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DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- My neighbor backed out of her driveway and onto my driveway striking my car. Her insurance company is Apollo Casualty Company who denied my claim because I didn't use a proper look-out. Where was I supposed to go when I see this woman flooring her vehicle and shooting straight back onto my driveway. I work in the legal profession and the attorneys I have spoken to said Apollo never pays on claims, they're rock bottom when it comes to insurance companies. How can they get away with not paying claims when their insureds are at fault, forcing you to take them to court? There should be a class action suit to run them out of business.

My damage is between $450 and $650 based on the estimates I got. I did not file a claim for personal injury although I awoke with whiplash symptoms. You think because of the fact I didn't try to milk this thing, they would be decent enough to pay my damages.
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trmn8r on 04/13/2013:
Did your insurance company fight this for you? In a case such as this, the distribution of responsibility is important. You were driving your car when the accident occurred, so yes, they will try to place some of the blame on you if at all possible.
BigAl on 04/13/2013:
This is why you get a police report.
yoke on 04/13/2013:
Wow, this is a low one for the insurance industry. So if you are in your car, in your driveway and your neighbor backs out of their driveway, into yours and into your car you are at fault? Where exactly did Apollo expect the OP to go? Even if there was a look out she still would have gotten hit. Time to go to court.
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Complete Scammers
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I was in a parking lot practically stationary when I was hit by a truck backing out a high speed. The moron was insured by Apollo Insurance.

When I filed the claim they sent an adjuster and told me to get my car fixed. They paid for the repair expense but owed me $300+ in rental fees. They sent me a check for a third of the amount siting that the dealership kept my car too long. So this is my fault? How am I supposed to control the speed at which a dealer fixes my vehicle?

I sent the check back at their recommendation to have the claim reviewed again. That's the last I heard of them. I mailed them a letter and they ignored it completely.

So I'm out $300.... I was a victim twice. First by moron driver, then by Apollo. Not surprised, when I called their office they answer the phone like they are at home. It's always one person in a dead quiet office. I don't know how the state allows them to stay in business when you see all the complaints on the net.
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clutzycook on 12/16/2009:
contact your insurance company, they should be helping you out with this. That's what you pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for every year.
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
You can also contact your state's insurance commissioner's office. They will often intervene for you.
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
Keep in mind that the other person's insurance company is not on your side. Their job is to try to deny your claim or at least minimize it. You don't pay them so they owe you nothing.
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
MOST insurance companies only give you so many days for a rental. They are NOT obligated to supply one for YOU, only THEIR insured driver. That they paid anything is a courtesy and you should be thanking them. They fulfilled their obligation by paying for the damage. That is ALL you are owed. YOU are not their customer.

What did YOUR insurance company say? THEY are the ones who should supply your rental car.

NOW you should sue the driver himself for the rest of the money and stop blaming an insurance company who does not work for you.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/17/2009:
LadyScot your advice is usually so spot-on, but in this case I have to respectfully disagree.

If you are not at fault, the at-fault party owes you the use of a replacement vehicle while yours is out of commission. Now if you chose not to get rental car coverage on your policy and you are at fault, then you don't get a car but the guy you ran into will still get a rental.

You are correct, in that it's not an open ended deal and they might only agree to so many days of rental car usage depending on how severe the damage is. It sounds like that is what is involved in this case - a disagreement about how long it should have taken to fix the OP's car.

JR in Orlando on 12/17/2009:
But the insurance company has no duty to pay the rental value until their insured is held liable for it in court, or they voluntarily decide to pay it. As Justthefax said, they are not your insurer and hence are not contractually obligated to provide a rental to you. That's what the op missed out on by not paying for collision and rental car coverage on his policy.

I'm not sure there is enough information about the rental: was it a comparable car to the vehicle the op had, e.g. a Yugo driver renting an Escalade instead of a compact; Did the op load up on insurance, e.g. collision, on the rental car that he did not have on his own car. If the rental seems extravagant, it may shock the adjuster such that he denies it, whereas a bill for $170.00 might have passed on through.
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Insurance Claim Settlement
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DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- I want to recount my experience with Apollo Casualty Insurance.
Last month my I was driving our 1998 Chevrolet Suburban. My 11 year old son and my wife were passengers. We were stopped at a red light when we were rear-ended. The woman who hit us said she looked down to answer her ringing cell phone and hit us. She was ticketed for failure to stop to avoid an accident and ticketed and arrested for driver's license expired over one year. She posted signature bond, but did not show up for her court date. In the statement she gave to her insurance company, Apollo, she said we stopped suddenly in front of her. Apollo offered us a 70% settlement, based on an estimate from one of their body shops. We were told we could not base repair costs on any other shop estimate but ones on the list they sent us. Their shop would not give us a written estimate, they would only send the estimate to Apollo.
Verbally their shop owner told me the estimate he sent Apollo was for $321.14 but Apollo is offering us $154.79. The actual cost to repair our suburban was $728.90 at a reputable body shop.
According to the Better Business Bureau, Apollo has over 59 current complaints against them. The Illinois Attorney General shows 163 complaints against this company in 2003, the last reported year.
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Morf on 10/06/2005:
Rear-end is the most clear cut auto accident when liability is concerned. If you were stopped at a red light and hit from behind, it should be 100% liability on the other party, no questions asked. I've never seen a company that even argues against a rear-end accident.

