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Ignored for a Half Hour
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- My friend and I went to Applebee's on a Thursday evening around 8:00. The restaurant was pretty much dead, there was one group that had just left as we got there. The Hostess sat us near the door and we waited for someone to come over to take our drink order. We saw a server walk by and go clean off the table of the group that just left. While she was doing that another server walked right by us. We sat there for five minutes and no one even acknowledged us. The server finished cleaning off the table and walked by us again without saying a word. Ten minutes has now gone by and we're still sitting there. There are only two other couples eating in the entire restaurant, so we know the servers are not swamped or anything, then I could understand the wait. The wait is now fifteen minutes and there are no servers in sight.

Finally I see a couple of them just wandering around across the restaurant, both of them even look over at us but no one bothers to come over. Our menus are open and we have no drinks and we keep looking around. Twenty minutes has now gone by and we are STILL waiting. We look at our phones and decide that ten more minutes and we're walking out. Servers are still up and walking around, but on the other side of the restaurant still. Finally a full half hour has gone by and not one person has said or word to or even acknowledged us. We finally just get up and walk out and go to another restaurant nearby. We called the store immediately and asked for a manager.

The manager got on the phone and gave the most generic and forced apology I've ever heard in my life. He said that one of the servers said that she saw someone walking out (of course they see us then) and we could come back and he would take care of us personally, but we tell him that we've decided to go somewhere else. Normally we really like coming to this restaurant, but this left a bad taste in both of our mouths. I don't even think of going to Applebee's anymore when I go out to eat somewhere.

I would understand if they were swamped with customers or something, but the place was dead! I am a very patient and understanding customer (I work with the public also, so I try to be as patient and polite as I can when I go somewhere else) but there was no excuse for this whatsoever.
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User Replies:
andbran on 09/12/2013:
I think you did the right thing. I can understand ten min. but not half an hour
Buddy01 on 09/13/2013:
You did the right thing walking out. Maybe your situation is why it was dead.
FoDaddy19 on 09/13/2013:
In most restraunts the servers have designated tables that they serve. If you're in one of those tables, they generally won't address you as its not their responsibility to serve tables that aren't in their section. It sounds like the server who was assinged to your section either wasn't there or is very, very lazy. You did the right think by leaving, a 30 minute wait when the place is dead is unacceptable.
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My dining experience sucked
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- Back in 1983/84 there was this new restaurant chain called Applebee’s that opened a store at College Blvd. and Metcalf Avenue… this was their second store opening… For numerous years, I dined there so often, I could have had my name emblazoned on the back of one of their chairs… The food, the service, the experience was always awesome… In 1987, I moved from the KC metro area to OKC, but returned often to this same Applebee’s for the experience until about 1997…

Recently after a 15-year absence from being in the KC metro area, I returned for a nieces wedding in Lee’s Summit… On Friday 24 February 2012, I forged my way North from East Central Oklahoma towards Overland Park… Upon my arrival after a good 5-hour drive, my first stop was at the same ole Applebee’s before checking into my hotel room….

Walking into what I thought would be the same ole welcoming Applebee’s; I attained a lesson in not what to do with a successful business… First thing, I realize that Applebee’s is a franchised operation… Many stores have retained the old oak finish, the circular bar, greeters at the front door, and lighted atmosphere without blaring crude music… an environment welcomed by most people… At this restaurant, no greeters, find a chair or a table on your own… the new seating was a cold hard steel chairs, not the good ole oak chairs and oak tables… Lighting was horrible, blaring music, and the wait staff, took forever to greet me and inquire as to what I would desire to eat or drink… It was a good fifteen minutes before I was ever acknowledged… I ordered one of their lunch specials, a half a sandwich and a French onion soup, with a cup of decaf… The coffee took a good 12 minutes before it reached my table. The sandwich and soup arrived at my table in a full twenty minutes… time now, 1.50pm and the place was not in a lunch rush either… The food and soup all look somewhat appetizing. I sipped the coffee, it was cold, I gagged… Next, the sandwich and soup, both tasted as if they just came out of the freezer… The lettuce on the sandwich tasted as if it had come out of the dead pile. The beef in the sandwich was so salty, it would have melted the ice on the sidewalk… The soup was so nasty it would have killed a fly attempting a backstroke…

The waiter never returned to see if I was a happy camper with my food or service… The total bill came to about $11.00 and mixed change…
In Summary: No meet and greet, lousy food, lousy service, overpriced… What else do you want to know…? Your Overland Park franchise, it sucks…
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/05/2012:
Unfortunately, you visit most franchises long enough and this is what happens.

