninsured and need hospital care, INSIST on getting the prices first. Excluding an emergency situation, instead of doing the things you need to do to get well, you'll be stressing over the aggressive collection efforts of hospitals! There are many class action lawsuits across the country that allege that hospitals are actively practicing price discrimination and AnMed is one of those class actions. If you look at the lawsuits AnMed has filed against patients (some as little as $300), I wonder how they have time to do what they're supposed to do... deliver health care, not subpoenas!

Emco Series 400 Storm Doors by Anderson
By -

EMCO, a subsidiary of Andersen Doors, makes Forever storm doors with limited lifetime warranty sold at Home Depot stores. The parts that take the most wear like the latching mechanism are only covered for one year. This is normal with some companies since the part is subject to abuse, very thin and made primarily of cast white metal.

When it broke after just over a year, I contacted them to obtain a replacement. I was not against paying for the broken part, but the will not sell it individually. You have to buy a complete hardware kit that costs a third of the original cost of the door. You get not only the latching mechanism, but all brass hardware, handles, and the door closer. Most of this you will end up throwing away because it isn't needed. Neither EMCO (Andersen) nor Home Depot were having the customer pay twice the necessary cost just to throw a substantial number of parts away.

Anderson Doesn't Support Their Products
By -

Installed Anderson Series 3000 according to manufacturing guidelines. From the get go the latch assembly(s) appeared wobbly and ill-fitting. After several days the door failed to latch when closing. Even attempts to manually push the door closed and the door would not secure. Move the latch plate etc.......... to no avail. Today it didn't latch and the wind took it to the point where the closer screws stripped and the door swung fully to the outside. It's now dented. Bottom of the door will never be the same as the factory screws stripped the holes......... Doesn't matter because who wants a five day old $300 screen door with a dent!

Andersen says "installer error.......thanks for calling". Home Depot says after installation, it's yours to keep. Garbage service, garbage support. DON'T BUY ANDERSON/EMCO PRODUCTS!!!! While you're at it don't count on HD standing by what they sell either.

Anderson screen door is crap.
By -

COON RAPIDS, MINNESOTA -- I just installed a new Andersen "400 series" screen door about 3 weeks ago, and my dog put his paw right through it. The screen is basically made of thread. Not any kind of metal. They call it "fiber mesh", which I thought, hmm, must be some kind of carbon fiber thing. Nope. Just thread that a 30 pound dog can put his paw right through without even trying hard.

So I just got off the phone with customer service about it, and they don't even sell an aluminum screen for the door. I was willing to buy a screen replacement kit if it came with a metal screen, but they don't even offer it. My Andersen windows came with aluminum screens, but apparently, they think the much higher traffic area screen door should come with the flimsy fabric screen instead of metal. Makes no sense whatsoever.

The customer rep's solution was to go to a hardware store and buy some aluminum mesh and cut it to size myself and replace the screen with that. Hardly a good solution, although it's what I guess I will do. So my recommendation, is don't buy your screen door from Andersen. It's complete crap.

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