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New iMac Computers scratching CD's & DVD's !!!!!
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I have been a Mac user for many years and generally love the machines but I must warn potential buyers of a problem they may experience. I recently received my new top of the line iMac i7 which is an impressive computer, 27" screen, slim design, wireless keyboard and mouse. The design seemed flawless until I attempted to rip a one of a kind, personal DVD for a family member. It was of a medical nature and she wanted to use a small portion of it for a lecture. I inserted the disc and found that the computer was having trouble playing it. Upon ejecting the disc I noticed a series of parallel scratches running across its surface. After some time investigating I determined that when a disc is inserted into the iMac computer it has to be done very gently and at a perfectly straight angle. Otherwise the surface of the disc scrapes across the extremely sharp metal slot cut out of the body of the computer that acts as the guide, or "doorway" for the disc. I tried several blank discs and found the scratches on each one. I could possibly avoid scratching them by being extremely careful but could not guarantee that a disc would be unharmed. I contacted Apple immediately and thus began a lengthy attempt to explain the problem to tech support over the phone. They seemed to think that replacing the drive would solve the problem even though I carefully described the problem as not being with the drive but with the sharp narrow metal loading slot. I figured I could try gluing some felt over the side that comes in contact with the discs but am afraid of voiding my warranty. I assumed that a problem of this magnitude would be taken seriously by Apple and I assumed a fix would be coming in the form of a thin plastic sleeve insert or a felt strip with double stick tape on one side. I certainly thought that the problem would raise concern but my problem was never solved. On at least two occasions I was met with Apple employees over the phone and in a store saying "well, what would you like me to do about it?" I explained that I felt that was for them to figure out, or that at least they should direct me to someone who could help me. I asked that my problem be forwarded to the design team, not only for a possible solution but also to alert them to the issue as early as possible. An e-mail was sent back to my Apple case file from an Apple engineer stating that I would just have to learn to load my discs straight into the computer. Although I have dealt with some very friendly people at Apple I also spoke with some extremely unhelpful employees and I am left with a pretty bad feeling about the way I was treated and that my problem was never resolved. I went on message boards to see if others were experiencing the same problem. One guy started trying to import his CD's into iTunes and only after the sixth disc was found to be un-readable did he discover that they were being scratched beyond readability. Imagine the cost and inconvenience to everyone who loses data...either irreplaceable or expensive. I expect more from this company and as an investor with Apple stock, I have to say...this doesn't cut it.
I would like to warn people interested in purchasing an iMac that this may be a problem for them, and that they should check out the machine carefully with blank discs, in a real use situation which does not involve precise robotic handling of disc insertion and removal. I would also like a solution.
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Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
So exactly what do you want them to do? Redesign and build the system for you? How many complaints have you read about this? If this is a new system, return it for another model.
Class Advocate on 12/18/2009:
I too am an Apple fanatic. There have been at least three times though when Apple has released a product though with real design defects. The question I have is whether this is a one off problem that Apple should fix under your warranty or whether this is a design defect capable of affecting many people. I guess time will tell.
Class Advocate on 12/18/2009:
I am know officially fascinated with this problem. So I did some snooping around regarding the scratch issue and you are not alone. Here is a lengthy excerpt from an Apple related thread relating to your model imac:

"Hello Everyone. I thought I would contribute to this post and describe what I did to resolve the issue I was having.

Issue: Every time I was making a disc, playing a disc, or just inserting it to mount the disc upon ejection I would discover parallel lines which under the correct light were very obvious. This was clearly not related to the spinning of the disc but rather the act of inserting/ejecting of the disc.

Upon further trouble shooting, and the assistance of this thread, I realized that the small aluminum slot in the body of my new iMac 27" Quad was to blame. The metal was ever so slightly unevenly cut and as a result was contacting the disc upon my removal of it from the machine.

Test: I ever so carefully inserted and removed the disc by checking that the disc does not contact the metal... no scratches as a result.

Clearly I would not have the patients to repeat this level of delicateness for future use, nor would want to have to explain this process to anyone who came over to view their content on my iMac (could have a way of depreciating an amazing machine).

Solution (for me at least): I took some medical tape (similar material to that of a bandage as it is fabric based and very adhesive also thin) and applied it carefully to the inside 1/4" of the slot that was visible. I only needed to do this up to the point where the aluminum ends and thus did not have to actually enter or modify the inside of the iMac. I taped it securely around the back of the iMac to ensure that the tape if dislodged or if it slips off does not fall into the machine.

Result: With a high level of carelessness I pushed a clean/new disc into the machine, allowed it to spin a little and ejected it with the same level of carelessness... actually allowing it to rub against the back area of the slot where the damage was originating (now padded with the tape). The disc didn't have so much as a scratch on it. Repeated the abuse several more times and the disc still looks great.

