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Failure to Owner Product Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased two Apple produced connectors in 2015 to connect my iPad to my old, RCA connector TV. I purchased a composite cable that Apple's own website states can connect an iPad to a TV and a lightning to 30 pin connector as my iPad has a lightning connector. Guess what? It is technically impossible to connect a lightning connector iPad to a RCA TV with an Apple composite cable. I spent approximately 10 hours researching this issue, including going to an Apple store where the person who waited on me was clueless. I also called Support, who also were clueless. I told them what their own website said after I had researched the issue thoroughly.

I purchased these two products from Best Buy and Walmart but, as the problem was with Apple's failure to inform its customers of limitations in how the composite cable worked and the return periods had run for both Best Buy and Walmart, I asked Apple for a refund. The best that Bonnie, one Apple customer service representative could do, was to suggest that I try to defraud Apple's own resellers by claiming that I had lost the sales slips and returning the two items outside normal return periods.

Eric, the senior department rep, was totally unhelpful. All he cared about was whether I had paid Apple directly, not that Apple misrepresented its own products. Apple has failed to stand behind its own products and has violated its own legal obligations to produce a product that is fit for the purpose for which it is sold.

My Mac Experience
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Rating: 4/51

I know there have been a lot of negative reviews of various computer companies here, but I thought I would share a pretty positive look to do with Apple. I got my first Mac in 2007, that being a white MacBook, which was an early birthday present. Since I've had it, I've only had about 2 or 3 kernel panics, which I suppose isn't too bad, and a few times it wouldn't start up properly when you turned it on, but you could usually remind it to get its act together by pressing a key on the keyboard. I'd thought it didn't like the mouse I had plugged in when starting up, but it wasn't always the case.

In 2012 the hard drive finally packed it in, and it pretty much died on the spot. One moment it was working, the next moment it was completely dead. When I tried to reboot, it completely failed to get anywhere. But that was okay by me, it'd gone for 5 years, and I've had other drives with shorter lives than that. By the time I'd gone to replace it, AF drives had become the norm, and it turned out that Mac OS X Tiger didn't really get along with them, (even though I read that it was supposed to,) reporting over 3 TB for the drive size, instead of somewhere closer to the 500 GB it was supposed to be.

I could get it to install from a drive caddy, but it wouldn't work when the new drive was put back inside the computer. A lot of the Apple stores were clueless to the problem, even when I explained how AF drives are different. In the end, I was given an upgrade to Mac OS X Leopard at one of the stores for free, which did work. The chap at the store seemed surprised at how good a condition the computer was still in after 5 years as well. Perhaps other people had been a bit more rough with theirs.

The only other issues I've been concerned about with it, is the amount of heat it generates. If you have something like iDVD making you a new DVD or you're rendering some 3D scene, it can really pump out the hot air when the CPU is being fully used, and the power supply can absolutely roast. I'm surprised it has no ventilation at all, and it makes you wonder whether Apple really intended you to use it so hard. I often put it in front of a fan to keep it cool. Apart from that though, the computer has been great. I do all my video editing with it and it always comes on holiday with me, so I can watch DVDs and browse stuff on the Internet. :-)

I also have a 2nd hand iMac G4 from 2002, which has to yet let me down, although I barely use it. So yep, that's my Apple experience. I may have spoken a bit about the issues I've had, but mainly, it's been really good.

Apple Inc.: Genius Aren't, Techs are Lazy and Customer Service Illogical
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Rating: 1/51

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I brought my MacBook Pro in for service to the retail location due to an inoperative display, a poorly functioning track pad and a malfunctioning "caps lock" key. The Genius who helped me was very polite but, in my opinion, not very knowledgeable with my particular problem. He brought my computer back to a technician who spent no more than 5 minutes with my computer, diagnosing it with a bad video card. I don't know how the technician diagnosed so quickly but my other two concerns were not addressed.

