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Bad Service for My Birthday!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Bad Customer Services. April 9, 2012. I tried to utilize my digital gift card given to me as a birthday gift from my youngest sister at Applebee's on the day of my birthday and was turned away. I waited 2-3 minutes at the '€œto go'€ stop and finally a female appeared and her first greeting to me was "Are you here for a to take out order?"€ and I replied, "€œyes". She said, "well you have to go to the bar to make you order if you want to be waited on." I told her "I rather not order in the alcohol area." She replied "€œwell that's the only way you'€™re going to be waited on."€ I said, "Oh well OK."

I had been on campus studying and reading for hours and wanted to order and go home to eat. I sat at the bar and a guy walked up to me and asked "€œcan I help you?" I told him I had a digital gift card to pay for my meal. He said "€œno problem". As I was trying to look over the menu he approached me two times. The first time he approached me after receiving the menu was about 2 minutes later and he said "You'€™re ready to order?" I said, "You just gave me the menu." And he said "€œOh ok"€.

Then he appeared again about 3 - 4 minutes later. He also stated that I'm not sure if the gift card will go through and it would help if you ordered so I could run it through. I was confused and shocked but tried to help by ordering anything. While I was still looking he said "€Maybe I can do it without you ordering" and walked away. I heard conversation and looked up. He was outside the bar standing with 2 other employees and looked at me pointing.

This tall female walked over to me with him and said, "€œSir I hope you have other means of paying for your meal just in case the gift card don'€™t go through because we were having some problems." I looked at both of them and there was a long pause. I looked around and most of the people there were looking at me and had stop eating their meals. I felt like I had just been told by a manager that my credit card was bad. I felt ashamed and hurt. No other options were given while we all just stared and looked at each other. I said "€œAll I wanted to do is use my digital gift card and have a nice meal for my birthday"€.

The two of them said nothing. I stood up asked for my print out about the digital gift card and walked out. No one gave additional options or tried to make me "€œa customer, stop for leaving very unsatisfied"€. I am working on a bachelor degree at the university and every time me and classmates get into a conversation about food, treatment at a restaurant, customer service, gift cards, birthdays, and reviews I think of my unfair, unsatisfied treatment at Applebee'€™s. Come to find out that the female coming to me at the bar that never tried to run the digital gift card was a manager there.

Wow!! Today, I want closure! My sister took time out to get me that gift card and Applebee'€™s did not waste time taking the charge out of her account for the gift card but I had to wait to get my meal for my birthday. I would have gone to another Applebee's location but, the next nearest Applebee'€™s from me is almost 45 miles.

Applebee's serve inedible/gross food to make a profit!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

JONESBORO, GEORGIA -- I purchased a to-go order from Applebee's at 6608 Tara Blvd., Jonesboro, GA 30236 on 3/25/12. When I opened the box expecting to see Bourbon St. Chicken & Shrimp, I saw disgusting slop!!!! The slop looked like something that a dine-in customer left on their plate as garbage upon leaving the restaurant. That slop should not have ever left the kitchen!!!!

I gave the food back to the restaurant manager and asked for a refund. The manager told me that it was their company's policy not to issue refunds but to allow the customer to select something else from the menu or to issue a gift card to which I responded that her offer was "NOT acceptable". I didn't want anything else from the menu and I didn't come there to purchase a gift card! At that point, I wanted nothing else but my money back!

Nowhere on Applebee's website, TV ads, on the restaurant's menu, nor posted in their restaurant is it stated that if you (the customer) are not satisfied, all sales are final and non-refundable. There is NO refund policy!!! I gave the restaurant their product back to them the same way it was given to me! However, Applebee's doesn't feel that they should give me my refund! That slop that they sold me should have never left their kitchen!

I contacted Applebee's Guest Relations with no resolution. I offered to send them a picture of the food that I received (and gave back to them) but the Gen. Mgr. spoke to me in a condescending manner and again stated, "You will not be getting a refund but give me your address and we will mail you a gift card!" ***Unbelievable!!!!***
I need to speak with the Franchise Owner so she will be aware of how the Applebee's in Jonesboro is being operated. No customer service whatsoever! Do not patronize Applebee's in Jonesboro, GA on Tara Blvd or you WILL be extremely disappointed!!!!

