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Defective Hard Drives in Macbooks
By -

In July of 2007 I purchased a Macbook Pro laptop for my son who was in high school at the time. Just before the 1 year warranty expired, the hard drive suddenly crashed with the resulting "white screen of death." Fast forward to 2011 and a new Macbook Pro that I purchased 6 months ago when my son started college. This one only lasted 6 months before the hard drive suddenly crashed causing all of the information, class notes, work etc. to be lost unless I send it to DriveSavers which was recommended by the Apple store. Problem is they charge between 700-1900 dollars to recover the files. Not worth it!!!

I have done some research and have found out that a lot of other people are having problems with their hard drives going out on their Apple computers and what's pathetic is that Apple will not do anything about it ie recalls/ compensation. As for me and my son who was a huge Apple advocate, we are done with them and will no longer be purchasing their computers.

Awesome Computer
By -

We have several Laptops (HP, Gateway, Toshiba, Apple). Now I know Apple computers seem to be more expensive but that is not really true because when I custom configure any PC matching hardware they come out costing the same. The only company that does as well with service is Toshiba but Apple service is top notch. After dealing with HP and Gateway service this computer is worth the extra spent upfront.

This 15" MacBook Pro is the second MacBook we purchased and is hands down the best computer/Laptop I've ever, ever had! I'm running the 2.93 GHz chip with 8GB ram. It is a thing of beauty and rocks performance wise! I don't now how I ever got along without the back-lit screen, resolution and lighted keyboard. The OS is just amazing. And since I've installed "Snow" I doubt very seriously I will ever buy another PC!

Was a PC, Now I Am a Mac
By -

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILLINOIS -- I was an owner of an HP laptop for four years. It included tons of useless programs but was faithful to me until it stopped turning on when I opened it from sleep mode. I eventually got the 'blue screen,' the death sentence of Windows computers. I lost all my info and it would cost $200 to get it back to out of the box condition.

When I was shopping for a new laptop I passed the Mac section and went to the Windows section. I set my eyes on a Toshiba because I heard that they are reliable. It was extremely fast when compared to the others. I asked the guy at the store to bring one down for me to buy but I asked him if there were any other good computers available. He recommended the MacBook. I nearly laughed. But how I was wrong! It was faster and BETTER than the Toshiba.

I got home and it took ten minutes to get the computer started out of the box. EASY!!! The screen is crystal sharp, easy to use, and comfortable. Everything is accessible, no crap like with the PC. Believe me, I was shocked when I walked out of the store with a Mac. I've been a lifelong PC user and advocate, but this changed my perspective.

Apple is an Amazing Brand

I have owned many Macs. The 1st was a G4 desktop - never had an issue with the 2 years of ownership. The second computer was a Powerbook G4, never had a problem. Third was a Powerbook again - had a couple of issues but Apple was always on point. Fourth computer was a Macbook (white) - I honestly liked the computer but wasn't impressed with the overall quality of the casing. I had issues with the build quality and took it to the Genius Bar a total of 3 times. They repaired it with no questions asked but the third time they called me... They decided to give me a brand new computer no questions asked for my trouble.

They offered for me to get a brand new white one or the new uni body Macbook. I obviously took the new uni body Macbook and it's gorgeous. They also transferred everything over for me and polished it up at the bar before handing me my brand new laptop. Apple stands behind its products and has amazing customer support. BE NICE AND ALWAYS BE SYMPATHETIC WITH THE GENIUS BAR - THEY DON'T BUILD THE COMPUTERS!! Way to go Apple!!

Apple = Hidden Fees and Vendor Lock-In
By -

GEORGETOWN, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I have never felt so trapped by proprietary parts and hidden fees. Everything comes half-complete with Apple.. You have to buy your own adapters, buy your own chargers, buy your own everything that doesn't come in the box, and they don't include necessary items in the box. Cables, drives, basic "standard" parts are all altered or soldered to the board to prevent replacements and/or upgrades. Repairs require you to ship the computer in the mail. The "Geniuses" at the stores are arrogant jerks.

In fact at this point I'm realizing EVERYTHING about owning this Macbook is about arrogance. It's not ahead of its time anymore, this is just another Intel PC in a huge market backed up by a LOT of hype. My Macbook is too hot to put in my lap, it's a chronic underperformer compared to the official Apple benchmarks, it makes horrible noise when the fans come on, and the battery life is not stellar. The "amazing" screen looks exactly like a Vaio, Toshiba, or DELL XPS system screen.

Why is everyone on the Mac forums raving? Stark raving maybe? I now believe you must be a hardcore fan to love this company the way people do, and the fans are loyal to the death -- whether they mean what they say or not. Why must people insist everything Apple is superior to everything else. I am $3000 sorrier for believing the hype. The Macbook is not horrible, it's just not a $3000 or even $2500 computer. It's comparable cost-wise to much better systems, but not performance-wise. I can make direct comparisons now because Macs have the same processors and motherboards as everybody else Intel..

The computer wasn't a lemon, it's just not amazing, awesome, or incredible. Apple makes average quality systems and all sales are based on blind advertising and stylishness. With low quality service and long drawn out unpleasant repair processes, I can't recommend anyone trust Apple. I wish I could go back. An Apple in a Nutshell: Be trendy or be damned. You may find both apply here.

I Love My Macbook
By -

I love everything about my Macbook Pro. Everything. I can connect easily on the road, at home, it is STILL fast as heck after a year of use. Never, never, never hesitate to buy one!

The MacBook Pro
By -

This is the best computer I have ever owned. Like any device, you are bound to have a problem... sooner or later. But it is by far the most stable platform, best hardware and user experience I have ever had from a computer (Laptop or Desktop). I don't have a whole lot of experience outside of the Mac/PC world, but with that aside, I am happy to say I will not be returning to my old PC. Sorry to all those out there that hate Apple for the cult-like support that seems to be abound. But... I'm the consumer, and I like my computer.

Love the Warranty
By -

07928 -- Computer had numerous defective parts, but all of the repair was free, and everything worked out perfectly. The warranty guarantees quality computers from Apple, you'll never get stuck with a lemon.

Horrible Product; Horrible Service
By -

I bought an Apple computer. It is really buggy. I used to sell computers and other technology at a local electronics store. I have never seen a computer crash so much ever. Apple even refuses to provide a refund, and I just bought the thing days ago. UPDATE: I had the charge removed by my credit card company. All is good in the world again (except for the millions of animals we torture and slaughter **).

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