I've had both good and miserable experiences at many chains, and Applebee's is definitely on that list with the highest ratio of sucky experiences to total visits. I don't go to most anymore and am much more satisfied.
ok4now on 03/06/2012:
Now you know why they are at the bottom of the food chain restaurants. I have been burned too many times at various locations and refuse to return. The food, service and management are consistent, they suck.
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Deception/Dishonesty/Poor customer service by manager
Posted by on
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I went to Applebees in Tallahassee for Veterans Day 11/11/11. I sat at the bar since there was a waiting list to seat in the restaurant area. I ordered my meal and 3 drinks. A man next to me (poss veteran) had his meal and several Long Island Ice teas. He got up and left the restaurant without paying his tab. I saw him leave and notified the bartender. She tried to find him outside in the parking lot with no luck. When I got ready to leave and pay my bill I noticed his Steak dinner was on my tab... it was then subracted as a Veterans meal. I came in alone and was a paying customer and asked to have the bill corrected as not to reflect his tab "free of not" on my bill. He ran out without paying his part of the bar tab. I felt it was wrong to hide his meal on my ticket. I don't condone theft especially by a Veteran no less. The manager told me to pay my bill I had to leave and he actually escorted me out the door to a police officer who just happened to be there. The officer said "What's the problem, your not being charged for his meal". To me, its the principle. Applebees prides their self on INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE. They still have my debit card, got my money for my food and I am being told I will get my card back when I sign the slip. I am not signing for something that is incorrect. All I wanted was correct version of my tab. They need to figure out another way to record "the loss" and not put it on an innocent persons tab. I was treated rudely, unprofessionally and unfairly. I am still in shock from this experience. To be threatened of arrest because they said I was causing a scene when I asked to have it fixed is ridiculous. I hope they that don't practice this deception often. Poor poor poor customer service. I even told the gentlemen next to me his drinks where not free. He admitted he already went to another restaurant and got a free meal. I had an awful feeling he was going to run from the tab, which he did. After not being able to find him, the one female bartender said she knew him and just waved the incident off. Then came my bill with error.
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User Replies:
drugdoc121 on 11/12/2011:
wait what?? What made you assume this guy was a veteran?
habelle on 11/12/2011:
This is a crazy story. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I am amazed that with a police officer right there you left the scene with your debit card still in their possession. Why didn't that issue get resolved before you left?
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
I agree, this is a crazy story. I think I understand what the OP is trying to say but what happened is unclear.
trmn8r on 11/13/2011:
Seems pretty clear to me what happened. The guy cheesed them, and then he took it on the lam.

My friend Bob Sacamano had a similar thing happen on Flag Day at Outback. Inexcusable.
oldisgood on 11/13/2011:
I admire your tenacity. Not signing would be something I would like to do but probably wouldn't. It is the principle of the thing, not the "no charge to you" piece they are handing you. Notify your cc company so they know you do not have your cc anymore.
Skye on 11/13/2011:
Holding your debit card hostage is insane. Call your bank and have that card cancelled.

CowboyFan on 11/14/2011:
Applebee's offer free meals, but not drinks or gratuities on veteran's day. You are certainly correct that the bar tender was attempting an easy way to account for the person's meal without listing it as stolen. Seems like the bar tender could have just written a separate ticket up for that person's meal, since there is no requirement that the veteran be accompanied by a paying guest.
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Yankee's vs Soccer
Posted by on
WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- On Sunday, July 11, my friend and I decided to eat at Applebee's. One of the reasons that I like Applebee's is that you can request to watch sports and other programs and have a sound machine to listen. I frequent Applebee's in New Rochelle weekly and have enjoyed the food, the service and being able to watch either a game or a show that I and others are interested in.

