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Unexpected Cancellation Without Notice
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This is twice in 10 years these people have done this to me, cancel my account without any notice whatsoever. Possibly before I might have deserved it even though it was seriously provoked as I would click on a story about something legal and was always sent to a room full of the most despicable people on this planet, mean, angry, vicious, just bullies that would attack anyone that came into the room that wasn't a regular and I finally told them what I thought of them and then of course they reported me.

This time though I have been quite boisterous about this election and even though I have posted many times I never used the N word, I never physically threatened anyone particular person, I might have wished the worse for those that voted for a man who could sit comfortably in church while some godless individual Damed America, but I threatened no one. However I went into my computer this a.m. with no thought whatsoever of being unable to get online and I found that AOL had canceled my account due to a complaint.

If you know anything about the internet then you know you have a large number of very childish people who act just like they did in grade school when they ran to the teacher, "teacher, teacher, Johnny pulled my hair, Tommy pushed me". At this point in my life these people could cancel my account and I would not flinch except for the almost 4 years of e-mails, back log of phone numbers, various documents in my AOL file where I will save important e-mails, jokes, stories, and all this gone without warning. If these jerks want to cancel an account fine, BUT, someone needs to step in and help make sure that they give a person a warning and the ability to remove their personal information.

I have people that I have been corresponding with, not lovers, not anything but just friends and now I haven't the faintest idea how to get in touch with them. Some I can remember their IM name but just recently any number of people have responded to some ads I had online on Craig's list about exotic birds I'm selling, we've talked back and forth without swapping phone numbers, GONE! everything, GONE! I have been on the phone today with everyone from the ACLU to my Attorney General and all of this could have been avoided had they just notified me my account was to be cancelled.

When they cancelled me before I lost phone numbers of ex school mates in Georgia, I am in Tucson, I'm 65 and I have no way of getting in touch with those people. As I have tried I find no listing for them, again, everything gone!--Signed, Warren Garrison
All Canceled And Yet Still Billed, "Trouble On Their End"
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I've had AOL as my ISP for years and years with a dial up connection (yeah, I was roaming with the dinosaurs)...well we finally got high speed around March of this year (and it's amazing!!!) we didn't have a need to keep AOL since we were going through Cox Cable. We had three separate accounts going so that more than one person could be online at a time. One of the accounts was closed in 2006 actually (we'll call this one A1-like the steak sauce). The other two accounts (A2 and A3) were canceled on the phone. Everything sounds OK so far until I received my credit card bill. I was charged for it still. I called them up and after explaining and reexplaining the situation, and telling them information that really don't need in order to solve the problem BTW (like, why do you have high speed? why didn't you have it before? etc)...the lady said that one of the accounts was still showing open and the charge was for that. I told her I wanted it canceled and credited back to my account. She finally agreed and supposedly everything was fine.

Got my credit card statement the other day, no credit to my account, but was instead charged again. Called them again and had to do the same run around. The guy basically was calling me a liar in that I was still using the account and it was open...and A1 was still open (the one closed in 2006). I told him to look again at his files and he finally goes "Oh, OK, I see now, it was closed in 2006". Took him forever to understand what was going on (he didn't speak very good English). I tried my best to be patient I really did but it was very frustrating. He finally tells me that the accounts were indeed closed and canceled. I demanded to know why I was still being charged then. He said "there must be trouble on our end". No s--- sherlock! I then ask to speak to a supervisor to get everything financially straight. He puts me on hold (so I thought). I was on hold for 30 minutes, I finally realized that he must've disconnected me.

I called them back and spoke to someone and they told me that I shouldn't have been on hold any longer than 2 minutes to speak to a supervisor... hmmm... 2 minutes vs. 30...what do you think happened? Anyway, things finally got solved and supposedly I'll see a credit in a few days.

I've heard horror stories about cancellation with AOL, just hoped it would never happen to me...and it did. Beware trying to cancel an account with them.
Finally I MAYBE get the best of AOL!
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AOL's gotten me before. Hi, I'd like to cancel my account, which I signed up for with a 30 day free trial disk only yesterday. Oh goshgollygee, don't cancel! Why would you want to goshgolly cancel! Let us give you thirty more days of our awful service for free! Nope, cancel. [Repeat a dozen times or so.] Okay, you're canceled!

Fast forward one year and two months later. I'm billed.

Unfortunately, I'm billed at a very very bad time. A time when other minor emergencies have caused my bank account to be low. A time when a $25.90 fee is going to cause an overdraft fee.

