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Horrible Restore System
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased an APPLE IPHONE because I was told that as long as I connected to a computer that all my information will be saved/ backed up. I recently had a problem with my "passcode" and was locked out of my device. My screen read "IPhone disabled, connect to Itunes", also my computer is now out of working condition, in order for me to use my phone I needed to "restore" and "backup" my device. Only problem was, in order to do that you must connect from ONE computer that you used to back up your device, my computer is no longer in service so I had to use my friends computer and lost everything! IM LIVID! If I knew I was going to have to consistently use the same computer to make sure EVERYTHING I had was backed up I would have NEVER NEVER NEVER bought the stupid phone. Its really not that great, I highly regret buying this device. I can not stress that enough.

For the one reason I bought it, it was pointless and once again the motto "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" came to mind. I've seen better phones, I really think the only reason people buy them is because its supposed to be the "it" phone. Really, the android store has pretty much all the same apps. Actually, the Iphone has to go through Itunes for almost everything and barley nothing is free. IF YOU LIKE FREE DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! Any who, I lost everything that mattered in the phone. If you are going to make a phone that people use for everything and practically live off of and use for things like photos, contacts, emails, reminders, etc... than you should make sure:



Not everyone lives in a financially stable situation and can afford to fix things "asap" like in my case with my computer. Now out of working order and I cannot afford to spend money to fix that and afford to miss work calls while I wait to have my computer fixed to fix my phone. I understand it comes as a safety feature, my problem is its a little too strong if you risk losing everything even while having ALL PHONE/ACCOUNT INFORMATION. There needs to be a way for the Apple team to fix your phone without losing everything. Even if you have to take it to a Apple store with you cell phone providers information, original phone box, a list of passwords, drivers license, social card, whatever information to prove you are who you say you are. I'm so heartbroken I lost everything. There was recently a death in the family and I had quite a few picture and videos close to heart that I will never see again. I guess until I am able to purchase a BETTER phone I will just have to make sure I stop at my friends EVERY DAY until then. After all, that's the only way I can be sure all my stuff is SAFE FROM DELETION.

P.S I do have Icould and for whatever reason, I've noticed lately that it has been turning itself off somehow. I called and complained and asked what could be done and my answer was " Well, the best I can tell you is go in and manually turn it on, but when its turned off it removes all stored data." In short all my stuff was lost because 1. Someone had turned on my passcode without my knowledge and I was unable to unlock the device and message read "Iphone disabled, connect to ITUNES" only one computer stores your saved information. 2. My Icloud turns off and on without knowledge and at this time it was off (phone defect that was never properly fixed) and NOTHING was saved. 3. There is no way for the information to be downloaded even on Itunes from another computer. 4. Apple team is unable to unlock passcode or reset it for you cause Apples cool and didn't think ahead I guess? I know Sprint is able to unlock phones from their staffs computer, Apple needs to invest in that.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 06/02/2013:
I'm an Android buff myself, but what little I know of iPhones, I believe you can walk into your carriers store for some help. Maybe free, maybe a small fee? I know my kids that have iPhones with Verizon seem pretty happy with the service they get at the local Verizon store. I know one of them got a complete reset or software replacement for about $35.00.

Might be worth a try? Best of luck!
bcd on 06/02/2013:
It appears as though you failed to back up your computer, which in turn caused you to lose your iPhone backup when the computer failed. That appears to be more of an operator error than a manufacturer oversight.
Weedwhacked on 06/03/2013:
This is the kind of complaint that occurs when the end user doesn't understand technology. How can you restore files from a computer where you didn't make a backup to? OP, you can probably still access your "stuff.". Have someone remove the hard drive and put it into a USB enclosure.
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Review of the iPhone
Posted by on
iPhone reviewI recently took the plunge and got a new iPhone from Apple/AT&T. I had been a loyal T-mobile/Sidekick user for years, but after playing around with an iPhone at the Apple store before the holidays, I decided to go make the leap.

