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Management Doesn't Own Up To Mistakes!
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I purchased a used VW from Antwerpen prior to my move to Hawaii. They sold me a $900 anti-theft product that doesn't work here. Prior to purchase, I specifically asked if it worked in Hawaii, and they replied "absolutely". I even tried to cancel the product, prior to installation, but they said I couldn't- too late.
A month after I arrived in Hawaii, I found out that the product is completely useless to me. I spoke with the General Manager, Mr. Morris, who told me that he "understood" my frustration, but there was nothing he could do. After 10 minutes of telling Mr. Morris what I feel that they could do for me to remedy the problem and getting shot down, I realized my efforts were useless. I'm working on getting this situation resolved in other ways.

I can't believe management wouldn't even own up to their own employee's mistakes!!! What ever happened to "customer satisfaction"?
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Hugh_Jorgen on 04/17/2008:
It sounds like they are counting on distance being their friend - they figure you won't show up on their doorstep with a protest sign and you won't likely sue them for the $900 since you would have to travel to them.

This site and others like it might be your best remedy - if you have any web skills, put up an anti-Antwerpen web site that people will see when they Google for the real web site. Who knows, enough negative press and they might come up with a solution.

I would consider a trip to Hawaii to consult with you on this matter for a small fee - feel free to IM me! Good luck with this!
Aerocave on 04/19/2008:
You moved to Hawaii...They are not going to do anything to help you. Trust me, $900 is not worth "going other avenues."
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We sell 'em...we just can't fix 'em.
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PASADENA, MARYLAND -- Three times in as many months I brought my Passat into Antwerpen (where I purchased it) in an attempt to diagnose and repair a misfire that was so bad it rendered the car undriveable. Granted, the car was not actively misfiring when I brought it in (seemed to only happen at start up during wet/cold weather), but each time I was treated with what could only be described as complete and utter contempt and disbelief. The first two times in the shop, the #2 plug and wire set were cleaned and tightened (first visit) and then replaced (second visit). These first two visits were within days of each other. The third time in, I was basically told (paraphrasing here): "Hey, we can't figure out what it is, and since it could be any one of dozens of things causing the misfire, you're on your own." I asked the service rep if it seemed reasonable that I paid 30K for a car that, although still well within the warranty limits, is virtually undriveable in inclement weather. His response: "We can't fix it if we can't figure out what's wrong with it." UNACCEPTABLE. The customer should not be left holding the bag in situations like this. To top it all off, Antwerpen was apparently incapable of returning my car to me without grease and oil stains all over the seats, carpets/mats, and anything else a person's hands might touch while working on a car. Antwerpen lost both my and my wife's (2002 Golf) business--not that they care--and we are both, or rather were, VW fans who spent a lot of money on Driver Gear and routine maintenance. We now take both cars to another VW dealer out of town.
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Mad Eye Moody on 03/29/2006:
Buy American! Guzzle the gas while we still have some!
viperpa33s on 03/30/2006:
I tell this to people many times over. If the dealership is not treating you correctly, contact the regional office. I have never heard of a dealership say that a car is unfixable and it is still under warranty. Contact the regional office of VW and tell them what happened in a nice way. Explain to them what the dealership had told you and the car is still under warranty. I can bet you the regional office will contact the dealership. Dealerships don't like when the regional offce calls or pays them a visit. It makes the dealership look bad and don't get there good dealership standing.
VWRefugee on 03/30/2006:
Following up: (1) I was on and off the phone with VW of America for weeks, and they were ultimately of no help either. They felt that since the car was still under warranty, it was best to let Antwerpen handle the situation--despite the fact that I made VWoA well-aware of Antwerpen's inability to solve the problem. The rep at VWoA actually told me "We don't like to get involved in dealer/customer disputes." My jaw just about hit the floor when I heard that. (2) The new dealer hasn't been able to fix the problem as of yet either, but they are at least much more accommodating and appreciative of the situation. All of the plugs were replaced as part of my 40K service, and the dealer was confident that would fix the problem--unfortunately this proved to not be the case. So, I'll taking it back in AGAIN! For the 5th time. The shame of it all is that Antwerpen could have kept my wife and I as customers if they had simply adopted the attitude that "hey, this guy and his wife have two cars that they bring to us regularly and we make a lot of money off of him, so let's get his car fixed by starting with the cheapest, simplest component and working our way up from there. VWoA could have kept my wife and I as customers by simply putting me in another car, and then letting me go on my merry way.
Mad Eye Moody on 03/30/2006:
I don't know of any dealership that will keep my sooner than 10 minutes after I get home after leaving her with them...they call back demanding I come back and retrieve her.
humblebtuna on 04/17/2008:
I totally understand how you went to VW America and they didn't do anything. "we can't force the dealership to do anything. we can only suggest they remedy the situation." ummm I spoke to the General Manager, Tom Morris and he wouldn't do anything for me. This place is full of crooks!
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