Conclusion: Obviously the best thing I could have done if I was patient enough would have been to ship it back to Apple. I waited 6 weeks for this system and had just spent a day installing everything on it... waiting longer was not going to be an option for me.

Once my backlog is up to speed I will remove the tape and carefully smooth the aluminum with a file, using a vacuum to collect the particles as I do so. I'll post the response to this as well when the time comes.

I do hope this has helped someone. I know I was beginning to get depressed that my all-in-one was going to need a all-in-one-with-more (external combo drive)."

Good luck
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
Class, good resolution. I usually search out troubles when I read a computer complaint but I was too tired. What is funny is how no one else ever thinks to do this. They just jump on here to complain or jump on the phone and complain.
i-Disillusioned on 12/24/2009:
I have since fixed the scratching problem by affixing a thin strip of moleskin (found in the foot care section of most pharmacies) to the loading slot. It is backed with a strong adhesive. No more scratches. in answer to LadyScot's question...I expected Apple to take care of this problem and find a solution as this is a brand new product and the problem is in the design. If I purchased a car and the brakes didn't work properly you can bet there would be prompt action by the manufacturer to fix the problem. I posted my experiences here to give others information that may help them make informed decisions.
Anonymous on 12/24/2009:
"in answer to LadyScot's question...I expected Apple to take care of this problem and find a solution as this is a brand new product and the problem is in the design. If I purchased a car and the brakes didn't work properly you can bet there would be prompt action by the manufacturer to fix the problem."

Did you miss my advice? If this is a new system, return it for another model.
MikeLewin on 02/11/2010:
This is a VERY well documented issue. I can't believe anyone would make out that YOU are unrealistic and say you expect Apple to 'Redesign and build the system for you?'

We just purchased 6 brand new Macs, including one MacBook Pro, and they ALL do this.

Unfortunately we didn't know this until trying to reinstall Acrobat from our Adobe Design Standard and found that EVERY COPY wouldn't read, after only being installed ONCE by the Apple Store.

That is ridiculous, these things have cost us now $8,000, and of course Adobe blames Apple (AS THEY SHOULD) and won't replace the disks, and Apple Store 'experts' say "never heard of that, we'll get back to you"

These things are a joke, and should be withdrawn from the shelves.

If you are thinking of buying a Mac, don't believe the hype, and read this first.
PepperElf on 02/11/2010:
course there IS another solution...

use an external DVD burner.
I love my mac but I've learned that externals work better for dvds
might be because they're using their own power supply etc.

have you considered actually contacting apple on the support forums?

the workers at the store don't have a say in designing the computer
but the forums are read by many
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Amazing customer service from Apple!
Posted by on
Well, I have a rather longish Apple story I feel needs to be shared...

My 20" iMac (early 2006 model) fell out of AppleCare warranty on May 8th. On June 1st I awakened to notice it was turned off. Curious, I turned it back on, only to see the dreaded question mark-folder. I spent an hour or so trying to get the HDD to come alive, to no avail (no worries as I have Time Machine running on all my Macs). Unfortunately, as I tried using DiskWarrior, the system got progressively worse, until finally the screen wouldn't light up at all and there was no boot chime. Uh oh...

I took it to the Apple store, where it stayed for almost a month as they tried to find out what was wrong. Unbeknownst to me, eventually, they replaced almost everything in the iMac, never once asking for my approval to do the repairs. I received a call a week ago saying "it's ready, because it took so long, we're not charging you anything for the repair". I was thrilled! The bill turned out to be over $1k, and Apple did it for free. Cool, huh?

But it doesn't end there.

I brought the machine home, restored from my TM backup and realized the airport wasn't working, so I went through all the trouble-shooting to no avail - back to the Apple store. I wasn't pleased about it, but I was still glowing from their generosity so I didn't complain. Three days and a new (also free) airport card later and I was back home, ready to enjoy my Mac again.

Airport was still broken.

OK, now I'm upset. I spent the weekend calming down before doing an erase/install to insure something from my TM backup wasn't corrupting some network settings. Nope, still no airport. So I drive it all the way back down to the Apple store and wait for about an hour as the Geniuses look it over. Finally, Andy (I got to know several of them pretty well, in part due to my laid back approach to all this, which surprised even me) walked up to me and said "Mr Audio, I have good news!". Thinking they had it figured out, I was relieved.

Then he proceeded to tell me how Apple had decided to replace my iMac with a brand new replacement. Not a refurbished one, but a brand new one. And because my iMac wasn't an 'off the shelf' model, but had been custom ordered with more RAM from the factory, they would increase the RAM in the new machine by the same percentage.

