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How do these people have jobs?
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HUDSON, NEW YORK -- First, let me say, the food is excellent! For that I will not complain. I went to this Applebee's to have a quiet dinner and get out of the house. First, they pack you in like sardines. Uncomfortable, but not too bad. The wait isn't bad at all (well, at least it's never been for me).

However, the waitresses act as if they were prostitutes, liars and thieves. I do not believe they have every been taught manners. The waitresses are absolutely terrible. After they have ruined your day they will then expect a tip. Got one for ya hunny, tip: don't drink and drive! They were waiting on my party and, as I stationed my teenage children in another location with their friends so they could socialize privately. I, as a food critic, could get a good idea on the waiters and waitresses and the types they had.

They decided that behind my back they would try to flirt with my husband by caressing and touching each other as to allow him to see this and not me. The waitresses, keeping eye contact with him as to allow him to know it was him they were performing for. This was just the waitress for my section. The waitress for my kids section were trying to rush them out.

After rushing them out brought their check to me (as was asked). She then proceeded to ask me to pay for it in the middle of my meal, to take care of it now because she didn't want to wait. (Okay!!!) I was nice enough to do this for her and when I asked her how well they had tipped her she then thought it was time to lie to me.

My children were given $10 to give to this woman for a $54 meal. (I felt this was a more than a gracious tip). To my dismay she responded by telling me they had only given her $3.50 for a tip. Me feeling mortified that maybe my children did do this I then proceeded to give her $7 more with my apologies. Well, before I left I found out from the kids that not only did they leave her the $10 tip, but other kids from around the table also left her money totaling a $22 tip from all the kids and myself. As I said liars and thieves.

After I left I contacted the manager to tell him of this, told him of what she had done, he did nothing about it. To ensure he had done his job, I returned to Applebee's the next day and specially requested her table and bingo, she was there. No reprimand had even been made. She acted as if nothing ever happened then tried to nail me again. She didn't receive a tip this time. (No go sister!) If you plan on eating in this Applebee's make sure to ask for a waiter.

The waiters on the other hand are excellent. Very good indeed! They were attentive to every detail. They took my order without writing it down (the order came back perfect, may I add). They smiled and greeted everyone in my party. They never allowed a glass to be empty. They didn't rush anyone and asked all appropriate questions and waited for a response. Never felt rushed or asked any rude questions. (They never made a pass at me either.) :)

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Rating: 2/51

YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Went there for anniversary dinner. I received my meal cold and returned it. By the time I got mine my husband was done. The meal I received was not like the one in the menu that I ordered from. The service was extremely slow. I will never go back.

Never Go To This Place!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- On December 17, 2013 I returned from a trip to San Jose for medical purposes. My daughter and 2 grandsons picked me up at the airport. On the way home I asked if they wanted to grab something to eat. We talked about several places and decided the best would be Applebee's near our homes. I was reluctant because of previous bad incidents that we've had at this place.

I figured I could find something to eat there. We went in and ordered. Our food was brought out and we began eating around 6:00 pm. I had a chicken breast dish with onions, mushrooms and a sauce. In addition, there were loaded mashed potatoes and vegetables. I began eating and suddenly bit down on something that sent a pain to my gum and teeth on the left side of my upper mouth. I stopped chewing and tried to retrieve whatever it was. I pulled out what appeared to be a piece of bacon. Immediately after that I tried to finish chewing what was left only to find that my four tooth bridge had broken off. I pulled that out of my mouth.

There was blood on it and showed it to my daughter. She said my mouth was also bleeding a little. I wiped off the bridge and placed it in a napkin. Eventually the waitress came back and I told her there was a problem and showed her my bridge that I had wrapped up. She went to get the manager. My daughter and I were talking about what happened and I gently nibbled on the object I had pulled out of my mouth. It was a piece of bacon. It was also as hard as a rock. The manager came to the table and we spoke about the incident. She was going to take down my name and phone number and said she was going to tear up our check due to the problem.

