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PLANO, TEXAS -- I joined AOL NetMarket and subsequentially cancelled my account about two months ago. I am still being debited for it in my checking account. After calling, AOL NetMarket said I cancelled the "two Trial Memberships". I only set one account up and I am assuming the other two memberships (Trials) were set up without my knowledge when I called twice to get a new packet sent to me because I never received the one promised by the membership I intended.

I called last week to confirm my cancellation and I was assurred all was cancelled. Today, another charge for AOL NetMarket was applied to my bank account. It resulted in overdraft fee.

I called AOL NetMarket this evening. After waiting for a couple of minutes, someone opened the line but would not take my call. They simply held the line open and continued their "intra-office" conversation with someone else in the call center. I could hear laughing and talking but no one would ever asked to help me. I had to call back again.

I resent being told I have cancelled and continue to be charged.

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User Replies:
ChowderHead on 06/04/2004:
You were a fool to join AOL. Never do it again.
dvsmadcow on 06/04/2004:
please excuse the previous person's response, his parents just let him off restriction and he has adhd as you can see!!!
ChowderHead on 06/07/2004: know what? You seem to have some issues. Weren't Mommy & Daddy nice to you as a child? Awww...
dvsmadcow on 06/08/2004:
My parents were great, but let's talk about yours: They're a couple of really nice guys!
ep617 on 06/19/2004:
Heads Up! sounds like AOL is making a habit of lack of canceling accounts for customers and then charging them!
Nicole2tru on 07/26/2004:
I agree 100%, I just just got billed for service my husband cancelled 2 moths ago. But I don't have access to the acct because it is under his name he is away till Oct. I dislike AOL immensely.
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