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Lousy Customer Service
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I will never buy from ANTOnline again! Delivery was slow, and emails were answered even slower and customer service was unbelievably unhelpful and rude. Even after asking for a supervisor I got nowhere in the return process. I was given a defective product and they refused to take it back because I had opened the package. (how else would I have known it was defective???) I work from home in a virtual call center and depend on my equipment to work. That's how I make my living. If my equipment doesn't work properly I lose hours and productivity. That's why I was stunned when they actually told me to wait 15 days for the warranty to run out and contact the manufacturer. Was I supposed to just not WORK for 15 days or what?

That "great" deal cost me a fortune in lost hours and productivity. Not to mention lost moments of my life for the aggravation of dealing with unreasonable customer service people. NEVER again will I mistake a "great deal" for what it really is, a fly by night company trying to pawn off junk to unsuspecting customers.
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Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
"That's how I make my living. If my equipment doesn't work properly I lose hours and productivity."

In situations critical to one's livlihood, can't you just pick up the phone like most folks, instead of using the headset? I'm sure you're disappointed. But it appears the many complainants, is trying to up the ante of their complaint by trumpeting potential incidental and consequential damages. Plantronics headsets are available for everything from telephones to aviation coms...consequently available anywhere by next day UPS or FedEx.
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Never ever, ever buy anything from Their policies are un fair. You return something that does not work, yet their advertisement stated it would, and shipping is your pocket. Never buy from here. You have been warned!
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Don't buy from these people!!!
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Ordered a Callpod (don't buy this either). Made 3 attempts to get a return authorization number and all three times, I never received one. Finally, I shipped the item back and they refused it! I backed the charges out from American Express.

Have since learned there are NUMEROUS complaints against this company. BEWARE!
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Once you purchase... you're stuck with it
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E-mailed and spoke to company FOUR times asking for a return merchandise authorization number.

I'm being ignored. VERY poor customer service.
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Anonymous on 03/04/2008:
Is this where you go to buy ants? I always wondered.
MRM on 03/04/2008:
Just go to a local thrift store and buy a keyboard. They are good quality. No need to make a hassle over a keybooard.
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