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Angel Wings does poor work, and keeps $ she doesn't earn
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Angel Wings Cleaning Services was prepaid $100 for a deep clean. Her ad on Craigslist states she is available M-F 8am-9pm, however she has a full time day job and is not available until after 5:30 pm. She showed up late, put RUGS on my KITCHEN TABLE, did a poor job, did not clean the bed or bathrooms, put chopsticks in my D/W which caught on fire, and left after an hour. She was so late that we had to wait until 8 when the floor dried to make dinner! She never returned my calls, emails, or texts to schedule the remaining cleaning hours. Now, she won't return the $75 either! She is not licensed nor insured or bonded, and the Better Business Bureau has no information on her. ANGEL WINGS CLEANING SERVICES, owned by ANGEL DAWN BOSSIE, locted at 1371 Albert Drive Melbourne Fl 32925 phone: 321.431.3311 (as posted by owner on is a HORRIBLE cleaning company, with bad customer service practices.
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Skye on 01/21/2011:
Never EVER pre-pay for work that has yet to be compeleted. Also, your review is a good reminder to do all those checks BEFORE you hire someone to come into your home. The BBB has never heard of her, because she never paid and registered with them. They don't do anything anyway for consumers.

Thanks for warning others. A location would be beneficial to help those in your area.
momsey on 01/21/2011:
Why would you pay someone to come into your home who isn't insurance or licensed or bonded?
iris08 on 04/18/2011:
You two are exactly right. Ms. Angel Bossie who recently got her tax receipt (no license or insurance) scammed my aunt, who found her on Craigslist, into setting up a prepaid cleaning for me as a gift. I would never have contracted with someone not insuraed or licensed, and definitely not let anyone in my home that was not bonded or insured. She riped my elderly widowed aunt off, and then posted fake ads as a "more than satisfied client". ANGEL BOSSIE OWNS ANGEL WINGS CLEANING SERVICES located: 1372 ALBERTA DRIVE, MELBOURNE, FL 32935, phone: 321.431.3311. This info has been posted by her: and other sites.

I have sent her info to the IRS since she now advertises that she owns and operates the biz for the past 5 years and has only got her license this year (obviously did not pay any taxes for years prior). hopefully, local people will see this, and steer clear. She may be a good person with a bad memory, or just a lowlife loser who likes to steal from elderly women, either way, for her business' sake she should have tried to rectify the situation.
Leah on 05/19/2011:
I had Angel Wings Cleaning Service clean my home and she did an EXCELLENT JOB!! Angels Wings cleans my home once a week since December and I have never had issues or problems. I did my research on the company and she is licensed and insured. I checked with the Licenses in the State of Florida. Don't be judgemental based on others posts. These people could be disgrunteled employees. PLease research the Company first before you judge.
housemouse on 07/20/2011:
She only has one employee, so her ad states. Guess you never know, she could be defrauding the govt.
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Angel Wings Cleaning Service - Great Customer Service & Cleaning
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Angel Wings Cleaning Service has been such a great cleaning company the owner Angel made sure that my house was the way I requested before my company was to arrive.

I have referred her to many family/friends/ and others and will continue to do so.
Angel Wings Cleaning Service is licensed, her company is more than legit.
The owner is a hard worker, and will remain a great company.

Should anyone need a reference I ask that you please contact me at (321) 549-9206 I will be more than happy to give you one, along with many more.

I would recommend Angel Wings Cleaning Service at any given time. She works for me 5x a week as a housekeeper and I wouldn't trade her company for anyone.

Thank you for looking.
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Anonymous on 05/19/2011:
Posting your name and phone number on a public website is not in your best interest unless it is the company's number, in which case that would put this review in a whole new light, and not a favorable one if you know what I mean. I saw two different complaints about this company on another site just today.
momsey on 05/19/2011:
Who needs a housekeeper five times a week???
babygirlz on 05/21/2011:
Angel Wings is great company...The complaint is from the same person on every single complaint...One person since she has been in business is obviously a disgruntled person...Also the person making the complaint put her full name, home address and phone number out there...

People need to judge for themselves and not listen to other people.
sweetiepie on 07/20/2011:
You have got to be joking! Even IF it was only one person who was disgruntled, obviously Angel Wings did nothing to rectify the situation. It's bad business to leave unhappy clients, even one (but I suspect there are more). I have also seen other praises (all the same btw) on other complaint boards, obviously a futile attempt at self promotion! How laughable.
Indeed, WHO needs a cleaner 5x a week!!!
Finally, it's acomplaint board. The whole point is to hear other people's "3 Cents". And I am glad I did, b/c no I know never to hire Angel Wings!
April on 01/01/2012:
Tried Angel Wings Cleaning. Not happy at all. The house cleanin was extremely rushed and detail was not taken. Was told by owner Angel that she had to get to other clients. After explaining why I was t happy. She said she was at my house for 4 hours. Per our alarm door enrty log it was 45 minutes. One person cannot clean a 4/2 house that quick. My corners still had webs.

Rugs not moved
Kitchen baseboards not vacuumed (cabinet meets floor)
Dusted around items
Fans not even touched

I could go on but this was a waste of money. She says she takes credit cards, but that's with Paypal and you have to pay the fee.

Best advise stay away! Also, she flaunts that she cleans for attorneys, dr's, nurses, etc. Why does their profession matter? Does that make them better than others?
should have checked references! on 10/18/2012:
I wish I had read this BEFORE I hired her. Thought about calling her back after she cleaned to have her "finish". After reading this, I think I'll just let it go. I kind of feel bad for her, but if she can't honor her agreements, she shouldn't be in business for her self. Just goes to show what you find on Craigslist.
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