Resolution Update 05/27/2012:

***************STATUS UPDATE********************

I contacted Applebee's corporate office about the horrible experience I had with their restaurant. No one there offered a satisfactory resolution. So I then began posting my complaint to several consumer advocate websites and I even contacted the BBB (they were a joke). Again, no resolution.
I finally contacted my local news station to file my complaint with their consumer advocate team. I received a retuned call and satisfaction within 24hrs! Fox 5 News- Call for Action Team got in touch with the appropriate person for Applebee's Operations. I received a voicemail and an email from the VP of Applebee's Operations stating that my refund ($21.40) would be in the mail the next day.
Finally! Resolution! Kudos to Channel 5-Call for Action Team!
I commend the local news' consumer advocates who REALLY fight for consumer's rights.
Don't fall victim to a business who doesn't value you as a customer. You can choose to spend your money ANYWHERE! But a business should be grateful when you select them.
If after turning over your hard earned money, you're not satisfied with the product or service, try to resolve the matter directly with the merchant. If a resolution can't be reached, then I definitely recommend contacting your local news' consumer advocate team for help.
Good Luck!

Bad food & Service

NORTH DAKOTA -- A month ago my husband and I decided to go Applebee's in Wiliston, ND for supper after both working (my husband just had worked 18 hours.) We entered around the supper rush and waited about 15 minutes before we got our booth (which is normal and fine.) We sat and sat and no one greeted us, gave us menus or even acknowledged us, even though there were at least 3 staff members in our section. After 15 minutes my husband mentioned to me he was going to get someone to help us.

All of sudden, like magic a young waiter came to us, who happen to be at the table behind for whole 15 minutes laughing and talking to some high schools kids (clearly not doing his job.) We ordered a martini and beer and I ordered wings right away for an appetizer because we were starving. The first drinks came in normal average time. My wings came a 1/2 hour later after being ordered and they were wrong. I asked for wings with bones and normal Buffalo sauce. I got boneless wings with BBQ sauce.

The waiter said something like he must have understood me wrong on the wing type and took them back. Which is funny, how would that explain the sauce being wrong too then? We were irritated at service this point but brushed it off because I have been a waiter and bartender and knew what it is like. While waiting my husband wanted a 2nd beer but it took forever to track down the waiter to order one. An hour and half after waiting I got my wings (correctly this time) my husband's entree, and my entree all at once. The young boy who brought our food was not even our waiter.

My husband had ordered a 12 oz. Rare Ribeye and I had ordered a Fire Pit Bacon Burger (no tomatoes.) My husband's steak was well-done, not even pink and it looked gross. We didn't expect the greatest steak ever but it did not look like ribeye and it looked nasty shoe leather that had been dropped on floor (not hardly worth the $17.99.) My burger had the tomatoes on (which I requested off) and was missing parts (cheese & chipotle sauce) listed on the menu description. We did not take a single bite of anything.

I grabbed the young man that brought our food because our waiter for was nowhere to be seen nor was the 2nd beer that had been ordered earlier. I politely explained the food being wrong and the poor service. I said "I hated to complain but it was awful and we just wanted to leave." He nicely apologized and said he could get new food, we said "we just wanted to go and pay for the drinks and go somewhere else to eat."

He went and got the manager who was quick and was also polite. He offered new food and it would be free. I said "I didn't want to wait." He said he take the food off the bill and we could take the food given. I told him "I wouldn't eat something I wasn't paying for. " and he said he send the ticket.

Like a genie, after the manager left, our waiter showed up and brought the ticket and beer (requested how long ago?) We didn't even want the beer anymore but my husband did not want to argue so he drank it quickly and we paid for the 2 beers and martini which about $16. After 2+ hours of this charade we were still had no food and had to go somewhere else for food.

Yankee's vs Soccer
By -

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- On Sunday, July 11, my friend and I decided to eat at Applebee's. One of the reasons that I like Applebee's is that you can request to watch sports and other programs and have a sound machine to listen. I frequent Applebee's in New Rochelle weekly and have enjoyed the food, the service and being able to watch either a game or a show that I and others are interested in.

When we were being seated I requested to be seated in the bar so that we could watch the Yankee game which began at 4:00 pm. The waitress informed me that she could not have the channel changed even though on the ten or more TV screens was the same soccer game. I requested to speak to the manager. When the manager came over to the table, I requested to watch the Yankee game. The manager responded that since it was the Final World Soccer game and that all the customers were watching the game he could not honor my request.

I asked again, he then said he would put the game on a TV that was to my back. I would have to turn around in the booth and kneel if I wanted to see the game. Again I asked to see the game on one of the other TVs. I told him that I had no interest to watch the soccer game, and that I didn't care if it was the soccer final. He held his hands tightly to his stomach and again responded to me as in reprimand that he was not changing to the Yankee Game. I gestured the same, the manager then asked me why I was mimicking him. I guess it is OK for him but not for the customer to do display this type of behavior. His behavior to me was demeaning and condescending.