When we were being seated I requested to be seated in the bar so that we could watch the Yankee game which began at 4:00 pm. The waitress informed me that she could not have the channel changed even though on the ten or more TV screens was the same soccer game. I requested to speak to the manager. When the manager came over to the table, I requested to watch the Yankee game. The manager responded that since it was the Final World Soccer game and that all the customers were watching the game he could not honor my request. I asked again, he then said he would put the game on a TV that was to my back. I would have to turn around in the booth and kneel if I wanted to see the game. Again I asked to see the game on one of the other TVs. I told him that I had no interest to watch the soccer game, and that I didn't care if it was the soccer final. He held his hands tightly to his stomach and again responded to me as in reprimand that he was not changing to the Yankee Game. I gestured the same, the manager then asked me why I was mimicking him. I guess it is OK for him but not for the customer to do display this type of behavior. His behavior to me was demeaning and condescending

I find it odd that every person sitting at the bar was only interested in watching the soccer game. I am positive that there were other people who would have preferred to watch the baseball game.

Perhaps if there was a flier or an ad announcing that the Soccer game was being shown exclusively at Applebee's- no other games etc - Do Not Ask! This exclusive program will be shown until one team wins ---- signed "The Management." I guess I was unaware that Applebee's is not open to diversity or different interest.

I then understood that my request would not be honored, the only remedy was for me to view the game on the TV facing my back. Unacceptable! My friend and I agreed that we could go to another sports restaurant to have dinner and watch the game. I requested the managers name. As we leaving the manager handed me a card with his name - unfortunately his name was scribbled - I could not read it. He then in a loud annoyed voice called out that I had previously been at Applebee's was rude and caused a scene. He made sure that the wait staff as well as the patron's heard him. It was offensive that he tried to belittle in front of others. What was he trying to prove - he wasn't acting professional representing Applebee's

But the bright side of the day - My friend and I went to New Rochelle -Buffalo Wild Wings, they also have 10 or more TVs. Yes many were showing the soccer game but others displayed Yankee, golf, tennis, etc. My friend and I had a delicious, hot, spicy wing and rib dinner, had a few laughs watched the Yankee game, played a little Texas hold'em. We even yelled excitedly with the crowd when Spain won the final. I am so glad that Buffalo Wild Wings is moving right next door to the Applebee's in White Plains, it will always be my recommended favorite. Good-bye Applebee's I really don't like to be treated like a "soccer."
Professionally yours, A Devoted NY Yankee Fan

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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 07/13/2010:
A Yankee game over the World Cup Final?! You're kidding aren't you?
MRM on 07/13/2010:
I think that each boothe should have a tv.
bunnyhead on 07/13/2010:
The reason there are so many TVs is so multiple things can be watched at the same time. There is no reason why one tv couldn't be changed to the Yankee game for this customer.
biomajor on 07/13/2010:
One tv was offered, but it wasn't the one he wanted. Why couldn't you and your friend switch seats so you could face the TV? Or why couldn't you both sit on the same side of the booth so that you could both watch?