My first impression of the device was extremely positive. The setup process went very smoothly. I just had to download and install their iTunes product. That took about 10 minutes. Once it was installed, I plugged my new iPhone in and it immediately started the setup process. It asked me if I wanted to transfer my old number, and if so, it would take care of canceling my previous service for me. Great! I check yes, please do so and away it went. My phone was up and running within the hour, and my old number was working on my new phone before the next day was done. I never had to make one call to my old provider (T-mobile) regarding cancellation, they took care of everything. A word of caution, if you have a contract with a previous provider, you are still obligated to that contract and may incur penalties if you let AT&T transfer your number and cancel your old account. In my case, I was month-to-month with T-mobile so it did not matter.

Once I was set up, I took a quick tour of the iPhone's delivered features:

1. E-mail: It lets me setup as many e-mail accounts as I like. They can be POP or IMAP, and it even comes pre-configured to handle Google (gmail), Yahoo, Mac and AOL mail. My one gripe about the mail application was that it created separate mail folders for each account. So I had to go into each folder to read the new mail. I would prefer to have one mail folder that I could see ALL my new mail from all my accounts, but perhaps in the next software update.

2. Web Browser (Safari): I think this is by far the best feature of the phone. It has the most amazing web browser I've seen on a phone/PDA. It has no problem rendering any site I have tried. I can even do my online banking from my phone. Javascript, AJAX, you name it, it can handle it. Very impressive. And the touch screen navigation makes browsing a breeze. You can quickly pop around a site and zoom in on the sections of interest. I found the Edge network speed to be reasonably fast compared to my old Sidekick 2 web browser. When I was in a WiFi zone (like at my house), the phone would switch to WiFi mode and the browsing would be rocket fast. Very impressive. The web browser also had the neat ability to be used by holding the phone vertically or horizontally on the fly. It would simply auto-adjust to whatever position you turned the phone. Paging up and down was as easy as sliding your finger down the screen.

Another neat feature, it allows you to open up as many web browser sessions as you like simultaneously.

3. It is an iPod: I found the iPod features to be better/easier to use than my previous old iPods. The touch screen navigation make browsing my library of music very quick and easy. My model was the 8GB phone, so I could store a few thousand sounds if I liked. It also has an external speak built-in to the phone, so you can simply lay the phone on your desk and listen away without headphones. Didn't sound great this way, but it works well enough if you are sick of wearing headphones.

4. Phone features: I really like using the headphones that come with it for the phone. But it is also Blue-tooth capable, for those of you that have Blue-tooth head sets. The sound quality was good, and folks I spoke with said I sounded better than my old T-mobile phone. The voice-mail is another very cool feature. It is called "visual voicemail". You can see a list of your messages on the screen and simply touch the one you want to listen to, or delete, etc. Pretty neat feature.

5. Camera: The built-in 1.2MB camera works OK, but nothing great as expected. It is nice for those last minute shots when you forgot a camera. There is no flash, but the low-light capabilities seem to work okay. Pictures can be emailed or assigned to your contacts, etc. Pretty standard stuff.

6. Photo Album: You can sync your iPhone with you photo collection from your PC. Pretty neat to have them with you whenever you want to show off your new puppy or whatever. The photo album application is addicting to use. You can smoothly browse through thumbnails of all your pictures with the brush of your finger on the screen. Very fun and very easy to use. The pictures can be viewed both in portrait or landscape mode by simply rotation the phone.

7. Google Maps: A very handy application if you ever need a map on the road. At first I thought it would only work well if I was connected to a WiFi hotspot, but I found it worked fairly well when I was on the Edge network (non-wifi). I use it all the time to pull up maps, find places to eat, get phone numbers, etc. Works as well as the real Google Maps, if not better.

8. YouTube Videos: You can browse/search YouTube from your phone, and watch any videos you want. It seemed to work best when I am in a WiFi zone, but it worked without Wifi as well, just slower loading. I don't use it that much, but a neat feature none-the-less. Side note: I also noticed I could watch Quicktime videos (ie - Movie previews) on websites that offered them through the Safari web browser.

9. Stock Quotes, Weather, Calendar, Text Messages, Calculator, Notepad, etc: Beyond the core apps above, you also get a slew of more basic/standard apps. I found the Stock/Weather apps to be very easy and quick to use. The others I have not experimented with too much, but they seem easy to use as well.