I was informed by the Genius that my computer required a new logic board and quoted me a price of $526.50 for the repair (Repair No. **). When he looked up the logic board part number, he used the wrong processor (2.66GHz instead of my 2.93GHz) to provide me with the quote. He corrected his misquote in a phone call about 15 minutes after I left the Apple Store, informing me that the quote for the new logic board was incorrect and that I would owe more money (slightly over $700) if I wanted the computer repaired.

Since the cost of repair was more expensive than originally thought and considering the four year age of my computer, I decided not to repair but purchase a new MacBook Pro, along with the Apple Care Service/Warranty and the one to one service to migrate my files from my old computer to the new one (Web order No. **).

I returned two days later around 8:30 PM to pick up both of my laptops. Before I left for the Apple Store, I called ahead asking if I could have my files migrated so I could use my new computer at work the following business day. I was told yes. I was greeted kindly and the computers were delivered quickly. However it was approaching closing time at the Apple Store and I was told that I would have to return another day after making an appointment to have my files moved.

I wouldn't have wasted a trip if I was told this prior to making my way to pick up my computers. I would have instead left the computers there, had the files moved over and pick up the computers after the work was complete. So I left for home, with two computers that I could not use at work and less $3506.71.

The following day I tried to make a one to one appointment to have my files moved over only there was no email sent to me enabling me to sign up and appoint. I called the Apple Store and was told that they, of course, could not help me. The reason being I ordered online and had to call the 1-800 number for assistance. The lady I spoke with (female name) at the 1-800 number was polite, professional and very helpful. She explained that Apple apparently was having problems with the one to one online orders and the only way to correct the problem was to refund me and I'd have to start over again by repurchasing the one to one service.

(Female name) apologized for the inconvenience and kindly offered me a free case for my new laptop but I instead asked for an ethernet adapter for my job usage and (female name) gladly accommodated my request. Since I could not afford more time without a computer and had not received any technical help to this point, I went ahead and opened the new laptop and restored from my last time machine back up saved the previous week.

Three days later, on the weekend, I was surfing the internet reading Mac problem solving blogs and came by something very interesting. A man named (male name) who had the same issue as me with his MacBook Pro in June of 2010. (Male name) posted how he solved the issue so I figured I'd give it a shot.

First, I performed a reset of the NVRAM by holding down "command", "option", "P" and "R" while powering the machine up. Next, I performed a clean install of the operating system from the rescue drive. Lastly, I restored my computer from time machine. To me and my wife's surprise I fixed my computer... the one with the bad video card... the one that needed the new $700+ logic board...THE ONE THAT I REPLACED FOR $3506.71!

I am not a computer technician nor do I hold the title of "Genius" at my place of employment but I managed to fix my laptop with a little online research for NOTHING! The Apple Retail Store as well as Corporate Apple should be embarrassed and ashamed of this. Not only did they fail to recognize a rather easy fix, they cost me, a faithful customer, time and a lot of money unnecessarily. I hope you can appreciate my disgust. I am not wealthy and I don't mind paying a little extra for a quality product but this is not right.

The Genius did not know how to diagnose the problem and the technician obviously went for the easiest solution; replace with new parts. This is pure negligence in every sense of the word. If I were an executive at Apple Inc., I would want to make this right with fair compensation and prevent this from ever happening to another customer (not to mention having an ex-customer post their story here).

So I called Apple customer support and told them my story…twice. I told them for my traveling to and from the retail store three times, for spending the hour and a half on the phone with the one to one service fumble and for fixing my own computer I wanted to be compensated. I told them I don't need two computers but I would keep the new computer if they would reimburse me the difference between the price I paid and the price of a refurbished unit of equal quality (roughly a 15-20% rebate).

I explained that if I were to return the computer for a full refund, Apple would still have to re-sell the computer at a refurbished discount since I had opened and started using it; plus the cost of checking it out, reformatting the hard drive, logging it into inventory, posting it on their refurbished website and selling it to a new user. I reasoned, why not satisfy me by giving me a discount on the unit at the refurbished price and Apple can save the overhead by not paying an employee to take back the computer and re-sell it. I stated that it is a win-win solution.

I guess the customer service manager wanted to run it by his superior and he requested to call me back. I got a phone call the following day from Apple Inc. customer service and they offered me a $100 gift card from the retail store and a 4th generation iPod Touch, valued at $199.

