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Very Bad Customer Service
Posted by Jim6232 on 12/05/2013
LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO -- Although it's not my nature to complain but in this case I have to about the terrible service I received the evening of 12/2/13 at the Applebee's on Lohman in Las Cruces, NM.

Do not, I repeat do not go to the Lohman and Telshore location in Las Cruces, NM. The management and staff are only focused on one thing and that is their bottom line, not on good customer service.

My story started about 5:30 in the afternoon when I met two friends for drinks after work. As the evening progressed, I ended up having more than I should have. After spending over $40 on drinks, I decided that before I leave and head home, I better drink some coffee and grab something to eat. After all, it's better that then to leave and potentially wipe out a young family.

Apparently the management and staff of Applebee's does not share my sentiment. They were more than happy to let me continue to drink all that I dared to drink but when I wanted to stop and have some coffee to sober up, well as long as I was willing to pay for the coffee, then it was ok.

After I got my second bill for the food and the coffee, I asked for the manager to come over and I said, "Is there anything you can do about my bill? Can you at least take off the coffee since the only reason I ordered it was to sober up before going home. I said isn't it customary for a bar to give free coffee to anyone who may of had a little to much to drink."

His response shocked me, he said, "we are not a bar and there is nothing I can do about your bill."

His attitude and his absolute coldness made an impression that I will never forget. It wasn't that I was a dead beat. Heck I already spent a lot of money and gave a good tip. His attitude came across as to "hell with the me."

The fact that I spent over $60 on drinks and food made no difference. To hell with the fact that I had a little to much to drink and should I leave and get in an accident concerned him in the least even though they allowed me to over indulge. I guess they aren't worried that if I did get into an accident and someone did get hurt, that under the law they are partially to blame for allowing me to over indulge. I guess with their team of lawyers that doesn't concern them nor does the well being of their customers. It's shameful!

Folks, there are too many choices out there. Why spend our money at establishments like this? I say go to establishments that care more about their customers than a $2.50 cup of coffee. Take your business to Chili's, Texas Road House or to Olive Garden within walking distance.

Vote with your wallet, stay away from Applebee's!

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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2013-12-05:
I don't think it too much of them to want money for their coffee. It's a business.
Posted by Jonathan on 2013-12-05:
So let me get this straight...you are complaining because you ordered a coffee and the management at Applebee's expects you to pay for it? Why shouldn't you pay for it?? Because you had too much to drink? That's no excuse whatsoever. Plus the fact that you even thought about driving home after having that much to drink deeply disturbs me! This is one of the most disturbing "complaints" I have ever read on here.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-05:
I'm staggered. You had too much to drink, and you think a cup of coffee is going to magically make you okay to drive...Wow, just wow. It seems to me that if you were truly concerned about wiping out a young family on your way home, you call a cab or a a friend to give you ride home.

And you're complaining about having to pay for a cup of coffee. Amazing.

The only shameful thing here is you trying rationalize/pass the blame for your lack of self control.
Posted by Likesbeefpies on 2013-12-06:
If they comped you free coffee in a lawsuit they'll now be culpable - because they bought into the stupid notion that would somehow help an impaired person drive.
By driving knowing in your own words "had too much to drink" showed extreme selfishness.
Yes the manager was wrong....what he should have done is gotten your tag and called the police.
Posted by Paul on 2013-12-06:
Imagine how shocked the manager was when you wanted coffee for free.

Using the logic that paying $X entitles you to free coffee, one could say that when they pay $Y they should get free dessert.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-12-06:
I think about the only point that I would agree with OP on, is that he should choose his eating and drinking establishments within WALKING distance.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-12-06:
News flash: coffee does not reduce your BAL. You would have been better off spending that money on a cab.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-12-07:
Likesbeef put it best 100
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2013-12-08:
When it comes to over-indulging, it's not a restaurants responsibility to make sure you are sober....you need to do that. Honestly, this is why i do not drink, i never have to worry about driving drunk or making stupid decisions that could effect my judgement. They are there to provide a business, and that is to sell their products.
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Can't believe it!
Posted by Peggyjean123 on 11/27/2013
GROVETOWN, GEORGIA -- Tonight my family went try the new Applebees in grovetown. Started out ok, took drink order, messed up and brought 4 waters, my daughter ordered a sierra mist, caught that mistake but was fixed! We ordered food, mother in law ordered half rack ribs, I ordered grilled cheese and soup, youngest daughter ordered a small order of chicken fingers with mashed potatoes, husbanded ordered blue burger pink please, daughter ordered bacon cheese burger also wanted it light pink. Took over 30 minutes, I was brought Mac and cheese, young daughter chicken, mother in law ribs, they were extremely tough, she asked we're these baby back or regular ribs, waitress said let me check, came back and said yes they were baby back, she gave my daughter her burger and told husband his was on the way! My daughter was taking the burger apart, and added ketchup. about 7 minutes passes and the waitress came out with the other burger, she said oh I made a mistake that is the wrong burger, pointing to my daughters burger, she had a cold and my husband said I would like a new one please I can't eat that! They took the burger away, and said no problem we will get you a new one! I pointed out my order was also was incorrect, but I would be at it because I do like there Mac and cheese! My husband awaited 15 minutes for 2 and burger, and it was well done, as was my daughters burger! My husband ate the burger, but did not enjoy it! My mother in law again asked about the ribs being so though, were they pork or beef, waitress walked away and returned to say pork. No body apologized for mix ups, and upon receiving the bill, the waitress said they took off for the burger, but upon further looking at the bill they charged us for both burgers and an additional, also charged for full order of chicken verses small! We got a bill for 63 dollars for 2 burgers, half order of ribs, Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, insane! We will never return, and hopefully they will get better, for the future of this restaurant!!!
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Great Place to Take the Family for Lunch or Dinner
Posted by Drock928 on 10/29/2013
Tonight we went out for dinner at Applebee's and had a great dinner, great atmosphere and friendly staff . We will go back again!
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Cold Coffee, and Cold Food
Posted by Pmclau12 on 10/29/2013
555 TROY SCHENECTADY RD, LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Today 10/29/2013, I stop with my girls, at Applebee's, 555 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY. We were served cold coffee right off the bat. We ordered off the 2 for 20 menu and the kids menu. The cheese on the top of the Spinach & Artichoke Dip, was burned so bad I had to scrape it out with a spoon before I could dip the chip. I ordered the 7 oz. House Sirloin, I was never asked if I would like garlic mashed potatoes or baked potato. I was only asked how I would like my steak. And the seasonal vegetables were cold, and not cooked, I could not chew the summer squash it was so raw, I did like the raw carrots and so did my grandson. And I did not worry about cutting into my steak, because I ordered rare and seeing everything else was under cooked I knew the steak would be just right.