Moving on to the device itself. The phone itself is a very sleek design. The touch screen is a glossy glass, and the back is a brushed metal color. The widescreen display renders colors and images beautifully. Better than any other PDA I have ever seen.

I was concerned at first about the touch-screen getting full of fingerprints. It turns out I was right. It does get loaded with fingerprints, but you never see them while using the device. Once it hibernates and the screen goes blank you can seem them, but when it is on, oddly, you don't notice them. The screen is glass, so my guess is if I was to drop the phone, it would break more easily than most other phones.

The touch-screen itself is a glimpse of the future. It works amazingly well, and makes navigating the phone a breeze. Though a bit awkward at first to get used to (much like the iPod), once you get the hang of it you might never want to use anything else. The on-screen keyboard takes some getting used to as well, but once you get comfortable with it, becomes fairly useful. Apple has included some pretty smart "auto-correction" software that lets you hack away at the keyboard while it works hard correcting your mistakes on the fly. I found it was about 80% accurate at correcting my mistakes in general, and even better as I grew more comfortable with the keyboard.

It is important to note that the keyboard is only displayed in portrait mode for most of the apps, which is a bit annoying since it makes the keyboard quite small. But luckily they offer the widescreen keyboard when you are in the web browser application, which is much easier to type with.

On to battery life. I was a bit worried on my first day when my iPhone died before I got home from work, lasting less than 12 hours. I quickly realized I had it configured poorly in regards to optimizing the power usage. I turned off the "auto wifi finder", toned down my email update frequency, adjusted how long the device stays on until it hibernates, etc. Next day it went the whole day and only used about 40% of my battery. Huge improvement. Some days when I use it sparingly, the battery won't even drop 10% for the day. Not bad. Other days of heavy usage I can go through a full charge in about 16 hours or less... but that is when my online on my phone browsing the web, watching videos, music... talking, etc.
pretty much all day long.

Phone temperature is another issue to note. If you use it heavily it does get a bit warm, but never uncomfortably warm. The device cools itself through induction with the metal back plate of the phone. So if you carry it in your pocket, be sure to keep the back of the phone facing outwards so it can cool down. It makes sense since you would want the face of the phone to your leg to protect it, etc.

Sorry for such a long review! I just started typing and had a lot to say... I hope I covered most of the features that folks might be interested in learning about. If you have any other questions, leave a comment and I'll be sure to check back and answer them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/03/2008:
Anonymous on 01/03/2008:
Although I'm not in the market for a new phone, I found your review very informative. I wasn't aware of many of those features.

Great review!
Anonymous on 01/03/2008:
Thanks for the review.
msnanny on 01/03/2008:
Welcome to the world of iPhone fanatics:) I'm one too!! Posting from it now. LOVE my iPhone!!
Sparticus on 01/03/2008:
Ha! I'm posting from my iPhone too. ;-)
Anonymous on 01/03/2008:
Ha! Awesome, Sparticus!
DebtorBasher on 01/03/2008:
How about a price range for these? I've thought about getting one...but wasn't sure if it would just end up in my dresser drawer and forgotten about...I got lots and lots of forgotten things in my dresser drawer...thanks for the info.
Sparticus on 01/04/2008:
DB - They are expensive! The only reason I got one was because my company offset the cost. I believe they are still around $399 for the 8 GB model. I am sure they will be coming out with larger hard-drive models this Spring, and then probably drop the price on the 8 GB models I would guess... If they can do it without causing an uproar like last time.

