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Denial of promised service
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MISSOURI -- Several years ago, the rate for my work insurance was skyrocketing due to our small company and several "high risk" employees. So, in order to keep my costs down, I searched for insurance independently. My sales person provided me with several options and a family plan with Anthem BCBS was easily affordable for my self and son. The rate was ~ $250/month, almost what the previous insurance was through my work.
This rate was fine for 1.5 years when my 2nd son was born. Having bought a family plan I had no problems adding him to my insurance. It was either that or pay several thousand in medical bills. Of all the paper work I had to fill out, only 1 line existed about a rate increase, "The change in your policy may effect your rate." My rate almost doubled the following month for the addition of my newborn son. Yes, he cost more by himself that a 37 year old and a 4 year old.
I called to complain about the dramatic increase in my insurance and was then informed that I had not purchased a Family plan, but a group of individual plans. I was also informed that the rate was so high was because newborns cost more to cover than children 1 year and older. This was NOT what I had purchased, having purchased a family plan for myself and children. My sales person backed me up and attempted to help with the situation. We were both informed that after 1 year, the rate would decease back to the original rate.
I complained to the Missouri Department of Insurance, as to me this was clearly a bait and switch situation, being sold 1 thing yet given another. I was informed by them that nothing had been done wrong.
I modified my policy to a higher deductible to lower the monthly rate. 6 months later my rate increased by 25%, why, "To cover expenses". I sucked it up knowing that I was told my rate would go down when my youngest turned 1.
When he turned 1, nothing happened. I called to complain, and was prompty informed that no-one would have ever told me that my rate would go down at any time other than my yearly insurance review. I called my sales person who was told the same thing and me, she remembered the sitation well, only to found out she had been downsized and no longer able to sell BCBS. Also, while all phone calls with the insurance company are supposed to be recorded, they had absolutely no records of any conversations or recording where we were informed about our rate lowering a year later. They had every other phone call recorded though.
Needless to say, the Missouri Attorney General (Chris Kostner) and the Missouri Department of Insurance still find absolutely nothing wrong with the entire situation. I was later promised that my rate should lower at my yearly insurance review in June.
At this point I started shopping around, but not yet changing insurance. In May of this year, I receive a courtesy voice mail stating that new customser service options are available. I later got a phone call from the same phone number only to get hung-up on when I answered the phone. I called back and spoke with a lady who stated that I could merge my childrens accounts into mine at any time, and that there was no record of any phone call where I was informed that my rate would lower at a yearly review.
She completely failed to understand that I NEVER wanted individual plans to begin with, and that I had purchased a family plan on day one. She started asking for names and numbers of the people I talked to, which of course I didn't have immediately at hand. She stated that she could not help me with what had previously happened, but I could fill out the proper forms to get the accounts merge together.
Why am I having to fill out paperwork to correct their changing of my plan against my will? I wanted the ~$2,850 in the rate increase that they had billed be for my 2nd son being added to a family plan.
My solution is to leave Anthem BSBC by the end of the month and go with a new insurance company (United Health) which is offering similar coverage for less than 1/2 the cost.

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Horrible! Do Not Use Anthem!
By -

RICHMOND, KENTUCKY -- I have had horrible experiences with Anthem. I must say experiences as plural because every interaction I have with this company is negative. I refuse to use Anthem ever again. When my ONE daughter was born they recorded me as having twins with the same name and charged me for two additions. It took four phone calls for someone to finally figure it out. I have been hung up on by customer service representatives and made promises that they never keep-such as calling me back with information. I have had to resubmit many claims.

The list of complaints I have could continue. Instead, I will end with strongly urging the public to steer as far away from this company as possible.

Anthem Premium Increase
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CALIFORNIA -- Anthem Blue Cross L and H has just increased my health care premium by 38%. That represents a $1,200 per year additional cost to me. The plan I am on is a $5,000 deductible plan (I've never made any claim on this health care policy and furthermore I would have to spend $5,000 out of my pocket before I could receive any benefits from Anthem). When I called Anthem about the increase (800 333-0912) they told me that "ALL OF THEIR POLICY HOLDERS RECEIVED THIS INCREASE". I believe this is an UNFAIR and IRRESPONSIBLE increase by Anthem Blue Cross. I don't know how many policy holders Anthem has but every one of them is going to have to pay an additional $1,200 per year for coverage.

This should line Anthems pockets quite nicely.

Anthem Dental's Aim Is To Not Pay For What One Is Eligible For
By -

For over 10 years I've been a member of Blue Cross Dental and have been always happy with them. Recently I found out that the company has been sold to Anthem.

It has been HORRIBLE dealing with Anthem. Having had to go back and forth 4 times for a very simple claim, every time being given an excuse to NOT pay for what states in my contract I'm eligible for. First excuse: "you have to wait the 12 months waiting period" I had been a member for over 10 years. They corrected that. Then: "we don't have xrays and correct information." I called and they said they had the information already." Then: "We still don't have the right information, plus the treatment has to be preventative!"

I feel like I've purposely been given the run around and on a wild goose chase, to realize it's all been an effort NOT to pay for a claim I am eligible for. And that's the way Anthem make their money.

Anthem Blue Cross assume people like me most probably don't have the knowledge, financial means, nor the willingness to pursue legal action. What this insurance company does, is simply not fair, not right and not ethical!

Please speak up if you've had any such experience with Anthem, so that people stop paying premiums to such unethical company.

Non-applicant gives info only to be abused
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These people are horrible. I have insurance and was seeking to get another insurance or continue with whom I have. I applied for a policy was never denied nor approved. However, when I telephone, I was hung up on twice by two different gentlemen. How awful. I am not allowed to apply according to them because I live in one state and work in another (border dweller). They said that they were different companies so I wrote the national office who notified me that I had never applied for health insurance. Did I miss something? Can no one get insurance nowadays? Either way, they are horrible and I am afraid that they will abuse my information since according them I never applied, how can I have a file with their entity? I highly recommend staying away from such a shady company. They have no idea what they are doing.

Still waiting for a response
By -

I lost my job and contacted Anthem Insurance through their website and asked when my insurance I had with my company will expire. It has been two weeks and they did not respond. A co-worker had an operation in November 2010 and he said he was "screwed out of about $500 bucks." I don't know if he ever got things settled with Anthem for the things they said they would cover but did not.

It isn't working
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3 faxes over a period of 2 months without a response--multiple telephone calls placed on hold for 30 minutes each time, until I hung up out of frustration. Terrible service. What happened Anthem?

Why is it so hard to get a statement of coverage from Anthem?
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I am traveling to Europe so I need a letter from my insurance company, anthem, for proof of coverage during my travel in Europe, in order to get a visa. I requested first by calling the customer service and told the guys exactly what I needed by reading the requirements of the visa application to him. But what I got from fax after two days is a copy of the member's handbook. Then I thought maybe they need something written down so I used their contact form on their member's website. I then specifically copied the requirements in my email. Now two weeks have passed, I don't receive anything, not even an email.

Then I tried to call their customer service again for several times but simply couldn't get connected for the whole morning last week. Eventually I gave up and asked the HR of my company to provide me such a letter.

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