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Awesome Waiter and Manager
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Rating: 5/51

WATERVILLE, MAINE -- My husband and I took our 8 year old grandson out to eat. Our grandson ordered pizza which he usually loves, but for some reason didn't care for it. The waiter, who was super friendly and nice came over to check on us and noticed the pizza. He asked our grandson if he liked the pizza. He said "sorry, not really." Well the waiter asked if he wanted to try something else. He suggested the chicken fingers. It was extremely busy, and it was a full house. The waiter said "I'll see what I can do about putting a rush on these" so he could still eat with us.

Didn't take long at all, the manager actually delivered the chicken with a big smile and said "try this buddy!" He wanted to make sure we all were happy with our food, which was excellent. They took the pizza off our bill, which surprised us. We thanked them for being so nice about it. It was by far one of the best service we ever had. Our grandson was happy, which makes us happy! Thank you to the waiter and manager for making my mother's day extra special!

No service - seated but never waited on
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- Took my family to lunch - it was my daughter's birthday. We're seated at 2:00 pm at the Missoula MT location. At 2:22 we still had not had anyone approach our table to offer water or anything at all. We eventually got up and left - went to another restaurant and they got the c-note that day. The restaurant was not busy - about 30 empty tables and no one waiting yet two people were cleaning a table right next to us and two were standing by the kitchen area chit chatting as we left.

Was a real disappointment and won't be going back there again - especially since it was her birthday. In addition - my daughter attempted to speak to someone on the way out who simply walked away from here. What an odd place.

The Restaurant Was Dirty, Bad Customer Services, And Low Quality Food.
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Rating: 1/51

19821 NORTHWEST FREEWAY HOUSTON, TEXAS -- It was noon when my family and I decided to try Apple Bee's restaurant at 19821 Northwest Freeway in Houston, Texas. We ordered coffee, and the coffee cups were very dirty. I told our waitress. She changed the cups and brought some black coffee cup with cold coffee. We also found hair in the food. If you look around the place you will notice how filthy, and nasty Apple Bee's restaurant is. The food was mediocre, bad customer services, and the waitstaff is so lazy, they like to watch TV and talk Instead of doing their jobs.

I wonder how this place still open. My family and I won't be going to those restaurant anymore and I will advise all my friends, family and people that I know to save their money and go to a better place, because even McDonald's is ten times better than Apple Bee's.

Found Nasty Unidentified Object in the Penne Pasta at Applebee's.
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Rating: 1/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- Found an unidentified nasty object in the 3 cheese penne pasta at Applebee's on Challenger Ave in Roanoke, VA. I instantly got the dry-heaves and feeling of nausea. I also felt a numbness around my mouth and a metallic taste in my mouth. It was a "to go" meal (I live about 5 minutes away) so I took the meal back to Applebee's and spoke to the manager, he took the meal away and said they would have it analyzed to find out what it was.

Of course, this never happened and I got a call from nationwide insurance (their insurance company) and said nothing in the meal could have caused my distress. I asked the lady if they had the object analyzed and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I asked her how she knew what did NOT cause my sickness since she knew nothing about what had happened. She had no answer. Typical Insurance company. Needless to say, that was my last trip to any Applebee's and will not go there again.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was dissatisfied with the service my children and I received at Applebee's. We were seated immediately which was a plus but when we were seated we were rushed to order. After about 10 minutes we were ready to order because we was rushed. The waiter came to the table three times asking were we ready to order with the 10 minutes. While ordering our food he wasn't writing the order down and because of that mistake the order wasn't taken correctly.

When our food was brought to us not once did the waiter come back to the table to refill our drinks or even bring the check for me to pay. I would have been a little satisfied if the waiter was somewhere to be found to refill our drinks or to make sure the order was correct. After eating we sat around for about 30 minutes waiting for the waiter to return to the table with the check. After watching other waiters pass I finally had to stop another waiter that was serving other customers to bring me my check. As a customer of Applebee's I am truly disappointed at the customer service my waiter provided.

Long Wait
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I visited Applebee's on Broad River Road, Cola, SC around 12:20, 12:18 pm during my lunch break and I ordered chicken wontons with Caesar salad and brownie bite, that thing was hard as a rock and the ice cream leaked out the container before I got to work.