Our desert arrived. It was a molten lava cake and was soft. After about 2 bites I was chewing with my front teeth and felt something in my mouth once again. I pulled out what appeared to be a piece of plastic wrapper from the desert. The waitress walked by and I told her to give this to the manager as well. The manager returned to again apologize. There is no excuse for this as far as I'm concerned. This review will be going all over the internet and I will be contacting the Health Department in Las Vegas as well. If you value your life never go into Applebee's at 820 E. Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas.

Cold Coffee, and Cold Food
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Rating: 1/51

555 TROY SCHENECTADY RD, LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Today 10/29/2013, I stop with my girls, at Applebee's, 555 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY. We were served cold coffee right off the bat. We ordered off the 2 for 20 menu and the kids menu. The cheese on the top of the Spinach & Artichoke Dip, was burned so bad I had to scrape it out with a spoon before I could dip the chip. I ordered the 7 oz. House Sirloin. I was never asked if I would like garlic mashed potatoes or baked potato. I was only asked how I would like my steak.

And the seasonal vegetables were cold, and not cooked, I could not chew the summer squash it was so raw, I did like the raw carrots and so did my grandson. And I did not worry about cutting into my steak, because I ordered rare and seeing everything else was undercooked I knew the steak would be just right.

One of my daughters ordered, Three-Cheese Chicken Penne, the chicken was burned to the point she was spiting it out. As we sat there we heard a few more people say that they could not eat their soup it was too cold, and they sent it back. My other daughter, granddaughter and grandson ordered Chicken Tenders Basket, it was OK I guess you cannot screw up the deep frying, just the real meals.

I do want to add that the waiter was a wonderful person and I felt he had enough on his plate with the other returns so I did not say anything, because it was not his fault that the cook could not step up to his job. So I spent 57 dollars on garbage I could not eat. I only spend 37 dollars a month with ACE to take my trash away.

Ignored for a Half Hour
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- My friend and I went to Applebee's on a Thursday evening around 8:00. The restaurant was pretty much dead, there was one group that had just left as we got there. The Hostess sat us near the door and we waited for someone to come over to take our drink order. We saw a server walk by and go clean off the table of the group that just left. While she was doing that another server walked right by us. We sat there for five minutes and no one even acknowledged us. The server finished cleaning off the table and walked by us again without saying a word.

Ten minutes has now gone by and we're still sitting there. There are only two other couples eating in the entire restaurant, so we know the servers are not swamped or anything, then I could understand the wait. The wait is now fifteen minutes and there are no servers in sight.

Finally I see a couple of them just wandering around across the restaurant, both of them even look over at us but no one bothers to come over. Our menus are open and we have no drinks and we keep looking around. Twenty minutes has now gone by and we are STILL waiting. We look at our phones and decide that ten more minutes and we're walking out. Servers are still up and walking around, but on the other side of the restaurant still. Finally a full half hour has gone by and not one person has said or word to or even acknowledged us. We finally just get up and walk out and go to another restaurant nearby. We called the store immediately and asked for a manager.

The manager got on the phone and gave the most generic and forced apology I've ever heard in my life. He said that one of the servers said that she saw someone walking out (of course they see us then) and we could come back and he would take care of us personally, but we tell him that we've decided to go somewhere else. Normally we really like coming to this restaurant, but this left a bad taste in both of our mouths. I don't even think of going to Applebee's anymore when I go out to eat somewhere.

I would understand if they were swamped with customers or something, but the place was dead! I am a very patient and understanding customer (I work with the public also, so I try to be as patient and polite as I can when I go somewhere else) but there was no excuse for this whatsoever.

Don't Get The Riblets!
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Rating: 1/51

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK -- My friend and I were wanting to grab a quick meal. Applebee's was nearby so we stopped there and wanted to investigate their 2 for $20 deal. We both ordered the Riblet Platter. For an added $2 you get more 'ribs'. I have to admit that this was the worst meal I have ever eaten. I did spend several years cooking at a 4 star restaurant so my taste buds are a bit above average, but I took into account this was a chain restaurant. The platter came out and the 'ribs' were swimming in sauce, which I had to scrape off to find the 'rib'. The first bite into the rib resulted in having something thin, sharp, and bone like, slicing the roof of my mouth and sticking between my teeth.