Now keep in mind my Mac was not only out of warranty, but Apple had already dismissed close to $1400 in repairs on my old machine before deciding to just give me a new one!

I picked up the new iMac yesterday - they gave me the new one in the box - new keyboard, mouse, everything! Unreal.

No company is perfect, but this sort of action is how a company insures has a customer for life. Kudos to Apple!
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 07/24/2009:
Awesome! VH
MRM on 07/24/2009:
Yay for Apple. (Not that I like Apple)
spannerotoole on 04/20/2010:
must be their good deed of the decade
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Buy the Extended Warranty or Don't Buy a Mac
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I would like to share my recent experience with Apple Computers with your organization. We saved up to buy an IMac G5 in September of 2005.
We really only had the budget for a cheaper computer, but had heard such positive things about Mac and I had used one at work and
enjoyed it. We spent almost $2000.00 on our new Mac. We believed that Mac was such a better product and company it would be worth the money.
Our opinion has done a complete turn around since November of this year and I can not believe how little they are concerned about their product and customers. On 24 November, my husband came home from work and went to turn on the computer. It would not power on. It was dead, nothing. He finally got it to come up in safe mode but it would not stay on for long. He did research on the internet, called people, etc. to no avail, we could not figure out what was wrong with it. He made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. We had to wait until 27 Dec for it go in to find out what was wrong with it. My husband was advised by the tech that it "could be" the Hard Drive or it "could be" the logic board, but that he would have to fix both because he could not tell which it was. The total cost would be $1180.93! Almost as much as we had paid for the computer barely over a year ago.
We had been unable to extend the warranty on the computer as I was laid off from my job and did not have the money to do so. We were now left with an almost $2000 computer that we could not afford to fix.
I decided to call Apple to see if they had any kind of grace period on their warranties or if there was anything they could do since it was so close to warranty when stopped functioning. I would have been pleased with any assistance at all, and offer to give us the parts dicounted or give us any kind of assistance or any indication that they stand behind their products.
What I found when I called was disturbing. The first techincal support person was very nice, but basically told me to take it to a non-Apple repair shop because the Genius Bar is really only their for the Warranty customer's! She then forwarded me to someone in their "Customer Care" Department. She advised that they could do nothing to assist me. They do not honor or support any products out of warranty even for a minute. (I asked her this specifically!) Their stand is that they offer the extended warranty for a reason and if you can't afford it, too bad for you. Apparently only the wealthy can own Apple computers.
What happened next was the most disturbing of all. I asked to escalate my Customer Service complaint and speak to someone hire up. She refused. She advised that she had given me Apple's desicion and that was final. There was no one else I could speak to and no one give me a different answer than her. I explained that I wanted to speak to someone at Apple Corporate so they could understand how their policy affected and average, middle class, Apple customer. She still refused. She finally said that she could leave a report for one of her managers but there was not guarantee that they would call me back because
managers at Apple are not there to talk to customer's, they are there simply to make sure that the employees show up for work on time, etc. I was made to feel like, I as a customer did not matter in the least to any person at Apple.
After becoming completely upset and irate, I finally managed to get her to give me a number for their corporate offices. I am debating on whether to waste my time calling them, if this customer service person is reprasentative of the mentality of the company.
At this point, I am left with a close to $2000 paperweight with no hope of being able to fix it on my own anytime soon.
The saddest part of all is the 7 year old Gateway computer that I replaced with the Apple and gave to my father-in-law still works beautifully and we have spent very little money keeping it updated over the years.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
Time to get to the core of the apple problem. You probably feel as if you were run over by a Mac truck.
Gannon_banned on 01/03/2007:
Why should a company have to do anything for you outside of the warranty period? The warranty specifics are given to you when you bought the computer and if you did not agree you should not have made the purchase. Personal computers are luxury items and Apple tends to be the Lexus of the class. If you can't afford the upkeep on the Lexus then you should not buy one.
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/03/2007:
I'm sure that not what you came here to hear, but Gannon got right to the core of the Apple problem. The warranty terms are clearly spelled out when you buy the machine. As far as their attitude, while they could have been nicer, she was simply preventing you from wasting any more of Apple's time with an issue that they could not help with.
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
On Ebay the current value of a IMac G5 ranges from $560 to $1,200 depending on configuration, loaded software and warranty life. It's not worth it for repair by Apple. If you really like the machine take it to a few repair shops for an estimate.
Let Me Talk to Your Manager on 01/03/2007:
My God, if she wanted the lecture, she could have just called Apple again. She clearly knows how to read a warranty, she didn't know she was going to be laid off and unable to afford the extended version, and all she did was ask, not file a lawsuit. And bravo to her for pushing Apple to work for its customer loyalty.

