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Now people I've not been a fan of Apple since Anthony Michael Hall dressed down Noah Wyle in the 1999 made for cable docudrama 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' but I got to say Apples iPad is erasing the big head scene from my memory.

Now I know what you're saying. The iPad is nothing but an oversized iPhone without the phone feature and 'yes' I too thought the same until my wife gave me an iPad for my birthday. Instead of boring you with a technical gee whiz laundry list of what it does I'm going to bring it down to a personal level and relate how the iPhone has become an integral part of my iMorning. Ya know 'Keep it Real'.

I start the day waking to my 'Alarm Clock' app then head to the patio with coffee in hand to watch the sunrise while reading the days headlines provided by news apps ('CNN','USA Today', 'AP Mobile', 'Pulse News', 'Early Edition'). Check the email app for stuff floating in overnight (both work and personal) and the 'Informant App' for the days schedule of events. Ya know bring in the new day.

Sun rises time to start the day so I record my weight in the 'Fat Secret' app, record my vitals in the 'Heartwise' app then I fire up the iHeart radio app to listen to what ever radio station in the world that seems suitable that day for my daily shave, shine and showering.

Before I head out the door for work I check the internet for traffic conditions, latest Facebook happenings via the Facebook app and select tweets via the 'Twittelator' app. Then it's to the car where once again I entertain myself with worldwide radio pushed to my car speakers via the iHeart radio app.

I judge the importance and value of any tech toy by how it meshes it's self into my life and by that standard applied to my morning routine I have no other choice than to give the iPad two thumbs up via the DancingDan app.

Thank you and God bless.
New operating system for iPad
Posted on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- The new operating system is terrible. It is confusing. It takes forever to charge the iPad . It uses to much power. Is there a way to re-install the old operating system (iOS 6).
Apple Computers Online Order Nightmare!
Posted by on
On 4/12/2010, I paid $1,100 in advance to Apple Online Store to order a new iPad plus its service plan of $99 that are not shipped until 5/2/2010. When I cancelled its service plan on 5/4/2010, Apple’s customer service rudely passed its obligations to Apple online service. It was a nightmare to contact Apple Online Service manager James Crowl who is rude, egoistic, hostile and abusive; he yelled, barked like a mad dog and refused to issue a refund receipt, or to give a refund date, or to follow up; he said, “I am the highest you could talk to.” He fraudulently logged a refund as a repair ticket; he fabricated a “Case No. 161270068” to distort this refund as a repair ticket. That is despicable and absurd!

After tolerating 40 days of not receiving my refunds, I reported this problem to BBB, then an executive staff Tim O’Neil of Apple suddenly appeared, not to apologize, but to defend the malicious acts of Apple’s bad faith keeping $99 for 40 days. He has no evidence to defend why should APPLE EARN INTERESTS 20 DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING ITS IPAD, AND EARNED EXTRA 40 DAYS INTERESTS BEFORE REFUNDING $99? It is simply greedy, dishonest, uncustomer-oriented and in bad faith.

I have wasted money, innumerable hours and hassle to get my small refund of $99 for unreasonable 40 days (Apple did not pay interests). It is shocking to discover how a big Apple company would take advantage of little people and to create such a nightmare to customers for a small refund of $99! It is an eye opener of a big Apple company could be so customer-unfriendly and money-driven against consumers!
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