Investigating what I had bitten into, I discovered there wasn't a RIB in the ribs. Rather, there were a series of small thin bone plates running horizontally across the thing that had been cut to look like a rib. What I had bitten into is the section of back bone that runs from the last rib down to the hip. These are trimmings that are normally thrown away, or sold to processing plants for animal feed. Not sold for human consumption.

We got french fries as a side and could not eat those either. They had so much salt on them I think the kitchen spilled the box of salt on them and rather than using them to take ice off the road, just served them as non-consumable food. Complaining to the management did no good and neither did contacting the main office. The dessert was rather pleasant, a chocolate brownie and molten chocolate cake. With beverages, the bill came to $40. So much for the 2 for $20 deal, or ever eating at Applebee's again. The best I can say is the waitress was apologetic and pleasant.

100% Insider Truth
By -

ALL OVER CENTRAL TEXAS -- All that I am about to disclose is 100% Truth, I worked for an Applebee's in Central Texas. I quit because that job is disgusting. Here you go... They eat off of your plates/to go orders. Be that as it may, I can guarantee that we are not the only restaurant that does to it BUT it's still gross. They sip out of your drinks. (Hey! At least we all use a straw.) They touch everything with completely ungloved hands. And we don't wash them really at times that we should (I.e: taking used and dirty dishes back to the dish area). They don't refrigerate meat they use, they keep it out until someone orders it.

STORIES: While in training, I was putting together a To Go order, and the lady didn't want and sour cream in her mashed potatoes. So I asked the girl who was training me, "What should I do about The Sour Cream?" She advised I just "Scrape it off" with my fingers of course. I thought she was kidding....Until she did it.

A Manager and I were talking in the "Expo" area of the kitchen, as we were doing this a huge glob of spit flew from her mouth, onto our lovely "Mexi-Ranch" dip, to which she responded by giggling and saying "I Spit," as she continued on with her disgusting existence.

I was in the "Expo" area of the restaurant again one day when I noticed a friggin' roach crawling by the sauces. I scream "Holy ** that's nasty, it's a roach!" But of course I was the only one who found in bad. All they, kitchen/service crew had to say was "Dammit, that's Pedro. Sometimes he likes to come out." A spoon was dirty when I was following a server, she thought she give it a good ol' wipe off with HER THUMB to clean it. Yeah, I'm sure that was effective.

I honestly could go on, but why, I think I got my point across. That job sucks, the restaurant is SICK, and they have a HORRIBLE training program. And don't get me wrong I used to LOVE the food there... UNTIL I started working there. And No I'm irate EX employee, I'm someone who thinks that you guys should know this. PS: I didn't have a health card/food servers card the entire time I was there. Enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen.

Can't believe it!
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Rating: 1/51

GROVETOWN, GEORGIA -- Tonight my family went try the new Applebee's in Grovetown. Started out OK, took drink order, messed up and brought 4 waters. My daughter ordered a sierra mist. Caught that mistake but was fixed! We ordered food, mother in law ordered half rack ribs, I ordered grilled cheese and soup, youngest daughter ordered a small order of chicken fingers with mashed potatoes, husband ordered blue burger pink please, daughter ordered bacon cheeseburger also wanted it light pink.

Took over 30 minutes. I was brought Mac and cheese, young daughter chicken, mother in law ribs. They were extremely tough. She asked, "Were these baby back or regular ribs?" Waitress said, "Let me check." Came back and said, "Yes they were baby back." She gave my daughter her burger and told husband his was on the way! My daughter was taking the burger apart, and added ketchup. About 7 minutes passes and the waitress came out with the other burger. She said, "Oh I made a mistake. That is the wrong burger," pointing to my daughter's burger. She had a cold and my husband said, "I would like a new one please. I can't eat that!"

They took the burger away, and said, "No problem we will get you a new one!" I pointed out my order was also was incorrect, but I would be at it because I do like their Mac and cheese! My husband awaited 15 minutes for 2nd burger, and it was well done, as was my daughter's burger! My husband ate the burger, but did not enjoy it! My mother in law again asked about the ribs being so tough, were they pork or beef. Waitress walked away and returned to say "pork."