Other customers got there first. The soccer game was already on and almost over by 4 O'clock. It would have been rude to make others who had been watching the game for a long time find another tv or maneuver around to accommodate one patron.
Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
If it was a Red Sox game you were wanting to switch on I might could see the outrage but come on the Yankees v. Seattle? That would be like switching over to the Barefoot Contessa on Superbowl Sunday.
yoke on 07/13/2010:
The OP was being rude. Not everyone is a Yankee's fan, the world cup finals happens once every 4 years. Give non yankee fans a break from them and let them watch a real sport for once. Yankee games are on all the time. History was being made on Sunday with world cup.
shayen on 07/13/2010:
I have worked at Applebees. The choice of tv programming was sometimes tricky because we would get situations like the one above. A common scenario would be a patron requesting a certain tv be changed to his/her program of choice. The problem is that tables around them, not just at the bar, but tables further out, would be watching what was already on that particlar tv. Often, the patron didn't care about that, they just wanted the tv changed to suit their own preferences. I have seen diners go around to different tables, hassling other customers, interrupting their meals and conversations, and demanding to know if they had a problem with the tv being changed. This is one of those scenarios where its a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for the manager. He can change the tv to satisfy one table, but potentially anger multiple tables in the process.
Starlord on 07/13/2010:
I am not a Yankees fan, in fact, I have always said my favorite baseball teams were the Diamondbacks and whoever was playing the Yankees, but I do grieve the loss of the Yankees owner. As much as I dislike the Yankees, I despise soccer even more. If I had been in the OPs shoes, I would not have made a fuss, but simnply found another place to eat and watch the game. I am underwhelmed by Applebee's, so it would not be a big deal to me to have to go someplace else. The manager's actions, IMHO, were mnuch worse than the OP's, and a letter should go to corporate, letting them know of the manager who acts like a six-year old.
yoke on 07/13/2010:
starlord, it may have been difficult for the OP to find a place that was not showing the soccer game. It only happens once every 4 years and I know around here the bars and restaurants were playing the soccer game. The OP has to understand that the people in there watching the game had been there from about 1:00 and spent a good amount of money. Now the OP wants to come in and put on a game that comes on about 4-5 times a week. The manager was looking out for the customers that had already spent their money and were going to be leaving shortly. The OP could have waited about 30 minutes for the other patrons to be done watching an exciting game. How would the OP have felt if during the world series someone came in and had a temper tantrum that they wanted the game changed.
Starlord on 07/13/2010:
Yoke, I totally understand the OP's point, but 10 sets or more, all tuned to one game? And a soccer game at that. If I am to be a paying customer, I expect the same treatment as any other customer, and that means in a sports bar with multiple sets, surely one set can be tuned to something besides the final of a so-called game that the whole thing has been replete with corrupt or incompetent officiating. All I am saying is I would not have created a scene, I would have gone someplace else, then written corporate to inform them that I would no longer frequent Applebee's.
momsey on 07/13/2010:
Seems like you got in a big huff over a silly thing. It's never occurred to me to ask any establishment to change the channel for me, but maybe it's because I'm not a big sports person? And if it did occur to me to ask, and it was the World Cup final, I would understand why they couldn't do exactly what was asked.
PepperElf on 07/13/2010:
Though... All I can think is if you're at a booth and the TV is to your back... was it a one-sided booth?

Of course what happens during the World series when all the TVs are on baseball and someone comes in to ask for some other sport?

will you be OK with it if the TV that gets changed is the one you're watching?

Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
I would have gone to a local bar/restaurant to begin with.
Better food and better fans.
Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
Yeah, Kisha' I don't really look at AppleBee's as a sports bar, more of just a restaurant. I'd go to a Hooter's or something that is "known" for televising games and such.
Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
Watching guys with only one name flopping around to a chorus of stupid sounding horns being blown by hooligans in the bleachers is not a sport to me.
PepperElf on 07/13/2010:
J4A - and here I thought guys went to Hooters for the "Hooter Girl" show instead of what's on TV! ;)
Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
PepperElf> Depends on who I'm eating with;)
biomajor on 07/13/2010:
Kisha, you just described Football (American style) for me! Stupid horns (not the vuvuzelas, but airhorns, and cowbells) and all!!
Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
Venice09 on 07/13/2010:
George Steinbrenner died today.
Anonymous on 07/13/2010:
I saw that. 80 years young
madconsumer on 07/13/2010:
it is sad they did not meet your request. after all you are a return patron, and not everyone enjoys soccer.