The chicken wontons were not fresh, they were cold and even inside. When the manager told me "it's not cold inside, it's supposed to be kind of warm and the shell supposed to be cold." Yes, he did tell me that when I asked him. I stated that the shell was cold and it's not supposed to be. He said, yes. This is the third complaint I've had about Applebee's, they need to get it together. Really, this is people's lives they playing with. If I get sick because of the temperature of this food, it's not going to be nice.

Not Removing Dishes, Broom-Sweeping a Dust Cloud Contaminating Dinner
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Rating: 1/51

TROY, OHIO -- On Wednesday, Sept. 18th, 2013, my Lady and I visited Applebee's, located @ 1759 W. Main St., Troy, Ohio 45373. The waitress arrived and took our request for Top Shelf Margaritas. Appetizers were served on time. We had to request the waitress to remove finished dishes. She walked by three times and never asked us or took them away. After walking by twice, with our finished drinks on the end of the table, we asked for refills. She still didn't take the empties away. We had to ask her to take them away. Our main course arrived, Oriental Chicken Salads for both of us.

As we were beginning to eat, the waitress proceeded to sweep the aisle, with a broom and dust pan, beside our table. The more she swept the dust, the more the unknown contaminates filled the atmosphere around us. My eyes began to swell, I began severely coughing. I couldn't eat my meal and had to leave the establishment. I couldn't breathe. My Lady asked to see the manager and explain what the problem was with what the waitress had done. He nonchalantly said, that this is one his "Pet Peeves", and proceeded to ignore it. We thought of taking our salads home. Then realized they were coated/loaded with unknown contaminates. What a waste of good food.

As my Lady paid our $70.00 bill for four drinks, a Sampler Appetizer, and two salads, she left a $20.00 dollar tip. Hoping it would be split with bartender, who was the only polite person there. The manager seemed only to care about his "Managerial title", and apparently failed personal skills training. His only offer of anything on the whole subject, was a faint and insincere apology.

Food Is Unacceptable
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Rating: 2/51

EVERYWHERE, MISSOURI -- Ate at Applebee's. It was difficult to pick a meal - everything was either fried or just gross looking/sounding. I wasn't too hungry, and it was hot out, so I got their seasonal berry salad. I love every ingredient listed, so I thought I was in the clear. The spinach leaves were huge and watery. Not good at all. The berries were likely frozen then thawed in a microwave. They had that horrible gummy texture and tasted old. I asked for the dressing on the side. Glad I did. It was inedible. It tasted rancid, probably because it was so sweet.

Everyone at the table tried it and had the same reaction - a scrunched up nose followed by a head shake. Like a bad shot of whiskey going down. The pecans were fine, but they were likely buttered, fried, and coated in sugar. The whole thing was just a big fail. I had a similar salad done right a few weeks earlier at another restaurant, and there wasn't a bite left. With Applebee's salad, I picked out the feta cheese and pecans and left the rest.

My husband had a turkey avocado sandwich, thinking he also chose a decently healthy meal. It was slathered in mayo. The buns were buttered and fried. The fries were old and way over salted. If you are trying to eat a healthy, low sodium, low sugar diet overall, avoid Applebee's! Another person at our table had one of the Weight Watchers options. It looked so bland. Brown rice, ck, and broccoli - something we eat regularly at home because of how good it is! Theirs looked gross. Applebee's = FAIL.

Bad Service for My Birthday!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Bad Customer Services. April 9, 2012. I tried to utilize my digital gift card given to me as a birthday gift from my youngest sister at Applebee's on the day of my birthday and was turned away. I waited 2-3 minutes at the '€œto go'€ stop and finally a female appeared and her first greeting to me was "Are you here for a to take out order?"€ and I replied, "€œyes". She said, "well you have to go to the bar to make you order if you want to be waited on." I told her "I rather not order in the alcohol area." She replied "€œwell that's the only way you'€™re going to be waited on."€ I said, "Oh well OK."

I had been on campus studying and reading for hours and wanted to order and go home to eat. I sat at the bar and a guy walked up to me and asked "€œcan I help you?" I told him I had a digital gift card to pay for my meal. He said "€œno problem". As I was trying to look over the menu he approached me two times. The first time he approached me after receiving the menu was about 2 minutes later and he said "You'€™re ready to order?" I said, "You just gave me the menu." And he said "€œOh ok"€.

