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Failure to honor warranty
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Beauty is only skin deep! About 2 years ago, we purchased some beautiful Andersen hardwood flooring. It was professionally installed by the firm which sold us the flooring. After about a year, we started noticing that the (acrylic?) finish at the ends of several pieces of flooring, at random locations throughout our home, was starting to chip and/or peel.

We contacted the dealer and eventually an Andersen representative came out to inspect the flooring. He noted that there was no evidence of damage from water seepage under the wood, and explained that this would be displayed as cupping of the wood which he did not see. This was not surprising, since we had an epoxy floor leveling compound installed on the floor, and a vapor barrier placed above this, by the flooring installers.

The Anderson rep did say that the moisture measurements at some locations were as high as 12%, and that the maximum allowed under the Andersen warranty was 8% humidity. Eventually, we received a letter from Andersen Hardwood Floors stating that the defects were not covered under their warrant because of high humidity. More remarkably, he advised us that we must take exceptional care to keep the floor dry, and pointed out that even when using a spray wood flooring cleaner, we must only dampen a cloth and not spray directly onto the wood.

We find this amazing, considering that for the previous 11 years we lived in a home with comparable Harris-Tarkett wood flooring in the kitchen and all bathrooms, and that the bathroom floors were frequently wet after we exited the shower, and yet there was never any problem with the flooring. In our present home, the defective flooring is in locations that are not generally wet except for possibly water from our shoes when it rains - not too common in southern California.

Regarding the 8% moisture limit referred to by the Andersen rep, online research indicates that a maximum flooring humidity of 8% is not reasonable. We found the following text: "The ideal moisture content for flooring installation can vary from an extreme of 4 to 18 percent, depending on the wood species, the geographic location of the end product and time of year. Most oak flooring, for example, is milled at 6 to 9 percent."

We then sent a letter to Andersen Hardwood Flooring asking them to stand behind their warranty, and their response was an unwavering "no". They did write back that we had the option of paying for a second, independent inspection. However, the "independent" inspection they offered is not really independent, as their letter states "please sign and send back to me within 14 days of the date of this letter, so we can arrange the inspection." Obviously, a second inspection arranged by Andersen Flooring can hardly be considered independent.

This flooring is not inexpensive, and we are very disappointed both in the product defects and more with Anderson Hardwood Flooring's failure to honor their warranty. We will not again consider purchasing a product of Anderson Hardwood Flooring, and pass this information along so that others may avoid the problems we are encountering. If you're looking for good quality hardwood flooring made by a company that stands behind their product, I suggest that you avoid Andersen Hardwood Flooring products.

Complete Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

BAYPORT, MINNESOTA -- In the fall of 2014 we bought a Series 4000 Andersen storm door from Home Depot, feeling the company's reputation spoke for itself. The door was more expensive than any other door we looked at but, we bought it anyway, despite 2 friends and our handyman trying to talk us out of it. We should have listened to them.

The door was beautiful when it went in but within 2 months it started dragging on the bottom of the door. Upon closer inspection, we discovered the hinges were warping and the weld on the door itself was coming apart. Despite trying to adjust the door repeatedly, it got to the point it wouldn't close. Andersen would only send a new hinge but refuses to fix the door which is a complete loss and will not latch at all. Trust me, this door's poor quality is only exceeded by Andersen's abysmal customer service. Run, don't walk from this door and Andersen in general. They are both pathetic!

Emco. Storm door 300
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Rating: 3/51

NEW YORK -- My Emco storm door series 300 is rotting and bulging out. It's 5 years old. I called Ecco and replaced it - had to reinstall handles drill holes in the door took about 2 hours to do. My complaint is it's going to happen again. I noticed the bottom of the door is not sealed and you can see the wood if you can call it wood. It's that pressed crap wood that when it gets wet it swells. What a ** design. Hey Andersen redesign this door. I guess the companies these days don't want things to last. It's a shame. Companies don't have pride in what they make.

Poor Business Model
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Rating: 1/51

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -- As many others have written, I purchased an Andersen Storm Door, 3000 model. The door has a closer that requires you to latch it to keep it open. The latch does not release properly and at this point does not work at all. In a lengthy chat with their customer service department, I was told that the latch has been redesigned with better materials, so when I buy a new one, I will not experience this problem. I explained that I should not have to pay for something that they discovered defective, but after far too long on hold with customer service, and supervisors, they refused to send me a new part. Apparently, they do not think a satisfied customer is worth a $30 part.