I couldn't believe that Apple would rather shaft a valued customer at a greater financial loss then minimize financial loss and please a customer. I told them "Thanks but no thanks." I'm bringing the unit back for a full refund. Apple just lost two valued and once loyal customers (my wife and I) as well as the Macs we use at our business. Oh, and not only can Apple eat the loss on this computer, they can also eat a steaming pile of...

OS Troubles/Bad Manufacturing
By -

I have always enjoyed Macintosh computers. I'm normally stuck using Windows computers, anyway. This time, though, I actually got my hands on a Mac. I loved it. I've loved this thing from the first day I got this. I was happy. I probably got this about 6 months ago. The first thing I had to get used to again was the single button. I actually like it. I had no complaints.

About two days later, my cat decides to jump up onto my keyboard and pulls off a key. Great. So I post the question on Yahoo! Answers. I get a response. And, of course, I now cannot find the piece that holds the key. So now I have this little 'nub' that I have to hit the key with. I don't mind too much. I got a computer free from my sister... But things get worse. The 'nub' starts getting loose and eventually falls off. Now I just have to press on the metal piece that the 'nub' was on.

I tried to find a replacement key before this happened, but it was already too late. I still kind of got used to it after a while. It got worse. Over time, the Backspace key fell off! Now I have to use another 'nub.' I knew how to put the key back on, but the key had broken. I could not put it back on. Now I'm starting to get a little annoyed. I still can't find a replacement key for that. It's getting looser now. One side is torn.

That was annoying and I get used to it and everything is fine. No problems. The computer is slightly outdated, but I don't mind too much. It has 512 MB or RAM and a 30GB HD and runs on Tiger (10.4). I make it by. Then, one day, the computer crashes. Complete meltdown. I cannot even open Finder. Nothing. I've heard rumors of a virus spreading through Quicktime, and I think that's what triggered it. So I break out the System Restore disks. I find out later that this was a very BAD idea.

AFTER I install the new OS, I notice some things are different. I double-check the System Restore disk and I see Panther 10.3.3! I'm screwed! So I pull out the Tiger disk and it just keeps shooting it back out at me. I ask someone about it and they tell me that the OS disk they include is part of a hardware bundle and cannot be used to boot the OS. So now 90% of my programs don't run.

I get Safari from a friend and that saved me. I have basic functionality back. I'm waiting for my dad to order a new Tiger disk from eBay tonight. I think about it and I download Linux Ubuntu 6.06 for Power PC. This is what I use if I can't do it in Mac. Then save it to a flash drive, as I boot from a CD. I've been running off of an old version of Mac and an old version of Ubuntu. I am at a roadblock until I get the new disk, so I just wait...

50 Calls To Customer Support
By -

I have just dealt with your customer relations representative ** who, after some 50 calls to technical support, offered and is sending me a free copy of “Leopard” when I've had nothing but trouble with “Tiger” and my 24” iMac. At about $5,000 when I bought it, peripherals and software plus your version of an extended service plan together with Apple's reputation for class, I thought I'd do better than with our Dell PCs and Dell Hell. We did have one service issue with my daughter's Dell laptop, but they eventually came through with the in-house support I bought and paid for.

Well, I bought and paid for this Apple stuff too, but the experience has left me behind in innumerable hours on the phone with at least Apple, Microsoft and Parallels; all of them due to Apple's irresponsible support that led us to disable, lose and otherwise end up with problematic application software like Parallels (therefore Quicken, Cardscan and MS Office, HP and others including your own Apple software.) It costs me $50 each time I call for MS tech support (they only include 2 incidents with their software), and $30 each time I contact Parallels (the hardest people to reach even with paid tech support).

I've undergone several of each to right screw-ups on Apple's part and since Apple is not responsible for what they do, I've had to literally and figuratively carry the burden. ** often said “to tell you the truth” and “to be honest' so I wondered what he was telling me in the beginning.