As for a monthly fee, I pay about the same as I did with my T-mobile. $59.99/month for about 500 anytime minutes plus unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited data (email/web browsing), and a couple hundred text messages a month.
jktshff1 on 01/04/2008:
been curious about it..thanks for the review.
GothicSmurf on 01/04/2008:
Great review!
Anonymous on 01/04/2008:
I suspect that the second version of the iPhone will be really awesome. I'm just sorry that they tied themselves so tightly to AT&T. While I'd buy the phone in a heartbeat, I am not going to change providers just to do so.
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Update Is a Piece of Crisp
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHILLY, PENNSYLVANIA -- The iPhone update is awful. The map app is destroyed- almost impossible to see and colors are terrible. The home screen looks like a child's coloring book. The typewriter screen is too whited out to see clearly. All the screen colors look cheap and are difficult to see. On this very application selecting the state is even stupid and difficult to see and follow . What idiot came up with the display schemes and the way things sign . This update is crap and the designers should be ashamed . I want my old app back. Sincerely, disgusted with techies crap!!!
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Vist To Apple Store In Willow Bend Mall
Posted by on
TEXAS -- I thought the store was layout well. However in my visit there I was not acknowledged as soon as I walked in. Also I went all the way to the genius bar in the back without anyone even saying hello. I also had to wait at least 20mins before anyone at the bar would help me. Now I know that I went to the store at about 1pm, and it was busy, but still someone should have made eye contact with me at least. Now when in was helped at the bar the person seemed to be fairly friendly enough with me but he didn't see too enthused yet not inattentive either. I felt he was neutral, to that of being tired of working there. I got the sense that he had a long day and was being polite with me and really nothing more. As for the problem I had it was really cut and dry. I was given two choices. And I ended up spending about $80 on get a replace "battery" ie a new phone to solve the problem. The issue was that my old phone would unexpectedly shut itself off while I was using it. So overall I would give the store a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 of course being the best.
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User Replies:
Skye on 10/11/2011:
If a business cannot be bothered to acknowledge me when I walk in, I'll walk right out, and take my business elsewhere.

Good review.
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New Update
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I do not like the new update for the calendar app. Now when you view the events for a specific date you have to select and tap twice to see all of the events and times for that date. The old app it was lasted when you tapped the date.
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Can't Understand Why They Don't Have Iphone 5 in Stock
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I hate and I don't understand why there are no iPhone 5 in stock anywhere. They just tell you to go early in the morning. I mean, who they think they are? Apple should have more respect to the time of their customers. Shame on Apple.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 10/23/2012:
demand is high, and supply is low.
FoDaddy19 on 10/23/2012:
madconsumer hit the nail on the head.

"I mean, who they think they are?"

They are one of the, if not the most valuable company in the world, with legions of fanatical followers, who obediently buy every "next big thing" than Apple coughs up. That's who they are.
Vinnie11 on 10/23/2012:
Not to mention they released the new iPod and just put a shipping date of "October" - ANY time in October. I eventually just canceled mine after waiting weeks.
trmn8r on 10/23/2012:
"who they think they are" makes it sound as if they are disrespecting you, but could this simply be that there is a huge demand and they are giving you advice on how to get one?
Vinnie11 on 10/23/2012:
"Who do they think they are?" is exactly how I felt about the iPod release. They've gotten too big for their britches when they can release a product and ship it when they take a notion to - not even give a reasonable estimate for delivery and just assume you will wait.
Anonymous on 10/23/2012:
They sold 5 million iphone 5's, way more than what was predicted. That's millions of phones. It takes time to build & distribute the phone. You should have pre-ordered the phone if it was that important to you. No one will be getting the phones anytime soon, the wait is currently 4 weeks. (last I heard)
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3G iPhone
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I have used this forum for complaints several times, so it seems only fair to use it for a compliment! My new iPhone after several months stopped going to the home screen when the home button was pushed. I made a reservation to take it in to the nearest store online, showed it to the repair person, waited 5 minutes, and was handed a new phone! FAST!! EASY!! Actually standing behind the product! I have to admit I am impressed.

I have been trying to get Sony to fix my desktop for 7 months. Apple did it in 5 minutes!
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User Replies:
ipodme on 02/10/2009:
If Apple realizes its a hardware problem then giving you a new iphone is much fast. Just make sure you know they swapped it otherwise you'll loose your data!

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Lost all my music
Posted by on
Yesterday I went to play some music on my 3G iPhone. Nothing was there. I had one song on my phone. The day before I had well over 2000 songs. I figures it must be a software glitch. So I restarted my iPhone. Still no songs.

Next I performed a restore from iTunes. Still no songs in my phone library. What the heck happened? Most of this music I loaded on my phone from my old computer (not defunct). So I don't have access to it anymore. I thought the "backups" I was performing weekly of my phone was saving contents of my phone. Apparently that is not the case.

I spent countless hours loading my music and more time organizing all my playlists to awake one day with it all gone. And no reason or error message or explanation.

