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Windows vs Mac Computers, Laptops
Posted by Ladyice on 05/06/2007
Ok I just have to put in my 3cents! My first experience with computers was back in the late 70's early 80's when my dad got the first radio shack computer TRS-80, where you had to upload from a tape cassette! Then he brought home a Mac II, a little square box. I was just a little kid copying text from a book and writing cute little programs on the computer. it wasn't until my sales career boomed and after my first million $ year my boss bought me a win pc computer for home. How do I turn this on? From then on I was hooked. An AOL junkie, on the computer 24/7 learning the wyles of the internet. For the last 20 years I've always used Microsoft's windows pc going through all the awful experiences of upgrading each time they came out with a new OP system. (You're better off just to go buy a new computer. I think that's one of the reasons they keep "upgrading" the operating systems so they can sell more computers because everyone gets so frustrated)

I would say I'm very proficient and comfortable with a windows pc. After starting my own company and dealing with hard drive crashes and viruses, I decided to take a leap and cross over into Mac land in hopes of not having to deal with the headaches of a windows pc. Over the years I've often thought back to the early years of mac. And hearing about the mac problems of not being able to share files with pc users. They were an "outcast".

I always stayed with windows because it was the "norm" and everyone used it. Well I'm here to tell you "STOP!" Stop the madness. I picked up an 24" screen iMac which has the hard drive and everything right in the monitor. No more big box cluttering up my desk!! And its quiet. Have you ever had a "whirring" pc? Well I have. The hard drive is intermittent or non stop screeching. I was very nervous about taking the plunge with the new Mac. This is my business after all! I feared I wouldn't understand it or be able to learn it. Well I also got a little 13" iBook mac laptop. Took it camping with me. It was a cinch to learn over the weekend. I was using all the basic programs it came with to take digital photos. Sitting around the campfire everyone gathered around and 1,2,3 Click! snapshot with iPhoto! Can we say WOW?

For anyone even contemplating mac or windows. Do yourself a favor... GO MAC you'll be happy you did.

Everything works!! Theres Microsoft office for mac, PDF for Macs. I have no problems communicating with my clients. While they still have wires everywhere with video cams, mines built in right into the computer. click 1 button and whola!

So the whole purpose of this rant is because I'm kicking myself for waiting for so long. But on the other hand maybe it was good. Because if you're wondering if apple mac has caught up with windows, well let me tell you - the last time I checked, it SURPASSED windows.

Feel free to email me any questions, comments. Id love to hear from you.

Best Regards
From Silicon Valley to Colorado!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-06:
Working in I.T. since the early 80's I have watched the Mac -vs- P.C. debate go on and on. In the early days the P.C. people gave the Education and Graphics people the nod on those areas of computing, rightly so. The P.C. people ran with the business community, that is the way it was for years.

Well we are now seeing Mac evolve into a business product even offering servers and other I.T. related hardware. While at the same time the Education and Graphics communities are starting to use more P.C.'s. So what is it I am saying? The products from both have become accepted in both markets. In the future with Apple using processors that can run P.C. applications we will see Apple take a market share of the P.C. market. Don't forget Bill hijacked the DOS operating system for $50,000 that put Microsoft on the board. And remember Windows 3.1? That was not even an operating system, it was an application that laid on the top DOS! How soon we all forget the stuff the Redmond Boys pulled on us. While the Apple was a true windows operating system Windows 3.1 was all fluff and we threw money at MS to get it!

Apple does build a much more stable box, operating system and software but only now can compete head to head with the boys from Intel and Redmond. I need a new laptop for myself and I will probably entertain the idea of looking at a Mac. Five years ago my colleagues would have laughed me out of the business. I believe all things are becoming equal, however Apple has a huge hurdle to jump in the server market as very few I.T. workers have any training in working with Apple server hardware.
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-05-06:
My next computer will be a Mac... I've been using PCs (both Windows and Linux) for years. I'm partial to Linux, so the Mac OS seems perfect...
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-06:
I am on my second iMac. While I love it, I learned to buy the extended warranty because my first one lasted only 18 months and the repair estimate was the price of a new one.