Let me give you an example. There was no “readout” of the programs in the dock as I moved the cursor over them. In addition, the upper menu pull-down items (file, edit etc) wouldn't stay down after I clicked on them, and had to hold the mouse clicked on all the way through the sub-menus or they would close out. Then there were the User problems that caused havoc. This is where it began and seemingly endless calls finally resulted in my request to talk with Customer Relations when the tech I was talking with told me “they'll just tell you the same thing.”

They'd all told me I had to make those paid calls to Microsoft and Parallels to get their support because Apple doesn't back up what they “sell.” The sorry part about that is that he was right. Customer Relations was another case of wasted time, kind of like this letter. But it isn't going to stop here. So I'll play your silly little game and install your little leopard. Maybe our MS Outlooks will miraculously show up along with our Windows Quicken files.

After my long and detailed dissertation with ** on November 18th at 2:45pm Tuesday afternoon, he promised to get back with me on Wednesday after he reviewed my cases. When he failed to call, I finally reached him today, Thursday afternoon after leaving 2 messages, complaining he'd had a bad back and other phony excuses, only to learn that he attributed most or many of my calls to Microsoft for problem solving.

Of course, after Apple screwed up those applications by bad phone and “genius” technical support (what a misnomer that is). We're about halfway between San Bernardino and San Diego, and I hauled this big, heavy computer first to your UTC store, then to the Rancho Cucamonga store since you have no in-home service like Dell does. Of course I had to go back to Microsoft for paid support after Apple always left me worse off than I began. Did I mention I'm disabled and also have a hernia?

Interesting how busy your Customer Relations office is. I can only imagine how many others believed your commercials, putting their PCs on the shelf like me, only pull them back down and fire them up to avoid the numerous problems that come with rotten Apples I hope don't spoil the PCs. In short, this computer does not live up to the name you sell; it does not do the job for which it was intended, and has cost me untold hours and numerous support calls I paid for.

There's a demon in my Imac. I think it's your Tech Support/Customer Relations department. And your advertising department; and your production department. And management too. In other words, the whole darned place is infected with a virus named Apple, Macintosh. I am so disgusted and disillusioned with Apple that I want the world to know what kind an ordeal they sign up to when they buy one of these things…'ya pay your money and take your chances. I'm pretty sure most of them work pretty well, but not mine.

Your tech support and customer relations people should find another line of work. I wrote this on my Dell PC using MS Word for Office 2003, or I wouldn't have been able to write and print it if I'd done it on the Mac. I must apologize for the somewhat rambling letter but I didn't want to take even more time than necessary to put this into words while I blow off steam.

Apple Store - Austin TX
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I made an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store at The Domain in Austin, Texas in early December 2010. I wanted to see if I could get a replacement for one of the four plastic 'feet' on the bottom of my black MacBook. I was greeted promptly when I checked in, about 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment. There were six 'Geniuses' at the Bar, and I was called up within five minutes after checking in.

I explained to the woman who greeted me what I was looking for. She said that the feet were an integral part of the base enclosure, but that she would go to the back and see if it was possible to replace the entire base or, failing that to pry one of the feet from another computer and glue it on to mine. When she came back, she said that she could order a new base for the computer and that it would take a day or two to get it in. She also noticed that there were some some small cracks in the top cover (where the keyboard is located), and that Apple would replace that at no charge because the cracks were the result of a 'design defect'.

I gave her my computer and was told to come back in an hour. When she handed the computer back I was shocked to see that I had an entirely new top cover, including a new keyboard and trackpad. She then informed me that the technician noticed that my battery was slightly swollen, a sign that the battery was on the verge of failing -- and that I had been given a brand new battery! And that I wouldn't be charged for anything that hey had done!!

All in all, Apple gave me over $400 in service parts and labor, on a four year old computer, and it didn't cost me a cent, and all that in less than an hour. It's service like that keeps me, and will keep me, an enthusiastic customer for Apple products forever. By the way, I'm still looking for that replacement foot, but I figure I can glue a piece of felt to the bottom myself.