Anderson Retractable Sliders Are Faulty
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- We purchase 4 Anderson doors with retractable sliding screens. All 4 are broken. They were installed by a licensed contractor. They failed within 1 week of purchase. The contractor came back and added new hardware to help the situation. That worked for 1 out of the four. I had the contractor back many times since and he is unable to help. It has been over a year with these screens.

It did not occur to me to contact Anderson directly. I finally did realizing that the screens are very faulty in the actual manufacturing and they fail easily. I had a Anderson service representative come out to repair at my own expense and he said these screens are crap and never work right. They should not be installed. I need to replace 3 of them. BUYER BEWARE - DON'T BUY RETRACTABLE SCREENS. Anderson will do nothing to help. I will join class action!!!!!!!!

Emco Series 400 Storm Doors by Anderson
By -

EMCO, a subsidiary of Andersen Doors, makes Forever storm doors with limited lifetime warranty sold at Home Depot stores. The parts that take the most wear like the latching mechanism are only covered for one year. This is normal with some companies since the part is subject to abuse, very thin and made primarily of cast white metal.

When it broke after just over a year, I contacted them to obtain a replacement. I was not against paying for the broken part, but the will not sell it individually. You have to buy a complete hardware kit that costs a third of the original cost of the door. You get not only the latching mechanism, but all brass hardware, handles, and the door closer. Most of this you will end up throwing away because it isn't needed. Neither EMCO (Andersen) nor Home Depot were having the customer pay twice the necessary cost just to throw a substantial number of parts away.

Anderson Doesn't Support Their Products
By -

Installed Anderson Series 3000 according to manufacturing guidelines. From the get go the latch assembly(s) appeared wobbly and ill-fitting. After several days the door failed to latch when closing. Even attempts to manually push the door closed and the door would not secure. Move the latch plate etc.......... to no avail. Today it didn't latch and the wind took it to the point where the closer screws stripped and the door swung fully to the outside. It's now dented. Bottom of the door will never be the same as the factory screws stripped the holes......... Doesn't matter because who wants a five day old $300 screen door with a dent!

Andersen says "installer error.......thanks for calling". Home Depot says after installation, it's yours to keep. Garbage service, garbage support. DON'T BUY ANDERSON/EMCO PRODUCTS!!!! While you're at it don't count on HD standing by what they sell either.

Anderson screen door is crap.
By -

COON RAPIDS, MINNESOTA -- I just installed a new Andersen "400 series" screen door about 3 weeks ago, and my dog put his paw right through it. The screen is basically made of thread. Not any kind of metal. They call it "fiber mesh", which I thought, hmm, must be some kind of carbon fiber thing. Nope. Just thread that a 30 pound dog can put his paw right through without even trying hard.

So I just got off the phone with customer service about it, and they don't even sell an aluminum screen for the door. I was willing to buy a screen replacement kit if it came with a metal screen, but they don't even offer it. My Andersen windows came with aluminum screens, but apparently, they think the much higher traffic area screen door should come with the flimsy fabric screen instead of metal. Makes no sense whatsoever.

The customer rep's solution was to go to a hardware store and buy some aluminum mesh and cut it to size myself and replace the screen with that. Hardly a good solution, although it's what I guess I will do. So my recommendation, is don't buy your screen door from Andersen. It's complete crap.

Window Self-Storing Storm Door w/ Retractable Screen
By -

DESMOINES, IOWA -- We have two of these doors that are two years old and both have the same problem. The retractable screen will not roll completely up without help from someone outside pushing in while someone on the inside is pushing it up. Very difficult to open and close. The company who installed them said that is just the way it is. Andersen company won't send new screens and guides without charging and then they don't know if that will fix the problem or not. I don't think they are worth the $600 we paid for them. This is a very poor design and I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

Sloppy Engineering, poor performance
By -

Bought this door from Home Deeps several years ago. If I would have been lucky, it would have fallen completely apart and would be gone now. Unfortunately, it's still here like a plantar wart on the ball of your foot that won't go away.

The self-storage design for the sliding glass is demonic. The screen which is not removable is on the outside of the glass when it is up, and the fixed lower pane is on the outside when it is down. Ergo, you cannot clean this side of the glass. To do so, you must pry off three miserable plastic strips with a screwdriver, have three hands to hold the locking devices in at the same time, and unhook the self closer so the pane can be taken out the top. Removal is even more miserable, and the real joy is when you see the new smears that you put on the newly cleaned inside surface while trying to install it.

Oh, another endearing feature is that when a small spring internal to the door latch broke rendering the latch unusable, the company would only sell the entire latch assembly and lock as a unit. Not to worry though, this little item only costs about 50% of the purchase price of the door.

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