Aw $#%!

I borrow a few bucks from a family member to cover the difference so I *don't* overdraft, then I call AOL.

"I figure you guys owe me sixty bucks."
"Oh, okay, maam, you are saying we have billed you for sixty dollars?"
"Nope, you've billed me fraudulently for 25, but you're also going to cover the overdraft fee that your fraudulent charge caused me."
"Just a minute maam. Oh, no, you have an account you never canceled!"
"Nope. Not possible. I'd never keep an AOL account. The disk is good for getting online when my real ISP is down, and the next day, I cancel."
"Okay maam, I will fix you right up! You are canceled! Have a nice-"
"No, no no. That is NOT 'fixed up'. 'Fixed up' is when you refund my twenty-five bucks and cover the overdraft fee your company caused."
"Okay, let me see...ah, I have now refunded your twenty-five dollars and ninety cents! So thank you for doing business with-"
"Wait, wait wait. What about my thirty-five?"
"Oh, maam, there is nothing I can do about that."
"Okay, give me someone higher up."
"You want to talk to my supervisor?" (He sounds utterly shocked.)
"Sure do."
"Hi, how can I help you?"
Repeat much of previous conversation.
She says, "Tell you what. I'll refund you double, so instead of 25.90 it will be [long pause] 51.80."
"Okay. I can accept that."

And AOL doesn't win just for once!!

(Of course, I'm still watching my bank account to make sure they follow up on this!)
AOL Address Book Transfer
Posted by on
CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I don't have an AOL account, but helping a friend to leave AOL to Comcast. I am helping this friend transfer his email address book. To do so is an absolute mess, a mess by design. I transferred by own AT&T email address book to other email accounts in minutes.

I am in the computer business for 30 years and work with fairly sophisticated applications. So, when you go through a overly complex procedure to perform something you know should be simple, there is usually an underlying motive. The motive is that you'll stay with AOL if you see before you the effort involved in reentering your address book for another service.

I've tried everything and haven't yet done the conversion. But, I won't give up.

It's sad when a company's business strategy is to hold on to customers through technical intimidation rather than superior service.

I still don't get why one even needs AOL and their overpriced service.
90 day "RISK FREE" isn't free
Posted by on
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I used my Visa debit card and signed up with AOL's "RISK FREE" 90 day service on 1-18-2007. Unbeknownst to me, I was at "Risk" of being billed $25.90 thirty days after using the service. When I called AOL to complain I was on hold for over 25 min. only to be disconnected. When I finally was able to speak with "Chris" (I'm sure this is not his real name) in their billing dept. he explained that their 90 day "Risk Free" isn't really FREE! That this "Free" service would actually cost me $25.90 per mo. Then and only then if I'm not satisfied with their service I could call and cancel and I would be refunded my $25.90 X 3 mo, which equals $77.70, but only if I cancelled within my 90 day "Risk Free" trial period. What the hell, is AOL that desperate for customers that they have to stoop to word trickery???? Hey, I'm from Detroit and if you set something on the curb and put a "FREE" sign on it that means it's free. Not that you can use it for a while then I'm going to knock on your door one day and say," Remember that old couch I threw out on the curb, well I know I said it was free, but not really. You owe me $77.70 for using it the last 3 mo. My bad." signed:Carole from Detroit
AOL Billing Information update request is a hoax
Posted on
This could be how NCO gets your information:
AOL Billing Information update request is a hoax and part of a phishing scam ...

This spoof AOL email is the same in content to our other report of an AOL Phishing Scam and refers recipients to the same bogus AOL domain.
The domain (whilst not a domain owned by AOL) is being redirected to AOL's genuine home page - its not clear if AOL have instructed the hosts to do this, or the fraudsters themselves have. One would hope that it has been done after the discovery of the scam and by the domain administrators, but this would not be a good practice since it may convince AOL users that similar looking domains are genuine, and the email link does not work properly.
If you have received this email, please remember that it is very common for these email scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content or the same but with the fake page(s) hosted by a different provider. Also, once you have received one of these hoaxes, it is also common place to receive at least another one and usually a day or two after the first, although not necessarily from the same apparent sender.