She bought something based on a reputation--something we all do--a reputation that exists because customers who got screwed are drowned out by powerful advertising and even more powerful lawyers.

I realize that this isn't meant to be group therapy, but it wouldn't hurt to spare her and the rest of us the lectures.
bill on 01/03/2007:
Let Me talk To your Manager: You said "and all she did was ask". That's not true. She also came on here and made a complaint against a company that has done nothing wrong. She "becoming completely upset and irrate" because she didn't get the answer she wanted from Apple. But Apple cannot make exceptions for one person without making them for everyone. The poster has to accept the fact that she bought a computer, that she admits was over her budget, and now ccannot afford to have it fixed. It sucks but it is not Apple's fault.
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
Let Me Talk to Your Manager I agree with your statement “She bought something based on a reputation”. Apple Computer is a company that didn’t make it when they had the chance. Why, because the owner and founder was to busy doing drugs and playing to take time to watch the market and/or his own business. I feel bad for the poster but the fact is if you buy a computer or anything else solely because of their reputation or because you have one at work then you are taking a 50/50 chance anyway. Apple is located is CA and they really do care about the customer in the “silicon valley”.
simul8guy on 01/03/2007:
Another "lucid' comment by Lidman. Why don't you give us all a break and don't waste the space.
Justusryan on 01/03/2007:
I agree with the first two posters and Lidman. Gateways are on sale at Best Buy right now with instant rebates for like $500 bucks, including a monitor. If I were the OP I would go back to the brand that has lasted for her family for the last seven years. What the hell is the guy above me talking about Lidman?
GWbiker on 01/03/2007:
The first generation iMac G5 units had Logic Board and cooling fan failures, in addition to power supply problems. In addition, Apple has a history of logic board and battery failure on G3 and G4 notebooks, of which many units were repaired by Apple while out of warranty. Some notebooks required more than one repair until Apple got it right. Yes people, Apple Computer had several recalls. You may try going onto the Apple support site for more information on who to contact.....
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
"Let Me Talk to Your Manager " - preach on. It warms my tiny heart to see somebody take the consumers side on an issue posted on a board claiming to be 'the consumer revolution'. It gets so old reading the same old company is right ~~ consumer is bad crud that many of these people post daily. Of what help is it and why in the world does anybody feel the need to be corporate apologists?
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
simul8guy - Lidman made perfect sense therfore you came off sounding like a total tard.
Justusryan on 01/03/2007:
we feel the need because some people are wrong.
Followthisbeat on 01/05/2007:
I was shopping around for a new laptop back in August and having been a huge Apple fanatic in past years I took a look at the Apple store to see what they have and how much. For the price you pay for a MAC (double, sometime TRIPLE what a comperable PC costs) They should give a longer warranty...cpus should last for more than a year. Not to mention Macs are almost completely un-upgradeable by the consumer with the exception of RAM. I passed on Apple and bought a Dell. For half the price you get so much more. Not to mention an Apple Care Extended warranty is like an extra 300 bucks, when your already paying that much for a CPU you shouldn't have to plop down an extra 300 bucks just to guarantee that it'll work for a few more years. As a matter of fact my Ipod battery life is down to about 45 min, no matter how long I plug it in for (left it plugged in for 2 days once, got in the car to go to work and 20 min later it was telling me that the battery was dead and needed to be recharged).
ComputerKat on 01/09/2007:
My sympathies towards your 1+ year old computer failing. If you decide to hassle Apple again (which you should since you can only gain), try to research consistent problems with their computers - if the logic board did fail, the computer was most likely a lemon. I bought a PS2 from Sony and it failed 3 months out of warranty. But since the problem was so common, they fixed it regardless of the expired warranty. However, I do agree with Hugh_Jorgen.