I find it odd that every person sitting at the bar was only interested in watching the soccer game. I am positive that there were other people who would have preferred to watch the baseball game. Perhaps if there was a flier or an ad announcing that the Soccer game was being shown exclusively at Applebee's- no other games etc - Do Not Ask! This exclusive program will be shown until one team wins signed "The Management." I guess I was unaware that Applebee's is not open to diversity or different interest.

I then understood that my request would not be honored, the only remedy was for me to view the game on the TV facing my back. Unacceptable! My friend and I agreed that we could go to another sports restaurant to have dinner and watch the game. I requested the manager's name.

As we leaving the manager handed me a card with his name - unfortunately his name was scribbled - I could not read it. He then in a loud annoyed voice called out that I had previously been at Applebee's was rude and caused a scene. He made sure that the wait staff as well as the patron's heard him. It was offensive that he tried to belittle in front of others. What was he trying to prove - he wasn't acting professional representing Applebee's.

But the bright side of the day - My friend and I went to New Rochelle -Buffalo Wild Wings, they also have 10 or more TVs. Yes many were showing the soccer game but others displayed Yankee, golf, tennis, etc. My friend and I had a delicious, hot, spicy wing and rib dinner, had a few laughs watched the Yankee game, played a little Texas hold'em. We even yelled excitedly with the crowd when Spain won the final. I am so glad that Buffalo Wild Wings is moving right next door to the Applebee's in White Plains, it will always be my recommended favorite. Good-bye Applebee's I really don't like to be treated like a "soccer." Professionally yours, A Devoted NY Yankee Fan.

How do these people have jobs?
By -

HUDSON, NEW YORK -- First, let me say, the food is excellent! For that I will not complain. I went to this Applebee's to have a quiet dinner and get out of the house. First, they pack you in like sardines. Uncomfortable, but not too bad. The wait isn't bad at all (well, at least it's never been for me).

However, the waitresses act as if they were prostitutes, liars and thieves. I do not believe they have every been taught manners. The waitresses are absolutely terrible. After they have ruined your day they will then expect a tip. Got one for ya hunny, tip: don't drink and drive! They were waiting on my party and, as I stationed my teenage children in another location with their friends so they could socialize privately. I, as a food critic, could get a good idea on the waiters and waitresses and the types they had.

They decided that behind my back they would try to flirt with my husband by caressing and touching each other as to allow him to see this and not me. The waitresses, keeping eye contact with him as to allow him to know it was him they were performing for. This was just the waitress for my section. The waitress for my kids section were trying to rush them out.

After rushing them out brought their check to me (as was asked). She then proceeded to ask me to pay for it in the middle of my meal, to take care of it now because she didn't want to wait. (Okay!!!) I was nice enough to do this for her and when I asked her how well they had tipped her she then thought it was time to lie to me.

My children were given $10 to give to this woman for a $54 meal. (I felt this was a more than a gracious tip). To my dismay she responded by telling me they had only given her $3.50 for a tip. Me feeling mortified that maybe my children did do this I then proceeded to give her $7 more with my apologies. Well, before I left I found out from the kids that not only did they leave her the $10 tip, but other kids from around the table also left her money totaling a $22 tip from all the kids and myself. As I said liars and thieves.

After I left I contacted the manager to tell him of this, told him of what she had done, he did nothing about it. To ensure he had done his job, I returned to Applebee's the next day and specially requested her table and bingo, she was there. No reprimand had even been made. She acted as if nothing ever happened then tried to nail me again. She didn't receive a tip this time. (No go sister!) If you plan on eating in this Applebee's make sure to ask for a waiter.

The waiters on the other hand are excellent. Very good indeed! They were attentive to every detail. They took my order without writing it down (the order came back perfect, may I add). They smiled and greeted everyone in my party. They never allowed a glass to be empty. They didn't rush anyone and asked all appropriate questions and waited for a response. Never felt rushed or asked any rude questions. (They never made a pass at me either.) :)

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- We went to Applebee's. Was seated promptly, but had to wait over an hour for our food. Ordered an appetizer which came out 45 minutes which I canceled, then we had to ask another waitress on the status of our food. Waited additional 15 minutes before our food came out. It was cold. Requested to speak to the manager. Said he said our food would be no charge. Received a bill for $19 for the drinks… I will never go to another Applebee's ever. They suck.

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Rating: 2/51

YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Went there for anniversary dinner. I received my meal cold and returned it. By the time I got mine my husband was done. The meal I received was not like the one in the menu that I ordered from. The service was extremely slow. I will never go back.

Never Go To This Place!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- On December 17, 2013 I returned from a trip to San Jose for medical purposes. My daughter and 2 grandsons picked me up at the airport. On the way home I asked if they wanted to grab something to eat. We talked about several places and decided the best would be Applebee's near our homes. I was reluctant because of previous bad incidents that we've had at this place.