One of my daughters ordered, Three-Cheese Chicken Penne, the chicken was burned to the point she was spiting it out. As we sat there we heard a few more people say that they could not eat their soup it was too cold, and they sent it back. My other daughter, granddaughter and grandson ordered Chicken Tenders Basket, it was ok I guess you cannot screw up the deep frying, just the real meals.

I do want to add that the waiter was a wonderful person and I felt he had enough on his plate with the other returns so I did not say anything, because it was not his fault that the cook could not step up too his job. So I spent 57 dollar’s on garbage I could not eat. I only send 37 dollar's a mouth with ACE to take my trash away.

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Posted by Paul on 2013-10-30:
Once I realized just how bad the food preparation and quality is at AB's, I stopped going. That was about 4 years ago. The only thing I miss is the young female servers. On many occasions the food was downright horrible.
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Posted by Lorispino13 on 10/18/2013
PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA -- I stopped for a steak and my waiter was nice and helped me pick out a steak. I don't usually order steaks at Applebees. I also ordered a glass of wine to enjoy while waiting for dinner.
Next thing I know this piece of meat and bland red potatoes and. Portobello mushroom with spinach were put down in front of me by some girl. I told her I never got my wine and changed my drink order to a Coke as I knew I wouldn't drink 2 glasses after eating. ( it was two for one) so I took one bite of this awful, tough steak that sat on a bunch of onions that didn't look appetizing all I asked for steak sauce. Oh and when the plate was plopped on the table in front of me I had to ask for a fork to eat it with! The mushroom was decent and I ate that. I ate about a little more then a quarter of the steak and could not eat anymore of the overcooked flavorless hunk of meat I ordered it medium and it was very well done
The waiter asked if I wanted a box and I said no he asked if it was tough and I said yes. I don't like to send things back so I just didn't complain.
The manager came over and now I am embarrassed and had to explain that it was not good. He did offer something else but I declined out of embarrassment. It was bad enough when I was seated the hostess said " just one" as if it is strange to grab a bite alone! At that point I just wanted to get out. There were loud obnoxious drunk people at the bar The food and atmosphere were lousy. The manager did bring me a diet Coke to go busy I don't drink diet Coke! So I got my steak Coke and a bill for over 15.00 add in a tip and I was out 21.00 for one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had! Very disappointed.
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Posted by old fart on 2013-10-19:
My wife had a similar experience and ended up eating half of a limp salad.
She and her club friends a had the same problem and Applebee's lost eight customers.
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Not served, greeted, or acknowledged
Posted by SFCTeresaWilson on 10/15/2013
BEAR, DELAWARE -- I was greeted and seated by the representative at the Applebee's restaurant in Bear, DE door.

After seating no one came to me, greeted me, or acknowledged my presence at my table. Two other tables on both sides of me were serviced twice. The waitress never acknowledged me, never looked at me or anything. I waited ten minutes and left without word to anyone (there wasn't even a staffer at the door that I'd entered when I left).

This is terrible service. I am a US Soldier, I was in civilian clothes, in a corner high top table.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-10-17:
Ok, so did you go find a manager and complain? And would this have been any less offensive if you were just a civilian?
Posted by old fart on 2013-10-19:
consider yourself lucky...Applebees is the worst chain restaurant
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Long Wait
Posted by G.felder63 on 10/14/2013
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I visited Applebee's on Broad River Road, Cola, SC around 12:20, 12:18 pm during my lunch break and I ordered chicken won' tons with Caesar salad and brownie bite, that thing was hard as a rock and the ice cream leaked out the container before I got to work. The chicken won' tons were not fresh they were cold and even inside when the manager told me it's not cold inside it's suppose to be kind of warm and the shell suppose to be cold. Yes, he did tell me that when I asked him. I stated that the shell was cold and it's not suppose to be. He said, yes.