I have not tried Apple support yet, that will be my next stop. Keep you post on how that goes.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
It's a little after the fact, but for pocket change you can buy and download a utility called I-Pod Access which creates backup files of everything on your player or phone. It's well worth the investment.
Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
Wait a minute! You have not tried Apple Tech support yet to see if they can help you but yet you still post a complaint against the company? That is irresponsible and does not make this post helpful in the least. Your old computer no longer works so your original back up is no longer available. How is that Apples fault? It sounds like your complaint should be directed at yourself for not creating a new back up of your music.

You should have given the company an opportunity to resolve your issue BEFORE you posted this complaint. If they were unable or unwilling to help then THAT is the time to come to My3Cents and post your complaint.
smoney62 on 11/21/2008:
Yeah, I will post an update if I can ever get someone live from support. Working on it. But don't have enough time apparently as I have to get back to work.

My reason for sharing my complaint is to warn folks that they may need to use another backup utility BEYOND the one provided by iTunes. The "backup" that iTunes does each time I plug in is apparently not a real backup of the phone. Which isn't really clear when you execute the backup.

So I do feel my timing is valid, as folks out there may be relying on the iTunes phone backup utility thinking their music is safe... when in reality it is not.

Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
I hear what you are saying, and I am not saying that your concern is not valid, but it should not be a complaint until you have reached out to the company for a resolution.

There is an option to make a post "informative" and not a complaint. If Apple does not resolve your issue it would then be appropriate to post a complaint.
smoney62 on 11/21/2008:
Ah OK. I don't seem to have an option to change it from a complaint to an informative review. Perhaps I will jjust repost it. Or email support to fix it.

DebtorBasher on 11/21/2008:
You're better off with a transistor radio made in Japan with a 9volt battery and one of those little white earplugs that gets clogged up with earwax.
DebtorBasher on 11/21/2008:
^^^^^^^^^ According to the stories from my Much Older Brother, of course. I do have one as a collector's item from our 1976 Bicentennial...I love the smell of old transistor radios...
Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
OMG! DB! They do have a "smell". I completely forgot about that until you said it. Umm, not that I'm old enough to remember. :-X
DebtorBasher on 11/21/2008:
LOL...I thought I was the "only one"...I'm not old enough either, but like I said I have an old Transister I bought as a collector's item *wink*
bill on 11/21/2008:
Damn. I remember that smell too. Now I feel old.
DebtorBasher on 11/21/2008:
OK...fess up...are there any other Transistor radio sniffers among us here?

John...those radios with the leather snap on covers smelled even better! LOL!

OK, now I want to go to the Goodwill and by me one!
DebtorBasher on 11/21/2008:
Thanks Bill for admitting I feel much better. I also had an IM sent to me by another member who said he liked the smell of them too...but I guess he isn't man enough to speak up in front of everyone here!
bill on 11/21/2008:
It takes an old ... umm ... I mean bold man to admit it.
DebtorBasher on 11/21/2008:
I bet Old F remembers sniffing the Victrola!
Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
LOL DB! mine didn't have a leather strap. It had the cheapie one that clipped to a metal thing on the side. I'm having flashbacks now! :)
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False and Misleading Advertising
Posted by on
AT&T and Apple are not being upfront and honest to all existing AT&T customers.

A segment of existing AT&T customers that are internally classified as "Blue Accounts" have been misled regarding iPhone activation. Both AT&T and Apple websites state in plain English, "If you’re already an AT&T customer and want to keep your current voice plan, you can just add an iPhone Data Plan with unlimited data (email and web) and Visual Voicemail for just $20 per month."

As a customer that waited over 12 hours for an iPhone, I learned during activation that my account "is not compatible with iPhone" unless I change my voice plan. This is very different than presale and advertised information provided by AT&T.

After searching about this online, I learned about the "Blue Accounts" which are AT&T customers but AT&T chooses not to support them properly as they are less profitable. Wouldn't this be a clear cut case of false and misleading advertising? Additionally, this huge letdown from AT&T after all the hype places Apple in a lower category of customer support.