I figured I could find something to eat there. We went in and ordered. Our food was brought out and we began eating around 6:00 pm. I had a chicken breast dish with onions, mushrooms and a sauce. In addition, there were loaded mashed potatoes and vegetables. I began eating and suddenly bit down on something that sent a pain to my gum and teeth on the left side of my upper mouth. I stopped chewing and tried to retrieve whatever it was. I pulled out what appeared to be a piece of bacon. Immediately after that I tried to finish chewing what was left only to find that my four tooth bridge had broken off. I pulled that out of my mouth.

There was blood on it and showed it to my daughter. She said my mouth was also bleeding a little. I wiped off the bridge and placed it in a napkin. Eventually the waitress came back and I told her there was a problem and showed her my bridge that I had wrapped up. She went to get the manager. My daughter and I were talking about what happened and I gently nibbled on the object I had pulled out of my mouth. It was a piece of bacon. It was also as hard as a rock. The manager came to the table and we spoke about the incident. She was going to take down my name and phone number and said she was going to tear up our check due to the problem.

Our desert arrived. It was a molten lava cake and was soft. After about 2 bites I was chewing with my front teeth and felt something in my mouth once again. I pulled out what appeared to be a piece of plastic wrapper from the desert. The waitress walked by and I told her to give this to the manager as well. The manager returned to again apologize. There is no excuse for this as far as I'm concerned. This review will be going all over the internet and I will be contacting the Health Department in Las Vegas as well. If you value your life never go into Applebee's at 820 E. Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas.

Cold Coffee, and Cold Food
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Rating: 1/51

555 TROY SCHENECTADY RD, LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Today 10/29/2013, I stop with my girls, at Applebee's, 555 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY. We were served cold coffee right off the bat. We ordered off the 2 for 20 menu and the kids menu. The cheese on the top of the Spinach & Artichoke Dip, was burned so bad I had to scrape it out with a spoon before I could dip the chip. I ordered the 7 oz. House Sirloin. I was never asked if I would like garlic mashed potatoes or baked potato. I was only asked how I would like my steak.

And the seasonal vegetables were cold, and not cooked, I could not chew the summer squash it was so raw, I did like the raw carrots and so did my grandson. And I did not worry about cutting into my steak, because I ordered rare and seeing everything else was undercooked I knew the steak would be just right.

One of my daughters ordered, Three-Cheese Chicken Penne, the chicken was burned to the point she was spiting it out. As we sat there we heard a few more people say that they could not eat their soup it was too cold, and they sent it back. My other daughter, granddaughter and grandson ordered Chicken Tenders Basket, it was OK I guess you cannot screw up the deep frying, just the real meals.

I do want to add that the waiter was a wonderful person and I felt he had enough on his plate with the other returns so I did not say anything, because it was not his fault that the cook could not step up to his job. So I spent 57 dollars on garbage I could not eat. I only spend 37 dollars a month with ACE to take my trash away.

Ignored for a Half Hour
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- My friend and I went to Applebee's on a Thursday evening around 8:00. The restaurant was pretty much dead, there was one group that had just left as we got there. The Hostess sat us near the door and we waited for someone to come over to take our drink order. We saw a server walk by and go clean off the table of the group that just left. While she was doing that another server walked right by us. We sat there for five minutes and no one even acknowledged us. The server finished cleaning off the table and walked by us again without saying a word.

Ten minutes has now gone by and we're still sitting there. There are only two other couples eating in the entire restaurant, so we know the servers are not swamped or anything, then I could understand the wait. The wait is now fifteen minutes and there are no servers in sight.

Finally I see a couple of them just wandering around across the restaurant, both of them even look over at us but no one bothers to come over. Our menus are open and we have no drinks and we keep looking around. Twenty minutes has now gone by and we are STILL waiting. We look at our phones and decide that ten more minutes and we're walking out. Servers are still up and walking around, but on the other side of the restaurant still. Finally a full half hour has gone by and not one person has said or word to or even acknowledged us. We finally just get up and walk out and go to another restaurant nearby. We called the store immediately and asked for a manager.

The manager got on the phone and gave the most generic and forced apology I've ever heard in my life. He said that one of the servers said that she saw someone walking out (of course they see us then) and we could come back and he would take care of us personally, but we tell him that we've decided to go somewhere else. Normally we really like coming to this restaurant, but this left a bad taste in both of our mouths. I don't even think of going to Applebee's anymore when I go out to eat somewhere.

I would understand if they were swamped with customers or something, but the place was dead! I am a very patient and understanding customer (I work with the public also, so I try to be as patient and polite as I can when I go somewhere else) but there was no excuse for this whatsoever.

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