Nobody apologized for mix ups, and upon receiving the bill, the waitress said they took off for the burger, but upon further looking at the bill they charged us for both burgers and an additional, also charged for full order of chicken versus small! We got a bill for 63 dollars for 2 burgers, half order of ribs, Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, insane! We will never return, and hopefully they will get better, for the future of this restaurant!!!

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Rating: 1/51

PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA -- I stopped for a steak and my waiter was nice and helped me pick out a steak. I don't usually order steaks at Applebee's. I also ordered a glass of wine to enjoy while waiting for dinner. Next thing I know this piece of meat and bland red potatoes and portobello mushroom with spinach were put down in front of me by some girl. I told her I never got my wine and changed my drink order to a Coke as I knew I wouldn't drink 2 glasses after eating. (It was two for one) so I took one bite of this awful, tough steak that sat on a bunch of onions that didn't look appetizing all I asked for steak sauce.

Oh and when the plate was plopped on the table in front of me I had to ask for a fork to eat it with! The mushroom was decent and I ate that. I ate about a little more than a quarter of the steak and could not eat anymore of the overcooked flavorless hunk of meat. I ordered it medium and it was very well done. The waiter asked if I wanted a box and I said "no." He asked if it was tough and I said "yes." I don't like to send things back so I just didn't complain.

The manager came over and now I am embarrassed and had to explain that it was not good. He did offer something else but I declined out of embarrassment. It was bad enough when I was seated the Hostess said " just one" as if it is strange to grab a bite alone! At that point I just wanted to get out. There were loud obnoxious drunk people at the bar. The food and atmosphere were lousy. The manager did bring me a diet Coke to go busy. I don't drink diet Coke! So I got my steak, Coke and a bill for over 15.00 add in a tip and I was out 21.00 for one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had! Very disappointed.

My Dining Experience Sucked
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Rating: 1/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- Back in 1983/84 there was this new restaurant chain called Applebee's that opened a store at College Blvd. and Metcalf Avenue. This was their second store opening. For numerous years, I dined there so often, I could have had my name emblazoned on the back of one of their chairs. The food, the service, the experience was always awesome. In 1987, I moved from the KC metro area to OKC, but returned often to this same Applebee's for the experience until about 1997.

Recently after a 15-year absence from being in the KC metro area, I returned for a niece's wedding in Lee€™'s Summit. On Friday 24 February 2012, I forged my way North from East Central Oklahoma towards Overland Park. Upon my arrival after a good 5-hour drive, my first stop was at the same ole Applebee's before checking into my hotel room.

Walking into what I thought would be the same ole welcoming Applebee's; I attained a lesson in not what to do with a successful business. First thing, I realize that Applebee'€™s is a franchised operation. Many stores have retained the old oak finish, the circular bar, greeters at the front door, and lighted atmosphere without blaring crude music, an environment welcomed by most people.

At this restaurant, no greeters, find a chair or a table on your own, the new seating was a cold hard steel chairs, not the good ole oak chairs and oak tables. Lighting was horrible, blaring music, and the wait staff, took forever to greet me and inquire as to what I would desire to eat or drink.

It was a good fifteen minutes before I was ever acknowledged. I ordered one of their lunch specials, a half a sandwich and a French onion soup, with a cup of decaf. The coffee took a good 12 minutes before it reached my table. The sandwich and soup arrived at my table in a full twenty minutes, time now, 1:50 pm and the place was not in a lunch rush either.

The food and soup all look somewhat appetizing. I sipped the coffee, it was cold, I gagged. Next, the sandwich and soup, both tasted as if they just came out of the freezer. The lettuce on the sandwich tasted as if it had come out of the dead pile. The beef in the sandwich was so salty, it would have melted the ice on the sidewalk. The soup was so nasty it would have killed a fly attempting a backstroke.

The waiter never returned to see if I was a happy camper with my food or service. The total bill came to about $11.00 and mixed change. In Summary: No meet and greet, lousy food, lousy service, overpriced. What else do you want to know? Your Overland Park franchise, it sucks.

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