If you decide to repair it with your own money, talk to another tech. That "could be" attitude sounds fishy. There should be a way to validate if the hard disk is working or not. Furthermore, the hard disk cost A LOT less than a logic board. PC hard disks go for less than $100. PLUS they are most likely the first part to go. If you can, get that replaced first. Also, check out to see if they supply the hard disk you need. Their prices are notiably cheap. Good luck.
geoffinak on 04/06/2007:
When you bought the computer you were offered Apple Care, it usually adds about 10% to the sale price, if you got 2 K, you have 2.2K You took a gamble. Apple Care would have fixed that computer for 3 years, no matter what went wrong. You elected not to . You went over the date of the 1 year warranty. I never buy product like this without an extended warranty. Did you have a UPS hooked up. Not just a surge protector but a battery powered UPS. These catch under voltages and over voltages. Sometimes my UPS chirps 15 times a day and the Desk Top I have hooked up to it and all the drives and even a TV have never died. One computer is 12 years old. I highly recommend one. I feel your pain, but it is an complex machine made up of parts that are very easy to damage. To not take the Apple Care out was a big mistake. Do not expect anything better in the Dells, their made up of even worse parts and no software is included that is worth anything. If it's a hard drive. Try swapping one out. It's easy. Just do a google search for directions. There are many resellers who will also help you , plus many user groups.. I am really sorry. But Apple Care is a must and when you figure it went in a year, heck that would be the shipping cost to have someone look at it. I understand the need to save money but high end electronics extended warranties are usually a good thing. The fact that Apple offers it so cheap, is a testament to how much they believe in the product. I have had mine shipped from Alaska and back in 2 days. If you part it out and sell it on eBay you can probably get enough to get another Mac and get the warranty. The parts are often worth more than the resale value of the whole machine, Lap Tops hold there value very well. If you really were a BIg Fan of the Mac you would have known that the early G5s had some problems with the Mbs and for sure would have bought Apple Care. Now I take Apple Care to the mat when they do not help people, as that is what it's there for. But you made a choice based on knowing Apple. I think 10% or 250 bucks for 3 years of free repair and replacement is a pretty good deal. Don't give up, the repair maybe easier than you think. Look for help on some of the Apple support groups. Other World Computing has some good ones. Just don't start of with I hate Apple because ;)
Good luck Geoff
geoffinak on 04/06/2007:
OHH Lidman I suppose you have a G V at your disposal to take you anywhere in the world at mach .85 in a stand up cabin that would seat 15 in double first class. Run a company that has set the standard for what technology is. His only choice, not to let out the clone rights to every cheap builder who could solder a computer together and call it on sale for $399.00

Have you seen longhorn, err Vista your all going to need new machines for the $400 top of the line software. What has Bill ever designed, except how to mount in a Micro Soft way and produce softies. That code is nothing but a heap of other code on the bottom, is version of 3.1. I would rather not own the world and have created things that will be remembered for decades, some for 100 years, if we live that long as a species. It's about what you do, maybe you should take a bud and think about things, never know just what might pop up.
geoffinak on 06/13/2007:
Just wanted to drop by and see how you all like Vista, waddlers are doing, if you have a computer 2 years older or more, must be a lot of fun. Gee and all those price differences, as high as $400.00 for the complete Vista. I have never paid more than 120.00 for a full version of a Mac OS.

I hope you were able to work out your problem with your G5, I will say that I had a laptop that Apple said would cost $1100.00 to fix. It was just out of Apple care After some research, I found the part was $5.00 on eBay and took me 5 minutes to fix. Apple is a stickler about the cut off dates for their warranty. years for 10% is pretty good. Another option could be to part it out, some time the parts are worth more than the whole unit. So there is solution to every problem. I do hope your problem is solved. If not drop a note and maybe I can help.
Brain on 07/07/2007:
A lemon is a Lemon is a Lemon.
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Apple online customer service sucks
Posted by on
I was experiencing a minor problem and called to see if Apple had a solution. I told the techie what was wrong and he said he wouldn't talk to me until I agreed to pay them $49.95. I really needed the problem fixed, so agreed. The minute I paid the $49.95 the guy said "adjust the speed on your mouse" - voila -- that solved the problem. Absolutely 2 seconds and a few words and he charged me $49.95. I called back to Customer No Service and after going up a level or two to a supervisor and requesting either my money back or an adjustment in the charge, they rudely said, I'm sorry we can't do anything for you and hung up. Now that's the epitome of Customer No Service. I'm angry because I've been a loyal Apple customer for many many years, have purchased almost every product they have from iPhones, Apple TV, 4 iMacs etc. I would think a simple gesture like this for a charge I consider highway robbery would be good customer service. I think it stinks.
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User Replies:
bcd on 10/01/2010:
“many many years, have purchased … 4 iMacs”

Mouse tracking controls have been on every Macintosh since 1984.
Ytropious on 10/01/2010:
You should always look online for answers before paying for them. I'm sure there's a post somewhere in the depths of the internet with a free solution to your problem.
Anonymous on 10/01/2010:
You prob could have found what you were looking for by searching online. Or going to the mac forums and asking fellow members. There are numerous websites you can go to for free technical help.

