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BEWARE of these 3 Amazon book sellers
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- 3 Amazon sellers are really the just ONE company.
1. Any_book
2. The_ Book_Depository
3. Best_Bargain_Books3

Now I have no problem with that, but beware.
My book arrived in paper package on a totally rainy day - left at door because too large for mailbox. I emailed and asked for a replacement. This is their response;

"-sorry to hear about what happened.
I am a single mom and I have been selling things to support myself and my 2 kids.
I only had one item so I cannot replace it. Have you talked to the post office about it?
Amy " (amy" AKA Trigrl)

OK - - - But when I went to repurchase the book at "The_ Book_Depository" on Amazon the purchase ended up "Trigrl" on the receipt.
Keep in mind she is a single Mom trying to support her 2kids AND she ONLY had 1BOOK!!!! So there was NO way I would spend my money with these people

ONE MORE TIME- Any_book @ Amazon
Need I explain who this company really turned out to be?

I am filing a complaint with Amazon and spoken to several departments about how poorly this reflects on them.
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 06/18/2009:
How is the seller responsible for the post office leaving a package in the rain? Did you insure it?
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Boki, that is what I am wondering? So what if the seller has 3 accounts. I as a fomer Ebay seller had 4: 2 personal, 2 business. One had nothing to do with the other, even though some like items were sold on both accounts. I was a seller for 2 pawn shops and had to keep them separate.
BokiBean on 06/18/2009:
I don't think the seller is in any way responsible for this. They pack books for media mail (usually) and short of packing it for a hurricane or an elephant stepping on it, the vast majority of them are going to arrive just fine.

I know the postman crammed a couple of my books into the mailbox and creased the edges. I never called the seller back and asked for a new copy.

I think the seller was just trying to be nice and get rid of a problem customer who shouldn't have been contacting her anyway, by says, "oh! sorry, I don't have another copy." Whether she has 10 accounts doesn't matter, and whether she has 100 more copies shouldn't either.

Its a bummer for the customer, and I don't usually insure books either, but that's what insurance is for...

Lady, I looked you up on eBay last night and I'm sad you left...but that is what eBay is doing lately with their sellers...driving them off.

Its really a sad situation for us buyers too, the good guys are leaving, and the ones who figure ways around the rules are staying. As always.
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Boki, I miss it. I LOVED selling, but with Ebay's insane policies I will continue as a buyer only. Did you see some of my purchases! I love the Nike shoes! I never saw green ones like that before! And in my size lol. I am also a book buyer. I LOVE to read.
BokiBean on 06/18/2009:
Oooo I am a huge reader too. But I don't go in for closed toed shoes, I'm in croc sandals almost all year round (good weather here)! I do have a closet full of funky and weird shoes tho, I used to love them for work. :)

Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Lol...What authors do you read?
PepperElf on 06/18/2009:
yeah the seller doesn't have magic abilities to stop the weather

Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Look! It's Pepper! Hi Pepper!
BokiBean on 06/18/2009:
Oh lord..let me think. I just started reading Hamish MacBeth mysteries (and I'm not a mystery reader, but I like these). I ADORE books about mountaineering and extreme adventure (I'm a stay-at-home woman, go figure). I love westerns, that's a little weird too, Larry McMurtry is one of my favorites. I just finished The Widows of Eastwick, by Updike..loved it. I'm all over the place.

What kind of books do you like?

Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Everything lol....Right now I am stuck on Diana Palmer...that woman has like 200 title! That is why I have been combing Ebay lately. I also like Catherine Anderson, Joan Johnston, Julie Garwood for romance. I adore Lisa Jackson, Iris Johansen, Robin Cook & Michael Palmer for mysteries. There are so many more in my library I can't even tell you what I have. I just love looking at the shelves and knowing I have the world at my fingers. :)
PepperElf on 06/19/2009:

my chosen favorites...

John Ringo - military sci fi, and his books are all available online (cheaper than buying them in the store)

Neil Gaiman - creepy intelligent and impeccable manners.

Corneelia Funke - that inkheart series is enchanting

and I might start some vince flynn cos ... any espionage author who ends up having his book investigated ... well that just says he knows what he's writing about :)

same with john ringo... he didn't get investigated but in one of his books he said that some of the "facts" in his story were altered on purpose due to national security.
and check that link out. you can make a catalog of all the books you own :)
BokiBean on 06/19/2009:
I love inkheart! I'm going to look up John Ringo at my library...I love good sci fi but its hard to find if you don't know who/what/where, and I'm outta touch.

I used to loooove true crime too, but I dunno, I guess I have burnt myself out on it.

Right now at the library, I've got Barbarians at the Gate waiting. I've read it before years ago and completely forgot everything..refresher. And a book called Backstabbing for beginners : my crash course in international diplomacy (about scandals at the UN) and Factory girls : from village to city in a changing China.
BokiBean on 06/19/2009:
I'm writing them down, I'm writing them down. :D

This is going to make for an interesting trip to the library.