shame on applebees, they lost a return customer.
redmx3racer on 07/13/2010:
I managed a popular chain with a sports theme briefly after college and had someone demand on super bowl Sunday, that we had promoted for about a month (Come watch the game on our big screens!! Beer specials!! Whoopie!!) that we change the a TV over to CNN. Cause news is more important than sports. Moral of the story-you can't make everyone happy. Especially when you have 20 TV's and only a handful of tuners (meaning you can't just turn 1 TV over, 1 tuner probably controls 4 or more TV's). Sorry OP, I'm with Applebees on this one.
Buddy01 on 07/13/2010:
I agree with Stew about if it had been a Red Sox game that the op was wanting to watch.
Starlord on 07/14/2010:
They did not install those big-screen TVs for the patrons to watch soap operas, did they? Those sets imply sports. While the World Cup is only every four years, so what? So are presidential elections, that does not mean every person on the globe wants to watch political coverage, does it? A lot of people like goof, oops, golf. I would rather watch paint dry. A car dealer in Arizona once had a heart attack watching a golf game. I bet he was a thrill to be around. I personally would have designated certain sets for different sports, and asked people as they arrived what sports they watched. I would a lot rather do that than be forced to watch soccer (blecccchhhhh!)
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How do these people have jobs?
Posted by on
HUDSON, NEW YORK -- First, let me say, the food is excellent! For that I will not complain. I went to this Applebee's to have a quiet dinner and get out of the house. First, they pack you in like sardines. Uncomfortable, but not too bad. The wait isn't bad at all (well, at least it's never been for me).

However, the waitresses act as if they were prostitutes, liars and thieves. I do not believe they have every been taught manners. The waitresses are absolutely terrible. After they have ruined your day they will then expect a tip. Got one for ya hunny, tip: don't drink and drive! They were waiting on my party and, as I stationed my teenage children in another location with their friends so they could socialize privately. I, as a food critic, could get a good idea on the waiters and waitresses and the types they had.

They decided that behind my back they would try to flirt with my husband by caressing and touching each other as to allow him to see this and not me. The waitresses, keeping eye contact with him as to allow him to know it was him they were performing for. This was just the waitress for my section. The waitress for my kids section were trying to rush them out.

After rushing them out brought their check to me (as was asked). She then proceeded to ask me to pay for it in the middle of my meal, to take care of it now because she didn't want to wait. (Okay!!!) I was nice enough to do this for her and when I asked her how well they had tipped her she then thought it was time to lie to me.

My children were given $10 to give to this woman for a $54 meal. (I felt this was a more than a gracious tip). To my dismay she responded by telling me they had only given her $3.50 For a tip. Me feeling mortified that may be my children did do this I then proceeded to give her $7 more with my apologies. Well, before I left I found out from the kids that not only did they leave her the $10 tip, but other kids from around the table also left her money totaling a $22 tip from all the kids and myself. As I said liars and thieves.

After I left I contacted the manager to tell him of this, told him of what she had done, he did nothing about it. To ensure he had done his job, I returned to Applebee's the next day and specially requested her table and bingo, she was there. No reprimand had even been made. She acted as if nothing ever happened then tried to nail me again. She didn't receive a tip this time. (No go sister!) If you plan on eating in this Applebee's make sure to ask for a waiter.
The waiters on the other hand are excellent. Very good indeed! They were attentive to every detail. They took my order without writing it down (the order came back perfect, may I add).

They smiled and greeted everyone in my party. They never allowed a glass to be empty. They didn't rush anyone and asked all appropriate questions and waited for a response. Never felt rushed or asked any rude questions. (They never made a pass at me either.) :)
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
I don't know what to think about this.
Are you upset because they didn't make a pass at you?
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
How do you know your kids didn't pocket the tip and just tell you they gave it to her?

Are you sure that the waiter didn't really want to flirt with your husband and not you?
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
"I, as a food critic,...." Really? Applebee's?
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
A "food critic" thinks a ten dollar tip is acceptable on a $54 order?

Your kids and someone else's kids were at the same table?

And also thinks she would somehow be privy to any conversation/reprimand that may have been made?

