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Terrible Treatment of Employees
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BOISE, IDAHO -- Anthropologie is a high-end (read: expensive) women's store. It sells clothes, candles and cute little knick knacks. The look and feel of the place is creative and fun - this is why I wanted to work there. Little did I know - they treat their employees like total crap!

To start with, the new store hired dozens of "managers" and employees - way way too many people. The managers get to work full-time hours, the employees get 3-8 hours every two weeks (or even 3 hours a month!). This was not what was promised to us. When we were first hired we were told we would work 20-30 hours a week. 15-minute breaks never happen unless you beg for it (no matter how many hrs. you work). The employees work so few hours that it is impossible to remember how to operate the register or find where things are located because they are constantly moved. Managers talk down to adult employees as if they are stupid children.

They treat employees as if they are thieves - they pat down our clothes and search our bags in front of customers every single time we leave the store. It's humiliating! Hell, why not just do a background check on employees before you hire them? Better yet, hire airport security!

They change your job position every hour - so basically managers constantly bark at their employees "do this! Now, do this! Now do this!" You are constantly pulled in different directions by different managers.

Communication there is terrible. Pay is a joke. Constantly told what you are doing wrong, rather than what you are doing right.

And they have an "on-call" policy. Meaning, an employee is required to make themselves available in case the store needs you. Mind you, you are not paid to sit at home while you wait to see if they need you. They don't pay their employees enough to be on-call (the way doctors are on-call).

I have never worked for a more dysfunctional store in my life. Agh. Three other employees say the same: Don't ever work there!
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