Anonymous on 10/01/2010:
Fufu487 on 10/02/2010:
They charge that much because people pay it. Why, I don't know.
chris on 09/27/2012:
I have just had my first experience w/this after receiving an iPod Touch as a gift. I asked iTunes store online support what file format the tunes are in (as I couldn't find that info in the iTunes store interface). The iTunes store advisor said she did not have that information and directed me to submit my question to the same online support website, or to an online users group.
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Questionable Product / Even More Questionable Customer Service
Posted by on
I received a new iMac with Leopard 10.2 in April 08 that couldn't connect to the internet. Tech support asked me to re-install the O/S but it kept getting an unrecoverable error. The Genius bar could not fix it. I returned computer to Apple; the replacement was the same way. Asked for refund but Apple can't figure out how to do the refund internally because I bought the computer through the Sales department and the replacement was provided by Apple Care and those two entities can't agree who and how to give me a refund. This has been the worst computer buying experience I've ever had. When the first machine had to be replaced they told me to drive 2 hours to the nearest Apple store for replacement and guaranteed I'd be taken care of.

Arrived at Apple store and they didn't have a computer to give me and couldn't fix the current one. It just got worse from there; massive confusion at Apple on who does what with a return/refund and how to do it.

Apple is on the brink of becoming the next Microsoft. You've been warned.
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User Replies:
MRM on 05/14/2008:
Comparing Apple Corp to Microsoft is ludacris. If it was Apple Corp vs a computer company that would be okay.
MRM on 05/14/2008:
Dr Who, I look forward towards your first star! You have 200 comments to go to earn your first star!
MRM on 05/14/2008:
Perhaps you shall have dozens of donuts when you have reached your first star!
Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
what's up Lidman? Hows things?
Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
Remember "the old days" when it took 500 comments, a slug of reviews and six months to get a first star. Now if your a hot looking Babe like Sunshine you can get one in a couple of weeks with a hundred comments.
Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
I'm with Dr. Who..I want the donuts, instead too.

Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
Lesseee...PC's (notably Dell) have how many complaints on m3c? Macs have how many? How many PC owners have given up complaining and simply 'assume the position' and buy another PC when their 'old' PC (a year old), predictably, goes toes up? Statistically, complaints about Macs are a rarity. Complaints about Apple Stores are even more rare. This was a helpful complaint, because of its rare nature.
Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
um...Ludacris is a bad rapper.
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Leopard OS Not Installed By Default
Posted by on
CONNECTICUT -- Purchased an iMac at Apple store, came with Leopard disc. Never informed that factory installed Leopards are are not shipped as yet, but will be available in January, AFTER the holidays. No discount on the Safari models, no offer at store to install Leopard OS w/update. Steps to install Leopard via disc take up to three hours, not counting hold time for Apple support. Backup all, remove OS, reinstall Leopard. Not so quick or simple.

After hours on phone, install failed, informed it was a corrupt disc. Rep has dealt with this before, 2x that week. He stated that Apple would send another disc along with confirmation email & phone call. Weeks later: NOTHING, not a disc, call or email. Repeated calls and excruciating wait times on phone have produced the following result:

Nobody has sent you a disc
We cannot send a disc b/c you didn't order online
We cannot tell you who can resolve your problem
We cannot provide a contact to resolve your problem
No, nobody will get back to you
Here is the number for corporate sales, try them
Keep calling
Try the retail store

The retail store: We can't give out discs, you'll have to contact if it is a manufacturer problem i.e., corrupt disc

Well, after hours on phone today alone, still no disc. Contacting Better Business Bureau and local TV station along with Attorney General for the state of CT, This is one of the worst customer services experiences I think I've had.
But, it sure is good to know that Apple reps "can appreciate my frustration"

Challenge to Apple: Inform customers that factory installed coming soon and offer discount on new sales of old OS, refunds for ALL who purchased recently without being advised of problems installing Leopard. Compensate those who have spent more than 8 hours on the phone with Apple. Set up customer task force to respond to "unresolvable" issues. Name one reason that I should be satisfied with the service/support at APPLE. If you can't ask yourselves, how is this ethical business practice & why should consumers continue to do business with APPLE?

Strong suggestion: If you are set on APPLE, Wait on that purchase until factory install models are released. Also, request discount or refund if you've already purchased and had to install Leopard or corrupt disc, they are giving these if customer demands I know, but apparently ONLY if you request. Nice eh?
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madconsumer on 12/05/2007:
you should have gone with an IBM clone with microsoft xp or vista. although they are large hungry programs, they do install an operate.