After I pointed this out to a higher-up at AT&T on Friday evening (night of iPhone launch), I was offered a one time credit of $450 to my account to change my voice plan as required or $120 credit to offset the 10% restocking fee for returrning two iPhones. I went back and returned the phone that evening while the line of purchasers was still flowing in. The Apple manager said my iPhone was the first iPhone return ever for Apple.

Please advise how to get the word out to prospective buyers. AT&T will use the opportunity to upsell their voice plan, a very different expectation that the customer planned. Or, please inform how to get through to AT&T and/or Apple to correct this so blue accounts are updated in the AT&T system to activate properly.

Apple must be forced to take responsibility for the false and misleading advertising practices associated with their agreements with AT&T regarding their iPhone. They must contact AT&T to have AT&T address the situation regarding the AT&T Blue Accounts so that these accounts can activate the iPhone without changing voice plans as represented in all advertisements
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User Replies:
trumania on 07/01/2007:
AT&T Blue accounts? Were you with AT&T Wireless before they merged with Cingular? Did you ever switch over to a Cingular plan or are you still on a month to month plan for the original AT&T Wiress company?

I could see how this would be a problem. If you're still on the old AT&T Wireless account you can't even buy a new phone for that service through Cingular/The New AT&T. They don't support that system anymore.

You would need to 'convert' to a Cingular/New AT&T account to be able to utilize the GSM system.

You should have taken the credit to upgrade the service when you had the chance, you'll never get that again.

AT&T can not legally classify an account as non profitable and not support it. The Blue Account is probably in reference to the original AT&T account which is not compatible with the Cingular/New AT&T system. This was explained in 2004/2005 when the merger took place.
Sparticus on 07/01/2007:
I'm holding off on the iphone for a year or two. There are a lot of features it does not have yet that I am interested in. Plus I hear AT&T's network is not the greatest.
dude in lude on 07/01/2007:
yeah so it sound like your a ATT blue, and you need to change to Orange, then you will on the GSM network, currently if you are blue before the merger than you on the old network that's still uses analog, you can switch to Orange and be fully capable of using the GSM netowrk and the I phone.
Ponie on 07/01/2007:
Aw for Pete's sake! You wait for *12* hours to get the latest(?) technology without knowing (according to trumania and dude) it would be an extra cost to be able to use it? You seem to have a lot of influence--a higher-up at AT&T (a person taller than the sales clerk?) and a manager at Apple? Wow! I'm underwhelmed. I'm sure they didn't mind making money off you for your lack of proper information. And these are the people who go around saying businesses are greedy. Sheesh! These people should really say 'whoops, I goofed.'
Anonymous on 07/02/2007:
You should have sold them on eBay. I heard they were going for over $700 average a piece.
craigt on 07/03/2007:
I have contacted several executives at AT&T regarding this and some have replied. I even received a call from someone at the AT&T Executive office that deals with these types of issues. They tried to jusify this as the "blue account" which as you described is an account that was set up before the merger with Cingular. They went on the try to convince me that the text on their website that I referred to includes the words "formally Cingular" claiming that I was never a Cingular customer. I explained that Cingular was te service provider that sent me an invoice and happily took my money month after month for the past 3 years, thus making me a Cingular customer. In any case, they explained that the whole order with the iPhone was set up in a very secret fashion and AT&T has little control. Apple demanded that there be no discounts for the iPhone or the service without any exception, even for AT&T employees who normally receive free unlimited minutes. They still offered me 200 bonus minutes to be added to my account per month if I convert my plan.

As for someone's comments that I should have taken the credit to upgrade when I had the chance - I have an open direct line to someone if I choose that option. However, this is my service deal - would you make the "upgrade" change?

$92/month (including taxes)
1650 shared anytime mins. (2 phones)
Unlimited mobile to mobile
Unlimited nights and weekend
Unlimited text messaging
Canada included in local calling area which means no roaming in Canada and no long distance to or from Canada to USA

The closest iPhone plan:
$129.99 (before taxes)
1400 shared mins. with rollover (2 phones)
Unlimited mobile to mobile
Unlimited nights and weekend
Unlimited data (internet/email)
200 text messaging
$0.49/min roaming in Canada
$0.19/min long distance to or from Canada to USA

The Canada part is very important to me since I travel to Montreal several times a year. I get to use my phone there like I am in Florida.