Anyhow, I really enjoy a spyware and adware free computer. Plus my kids can easily make movies for school.
Posted by GWbiker on 2007-05-07:
...after your first million $$ year, your boss bought you a computer? Weren't you getting any paychecks?
Posted by Jambra on 2007-05-07:
I made the switch to a Mac last year after I had been using a PC for what seemed liked forever. I can say that I will never ever own another PC. Welcome to the club!!!
Posted by ladyice on 2007-05-07:
Thanks guys for your great comments! Superbowl - if you start learning the IT for mac now, in a few years youre going to get top dollar in your career! GWbiker - ha! yes of course I got a paycheck and commission, but those bonuses at the end of each year made for great toys! Jambra - Thanks for the welcome!
Posted by MizLiz on 2007-05-17:
Alas, I make my living preparing tax returns of all sorts and complexities, and my software provider doesn't to MAC. I'm stuck...but my next personal computer will be a Mac. After 30 years of PC's, it should be an eye-opener. Do they have a book? "Mac for Dummies"?
Posted by ladyice on 2007-05-19:
Have I got good news for you! There is a program for Mac called Paralells. You can run windows on your mac!! I am forever in awe!
I just saw the presentation on the mac iphone... I just bought a bunch of apple stock! I cant wait!
Posted by jdwalz on 2007-05-23:
I have got news for you! You can run Mac OS X on Windows! But why would anyone want to? If you know how to use emulation software you can run almost any OS on a Windows machine. An OS is just the basis from which your run your productivity software - who cares which OS that is as long as it works for you.

Posted by geoffinak on 2007-06-13:
There is a book Mac for Dummies but just start using the computer, it is very intuitive and has a built in help system that will lead you through the process.

Yes the new Mac will run windows but why would you want to??? Only if there was a program that did not come in Mac would I run Windows.

If you set up Windows, then you run the risk of infecting your computer, at least the windows part with the same garbage Windows users face everyday.

There is a MS Office made just for the Mac, using that you get full functionality of Office without the worry of infections, spyware, etc.

People have been sold years on windows as being the best, now people who actually use it, want to buy them. I have sold 4 in 3 months with house guests
using one of my Power Book.
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The Restaurant Was Dirty, Bad Customer Services, And Low Quality Food.
Posted by Azulec11 on 03/27/2014
19821 NORTHWEST FREEWAY HOUSTON, TEXAS -- It was noon when my family and I decided to try Apple Bee's restaurant at 19821 Northwest Freeway in Houston, Texas. We ordered coffee, and the coffee cups were very dirty. I told our waitress she changed the cups and brought some black coffee cup with cold coffee. We also found hair in the food. if you look around the place you will notice how filthy, and nasty Apple Bee's restaurant is. The food was mediocre, bad customer services, and the waitstaff is so lazy, they like to watch TV and talk Instead of doing their jobs.

I wonder how this place still open, my family and I won't be going to those restaurant anymore and I will advise all my friends, family and people that I know to save their money and go to a better place, because even McDonald is ten times better than Apple Bee's.
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IPOD Touch Missing Camera
Posted by LinCurCook on 12/25/2013
CALIFORNIA -- Re Apple's IPOD Touch, the front facing camera was removed from 5th Gen 16MB device. This was purchased to replace my granddaughters lost 4th Gen 8GB ipod which had this camera. Apple's ipod webpage shows pictures with this camera but if you dig deeper, you learn that you must spend more and buy the 32GB ipod G5 to get the front-facing camera. I consider this to be deceptive advertising to former Apple customers who would not expect Apple to cheapen their product. Consequence for me was a very disappointed granddaughter on XMAS night. Shame on Apple.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-27:
According to Apple's website

The 16GB model a has front facing camera. But does not have a *rear* facing camera. At any rate, it only took about 10 seconds to look up that info. And it's clearly stated. There's no deception going on here, and from what I can tell Apple makes it pretty easy to determine which models have which features.
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iPhone 3 Battery Exploded
Posted by Onlooker on 11/30/2013
While charging my phone, the battery 'exploded'. How do I know ....the screen separated from the casing and the back popped out and is now rounded.

Needless to say the battery is not consumer accessed - I did not cause the event. A phone that worked now does not...This is the second failure of an Apple phone.

I am losing my enthusiasm for the phone. I am not getting an iPad for Christmas, I am losing my enthusiasm for Apple.

It is the same Apple run around, telephone company run around... a waste of money and time and no happy outcome is expected.