Service Apple Computers
By -

An Apple system was purchased for our son who has special needs - is very smart and has great oral communications. One of the products that was purchased seems to be defective. We spent all day on the phone with various Apple service people. One of them would not call him back - basically told him to try to load the software again. One of the techs refused to speak with my son even though my son was the person who started the call (my son is very polite - I am very frustrated and not as polite).

Apple basically told us that we could not return the product. They would not send out a new product. We were told that even though the product was purchased directly through Apple I should contact someone else to try to get the product fixed or get a new product. We spent from 9 in the morning until about 5 in the afternoon - a lot of the time on hold and did not get anything done.

I asked to speak to the tech"s (Preston was his name) supervisor. He asked me if I was going to complain about him. He refused to let me speak to a supervisor. This is the same tech who would not speak with my son even though my son was the person who started the phone call.

I was surprised at how bad the service from Apple was. Never would have purchased Apple if I had known how things worked. (I have always had Windows and service through them is great!) We do not have an email address as the one the tech gave him does not work. This is the phone number that we were given 877-416-4271 ext 2408 this lady was nice but didn't solve the problem. 877-3888-0879 ext 36543 This guy hasn't called back.

Apple's TIME CAPSULE data recovery voids warranty
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Rating: 1/51

CUPPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an Apple Time Capsule in December 2012. June 23rd, I noticed my WiFi was down and there was no power to the Time Capsule. I made an appointment with the Genius bar at the Apple Store where they tested it, tried a new power cord, etc. A new Time Capsule was ordered which will supposedly be available for pick up in a few days.

So I asked about my data. The reply was, it is not their policy to do data recovery AND If I were to take it to someone to recover my 6 months of back-up, it will void the warranty. It is my choice - lose the replacement Time Capsule to recover my data - no guarantee that the data is still there - or, hand over the damaged TC with my data to Apple land, not knowing where my sensitive data may end up, and get a new TC which may only last another 6 months.

How can APPLE not allow me to try to recover my data? I feel like a hostage. No matter what I do, it's going to cost me. I'm so upset because I've been a loyal Apple customer since the 80's - as a graphic designer - Apple is the only way to go as far as computers - I know now that some of their other products are not as reliable. Very sad.

Warning to Anyone Considering Switching to Mac From PC
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- I recently bought a new phone. Nokia Lumia 900. I have Macs since they came out, iPhone since the beginning... (& PC's but main data on Macs.) The following is just ONE of many many disappointing failures trying to transfer data from Mac and iPhone to Windows 7: Lumia 900; RE: Nokia Contacts Transfer program, free.

Bluetooth successfully paired Lumia and iPhone 4 until got message from iPhone that "Nokia Lumia 900 not supported". Only option on iPhone was to delete Lumia (from Bluetooth link database). The link verification number matched on both Lumia and iPhone. It's just that iPhone can't or won't continue the process due to proprietary Apple formatting I'm guessing.

Apple makes it easy to switch from PC to Apple, but it IS almost impossible to switch from Apple to PC, windows.
WARNING to anyone considering switching from PCs to Apple Macs or iPhone: YOU CAN'T SWITCH BACK. Yes, there are programs that CLAIM to do this, costing from zero to $40 each. However they either have failed completely or only partially succeed in what they claim. BEWARE! ONCE YOU SWITCH TO MACS YOU ARE TRAPPED!

Apple Customer For Life
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- First, the issue was 100% my fault. I dropped and broke the screen on my daughter's Itouch. So at the prospect of a new one costing $300 I asked if it could be repaired. The customer service line said "of course," either through the mail or go to an Apple store. Immediately the representative looked up where I lived, provided the closest store, verified availability of a replacement product and gave me available appointment times.

Once at the store the wait was longer than I was told however when I finally was helped they verified the repair/replacement cost was only $99 and they would be right back. When he returned we set up the new unit, made sure it worked and he thanked me and said "You'€™re all set, have a nice day." I was a little confused so he explained, "There appeared to be no signs of abuse to the old unit. We value our customers. This replacement is on us." So yeah€. Since then I've already bought way more than that $99 from Apple and I will never consider switching away. Sure they're expensive and never go on sale but this one simple experience told me this company "gets it"€.

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