My advice:

File through your collision coverage. Your company will pay out and subrogate them for reimbursement. Your company will not mark you at fault because they know they can recover 100% on a rearend, and if they plan to do so, they must consider the other party 100% at fault. Yes, you still owe your deductible, however once your insurance co. is reimbursed by Apollo it will be returned to you.

That's the best advice I can give you, if Apollo is going to play screwball tactics with the liability, you probably don't want to trust their shop with your vehicle.
apollo ripoff on 07/11/2012:
I personally have dealt with this company having liability on my vehicle only. I had to file a claim with Delphi/Apollo. Their insured ran a red light and hit the front passenger side of my vehicle. They were ticketed and we had a witness. At first they said I did not have a claim--even after they sent a letter--then they said I was at fault at which time I faxed the police report.
Then they were investigating. I was without a vehicle for more than 60 days --I got an attorney. They want you to give up--they will not contact you --you will have a hell of a time reaching them --they leave you on hold for hours LITERALLY if you speak to Tonya she is just there to piss you off and make you hang up. Ask for a Supervisor and specifically state that you would like to be directly transferred to the supervisor or they will put you back to the automated system and you get Tonya again !!!! OMG so frustrating --they should be put out of Business for good. I guess all the complaints do nothing to tarnish their reputation after all they are F rated by the BBB !!!! Jerks, Liars, Thieves and they do not follow insurance guidelines. If you get an attorney they will tell you they need a LEIN signed ???? WTF they do not even use the correct terminology so besides being rude, slow, and difficult to deal with they are also STUPID --Good Luck !! We need to file a class action Lawsuit against the bastards !!!!!
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Low life liars and cheats
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DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- My car was struck by a dead beat who lost control of his car and veered across the road into oncoming traffic. In the process, he sideswiped my car causing extensive damage.
He is clearly liable for damages he caused to my car and even admitted liability several times in
front of a Police Officer. However his insurance company, Apollo Casualty, have outrageously denied my claim against this scum bag, leaving me almost three thousand dollars out of

Their explanation was that a phantom driver (who nobody else saw) caused him to swerve
onto the wrong side of the road, seemingly absolving him of all responsibility thereafter.

By the way the phantom driver didn't actually make contact with the scum bag who hit me.

My attorney has advised me that although Apollo Casualty's denial of my claim is completely spurious, they are likely to try to drag out any court proceedings until I give up.

Having spoken to other people who have dealt with Apollo Casualty previously, I am surprised they are allowed to remain in business.

They are devoid of morals.
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Skye on 06/25/2007:
Even if there was a phantom driver, why wouldn't he be held accountable for sideswiping your vehicle?? He hit you, an innocent driver. Makes no sense. Totally ridiculous excuse they are giving you.

What does your insurance company say??
Skye on 06/25/2007:
Google Apollo, there are many complaints out there against them.
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
Sue the driver. With the officer as a witness you will win. Problem is the other driver may have no cash. But that won't stop the court from either garnishing pay or ordering the sheriff to seize property for sale to make good your claim.
cahalmcveigh on 06/25/2007:
Thanks for the advice guys - I am just venting off on here. I can sue in small claims court.

It will cost me $200 to file in cook county circuit court (Illinois).

I have been advised by my attorney it will take at least a year, possibly two years to get a judgment.

I am unlikely to be living in Illinois much longer so it will cost me thousands to fly back and forwards for the court dates (again I have been told to expect them to drag it out requiring several court appearances).

Apollo casualty are scum.
Skye on 06/25/2007:
Hey, why not take it to Judge Judy?? No, seriously, they pay for everything. A girl that works at my dentist office, was on 2 years ago. She was the one getting sued, and she lost, and the show paid her judgment, plus gave her 300 bucks for being on the show.

Something to think about.
Starlord on 06/25/2007:
Skye is right. The producers pick up the whole tab for the shows. They fly you to where the show is taped, and any judgment is taken out of a fund set up for the case. Any remaining money after the judgment is paid is divided between the parties as an appearnace fee. Then they fly you back home again. I would love to see Judge Judy or Alex to get this case.
Skye on 06/25/2007:
We don't get Judge Alex here anymore. I didn't realize he was still on.

Whatever you do, don't go to Judge Maria Lopez. I don't care for her, and her rulings are really weird sometimes.
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
What you should do is file a claim against Apollo with your state's Insurance Commissioner's office. This hits them where it hurts, if the commissioner finds them in violation, they stand a risk of being barred from selling insurance in your state.
cahalmcveigh on 06/26/2007:
Already have done that. The Insurance Commissioners office in Illinois is known to be very weak because a lot of insurance lobby groups are based in Illinois. They actually told me it was a judicial matter and none of their concern!
Dedicated Reader on 06/26/2007:
Have you gotten your insurance company involved? Does Illinois require you to have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or did you include it on your own?

You might want to check your own coverage and get your insurance company involved. My sister was in a horrendous crash years ago when the other driver veered across two lanes and slammed into her car. While she was in a coma in the hospital, her insurance company took care of all the details, including nailing the other driver.
Patti2 on 04/18/2008:
Word of caution this company is also known as Also Does Business As:Delphi Casualty Company; American General Holdings; Apollo Casualty Company Fla. Everything I have read about them has been bad news!
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