Then he appeared again about 3 - 4 minutes later. He also stated that I'm not sure if the gift card will go through and it would help if you ordered so I could run it through. I was confused and shocked but tried to help by ordering anything. While I was still looking he said "€Maybe I can do it without you ordering" and walked away. I heard conversation and looked up. He was outside the bar standing with 2 other employees and looked at me pointing.

This tall female walked over to me with him and said, "€œSir I hope you have other means of paying for your meal just in case the gift card don'€™t go through because we were having some problems." I looked at both of them and there was a long pause. I looked around and most of the people there were looking at me and had stop eating their meals. I felt like I had just been told by a manager that my credit card was bad. I felt ashamed and hurt. No other options were given while we all just stared and looked at each other. I said "€œAll I wanted to do is use my digital gift card and have a nice meal for my birthday"€.

The two of them said nothing. I stood up asked for my print out about the digital gift card and walked out. No one gave additional options or tried to make me "€œa customer, stop for leaving very unsatisfied"€. I am working on a bachelor degree at the university and every time me and classmates get into a conversation about food, treatment at a restaurant, customer service, gift cards, birthdays, and reviews I think of my unfair, unsatisfied treatment at Applebee'€™s. Come to find out that the female coming to me at the bar that never tried to run the digital gift card was a manager there.

Wow!! Today, I want closure! My sister took time out to get me that gift card and Applebee'€™s did not waste time taking the charge out of her account for the gift card but I had to wait to get my meal for my birthday. I would have gone to another Applebee's location but, the next nearest Applebee'€™s from me is almost 45 miles.

Applebee's serve inedible/gross food to make a profit!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

JONESBORO, GEORGIA -- I purchased a to-go order from Applebee's at 6608 Tara Blvd., Jonesboro, GA 30236 on 3/25/12. When I opened the box expecting to see Bourbon St. Chicken & Shrimp, I saw disgusting slop!!!! The slop looked like something that a dine-in customer left on their plate as garbage upon leaving the restaurant. That slop should not have ever left the kitchen!!!!

I gave the food back to the restaurant manager and asked for a refund. The manager told me that it was their company's policy not to issue refunds but to allow the customer to select something else from the menu or to issue a gift card to which I responded that her offer was "NOT acceptable". I didn't want anything else from the menu and I didn't come there to purchase a gift card! At that point, I wanted nothing else but my money back!

Nowhere on Applebee's website, TV ads, on the restaurant's menu, nor posted in their restaurant is it stated that if you (the customer) are not satisfied, all sales are final and non-refundable. There is NO refund policy!!! I gave the restaurant their product back to them the same way it was given to me! However, Applebee's doesn't feel that they should give me my refund! That slop that they sold me should have never left their kitchen!

I contacted Applebee's Guest Relations with no resolution. I offered to send them a picture of the food that I received (and gave back to them) but the Gen. Mgr. spoke to me in a condescending manner and again stated, "You will not be getting a refund but give me your address and we will mail you a gift card!" ***Unbelievable!!!!***
I need to speak with the Franchise Owner so she will be aware of how the Applebee's in Jonesboro is being operated. No customer service whatsoever! Do not patronize Applebee's in Jonesboro, GA on Tara Blvd or you WILL be extremely disappointed!!!!

Resolution Update 05/27/2012:

***************STATUS UPDATE********************

I contacted Applebee's corporate office about the horrible experience I had with their restaurant. No one there offered a satisfactory resolution. So I then began posting my complaint to several consumer advocate websites and I even contacted the BBB (they were a joke). Again, no resolution.
I finally contacted my local news station to file my complaint with their consumer advocate team. I received a retuned call and satisfaction within 24hrs! Fox 5 News- Call for Action Team got in touch with the appropriate person for Applebee's Operations. I received a voicemail and an email from the VP of Applebee's Operations stating that my refund ($21.40) would be in the mail the next day.
Finally! Resolution! Kudos to Channel 5-Call for Action Team!
I commend the local news' consumer advocates who REALLY fight for consumer's rights.
Don't fall victim to a business who doesn't value you as a customer. You can choose to spend your money ANYWHERE! But a business should be grateful when you select them.
If after turning over your hard earned money, you're not satisfied with the product or service, try to resolve the matter directly with the merchant. If a resolution can't be reached, then I definitely recommend contacting your local news' consumer advocate team for help.
Good Luck!

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