For romance AND mystery? I love the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series! And also, Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake sexy monster men! haha!
PepperElf on 06/19/2009:
Boki - check out

Every single John Ringo book is there. Some are even free.

The complete list of free Baen books is here

So yeah, while companies like Amazon are doing DRM downloadable books, Baen is offering free books.

And all of the books (free or paid books) are DRM FREE.
BokiBean on 06/19/2009:
Pepper, this Baen free library is really, really cool..I've never seen anything like it. Cool link, thanks!
Jay on 11/24/2011:
I Am A CD Seller And There's A lot Of Money To Be Made In Rare CD's. The Seller Always Has A New And Used Copy Of Rare! CD's With Insane Prices! I Think Any_book Is A Scheme On Amazon's Part To Get Sellers To Drive Up Prices Trying To Match Any_book Hence Amazon Makes More Money With The Higher Price Sales. I've Listed CD's Where Any_book Was No Where To Be Found Then All Of A Sudden My Price Is Bought Out And Then Any_book's Price Appears And I've Always Had To Send To The Sae P.O. Box I Could Be Wrong? Jus Seems Strange
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Company Reports False Information to Receive Payment. Everyone Should File a Coplaint With Consumers Affairs.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MIAMI, GEORGIA -- I was told by Amazon that the money is not drawn from the your account until the order is shipped. Someone falsifies the shipment date to get their money. If everyone that has trouble would file with consumers affairs we could get some action.
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User Replies:
ReTaled Books on 02/27/2013:
All you need to do is click on the "Confirm Shipment" button to say you shipped a book on Amazon and that's how they get paid without actually shipping anything.
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Unethical Conduct
Posted by on
Made a purchase 19 Dec 10 of 4 different text books for college. Three came directly through Amazon Books and arrive in 4 days Great Service.

The fourth book which was purchased through a Company called Any_Book, posted that the book was shipped on 20 Dec 10 with an estimated arrival Date of 22-30 Dec 10.(so much for the expedited shipping)The company never posted any tracking information which worried me.

The first week I requested tracking information which they did not provide.

The second week I requested tracking information and delivery date which they did not provide. What they did provide was a standard response which stated how they understood how fustrating it is to wait for a package and that it would be at least one more week. This is where I lost my cool and explained in some detail how they would never receive one cent of my money. The text book was for Math Class that starts on 3 Jan 11, and if they would have delivered on time and given some type of tracking information I would have believed they were going to deliver on time.

Bottom line, they didn't deliver on time, they didn't give any indication that they were serious about taking of the customer. Poor Service, Poor additute, Poor performance, I would not recommend them to anyone who wants to purchase a book.
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User Replies:
karleebarlee on 12/31/2010:
Did you complain to and let them know?
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Two weeks after textbook order
Posted by on
Ordered a College Algebra textbook for my son on 8/24/2009, and chose expedited 2-6 day shipping to get it quickly. Received an e-mail from any_book same day, saying it would arrive by 9/3. That date was actually 8 business days, but response to my e-mail regarding that was ignored. Since we had already been charged, figured it was the best we could do. It has now been 2 weeks, and the book has still not arrived. My son is in his 3rd week of class, with no book. I will NEVER order from this company again. Guess we'll have to go get it somewhere else and try to get refund if it ever does arrive.
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 09/07/2010:
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Any_book is a horrible Amazon seller
Posted by on
I ordered a book from any_book on on 10/1/09 and the shipping instructions indicated that I will get my book within 5 business days or something like that.
To make a long story short, today is 10/20/09 and I am still waiting to get by book. I emailed their customer service twice and I got stupid auto answers without information concerning my order.
Please, save your self some headache and do not order through any_book. They are scam artists and dishonest.
Imad Jarwan
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User Replies:
karleebarlee on 10/20/2009:
Amazon should give you your money back if you don't receive it soon. the 5 day shipping is only an estimate for when the book will be sent out, as this was through a third party seller.
karleebarlee on 10/20/2009:
p.s. you can also contact the seller and see what they have to say.
ImadJarwan on 10/21/2009:
Thank you for the advise.
I contacted the seller few times and all I get is auto replies. Amazon will not allow to give feedback on the order because it has been less than a month since I ordered the book.
PepperElf on 10/21/2009:
check the shipping information again...

it often is "5 business days" after the item is shipped.
and unless you'r buying directly from Amazon's own stock it means the item might not ship immediately.

