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Blood Sucking Leeches
By -

Spent the day on the phone with Mom trying to find out what had her upset.

Dad died in March quite unexpectedly. Her answer to feeling alone - open a Netscape account.

She decided this week that she needed to be in an assisted living facility and would be leaving her home with so many fond memories of a good life.

While arranging the turn-off of utilities, one
company stood out like the wonderful people they are - Netscape (ISP). These wonderful people, in their best broken South Asian English, told her sure, but you will still have to pay for the full year of service even though you are moving into assisted living and can't take your computer with you.

Maybe I am out of line here, but forcing a distraught widow leaving her home for good to pay for a service she can't use is despicably immoral at best.

I hope Jim Barksdale's family gets the same wonderful assistance we received.

Thanks Netscape - for nothing.

Losing a Customer
By -

Well here I am, another unsatisfied customer of AOL. I have had any problems over the years with the usual billing problems and other horrors relating to that problem, yet I remained a customer until tonight when I went to log on and found I had been CANCELED. Repeated calls to reps who kept telling me a screen name I don't have on my AOL software at all did something against terms of service, and they canceled me, someone has somehow managed to get in either through my own laziness or through theirs is not the point. There was others using the account unknown to me and I'm unable to get them to realize it wasn't me, and I am unable to have an AOL account because of someone else not known to me.

Their security sucks and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, I've seen articles about the hackers, yet they refuse to help me with the problem, and refuse to give me access to someone who can.

By -

The problem with AOL is that it doesn't like to lose even in a game like hearts. The games will load you with clubs 90% of the time - this ensures that you will get the queen of spades 90% of the time. The queen of spades has a 13 point value in a game of 26 points. The object of the game is to get the least number of points, the first player to reach 100 points is the loser. You can play hearts for hrs over days and not Win one game. The game knows exactly everyone's cards and plays accordingly.

There are four player - 3 run by the game and the human player. This of course guaranties a winning rate of better that 90% of the time. This game absolutely cheats. I have gone so far a writing to the FCC in this regard. I am also contemplating writing letters to their sponsors now we know why Time Warner dropped AOL.

Breach Of Online Security
By -

I recently went online with AOL to change the billing on my account to be paid with a check - debit card instead of the credit card I had used for years. Among other personal information, I was REQUIRED to give the password to my debit card along with all the other vital information. A few weeks later, many unauthorized debit charges hit my checking account. They were originated from overseas and made to a foreign company. My card has never been out of my possession and I am the only user.

I provided AOL this information with great reluctance and now my worst fears were realized. Your system is NOT SECURE. My very private and personal information has been leaked and compromised. I ABSOLUTELY HOLD AOL responsible for this. A very angry AOL customer.

Thank You For Screwing My Business Too
By -

AOL has shut down my accounts, which I use for my business and will not respond as to why. I have submitted the info for sending emails to MY customer base. After sending out emails a week ago my accounts were shut down. All I can get is that I need to send a written letter via US POSTAL to the CAT. I have been a member for nearly 15 years. All I can ever talk to is foreigners that I cannot understand. I sent them a letter via mail, paid for next day delivery by noon.

A week later and still have no response. They get my payment every month yet I can not get any satisfaction. I have a lot of saved business material on my accounts that I can not retrieve.... How legal is that? I have always "followed the rules" and when I got a notice of a TOS I responded to ask what I did to no avail... NO RESPONSE - Imagine that. I guess they think they are so big that they can screw over their customers.

AOL has shut down my business
By -

AOL has shut down my business! I have been approved by AOL to send mass emails for my business. Recently I have received error messages (3 times) when I have sent out mass emails to my customers. Each time I have called and have been told everything is OK and I can continue with no risk of interruption to my service and given reference numbers. I have been operating with mass emails for 8 years. Today my service was suspended! When I called to question what had happened, I was told my account was in violation. They would not tell me what the violation was!

