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Terrible Treatment of Employees
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BOISE, IDAHO -- Anthropologie is a high-end (read: expensive) women's store. It sells clothes, candles and cute little knick knacks. The look and feel of the place is creative and fun - this is why I wanted to work there. Little did I know - they treat their employees like total crap!

To start with, the new store hired dozens of "managers" and employees - way way too many people. The managers get to work full-time hours, the employees get 3-8 hours every two weeks (or even 3 hours a month!). This was not what was promised to us. When we were first hired we were told we would work 20-30 hours a week. 15-minute breaks never happen unless you beg for it (no matter how many hrs. you work). The employees work so few hours that it is impossible to remember how to operate the register or find where things are located because they are constantly moved. Managers talk down to adult employees as if they are stupid children.

They treat employees as if they are thieves - they pat down our clothes and search our bags in front of customers every single time we leave the store. It's humiliating! Hell, why not just do a background check on employees before you hire them? Better yet, hire airport security!

They change your job position every hour - so basically managers constantly bark at their employees "do this! Now, do this! Now do this!" You are constantly pulled in different directions by different managers.

Communication there is terrible. Pay is a joke. Constantly told what you are doing wrong, rather than what you are doing right.

And they have an "on-call" policy. Meaning, an employee is required to make themselves available in case the store needs you. Mind you, you are not paid to sit at home while you wait to see if they need you. They don't pay their employees enough to be on-call (the way doctors are on-call).

I have never worked for a more dysfunctional store in my life. Agh. Three other employees say the same: Don't ever work there!
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Anonymous on 06/10/2008:
This firm hires part-time and full-time employees, they call them 'managers'. They hire legions of 'flunkies' for the managers to abuse at will...either because they 'can' or because the managers don't know any better. The company is flirting with legal issues if they pat down employees (or ask them to re-arrange their clothing to be sure merchandise is not concealed within). Likewise with denying employees 'breaks'. The 'on-call' policy is abysmal. But if the employee is merely 'waiting to be engaged' and can conduct personal business, there are no wage issues. However, if the on-call person is engaged to wait, and cannot conduct normal activities...there is a wage issue. The poster may wish to discuss the work conditions with his/her state's wage/hour division if there are concerns about violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
SweetIsabelle on 11/22/2009:
I need someone's help. I was hired by this company and I think they may be discriminating against me. I feel like I was hired to meet their ethnic quota. Therefore, they can report that I meet EOE requirements, but they don't have to work me.
Whenever I arrive to work, I'm suddenly not on the schedule even though I have an email from management with the scheduled dates. When I accept a shift to cover for someone, management suddenly cancels the shift. I don't like to play the race card, but I'm thinking this might be the issue. Can someone please give me some good advice?
concerned on 05/03/2013:
The store's outlined in these comments are not on par with anthro philosophy. If I were you I'd utilize the 1-800-NOW-PREV number which is set up for employees to air their complaints when they don't feel comfortable with management.

To the first post: There are number of managerial roles for each store to fill in order for the structure to work properly. When it comes to associates, however, the store manager is more or less able to choose how many. It sounds like your store manager doesn't know how to calculate payroll properly (which is a big part of the job when working for a zero loss company) the amount if assoc. hours given should be based on strengths and availability... But if you have any availability to speak of you shouldn't be getting just 3 hours a month-- that's ridiculous. As for the zone charts...I've worked for several major retailers and your responsibilities are always zoned hourly. At my store we try to zone in the same task (FR, CC, R1) for a 2-3 hour stretch then change it up. On calls are another policy that are used by many major retailers... And they're in place so that associates can get the maximum number of hours. (I.e. if the total allotted weekly payroll quota has been met with scheduled hours, then you're able to utilize OC shifts if the store's sales are doing well...more sales=more payroll dollars=more associate hours!)

For the last commenter re: hired to fill EOE requirement... Look through your policy and procedure notebook/ employee handbook! It is company policy that if you are on the official (emailed) weekly schedule you have the right to work, even if they don't have you on the zone chart. Print your schedule out and keep it with you so you can question the MOD next time. Shifts are able to be "cut" if sales are poor and the store isn't meeting minimum payroll requirements, but this should happen in one of two ways: if you show up for your scheduled shift and they have failed to put you on the zone chart (but the emailed schedule backs up your claim) they have to allow you to work at least 3 hours before cutting any part of your shift. The second instance typically happens at the end of the month if a store is way over on payroll... And in that instance, associates may have a shift changed to an OC but they,re to be notified at least 3 hours in advance... At my store we typically do one day prior.

During the interview/hiring process we always disclose the company strategy (zero loss) and that this means the amount of hours scheduled is as direct percentage of sales volume so the company/store is never losing money. Because to an associate, this often means us telling them about OC policies, the possibility if cut shifts, and the fact that at this company it is almost impossible for someone to support themselves as a PT sales associate. (Typically these jobs are better for college students, second jobs and/or a job for someone to take seven there partner is working full time to support finances.)

I hope I helped answer some questions! I love this company, my store, and every manager and associate I work with! It makes me so sad to see that isn't other case in other stores.
another concerned on 12/11/2013:
It really is unfortunate that some of you employees are going through or have gone through this. I agree with some of the statements:

The OC schedule is a joke - the store I work at never explained it at all and so far I've been on call 2 times and neither of us called each other - meaning they didn't need me.

I have experienced being asked to come in later because it was the end of the month and they were over on payroll hours.

Several of the employees I work with have full time jobs as well and there seems to always be a scheduling issue with everyone. When we hired, we were asked to provide an availability sheet yet the scheduling manager never uses it. I've been scheduled to work 3 pm to close and with the holiday hours, we get out about 12:30 am which is ridiculous. On Sundays, we're scheduled to close @ 7 pm yet we got out of there @ 11 pm because the MOD took her time marking down the sale items and scrutinizing the whole store - - - they want the store perfect which is ridiculous. Have the morning crew clean up or how about the Managers clean up once in a while.

My main complaint is that the Management needs to respect that the employees that have full time jobs have an obligation to their first job (usually their livelihood aka bread winner) and if they can't respect that everyone needs to part ways.

One last issue I have is that I've been at my location for about 4 weeks now and each shift, I will tell the MOD that I'm unable to clock in yet nothing has been done about it. I have to physically write down my shift.
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