But it'll be a month in oh, 10 days I guess, so then you can submit feedback and possibly file a complaint with Amazon and request your money back
DebtorBasher on 10/21/2009:
If you call Amazon at 800-201-7575 and DON'T PRESS ANY OPTIONS, just hold and you will get a live rep who may be able to help you. The call will go to India or the Philippine's but from other reviews, I heard they are very understanding and helpful.
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Poor Business Practices at any_book
Posted by on
I ordered a book April 9 through from a seller known as any_book. They stated my order would ship same day via USPS. When I didn't receive my book by May 4, I sent an inquiry to the customer service department at any_book. They responded the next day stating that my order had been shipped and I should be patient because the mail can take 3 weeks. On May 7, I responded back stating that they should resolve my issue by May 18 or I would post a negative comment on Amazon. They didn't respond and I didn't get my book, so on May 19, I posted a negative comment on Amazon. I quickly received a response asking me to remove my negative comment so we could work together. I responded stating that I would remove my comment IF I received another shipment or a refund. They did neither and sent me a message stating "Sorry we couldn't work together". I posted several other pleas for a refund and have heard nothing from them. Today, 7/3, I filed a claim with Amazon to receive a refund.

If you read the comments by other customers, you will see DAILY occurrences of customers being charged and then not receiving merchandise or refunds. This seems to be a way of business for any_book. They have an 88% satisfaction rating over all. 12% of your customers not being satisfied is a HUGE percentage. And what's worse is that it seems to me their way of dealing with these unhappy customers is to simply ignore them. In my opinion, Any_book is a company that does not honor its commitments to customers and then leaves Amazon to clean up their messes.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 07/03/2007:
You have chutspah, I'll say that. I hope I never have to have any dealings with you. They told you it had shipped but could take three weeks, so you demand that you recei8ve it within 2 weeks. I haved a newsflash for you. Once they ship, there is nothing more than they can do. Then you resort to extortion (I will remove the negative feedback if you send me money.) I am going to block you, I don't even want you on any website I am on.
Anonymous on 07/03/2007:
Where are the seller shipping from?

Most domestic (lower 48 states) shipped via USPS within 7 business days.
nikita621 on 07/05/2007:
Since Any_Book has not posted any information about their location, I can't say from where the book was supposed to ship. Considering I ordered my book on 4/9, requiring it to arrive by 5/18 is beyond a reasonable time to wait... in fact it's almost 6 weeks, which is twice as long as the seller said it should take. I would say extortion is better than thievery, which is what I feel a company does each time they take money from customers and don't deliver the promised merchandise or issue a refund. And please don't forget that's MY money I was "extorting". Thanks for the feedback!
jstrac1 on 08/04/2008:
I ordered a paperback from Any_Book through Amazon on July 23rd. It is Aug 4th and no book yet. I've ordered over 50 items from Amazon and always got them within 5 days or so. THEN I read the feedback for Any_Book and a high percentage waited and waited and waited for book and some never got them..ugggg never again
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I didn't receive the item that I ordered and paid for
Posted by on
I ordered an audio CD from any_book on April 30, 2007 and have yet to receive my item. I haven't received an email or any notification as to what the status of my item as well. The estimated shipping date was May 2, 2007 and today's date is May 17, 2007. The company obviously isn't concerned with customer relations. I would like to receive a refund of my money and I would like for this company to possibly be reprimanded or removed from the Amazon seller's list. This type of practice is bad business and totally unacceptable. Can I please get assistance with this issue in an effort to get it resolved.

Thank you
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User Replies:
heaven17 on 05/17/2007:
The million dollar question here is: Have you tried contacting this 'Any_book' or Amazon and ASKING them what's wrong?

A helpful link:
Pomona Guy on 05/17/2007:
What book did you order?
lobo65 on 05/17/2007:
I guess I've been lucky in that I've had great experiences with the Amazon marketplace booksellers.
Anonymous on 05/17/2007:
Well I wouldn't order there again.
Simbabe54 on 05/17/2007:
Amazon won't do anything for you if you order something from the marketplace.You need to contact any-book and ask them where your order is.
It's possible your item is backordered,sometimes companies don't always tell you this when you order things.
Demonoid Phenomenon on 05/17/2007:
Pirate, you crack me up.
nikita621 on 07/05/2007:
Co_Co, I hate to say it, but sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Read my case that I submitted titled "Poor Business Practices at Any_book". You'll see what I mean. Oh, and check out the posting from "StarLord" in response to my review. There are actually people out there that feel it's OK to get ripped off and that somehow it is the consumer's fault! Ridiculous...
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I'm Still Waiting
Posted by on
Do NOT do business with Any_Book! The book I ordered was shipped a month ago and I am still waiting. They advertise 100% satisfaction guaranteed and excellent customer service. I have yet to see any of it!!!
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User Replies:
Skye on 12/06/2010:
How did it ship? Have you been tracking it with a tracking number, or are they saying it just shipped?

You might want to do a chargeback on your credit card. Dispute the charge, due to never receiving the book.
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