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Why does iTunes suck so bad?
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- I wonder why iTunes for windows is the slowest programs that I have ever used since the very first Mac was built. It always takes minutes to tens of minutes to process anything and it can only process one thing at a time, plus it slows down every computer, while in use, I have ever used it on. It is so bad it almost seems designed so windows users get paid back for not owning and apple computer. Well apple I own 4 Iphones and two Ipads can't you throw me a bone. I have tried iTunes on 10 different windows computers with OS ranging from XP to Windows 8 with the same results every time. I have been trying for the last 20 minutes just update my playlist. It is pathetic and consumers need to demand better. It is not just you but the program. I keep loading every update and keep praying that is will be faster but no. I hear from my friends that oh it is that ITunes is just slow, get used to it. We shouldn't get used to it. While on the subject why does it take an hour to sync a few gigs of data through the apple cable or sometimes two hours to perform a software update on the phone?
I Love Apple... Products are great... But iTunes customer service needs improving
Posted on
I must say I am very pleased with all of my Apple products. I have owned them for over a year now and no problems. I purchased the Apple Care plans just in case but have yet to need to use it.

The only problem I have come across is with iTunes customer service, they don't read your email instead send pre-written responses that are irrelevant to your email. So I am more cautious about what I buy from iTunes. However, all other emails I have sent to other departments have been responded to with courtesy and respect... seems to just be bad Apples in the iTunes dept.

Besides this though I could not be happier with the products themselves.

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