The Spoof Email ...
Dear ,

It has come to our attention that your AOL Billing information's records are out of date.
This requires an update of your billing information. Please take several minutes out of your online experience and update your billing records. You will not services.
However, failure to update your records will result in your account termination. Please update your records right now.
Once you have updated your account records your AOL session will not be interrupted.
Please click the link below to update your billing records:


America Online, Inc.

please forward any scams you've received to
Increasingly poor dialup service.
Posted by on
VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I've had AOL for almost 9 years. I've been fairly pleased with their 'idiot proof' type of interface and, until they farmed out their Tech support, with their help service. I stopped upgrading at 8.0 plus because I got too many complaints about 9.0 and the guys who built my computer warned me not to run it if I wanted a fast system.

However, increasingly my Internet surfing is slow, I keep getting dropped, the browser will mysteriously not browse, causing me to close and restart and my video players load much slower and often will not work right.

I understand that AOL has stopped pushing the dialup service, but now I'm beginning to wonder if they're not deliberately slowing it down to force customers to get DSL or cable.

I've examined their assorted offerings for DSL and cable -- but all mention the 'special starting price' which goes up to the 'current price' after 6 months, but never list what it will be. On the cable, it is unclear if AOL will be charged along with the cable fee or separately. If separately, it's more costly.

I'm on a fixed income. I don't like being jerked around. I dumped the AOL provided McAfee virus scan, which clogged up my system and installed a cheaper, better one recommended by my computer guys. As I was searching for different providers, I discovered that AOL's personal filing cabinet and Favorite Places are on priority software -- meaning you can't copy them to your desktop and use another browser. (I managed to download a bookmark manager which allows me to store and open them, but I have to copy and paste each one into the browser because it will not connect with the AOL version of IE6.)

Plus, for some reason, it now takes forever for AOL to close when I want to shut my system down. I remember when it used to be quite fast.

I like all of the bells and whistles AOL has, but if I'm going to have to switch to DSL or cable, chances are I'll select another ISP.

Besides, I don't like the idea of paying almost $100 a month for cable service. That price is a prime example of fleecing the public because they can. (the cable provider, that is).
A Serious Security Breach at AOL resolved
Posted by on
KINGSTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had an account with AOL and I cancelled it. A short time after that a friend of mine noticed that someone was on AOL using my screen name and account-with my personal pictures and all-at different times of the day and night. I called AOL customer service and got the call this number, call that number, talk to this person. What was sort of amusing but yet was not funny, was when I would call their customer service number and talk to their agent, he or she would argue with me and say, "No sir, your account has been cancelled. It is not possible for you to be online with your AOL account." I would then instruct them to go on line and see for themselves. After a brief period of time, they would come back on the line and tell me that indeed someone was online with my account. I was told that the problem would be resolved within 24 hours. I went through this scenario a couple of times and after that I had had enough so I contacted the CEO's office at AOL, spoke with someone in his office, faxed and emailed them my information and informed them that if my problem was not resolved within 72 hours I would contact people I know at every level of the federal and state government. Also I would have to contact an attorney to protect my interests if anything happened to me as a result of this person being on line with my screen name and account. Needless to say whoever was using my screen name and account was no longer on AOL within 12 hours after my contact with the CEO's office. My complaint was resolved to my satisfaction as a result of my contact with the CEO's office.
Trying to Cancel
Posted by on
I found this service to be VERY slow. Although, the company makes a claim that their "Web Accelerator (allows) for up to 5x faster web surfing". That is a lie. It was slower than my "Plain Jane" service.

Today, I was trying to cancel a subscription with Netscape Internet Service. After being transferred to appropriate department, I was informed that if I cancelled my subscription, I would be charged an $89 cancellation fee. I asked why and was told I had a 12 month commitment.

Also, I was advised that if I disconnected the phone call, I would immediately be charged the $89 cancellation fee. They went on to tell me they had to read me some legal notice of my rights. What rights? You just told me I don't have the right to cancel.

Be very careful before signing up with this company. They will not get any further business from me.
Blood Sucking Leeches
Posted by on
Spent the day on the phone with Mom trying to find out what had her upset.

Dad died in March quite unexpectedly. Her answer to feeling alone - open a Netscape account.

She decided this week that she needed to be in an assisted living facility and would be leaving her home with so many fond memories of a good life.

While arranging the turn-off of utilities, one
company stood out like the wonderful people they are - Netscape (ISP). These wonderful people, in their best broken South Asian English, told her sure, but you will still have to pay for the full year of service even though you are moving into assisted living and can't take your computer with you.

Maybe I am out of line here, but forcing a distraught widow leaving her home for good to pay for a service she can't use is despicably immoral at best.

I hope Jim Barksdale's family gets the same wonderful assistance we received.

Thanks Netscape - for nothing.
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