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I Tunes Should Have a Toll Free Phone
Posted by David8521969 on 11/04/2013
Locked out of iTunes now I have to wait 48hrs.
Why can't they have somebody help out like they do for Dell Hp all other companies out of state even .
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Gross Data Loss
Posted by Jldorian on 11/02/2013
Switched from an iPhone 3 to a iPhone5 four months ago and can't use my iPhone5 except when at home. It gobbles my 2048MB of data within 1-2 days. I haven't done anything different than when I had my iPhone3--I NEVER went over my data usage in 2 years. This month I turned on my cellular 2 times. I got on Facebook one time to show a friend a 3 minute video and backed out. Then I turned on the cellular 1x to listen to a voice mail. That ate up 556--cellular has been turned off since. I can only use my phone for calls--I could do that for $10 month on my old Track phone. I've been to AT&T twice and nothing they have suggested has worked. My normal bill of $76 was $131 for Aug; $206 for Sept; $106 for Oct. Terrible fees for not being able to use my phone.

Thinking of going back to my iPhone3--Thank God I didn't sell it. Cost a lot to transfer it; then buy the phone and all the monthly overcharges and no help.
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Unhappy with iOS7
Posted by Nancysewquilt on 09/26/2013
I have had my iPad for about 4 months, I love the way it was so Easy to use but since downloading iOS7, it has been more difficult to use! I do like some features but why change so much? I would like to go back to iOS6. I am to the point of going back to my laptop! Apple, Pleas fix this!!!
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Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-09-28:
I don't think there were any major changes with the iOS7 update, other than the look of the apps. I think the upgrade has some cool features. What specifically are you unhappy with?
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Apple's TIME CAPSULE data recovery voids warranty
Posted by Barbarajtierney on 06/27/2013
CUPPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an Apple Time Capsule in December 2012. June 23rd, I noticed my WiFi was down and there was no power to the Time Capsule. I made an appointment with the Genius bar at the Apple Store where they tested it, tried a new power cord, etc. A new Time Capsule was ordered which will supposedly be available for pick up in a few days.

So I asked about my data. The reply was, It is not their policy to do data recovery AND If I were to take it to someone to recover my 6 months of back-up, it will void the warranty. It is my choice - lose the replacement Time Capsule to recover my data - no guarantee that the data is still there - or, hand over the damaged TC with my data to Apple land, not knowing where my sensitive data may end up, and get a new TC which may only last another 6 months.

How can APPLE not allow me to try to recover my data? I feel like a hostage. No matter what I do, its going to cost me. I'm so upset because I've been a loyal Apple customer since the 80's - as a graphic designer - Apple is the only way to go as far as computers - I know now that some of their other products are not as reliable. Very sad.

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Posted by nazrider on 2013-06-27:
hey its apple, they own you. take it or leave it.
You know there are several cloud back up systems out there and you have full control of your data. even on a mac. I use crashplan it allows me to back up to the cloud, a drive or even a friends drive if need be.
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Apple Inc.: Genius' Aren't, Techs are Lazy and Customer Service Illogical
Posted by Pj1776.1 on 05/01/2013
CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I brought my MacBook Pro in for service to the retail location due to an inoperative display, a poorly functioning track pad and a malfunctioning "caps lock" key. The Genius who helped me was very polite but, in my opinion, not very knowledgeable with my particular problem. He brought my computer back to a technician who spent no more than 5 minutes with my computer, diagnosing it with a bad video card. I don't know how the technician diagnosed so quickly but my other two concerns were not addressed. I was informed by the Genius that my computer required a new logic board and quoted me a price of $526.50 for the repair (Repair No. *******). When he looked up the logic board part number, he used the wrong processor (2.66GHz instead of my 2.93GHz) to provide me with the quote. He corrected his misquote in a phone call about 15 minutes after I left the Apple Store, informing me that the quote for the new logic board was incorrect and that I would owe more money (slightly over $700) if I wanted the computer repaired. Since the cost of repair was more expensive than originally thought and considering the four year age of my computer, I decided not to repair but purchase a new MacBook Pro, along with the Apple Care Service/Warranty and the one to one service to migrate my files from my old computer to the new one (Web order No. *******).

I returned two days later around 8:30 PM to pick up both of my laptops. Before I left for the Apple Store, I called ahead asking if I could have my files migrated so I could use my new computer at work the following business day. I was told yes. I was greeted kindly and the computers were delivered quickly. However it was approaching closing time at the Apple Store and I was told that I would have to return another day after making an appointment to have my files moved. I wouldn't have wasted a trip if I was told this prior to making my way to pick up my computers. I would have instead left the computers there, had the files moved over and pick up the computers after the work was complete. So I left for home, with two computers that I could not use at work and less $3506.71.