GWbiker on 12/05/2007:
Don't bother trying to install Mac OS Leopard with its quirky bugs. Instead, continue to use OS 10.4.9 (Tiger) until Apple gets Leopard install problems sorted out.
Ruppertjiles on 05/14/2008:
The situation with Leopard and iMac has not improved. I received a new iMac with Leopard 10.2 in April 08 that couldn't connect to the internet. Tech support asked me to re-install the O/S but it kept getting an unrecoverable error. The Genius bar could not fix it. Returned computer to Apple; the replacement was the same way. I never got an answer as to what is wrong with the O/S or the computer. Asked for refund but Apple can't figure out how to do the refund internally because I bought the computer through the Sales department and the replacement was provided by Apple Care and those two entities can't agree on who, and how to give me a refund. This has been the worst computer buying experience I've ever had. When the first machine had to be replaced they told me to drive 2 hours to the nearest Apple store for replacement and guaranteed I'd be taken care of. Arrived at Apple store and they didn't have a computer to give me and couldn't fix the current one. It just got worse from there; massive confusion at Apple on who does what with a return/refund and how to do it. Apple is on the brink of becoming the next Microsoft. You've been warned.
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Defective computer
Posted by on
We were "sold" a fantastic superior product with 2nd to none customer service and support. What we received for our $3000 + purchase was completely different.
After 10 weeks of being in possession of our "fantastic" computer, it failed to boot up 3 times, I had to reinstall the Operating system twice, the 3rd time I took it to the store to be checked out. The hard drive had failed. I asked for a replacement. Request refused. Apple kept the computer so they could repair it. 23 days later after many frustrating phone calls with 1-800-APL-CARE, and conflicting tales from the store staff as to when it would be ready, when the parts had come in and what place in line it was, I went to pick up my computer. The next day we took the computer back to the store, as it was not functioning correctly. (A different set of issues than before.)
3 days later my computer was ready. Took it home and it was not functioning correctly. (A different set of issues than before.)
I called the product specialist who had been assigned to our case, he asked me to monitor the CPU usage in the Activity monitor and to call him in a couple of days. I called a couple of days later and left a message with his voicemail. "I'll get back to you in 24 hours............" 3 calls and 7 days later I get annoyed and phone and speak to another product specialist who was really quite rude. "Actually the computer has only been repaired once!" Anyway he set up an "onsite repair" and a tech guy came to my home. (Not special treatment, this is part of your warranty) He replaced ramx2GB, ramx1GB and the logic board. He also discovered that the optical drive was defective and will hopefully be back in a couple of days to replace it. As of now I can't put any discs in the machine, so I hope it won't be too long. My frequent requests for a replacement have been juggled and passed onto others. This time I got a definite "If it doesn't work after the optical drive is replaced then we will replace the computer. " I also got a "If it doesn't work after the 2nd repair we'll look into a replacement." Same person told me this.
At this point I don't want the computer anymore. I want a refund. (I have written a letter to the Apple Headquarters, and hope that that may help) I have I am thoroughly disappointed, angry, frustrated and seriously inconvenienced by this whole experience. I have spent the best part of the summer dealing with tech guys, and telephone support guys. Completely sicked by the whole thing.
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10retail on 08/17/2007:
Did you have to pay for any of the repairs if not then they did there part of the warranty. Yeah it took some time but did you realize that you might not be the only person in your area with computer problems. So it might take more than 24 hours. It does stink that they said one thing and something else was delivered but if its fixed and you didn't have to pay for it what's the problem.
Cath30t on 08/18/2007:
The problem is I now have a refurbished computer and not a "new" one. A distinct feeling of being ripped off! Plus all the headaches of a computer that after several repairs is not functioning correctly.
Cath30t on 08/19/2007:
Just wanted to add the email I received from Apple........unbelievable! Worst customer service I have EVER encountered. Does it resembled organised crime?

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for your email. We understand you are
requesting assistance with your iMac. Due to the nature and complexity of
technical issues, Apple does not offer product replacement assistance through
written correspondence.

We regret that you have experienced hardware failures with your iMac.
Although we are committed to providing the best personal computing experience to
our customers, Apple does not warrant that the operation of the product will be
uninterrupted or error-free. Apple may request that you replace defective parts with
new or refurbished parts that Apple provides in fulfillment of its warranty obligation.

If your unit is currently experiencing issues, hardware failure must be validated by
AppleCare. You may receive technical assistance over the phone by calling 800-APL-CARE
(800-275-2273). Help is available seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. central.
There is no charge for this support for 90 days following the product's original date of

We appreciate your support of Apple products and services. Your concern has been
documented in Apple case number 81819899.

