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Warning to anyone considering switching to Mac from PC:
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- I recently bought a new phone. Nokia Lumia 900. I have Macs since they came out, iPhone since the beginning... (& pc's but main data on Macs.) The following is just ONE of many many disappointing failures trying to transfer data from Mac and iPhone to Windows 7:

Lumia 900; RE: Nokia Contacts Transfer program, free.

Bluetooth successfully paired Lumia and iPhone 4 until got message from iPhone that "Nokia Lumia 900 not supported". Only option on iPhone was to delete Lumia. (from Bluetooth link database). The link verification number matched on both Lumia and iphone. It's just that iPhone can't or won't continue the process due to proprietary Apple formatting I'm guessing.

Apple makes it easy to switch from PC to Apple, but it IS almost impossible to switch from Apple to PC, windows.
WARNING to anyone considering switching from PCs to Apple Macs or iphone: YOU CAN'T SWITCH BACK. Yes, there are programs that CLAIM to do this, costing from zero to $40 each. However they either have failed completely or only partially succeed in what they claim. BEWARE! ONCE YOU SWITCH TO MACS YOU ARE TRAPPED!

Apple Customer For Life
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- First, the issue was 100% my fault. I dropped and broke the screen on my daughter's Itouch. So at the prospect of a new one costing $300 I asked if it could be repaired. The customer service line said "of course," either through the mail or go to an Apple store. Immediately the representative looked up where I lived, provided the closest store, verified availability of a replacement product and gave me available appointment times.

Once at the store the wait was longer than I was told however when I finally was helped they verified the repair/replacement cost was only $99 and they would be right back. When he returned we set up the new unit, made sure it worked and he thanked me and said "You'€™re all set, have a nice day." I was a little confused so he explained, "There appeared to be no signs of abuse to the old unit. We value our customers. This replacement is on us." So yeah€. Since then I've already bought way more than that $99 from Apple and I will never consider switching away. Sure they're expensive and never go on sale but this one simple experience told me this company "gets it"€.

Apple Service Bites
By -

Apple just wants your money. They must not believe in their product because if you don't purchase the extended warranty they won't even answer your questions on how to use the ting. I purchased the 1/2 hour with the expert to help me use my new computers better, all he did was complain. When I asked the best way to clean of fingerprints he said, "Well I wouldn't let my kid touch it." (he didn't have kids) On to the product, the disk drive on the desktop broken 600.00 know the disk drive on the laptop is going out I don't even want to ask. My next set will not be Apple.

MacBook Credit Cards ARE RIP OFFS!
By -

90650, CALIFORNIA -- Well, I got a Macbook credit card and it was supposed to be ints. free for some time or so, but they started billing me making my account over the limit, which made me have OVER THE LIMIT FEE. And for the longest time, they kept charging me 40 dollars for OVER THE LIMIT for the longest. So I got tired of that and I started to pay them off. My due date was the 24th of each month (when they don't feel like switching it up on me, so they can charge me late fees.) Well, my balance was at $729.90. And I made three payments starting from the day of the 19th of February and I did this all on the computer so it was taken out ASAP for them.

I finally make my last payment of $225.90 BEFORE my due date for the min. I called them up on March 3, 2009 and asked them what my balance was. They told me zero, and I told them to close it. A couple of days after that, I get an email saying that I owe them finance charge!!! So I basically told them to take that $10.38 of finance charge and shove it up their *well where ever you want them to* and good luck with getting business from me (and my friends) in the future!!

***DO NOT GET A MACBOOK CREDIT CARD OR JUNIPER CREDIT CARD. They CHARGE too much for interest rates, CHANGE DATES on you so you'll have late charges, UNHELPFUL customer services, AND ANYTHING ELSE BAD is THEM!!!!!*** 1-866-419-1030. (their phone)

Customer Support
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BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA -- I recently purchased a desktop computer from Apple. My previous computer was a PC. The difference in the Customer Support is like black and white. Apple is a very organized company who trains their employees to that when you ask a question, they have the answer 99% of the time. They are human after all, so once in a while they have to say that they're not sure, but will find out the answer from someone who knows and get back to you. So far, they've never disappointed me by not coming up with an answer about their product and its features. I'm a very, very happy customer.

Poor Customer Relations
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WEST FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- I have a recommendation for everyone -- do not buy an Apple product ever!! My son bought an iPod Touch five months ago and the battery already will not charge. We contacted Apple and they had us send it in. They claim it had water damage which we absolutely don't remember, so of course we will have to repair it at a cost of about $200.

If you ever call their customer service number be sure to have at least two hours to sit on the phone. That is what I had to wait. We never have had this bad of service. My family has had to deal with Sony in the past and it was a breeze. No hassles at all, we were refunded a new product right away. So be warned, don't deal with Apple!!!

Rebate or Rip-Off
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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- The "free" HP printer that came with my daughter's laptop has yet to materialize. Computer and printer were purchased 3 1/2 months ago and rebate form was properly submitted the next day! Still have yet to receive my REBATE! Have contacted the rebate center, which by the way does not accept e-mails, on numerous occasions , only to hear a recorded message telling me my rebate is in process! Apple is guilty of false advertising and should be held accountable. Rebates should be given on the spot and consumers should not be subjected to these hassles when we are enticed to buy a product and are told that it is "free."

Shame on Apple for engaging in this sleazy practice!

Rebate on education purchase
By -

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO -- I purchased a notebook for my high schooler at apple store and was told I would get a "free" I-pod, only I had to pay for it upfront and then mail in to get the rebate. After 3 months of waiting I finally called and was told the rebate was only for "educational purchases for college students". I was told there was nothing they could do, I should have read the print, not listen to what their sales people told me, no rebate, touch luck, can't make any expectations, etc.

Apple has just lost any future business from this family, not that they seem to care!!

Issues with computer, great customer service
By -

My son just bought a MacBook in August 07. It had an issue with the DVD player "freezing" in the middle of a movie, so we called tech support.

First of all, they speak un-accented English! This is GREAT!

Secondly, they actually know what they're doing, instead of seeming to read through a script that may or may not have anything to do with the problem.

Third, both techs we spoke to gave us some helpful tips and tricks since we're new Mac converts. The fixes they gave us seemed to resolve the issue with the DVD player, so all is well!

I have had so many issues with Hewlett Packard, I just wanted to kiss Apple's feet for being so wonderful!

Online ordering made difficult
By -

My sister ordered my daughter an iPod online and this is what she had to say about the experience:
I can't believe how difficult it was ordering the thing! I should complain to Apple. I've never had such a hard time. Between the questions it asked regarding the county it was going to, and the signature requirement I just about gave up. They even phoned me this morning because they said there was some confusion regarding what was the billing address and what was the mailing address, although when I gave him the information he put me on hold for 15 minutes! I was able to fold a load of laundry, make my bed, brush my teeth and apply my make-up while on hold! When he got back on the phone he didn't give a reason for keeping me waiting and said everything was fine. Maybe they suspected I was using an unauthorized credit card or something. Anyway, they just sent me an e-mail saying the product has been shipped. On the address they sent it to they didn't put the name of the company, even though I had submitted it with the order. So, be on the look-out as it is just being sent to xxxxx. I assume that your company is the only one in that suite, but it is really unbelievable to me that they are so high tech and they weren't able to get anything with my order right.

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