The following day I tried to make a one to one appointment to have my files moved over only there was no email sent to me enabling me to sign up and appoint. I called the Apple Store and was told that they, of course, could not help me. The reason being I ordered online and had to call the 1-800 number for assistance. The lady I spoke with (female name) at the 1-800 number was polite, professional and very helpful. She explained that Apple apparently was having problems with the one to one online orders and the only way to correct the problem was to refund me and I'd have to start over again by repurchasing the one to one service. (Female name) apologized for the inconvenience and kindly offered me a free case for my new laptop but I instead asked for an ethernet adapter for my job usage and (female name) gladly accommodated my request. Since I could not afford more time without a computer and had not received any technical help to this point, I went ahead and opened the new laptop and restored from my last time machine back up saved the previous week.

Three days later, on the weekend, I was surfing the internet reading Mac problem solving blogs and came by something very interesting. A man named (male name) who had the same issue as me with his MacBook Pro in June of 2010. (Male name) posted how he solved the issue so I figured I'd give it a shot. First, I performed a reset of the NVRAM by holding down "command", "option", "P" and "R" while powering the machine up. Next, I performed a clean install of the operating system from the rescue drive. Lastly, I restored my computer from time machine. To me and my wife's surprise I fixed my computer...the one with the bad video card...the one that needed the new $700+ logic board...THE ONE THAT I REPLACED FOR $3506.71! I am not a computer technician nor do I hold the title of "Genius" at my place of employment but I managed to fix my laptop with a little online research for NOTHING! The Apple Retail Store as well as Corporate Apple should be embarrasssed and ashamed of this. Not only did they fail to recognize a rather easy fix, they cost me, a faithful customer, time and a lot of money unnecessarily. I hope you can appreciate my disgust. I am not wealthy and I don't mind paying a little extra for a quality product but this is not right. The Genius did not know how to diagnose the problem and the technician obviously went for the easiest solution; replace with new parts. This is pure negligence in every sense of the word. If I were an executive at Apple Inc., I would want to make this right with fair compensation and prevent this from ever happening to another customer (not to mention having an ex-customer post their story here).

So I called Apple customer support and told them my story…twice. I told them for my traveling to and from the retail store three times, for spending the hour and a half on the phone with the one to one service fumble and for fixing my own computer I wanted to be compensated. I told them I don't need two computers but I would keep the new computer if they would reimburse me the difference between the price I paid and the price of a refurbished unit of equal quality (roughly a 15-20% rebate). I explained that if I were to return the computer for a full refund, Apple would still have to re-sell the computer at a refurbished discount since I had opened and started using it; plus the cost of checking it out, reformatting the hard drive, logging it into inventory, posting it on their refurbished website and selling it to a new user. I reasoned, why not satisfy me by giving me a discount on the unit at the refurbished price and Apple can save the overhead by not paying an employee to take back the computer and re-sell it. I stated that it is a win-win solution. I guess the customer service manager wanted to run it by his superior and he requested to call me back. I got a phone call the following day from Apple Inc. customer service and they offered me a $100 gift card from the retail store and a 4th generation iPod Touch, valued at $199.

I couldn't believe that Apple would rather shaft a valued customer at a greater financial loss then minimize financial loss and please a customer. I told them thanks but no thanks. I'm bringing the unit back for a full refund. Apple just lost two valued and once loyal customers (my wife and I) as well as the Macs we use at our business. Oh, and not only can Apple eat the loss on this computer, they can also eat a steaming pile of.......
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-05-01:
Sounds like quite the hassle. It does sound like the tech didn't do his job correctly. But even techs make mistakes. And it does sound like Apple did try to compensate you for the inconvenience even if it wasn't what you had in mind.

I'd take the Ipad and $100 and return the unneeded computer.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Bakeman3006 on 07/15/2012
YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I sold my 2005 Nissan Titan pickup to Apple Nissan on June 14,2012 after they sent me letters asking to buy my truck. When I took the truck there for first appraisal the sales people were all over me and my wife asking if they could do anything for us. We settled on a price and did the paper work on June 15,2012. It took until July 12, 2012 and at least two dozen phone calls to get our money. Every time we called to talk to the salesman Jim [snip] he was always away from his desk and would not answer his voice mail. I left messages with other salespeople and got same response NOTHING. I have several voice mails from finance people all claiming check was mailed all on different days. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. Not unless you want to play games with people.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-15:
Car dealers are GREAT at taking money, but not good at all at giving it.

I get those "Golly we just have to buy your car from you because everyone wants to buy a used car"
ads and throw them into the trash. If someone wants so badly to buy my car, they would be asking me on the street.

What people want to do, especially at a car dealer, is move cars and make money.
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