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Lies To Customers To Make The Sale
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RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK -- Beware of Apple Honda. I went to Apple Honda in Riverhead NY. My mother needed a car and did not have any experience in buying a car. I went in to the dealership and worked out the deal. I brought my mother in to see the car and drive it and sign the paperwork.

On the day of delivery they called my mother to come into the dealership two hours before the scheduled pickup time knowing I could not make it there at that time. In my absents the finance Manager George and the Sales Man Jeff changed the deal around and talked my mother into buying an expensive, needless warranty. They told her that it would be refundable if we decided we did not need it. 4 Months later the dealership still refuses to give the money back. They refuse to return phone calls and pretend they are not in the office when we drive to the dealership.

I now had to file a case with 5th district court to try to recover the money. PLEASE BEWARE OF APPLE HONDA RIVERHEAD!!!
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Anonymous on 08/22/2008:
I am not saying that what the dealership did was right, but your mother must have been apprehensive about this meeting if she originally needed your help to purchase the vehicle. If this is in fact the case, she should have politely declined and insisted that the original appointment time be kept. If that was not possible, it should have been rescheduled for a time when you could have been there too.
madconsumer on 08/23/2008:
your mother has no experience buying a vehilce? has she lived a sheltered and protected life? even my grandmother who had no driver license, knew how to make a deal. and yes what they did was legal, and if your mother signed the dotted line, then it is all hers to own.
Anonymous on 08/23/2008:
She had already singed the paperwork and they made her change what she had already agreed to? Is that legal?
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