This is the third complaint I've had about Applebee's they need to get it together. Really this is people's lives they playing with. If I get sick because of the temperature of this food it's not gonna be nice.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-16:
You can take your own course of action, but when I woke up and realized just how bad the food quality and preparation are at Applebee's, I simply stopped going there. Prior to this self awakening, I went through multiple cycles of hoping X and Y would improve, only to be disappointed. Then I learned the cooks were 18 year olds making minimum wage, and from a manager some details about the food itself, and said "seeya". Good luck.
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Welcome to Dorchester Applebee's, Home of the Rocky Mashed Potatoes
Posted by Hayley.sargent001 on 10/07/2013
I've been to Dorchester Applebee's two times. Both of these times I ordered mashed potatoes with my meal. BOTH TIMES I also received rocks (YES ROCKS) in my potatoes. If you go there... plan to take a trip to the dentist if you order potatoes. NEVER GOING BACK!

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Not Removing Dishes, Broom-Sweeping a Dust Cloud Contaminating Dinner
Posted by Twitkow119 on 10/01/2013
TROY, OHIO -- On Wednesday, Sept. 18th, 2013, my Lady and I visited Applebee's, located @ 1759 W. Main St., Troy, Ohio 45373. The waitress arrived and took our request for Top Shelf Margaritas. Appetizers were served on time. We had to request the waitress to remove finished dishes. She walked by three times and never asked us or took them away. After walking by twice, with our finished drinks on the end of the table, we asked for refills. She still didn't take the empties away. We had to ask her to take them away. Our main course arrived, Oriental Chicken Salads for both of us.

As we we're beginning to eat, the waitress proceeded to sweep the aisle, with a broom and dust pan, beside our table. The more she swept the dust, the more the unknown contaminates filled the atmosphere around us. My eyes began to swell, I began severely coughing. I couldn't eat my meal and had to leave the establishment. I couldn't breathe. My Lady asked to see the manager and explain what the problem was with what the waitress had done. He nonchalantly said, that this is one his "Pet Peeves", and proceeded to ignore it. We thought of taking our salads home. Then realized they were coated/loaded with unknown contaminates. What a waste of good food.

As my Lady paid our $70.00 bill for four drinks, a Sampler Appetizer, and two salads, she left a $20.00 dollar tip. Hoping it would be split with bartender, whom was the only polite person there. The manager seemed only to care about his "Managerial title", and apparently failed personal skills training. His only offer of anything on the whole subject, was a faint and insincere apology.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-02:
Applebees servers sweep while people eat. Otherwise the place would probably be quite dirty when you arrive at 5:30pm or 7:30pm. I never witnessed a cloud of any sort - it was sweeping a carpet to remove large items.

If you never ate at Applebees again, it may be an unintended positive outcome. Applebees is the bottom rung of the mid-priced "restaurant" ladder IMO. I stopped eating there 4 or 5 years ago and don't miss it at all.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-02:
The not removing dishes part is standard at this lowbrow chain. They would rather make you work around them and clean them off all at the same time after you leave. Sweet, huh? This is one difference between dining and a glorified fast food joint.
Posted by onlooker on 2013-10-02:
I would have given the tip directly to the bartender.

This was a very dysfunctional eating place.
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Food Is Unacceptable
Posted by Evanly on 09/19/2013
EVERYWHERE, MISSOURI -- Ate at Applebee's. It was difficult to pick a meal - everything was either fried or just gross looking/sounding. I wasn't too hungry, and it was hot out, so I got their seasonal berry salad. I love every ingredient listed, so I thought I was in the clear. The spinach leaves were huge and watery. Not good at all. The berries were likely frozen then thawed in a microwave. They had that horrible gummy texture and tasted old. I asked for the dressing on the side. Glad I did. It was inedible. It tasted rancid, probably because it was so sweet. Everyone at the table tried it and had the same reaction - a scrunched up nose followed by a head shake. Like a bad shot of whiskey going down. The pecans were fine, but they were likely buttered, fried, and coated in sugar. The whole thing was just a big fail. I had a similar salad done right a few weeks earlier at another restaurant, and there wasn't a bite left. With Applebees salad, I picked out the feta cheese and pecans and left the rest.

My husband had a turkey avocado sandwich, thinking he also chose a decently healthy meal. It was slathered in mayo. The buns were buttered and fried. The fries were old and way over salted. If you are trying to eat a healthy, low sodium, low sugar diet overall, avoid Applebee's! Another person at our table had one of the weight watchers options. It looked so bland. Brown rice, ck, and broccoli - something we eat regularly at home because of how good it is! Theirs looked gross. Applebee's = FAIL
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-20:
I really wouldn't expect Applebee's or other similar places to have healthy fare. It's pretty much understood that if you are counting calories or are concerned about fat or salt then you should probably look elsewhere.
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