I call shenanigans!
spiderman2 on 07/06/2009:
Lots doesn't make sense here. First......a food critic at Applebees. I'm assuming that you just like to critize food, and are not a person paid to rate food for a publication. If you are packed in there like sardines, how could multiple waitresses put on a porn show for your husband that you could not see? If they brought you the check as you asked, why did you give the kids money and the tip? That doesn't make sense either. And why in the world would a bunch of teenagers tip almost 50% ($22 on $54) on a bill that has already been paid. Makes no sense.
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
Darn, why can't waitresses put on a show like that for me? ;-)
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
sounds like a couple of the m3c's membership might work at this establishment. did your husband at least leave them a tip for their efforts?
skelly39 on 07/06/2009:
How old are you?
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100% Insider Truth
Posted by on
ALL OVER CENTRAL TEXAS -- All That I am about to disclose,is 100% Truth,I worked for an Applebees in Central Texas.I Quit because,that job is disgusting.Here you go..

1.)They eat off of your plates/togo orders. Be that as it may,I can guarantee that we are not the only restaurant that does to it BUT,it's still gross.

2.)They sip out of your drinks,Hey! At least we all use a straw.

3.)They touch everything with completely ungloved hands. And we don't wash them really at times that we should (I.e: taking used and dirty dishes back to the dish area)

4.They don't refrigerate meat they use they keep it out until someone orders it.

STORIES:While in training,I was putting together a ToGo order,and the lady didn't want and sour cream in her mashed potatoes,So I asked the girl who was training me,"What Should I do About The Sour Cream?",she advised I just "Scrape it off.." with my fingers of course.I thought she was kidding....Until she did it.

A Manager and I were talking in the "Expo" are of the kitchen,as we were doing this a huge glob of spit flew from her mouth,onto our lovely "Mexi-Ranch" dip,to which she responded by giggling and saying "I Spit",as she continued on with her disgusting existence.

I was in the "Expo" area of the restaurant again one day when I noticed a friggin' roach crawling by the sauces,I scream "Holy s*it that's nasty,its a roach!",..but of course I was the only one who found in bad. All they kitchen/service crew had to say was "Dammit,that's Pedro sometimes the likes to come out"

A spoon was dirty when I was following a server,she thought she give it a good ol' wipe off with HER THUMB to clean it. Yeah,I'm sure that was effective.

I honestly could go on,but why,I think I got my point across. That job sucks,the restaurant is SICK,and they have a HORRIBLE training program. And don't get me wrong I used to LOVE the food there....UNTIL I started working there. and No I'm irate EX employee,I'm someone who thinks that you guys should know this.

PS:I didn't have a health card/food servers card the entire time I was there. Enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/13/2008:
Recently fired? I believe the OP might be describing the conditions in only one restaurant. I've visited a number of Applebee's and have observed no such conditions. Although I have complained of flatware that was not clean.
madconsumer on 09/13/2008:
contact your local health department.
dimplepie on 09/13/2008:
Look, it's Pedro!!! LOLOLOL!!!
DigitalCommando on 09/13/2008:
Secretive GoGo Squirrel, thanks for your riveting 60 minutes style 'expose'. Which one of their competitors do you work for?
old fart on 09/13/2008:
I have inspected thousands of restaurants, some Appleby's.
Some were good, and some were horrendous..
I don't have much doubt that the poster actually saw these conditions.
Pedro probably had a thousand or so siblings and the reason He was out in the open is because his brothers and sisters forced him out into the open because of overcrowding...
I used to love to use a can of pyrethrin flushing aerosol and see the deluge of critters scramble out of the cracks and crevices..
The folks in the business referred to the phenomena as a "rainer"... as in 'it's raining roaches"..
Generally Mc Donald's were the cleanest of the lot and Burger kings were the worst however all chain restaurants had their problems because they were too busy pumping out food to take time to correct the problems until it became intolerable.
Most of the business's that required intensive treatment called us as a result of a health department threat to lock the doors..

