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Apple Care Sucks
By -

I have purchased numerous Apple products in the last several years. Mac desk-top, laptop, Ipod Nano, Ipod Classic, etc... With each item I was led to believe if I paid the extra fee for the Apple Care Plan that my electronic device would be warranted for any kind of repair work imaginable. Well, that is absolutely not true. I have spent several hundred dollars on service plans that are pretty much worthless. I have an Ipod Nano that needs to be repaired and now Apple is ever so lovingly informing me that the only thing that Apple Care covers is a faulty product shipped from them. Really?

If the product was broken when I received it, shouldn't it have automatically been warranted as a defective product? So, exactly what did I pay for Apple Care for in the first place? It seems like a gimmick for Apple to just pocket more of my hard-earned money to me. And Apple knows this to be true, to the tune of offering to refund my Apple Care fee on the broken Nano. Hmmm... The moral or the story is don't bother to pay for Apple Care Protection plans. They are a rip-off!!!

Apple put me thru the hoops!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Apple makes a great computer & the Apple stores are helpful but their customer phone service sucks! One hand does not know what the other hand is doing. I called about a computer problem under warranty & I got conflicting info. I spent about 2 hours trying to get a mac fixed because of misinformation given to me.

In the end the problem was they wanted me to pay for tech help or an extended warranty. I TOLD THEM THEY SHOULD BE GIVING ME MONEY FOR MISINFORMATION AND WASTING MY TIME AND DASHING MY EXPECTATIONS! By the way the problem is most likely a corrupt file which I had nothing to do with. This remains unsolved and its now my problem even though the warranty isn't up. NOT HAPPY!

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