Someone mentioned that AT&T doesn't support new phones for blue accounts which is true, however, they went on to say tha it is analog and/or not GSM. Wrong - It is the same exact GSM technology using the same towers, frequencies, etc. The only thing different is the code for my plan is not accessible in the computer for any agent to add or modify. Want proof - Since 2004, anytime I wanted a new phone I purchased an unlocked GSM phone on Ebay, put in my AT&T SIM and was on my way. I currently use a T-Mobile Dash where I obtain my data using WiFi at free hotspots or unsecured networks. I expected to do the same for the iPhone except at this time, it is pretty locked up. Before waiting for hackers to unlock it, I attempted to go through proper channels and commit to a 2-year contract and pay them for data. I am still willing to do that but not at the cost of losing my existing voice plan which is my point of the false advertising.

There is some good news to report -
The Executive at AT&T informed that the official reason why the iPhone does not allow business discounts and is only targeted for the individual consumer is because the software does not allow for proper use of corporate email requirements. However, she said they already have the software for this and in 1-2 quarters, they will release a business edition with business plans.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know appear to be in the classification of "blue accounts", please say so on here and/or other forums. If we get the word out that there is an entire segment of cusomters that fall into this category, maybe some action will take place without legal means.
craigt on 07/03/2007:
Two updates to add:

(1) [If I can post a link on this forum] Here is a link to a site where users are also discussing this topic.

(2) Within hours of my conversation with the AT&T Executive, AT&T officially updated their website on the iPhone FAQ page by adding the following text:

Q. Do I need to switch to a different rate plan if I upgrade to iPhone?
A. If you’re an existing AT&T (formerly Cingular) wireless customer, you just need to add an iPhone Data Plan. This may replace your current data plan. In most cases, your voice plan will stay the same (There are some plans that are not eligible).

The AT&T page can be found at this link:

Clearly I pointed them right to it. However, they didn't change it in the pdf link located here:

And it wasn't changed on the apple site.

I believe this update is progress because it represents that they are inadvertently acknowledging wrong doing. If they don't come clean and do something for us "blue customers" , this is evidence for legal. (I have screen shots and printouts of the before and after).
craigt on 07/05/2007:
AT&T Blue Account Customers - I think it would be a good idea for us to exchange email addresses and/or contact info to begin to group up with this. I believe we can make a difference in numbers. Does anyone know how can the exchange of contact info be done via the forum without risking online spam, etc.?

I am definitely not done pursuing
agardner on 07/18/2007:
Adding my three cents; not all Cingular Wireless (formerly AT&T Wireless customers) are using the old TDMA phones & TDMA network. I switched over to the GSM network here in Chicago years ago when the company was still AT&T Wireless and before AT&T sold their wireless business to Cingular Wireless. I am still grand fathered in on the AT&T Wireless “Charter Plan” which was and still is for me $99/mo unlimited voice calls (local/domestic long distance) and unlimited roaming anywhere in the U.S.! They will have to pry that plan from my cold dead hands before I switch to a Cingular Wireless…oppsss…The New AT&T service plan with rollover!

It is unfair that the new AT&T Wireless is attempting to wash it’s hands of the old loyal and faithful AT&T Wireless customers. Count me in if there are enough people willing to file a class action lawsuit! The new AT&T should be ashamed of itself! For the record, my GSM SIM card won’t work with current model Cingular/New AT&T Wireless locked phones because I am a “Blue AT&T” customer and NOT an “Orange AT&T customer”. To get around it, I simply buy unlocked GSM phones online or via companies like Tiger Direct. So I am an AT&T customer but treated like an unloved stepchild. Maybe it is time for “family therapy” AKA a class action lawsuit. Who else is ready?


P.S. Check out this funny Comedy Central skit on The New AT&T.
j92 on 09/20/2007:
I have the exact same problem as craigt. I have a golden handcuff sort of plan from the long ago ATT. I want to keep it and I believe that the wording of the advertising campaign associated with the iPhone indicated that I could just add the data plan. I still want to make this happen. I returned my iPhone when I found out I couldn't make it happen. Three days of talking to ATT operators was all I could handle. I am rather envious of the fact that Craig reached ATT executives! What should we do??
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