Enjoy your meal...!
flipper on 09/13/2008:
Many years ago I worked in the cafeteria of a manufacturing company. It received all kinds of awards for cleanliness. After working there for a while, I refused to go out to eat. If people knew what goes on behind the scenes they would be very upset. Now I realize almost all restaurants have their faults, and I eat out about twice a week. Haven't gotten sick yet.
DigitalCommando on 09/13/2008:
Yeah Old Fart, I was being sarcastic, and I know this stuff happens at almost every restaurant. I was at a Chinese restaurant in Hawaii and I looked into the kitchen and saw an old man cutting up a chicken on the concrete floor! I guess the old saying what you don't know can't hurt you applies every time we 'risk' eating out.
old fart on 09/13/2008:
Digital... I know this sounds like a racial slur but Chinese restaurants are the WORST!
I have never seen a Chinese restaurant WITHOUT a roach and mouse infestation...
I was known in my company as the king of Chinese restaurants having sold pest control service to hundreds of them..
I still eat at Chinese restaurants knowing that, with the idea that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and the fact is that a stir fried roach is probably a healthy little snack..
old fart on 09/13/2008:
I usually eat Chinese foods that are made with white sauces because it's easier to separate and identify insect parts from ingredients..
Nohandle on 09/13/2008:
1. A friend owned a local company that placed juke boxes, game machines and the like in local restaurants and bars. They continually received calls from a high end restaurant that the juke box needed replacing since it was a piece of junk. After learning they discovered rats had eaten the wiring out and played havoc in the kitchen, I refused to eat there anymore.

2. An employee's husband worked for a local trucking firm. He made a delivery at the back door of a restaurant. You don't want to know what he saw. And yes, that one just happened to be a Chinese restaurant.

Hear enough stories and you will decide to eat at home. A Health Department can do just so much. Too many restaurants and only a few to do the inspecting. I think in certain areas it takes several visits to shut a place down.
DigitalCommando on 09/13/2008:
Chinese restaurants are absolutely the worst when it comes to cleanliness. There is nothing racial about that. They will leave food out at room temperature for hours and days and reuse food that should have been thrown away. Maybe we should design restaurants so that you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining room.
old fart on 09/13/2008:
Digital... if they did that most people would end up eating at home for the rest of their lives..

Think about it though.. A restaurant uses sanitizer in their dish sinks. Do you?
DigitalCommando on 09/13/2008:
No OF, I go one better than that. I purchased a used particle beam accelerator from Los Alamos and I bombard my dishes with particle beams. The fact that I have caused all of my neighbors within a 3 block radius to become sterile in no way impacts my quest for a clean plate.
old fart on 09/13/2008:
Flame throwers are cheaper..
Anonymous on 09/13/2008: know that smell...
....that gasoline smell...
..smells like...
Anonymous on 09/13/2008:
All right OF and DC... this is why I cook my food and eat at home. Please please PLEASE don't tell me horror stories about grocery stores. I don't think I can handle it. YUCK lol
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
"Pedro probably had a thousand or so siblings and the reason He was out in the open is because his brothers and sisters forced him out into the open because of overcrowding..."

Old Fart you have something against Spanish people? And, even if you're referring to my friend, that little "overcrowding" remark was totally uncalled for.
old fart on 02/07/2009:
Bob/Fred/Pedro..... read the friggin' review...the restaurant people gave Pedro the roach his name, not me...

what a schmuck you are... (look up schmuck in your on-line dictionary)...
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
Okay, my bad on this one. I didn't see that at first.

old fart on 02/07/2009:
Let that be a lesson to you.. don't let it happen again..LMAO
BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
This makes me somewhat glad that I've never eaten at Applebees. OTOH, I figure some of this stuff happens occasionally almost everywhere.
old fart on 02/07/2009:
It is pretty much universal Boki... every restaurant has problems from time to time.. just some have a problem more often
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
I used to work for a big pizza place in Chicago called Father and Son Pizza. I think they're still around. Same kind of thing happened there.