I was also told that I needed to WRITE A LETTER to AOL in Virginia to find out what the violation was and to solve the problem. No one would answer my question or refer me to a supervisor. I spoke to people in India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines and they could not refer me to another person. I did ask if the person worked out of their home, since they could not refer me to a supervisor.

I do an internet business, this is the busiest time of year for retailers, in a bottomed out economy. And AOL has SHUT ME DOWN! for weeks, since the only way I can communicate with them is via snail mail. I was thanked however that I had been a customer for 12 years and 3 months, BIG DEAL! I can no longer communicate with my customers, they are holding my address book hostage! This is the busiest time of year for retailers and I cannot receive emails from my customers with their orders or send them information.

AOL - WORST Customer Service
By -

I thought I had cancelled my AOL account via phone after my computer died. Imagine my surprise at receiving a bill for 25.90 after cancelling my debit card. I mailed, to the address on the bill, a letter stating this account was cancelled. I now just got a bill for 103.60. I spoke to AOL to get the 103.90 reversed, they agree, I have not used my account in six months but I still owe the money. They settled for half (which I paid to save my credit as they said they would be reporting this bill). After being an AOL member for six years This is how you are treated!!

Their customer service people were rude and when I get a new computer, AOL will not be my provider, stay away from AOL!!! It was my error in not getting a confirmation number but for customer relations, you would think they would have helped me.

Doesn't Respond To Letters About Incorrect Billing
By -

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- AOL has backdated one month of my yearly internet service I pay by the year. I have been on AOL since Dec 10, 1996 and every year after that I am due to pay for another year. Last year they went and billed my credit card one month sooner, which actually had me paying two months to them, double charging me.

I wrote the AOL main office last Nov. 2007 and got not response. I wrote them again recently to AOL headquarters in Virginia and even to the CEO of their parent company of Timer Warner. So here it is, over two weeks later and no response from either of what I call deadbeat companies. They would rather lose a customer of 12 years than to correct a billing error.

You cannot call anyone since it looks like they outsourced the customer service to a foreign country since I guess most of us can't understand them. So I talk to some idiots on the live help and they cannot pull up the records they tell me and its like talking to a stone wall. No wonder AOL is losing long time customers. They don't care. My next step is to contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Virginia State Attorney offices. At least I will get some satisfaction of them having to respond to them. I suggest using any other internet provider other than AOL.

Customer Service Refusal To Accept Notice Of Account Termination
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Last year, I converted my broadband service and e-mail service to Comcast. After a couple of phone calls and two letters to AOL's customer service, I have been unable to terminate my e-mail account with them. This has gone on for the last six months. Each month they bill my credit card and they returned my letters instructing them to terminate the account without even bothering to open them. Trying to find a phone number or e-mail address to communicate with them is an impossibility.

America On Line is ripping off its customers by hiding from them and submitting bogus invoices to credit card companies. If you subscribe to them, don't use a credit card - this forces them to bill you direct so that they can't collect money from you without your consent. If you are having the same problem I've described, contact your credit card company and insist that they treat AOL's future bills as a disputed account billing.

Why Do They Still Bill/Take My Money
By -

I signed up for AOL in early Feb. of '08 (dial-up) for only 2 days. I cancelled because there wasn't an access number in my area to dial out for internet access. So, I was given a confirmation number from customer service and thought that was the end of it. No such luck!! They keep billing my phone company 33.00 bucks every month for the last 5 months (for a service I haven't had since Feb."08). This now amounts to 165.00 that my phone co. says I owe them. They put a block on my phone and I can't call outside my own city.

AOL promised me all this time they would credit my account through the phone co. but to no avail. What's worse, I can't ever reach anyone that speaks let alone understands freaking English. Who do I have to strangle to get satisfaction?? Why should I be put out because AOL acts like they are a bunch of pit bulls??!! All I want is for them to correct the problem and credit my phone account. How hard is that??

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