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The worst iPod yet? You betcha
By -

I bought an iPod classic in November, and to this day has been the worst consumer electronics I have ever had the misfortune to own. Not only is the thing dead slow, the sound quality is equally horrible (try listening to a melodic song on it), and this completely and utterly strange menu system where you have half a screen with your options, then the other half is filled with floating artwork.

The screen scratches very easily which could be due to the new glass being used, and the fibres inside as well as the back - it looks like I tried to rub a toothpick against it. Songs are stopping at any given time and cutting out and distorting - ripped from expensive CDs, not downloads - and will suddenly stop syncing with iTunes because it can.

While we're at it, try turning the volume down. Doesn't work, does it? How about trying to keep the album artwork on there - it disappears to god only knows where, and worst of all was this was all denied to happen by the Apple customer service representative I was told to upgrade my firmware more times than I've had hot roast chicken dinners in the last four years, and then got a survey to say what I thought. What a nice afterthought. Worst of all, I own one.

Cannot Get Help
By -

I have a small problem, but it seems like it should be simple to solve. I can purchase songs from iTunes, but I can't transfer them to my shuffle. No matter what I do. It is so frustrating. I've spent hours on the iPod and iTunes sites and have tried to find an answer but to no avail. I know it is a small thing, but why isn't there any service where I can email my question and get an answer. The only answer I got was a link to the iTunes purchase policy. If I know what their customer service email was, I would enter it. I doubt they care one iota. It's too bad because I we have two Apple computers and iPhone and two iPods. Aaarrgh!!!

IPOD Touch Missing Camera
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Re Apple's IPOD Touch, the front facing camera was removed from 5th Gen 16MB device. This was purchased to replace my granddaughter's lost 4th Gen 8GB ipod which had this camera. Apple's ipod webpage shows pictures with this camera but if you dig deeper, you learn that you must spend more and buy the 32GB ipod G5 to get the front-facing camera. I consider this to be deceptive advertising to former Apple customers who would not expect Apple to cheapen their product. Consequence for me was a very disappointed granddaughter on XMAS night. Shame on Apple.

Unhappy with iOS7
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Rating: 3/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- I have had my iPad for about 4 months. I love the way it was so easy to use but since downloading iOS7, it has been more difficult to use! I do like some features but why change so much? I would like to go back to iOS6. I am to the point of going back to my laptop! Apple, please fix this!!!

Ipods are over-priced Pieces of Junk!
By -

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband purchased an over-priced piece of junk (a.k.a., an Apple ipod) in April of 2006. In July, it stopped working completely. We went to the nearest Apple store at Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, CA. We got there only to learn an appointment is necessary to have it looked at by a “Genius Bar” technician. We then had to wait over hour for our turn (guess a lot of people have Apple problems!).The technician was not able to repair the ipod and gave him a new one.

My husband spent quite a bit of time that evening TRYING to upload music onto the hunk-o- junk, with no luck. The next morning, I made an appointment for the Apple store online, so we wouldn't have to wait like we did the previous day. Their store didn't open until 11:00 am. Our appointment was scheduled at 11:15. We had to cancel our previously made morning plans completely so we could get the ipod serviced. My husband does use the little piece of junk daily and needed it for the following day. It was the only day we could make it back to the Apple store.

We once again made the 15 mile one way drive to the Apple store and spent more time having the overpriced hunk-o-junk tested. Our free time is extremely limited and we the shoddy ipods were wasting that precious time!
Interesting, the technician tested the ipod only to learn it was a faulty little bugger… a pricey little non-functioning bugger! Once again, he received a new one. It's been a few weeks since he has had the new ipod, yet I am sure it won't be long before it has to be replaced! I know there are a lot of issues with ipods. My daughter's friend has had to return her non-working ipod FOUR TIMES regarding three completely different non-functioning issues.

Wow - I googled “ipod complaints” and learned they have a lot of unhappy customers out there…we're definitely amongst them! I really wonder about the quality of all products out there on the market… do they put these products though ANY sort of testing before they sell them to us folks?! Apple, 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014, 408.996.1010 .

iPod Review - Great device, not so great everything else.
By -

ILLINOIS -- I thought I would write to inform consumers about the much talked about video ipod. I recently made the big purchase and was very surprised to see what came in the box, or shall I say what didn't come in the box. For $399, you would think they would throw in a power cord to charge the thing! It only comes standard with a USB cable that lets you charge the device through your computer. But your computer must be ON to do this, and if you are anywhere else without your computer, you are out of luck! They conveniently sell a power cord charger for $30 on their website. Gee, how nice of them.

So that is my first gripe. Second is the software. iTunes is the software package that comes with the ipod for managing and downloading videos, music, pictures, podcasts, etc to your player. Well it wouldn't install with the CD that came with the player, I had to download the latest version from their website. Even then, the iTunes software constantly hangs (which requires a CTRL-ALT-DEL to kill off the non-responding application).

My third and final gripe is the lack of "compatibility" the device offers. Basically everything except the headphone jack is proprietary. My old player I could plug any firewire or USB cable into transfer files to and from. And I didn't even need any software to move files back and forth.

The ipod, on the other hand, requires the use of a special "ipod" USB cable. The ipod only works with iTunes software, meaning you cannot access your files on the device in any other way unless you have the software. Nor can you share (heaven forbid) your files since it apparently would not allow me to connect to the device from my second computer. I don't know for sure if this was by design, or just bad software, since it is hard to tell with so many glitches.

With that off my chest, on to the good. The ipod is pretty darn cool. It has great storage, 60GB, and it not only plays music well, but you can store your entire digital photo library and setup playlists to play while you watch a show of your photos. The video feature is just plain cool. I downloaded an episode of "The Office" (ABC show) and it looked great on the small screen. They offer music videos, TV shows, podcasts and more in the video format. Some is free, most cost a small fee. A 30 minute TV show costs $1.99, same for a music video.

Amazingly, after all the negatives I went through with this little device, I am still very happy with it because it is just so damn cool. My advice to potential buyers... be aware of its limitations and do some research on other competing models before you make the plunge.

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