Instead of placing the pizzas in the ovens, they would try to flip them in from several feet away to save time. If the pizza landed on the floor, which happened quite often, they'd just pick 'em right up and throw 'em in the oven.
old fart on 02/07/2009:
Bob... that's called "waste not, want not"....
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The Service Sucks
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ESTERO, FLORIDA -- We had a group from church, 8 people. Everyone was served after 65 minutes, they brought my shrimp Thai salad after everyone was almost done with their main course. I asked for dressing on side. They put it on salad. I sent it back they took 23 minutes to bring was supposed to be a full salad, it looked like a side salad. The manager came and said she was taking salad off my bill. She took it off someone else's Bill. I also ordered Buffalo wings to go. I asked the waiter to put order with my salad as I was waiting for my son to call n picking him up from work. I asked him 3x for my wings, they came 20 mins.after my son had called. I was furious. The service and the food suck.
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Strawberry & Avocado Salad
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- This is the worst salad I have ever ordered. The strawberries amount to maybe a whole strawberry and they were not edible! There was so much wilted arugula that I had to take 1/2 of it off and it filled the lid of the "to go" box. There was maybe a slice of avocado. This salad was $9.99. I called Applebee's and the manager was very nice and said to come back in for something else. I will take this food (2 orders) back after work tonight. So, for lunch we went around the corner and had the best Wes's burger and onion rings in the county! Normally I order the pecan crusted chicken salad and it is always good. The strawberry and avocado salad should be taken off the menu immediately!

My rating is for the food only. The manager was great when I told her it was the worst food I had ever ordered!
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User Replies:
Shayen on 07/19/2014:
Applebee's can be a hit or miss, in terms of food, but overall, I think they get an unfairly bad rep. They do indeed have a lot of tasty menu items. I don't think salad is one of them though.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BANGOR, MAINE -- During a recent visit to Applebee's in Bangor, Maine, My granddaughter and I observed another customer sitting opposite of us, feeding her small dog from her plate with the same fork that she was eating with. The sight of that grossed us out. The thought that that dog may have recently licked it's genitals and other places and now was licking a fork that other customers would unknowingly eating from later, was just too much. I called for the manager and complained about it, but he smiled and said, "It's a service dog and I can't do anything about it." I replied that, yes, service dogs are allowed to enter a restaurant, but allowing them to eat from restaurant dishes and utensils is extremely unsanitary. He said that might be offensive to me but he would not speak to the customer about it. I have no idea what kind of service dog a Pekinese (sp) could be but the customer was not blind, cripple, or deaf and showed no signs of any other disability that would require the use of a "service dog." But that is not my issue, sanitation and the health of customers is. Personally, I would never enter an Applebee's again if I were starving! I intend to follow this up with report to the local health authorities.
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User Replies:
The Medic on 07/07/2014:
I have a service dog as well, but a true service dog does NOT eat with their "people" at a restaurant. When I am out with our dog, she is working
clutzycook on 07/08/2014:
Well my goodness, I certainly hope that they wash the dishes after each use no matter who ate off of them.
Shayen on 07/08/2014:
Not all disabilities are ones that are visible to the human eye. For example, some people use specically trained dogs to alert them to an incoming seizure. It is not your business as to the nature of their disability. However, I do agree that the manager should have not allowed the patron to continue feeding the dog with restaurant utensils.
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When entering we as for a booth, hostess there were any ready and would take 10 to 15 mins to clean one!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GREELEY, COLORADO -- First, when we entered, we asked for a booth. We were told there wasn't one ready and would take 10 to 15 minutes to clean one. Why? I think maybe 1 minute! Then she said maybe a table. Did she think she was going to stand us in a corner? There were plenty booths and tables available. We were sat at a two top. That was ok, but just as soon as she sat us down, she sat another couple in a booth. The waitress was nice and we did get our food in an acceptable amount of time. My husband order the new strawberry salad with avocado. First, it was very small, two tiny cubes of avocado, 4 small slices of chicken, maybe one strawberry, the dressing was very spicy. When he told the girl there was only two little cubes of avocado, she said all the avocados were frozen they just gave him what was left. No apology or any other compensation. These are just a few things. We'll never go back again. This is a complaint against the Applebee's on 10th Street in Greeley, Co.
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