Best regards,

Apple Customer Care
Ruppertjiles on 05/14/2008:
Good luck! The Apple(Could)Care(Less) department is stalling on my return/refund. From another post I did on this site: The situation with Leopard and iMac has not improved. I received a new iMac with Leopard 10.2 in April 08 that couldn't connect to the internet. Tech support asked me to re-install the O/S but it kept getting an unrecoverable error. The Genius bar could not fix it. Returned computer to Apple; the replacement was the same way. Asked for refund but Apple can't figure out how to do the refund internally because I bought the computer through the Sales department and the replacement was provided by Apple Care and those two entities can't agree who and how to give me a refund. This has been the worst computer buying experience I've ever had. When the first machine had to be replaced they told me to drive 2 hours to the nearest Apple store for replacement and guaranteed I'd be taken care of. Arrived at Apple store and they didn't have a computer to give me and couldn't fix the current one. It just got worse from there; massive confusion at Apple on who does what with a return/refund and how to do it. Apple is on the brink of becoming the next Microsoft. You've been warned.
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Just Great
Posted by on
The genius bar at Apple is outstanding. They are true experts and always go above and beyond for me. The people working the 'bar' are always sharp, friendly, knowledgeable, and nice.

As a mild criticism, their website is a bit too busy though. They need to streamline it.

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Anonymous on 08/26/2010:
My son is a big Apple fan. He recently bought his second laptop and something went wrong with it within a week. When he brought it in, they didn't just try to fix it. They gave him a new one. That's great customer service. Thanks for the post.
db1105 on 08/26/2010:
My daughter talked us into getting an IMac a few years ago. I love it. We just bought her a laptop for college and the service at the Apple store couldn't be better. It was crowded but worth the wait. I'm hooked
DebNab on 08/31/2010:
I too have had excellent service from Apple. They fix the problem or give you a new product. They help you when you just don't understand what to do. Apple is awesome.
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Glad I Took The Leap
Posted by on
After several windows PC's and all the bull... I'm glad I took that leap of faith to get a Mac. It was scary into the unfamiliar, but the frustration with everything Windows led me to it, now I feel like that old V8 commercial but instead saying "wow coulda had a Mac!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Mac is Wack.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
My next computer will be a Mac..
MRM on 06/30/2009:
I agree with Wally. And I would not recommend that, Steve.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
As you can see on my blog, I have 5 computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7 and they are the shiznit!
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
I've had PC's with windows,next will be the Mac. Can't be any worse than a regular PC
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
5 computers MRM? one question...WHY so many?
MRM on 06/30/2009:
Well, I was just lookin out for you, Steve, and considered yourself warned!
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
OK thanks for looking out....

I'll of course do my research before making the purchase.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
1st computer is for testing system builds.
2nd computer is for gaming.
3rd computer is for everyday use. (I use this most of the time)
4th computer is for guests to use.
5th computer is for display.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
6h computer to keep DB informed when someone needs 'nipped in the bud'...
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
MRM you have more than five computers, you got that netbook and that asus so isn’t it more like seven.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
$95 million will get you a few more of those computers!
MRM on 06/30/2009:
Wally, those two I did not build.

DB, I hope we'll win 2nite. Either of us got to win 2nite.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
well how many do you have all together, build and non build.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
Man, I stop counting after the 10th computer because I would give them to my friends, family, and co-workers.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
You ever own a Alienware those are top notch gaming computers. But they cost a fortune.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
I have two PC's and four laptops.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Why do you need four laptops DB.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
I never bought any of those gaming computers because they are outrageously overpriced.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
You seen my picture...I have large laps! LOL!
MRM on 06/30/2009:
I cannot wait till 2nite because that when all the freaks come out! Muhahahaha! Muhahahaha!
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
My friend likes to build computers, he buys all of his computer components from new egg and he can build a gnarly pc. For half the price the stores sell em for
MRM on 06/30/2009:
Yes, Newegg is where I buy most of the computer parts.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
Muhahahaha! Muhahahahaha! *choking while laughing*
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
I'm to stupid to build a pc lol.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
Wally, you've been watching your friend build PC so you should be able to learn some stuff.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
Wally, it's really very easy to build your own computer...the hard part is making it work after you build it.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
That's true, DB. When you power on the computer for the first time, just pray that it'll turn on!
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
Actually, when I power on my computer, I pray that you, DC or Superbowl is signed on! LOL!
MRM on 06/30/2009:
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
I never did get my laptop hooked up wireless. It's just too stupid!
MRM on 06/30/2009:
I'm sure you know someone who is technically saavy that can set up router for you. It'll be difficult to tell you how through this site.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
I've had this router for two years now and never got it going. I get too frustrated with it, then pull all its plugs and let it set a few months and try again.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Same here, then again I fried my router I need a new one.
DebtorBasher on 06/30/2009:
It has pretty lights though.
Apple Mac on 06/30/2009:
I have owned a Mac for one year and will never go back to a PC. I previously owned a Dell, which was a piece of junk - Dell is Hell!
MRM on 06/30/2009:
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