Andy Mohr Toyota

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Andy Mohr Toyota
8941 East US Highway 36
Avon, IN 46123
855-735-8641 (ph)
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Piece Of Crap From Andy Mohr Toyota
By -

AVON, INDIANA -- I bought a used car on February 28, 2011 From ANDY MOHR TOYOTA.

The first day I picked it up I had to bring it back to the dealer ship the same day to replace a pully and it cost me 75 dollars. And before I left I asked if there was any thing else that they needed to tell me and they said NO, so I left. So the next day rolls around it starts making another noise. So I take it to another shop and they had to fix the air injection pump. And that was a 600 dollar job. So if there was that much wrong with it there had to be more so I had him look over the entire suv. And he found out I needed new wheel bearings 700 dollar later. He also informed me that there were some codes erased from the history.

And out of all this, I went back to the dealer ship and spoke to the GM and he refused to help in any way.

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