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Posted by Davidsangel on 12/01/2006
My bother had a job with Apria and really loved his job. He has been sick for about 17 days with a cold he just can't get rid of. One Friday he called in sick and he was sick. He got to feeling better and decided on Saturday to go to a Alabama game because he already had the tickets. He didn't think that he had done anything wrong and he did not hide it from anyone. A few days later someone in the office called and reported that he had done this, even though no one reports them for taking two hour lunches and they do whatever they want. Anyway my brother lost his job, they fired him. Here it is a few weeks from Christmas and he has children and bills. I wonder what is wrong with this world when people just stop caring about each other. I think they handled things the wrong way. And as for as I am concerned the person who reported him should look at what they do, they have done wrong to, but they do not have a heart.

But I told my brother this door closed and another will open. I just feel better letting someone know about this.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-12-01:
Wow. I would think he was unlawfully fired. Calling in sick on Friday does not require you to "stay home" the whole weekend.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-01:
Good points Sparticus, but after missing numerous days some employers will get a little vindictive especially if you haven't been there that long. I think to play it safe I would have "sat out" going to see the Crimson Tide that weekend. Has brother seen a doctor yet? Good luck.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-12-01:
Yeah, true. There may be more to this story. I got the impression that he did not miss 17 days of work, but that he was sick for that long and finally took a day off. Not sure which way is accurate. My brother had a nasty cold/flu a few weeks ago. It stuck with him for about 14 days getting worse before it got better. Something is going around.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-01:
Out here people first lose their voice then a nasty cold sets in for days. If brother only missed one day that would be pretty petty. I once worked with a guy that called in and had the nerve to hang at the bar nearby where a lot of the employees would go for lunch. Of course he was spotted and got the ax. What a knucklehead.
Posted by Bababooey on 2006-12-02:
A similiar thing happened to a friend of mine who is a New York City Police Officer. In 2000, I was offered 2 tickets to the World Series by my boss who couldn't go to the game because he had to attend a wedding. Now this was the year of the "Subway Series" (New York Yankees vs. New York Mets), and there was a tremendous amount of local attention paid to the World Series. I gladly accepted the tickets and I invited my friend Tommy, who is a New York City Police Officer and a huge New York Mets, fan to go with me to the game. We got to the game and proceeded to enjoy the action. Unbeknownst to me, Tommy, was is a New York City Police Officer, had been out sick from work for the previous 6 days, and was supposted to be confined to bed. As we were seated during the game, a gentleman came up to Tommy and asked him how he was feeling. Tommy had a shocked look on his face, and told the guy that he was still feeling a little sick. The gentleman then said, "You'd better be in on Monday", and left. After he left, Tommy told me that guy was his Sergeant. He said that it was no big deal, and he didn't mention it again. I found out a couple of days later that this Sergeant had filed a report and Tommy was brought up on Departmental charges of "Malingering". Tommy was ultimately reprimanded for attending a baseball game while he was supposed to be sick (and being paid). The only reason that he wasn't punished more severely was because this was the first time that he had ever had any kind of a disciplinary problem on the job. This reprimand has prevented him from being promoted, even though he has an otherwise spotless record.
Posted by davidsangel on 2006-12-11:
Update on my brother. He is still sick and on strong medcine. If this doesn't help him he will go back to the DR. next week and then they are going to check for cancer. I am really worried about him.
He has tried to get unemployment but they will not let me draw. I really think anyone who ever wants to work for this Company should think about what they are getting into. They do not care about their empolyees. But I told my brother that things will get better and he will have a better paying job.
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Health Care Denies Service
Posted by BMW DOLL on 01/25/2008
SF, CALIFORNIA -- Trying for 2 weeks to get Apria Health Care to make an appointment for me to look at cpap machine.

The humidifier isn't working correctly and I have gotten 2 sinus infections from cold air blowing in my face all night.

I am at present sick in bed from it. Apria calls and asks "what is up"? No appointments set up, no interest since they already have your business.

They are kaiser's dme so we have no other choice. Three thumbs down on them.......
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-25:
What are you talking about?
Take the caps off, calm down and explain in a sensible manner.
Thank you.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-01-25:
Three thumbs down!? I don't think getting that thing serviced is going to solve that problem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-25:
I just installed an air exchanger in my home - makes a world of difference.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-25:
Right, PwP, were YOU on cpap before that? I think not.

BMW DOLL, have you relayed to them that this situation is causing additional health problems for you?
Posted by Starlord on 2008-01-25:
Why did they put a humidifier on your CPAP machine? I asked about it and was advised that it created too much risk of bacteria growth. Where is this cold air blowing in your face coming from? I was started with a mask that covered only the nose, and I did have to adjust it so air escaping the mask didn't blow in my eyes, but properly adjusted, there is no windstorm going on on the face. I would defeat the nasal mask by opening my mouth in my sleep and mouth-breathing, so I had to go to a full mask, which looks like a heavier duty version of the mask you see on TV when they do not use a nasal cannula. I have had no problem with Apria Health Care here in Arizona, and have a CPAP machine, an oxygen concentrator with three spare tanks and a cart, and an electric scooter. Great company to do business with. I don't know what your approach was, but people react better when you are calm and concise, and not so well when people are sarcastic ro rude to them. Good luck.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-25:
BMW I strongly urge you to contact your doctor and let him/her know that this cpap is causing more health issues. It sounds like the mask is not properly adjusted to fit your face while you are sleeping. I too would like to know where this cold air is coming from. It sounds like you either need a new mask or you need a full face mask if you aren't using one of those.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-25:
I worked in a sleep lab for 6 years and, though, not an expert by any means, I absorbed some info.

Sometimes you need a heated humidifier. Humidifiers need to be cleaned (as should all your equipment and filters. Apria should be able to school the patients on this simple task or they are being lazy (or they are untrained). Some people need humidifiers to moisturize the air so their throat does not dry out. Every case is different.

Apria isn't doing their job. There is no perfect situation for every patient. They need to try one of the numerous masks if yours is not working properly for you. CPAP is only as good as the provider. New masks come out almost monthly. We had plenty of patient's who switched from the Apria in our area because they did not help them to use their cpap to it's fullest advantage.

Do not let anyone discourage you. Talk to your doctor and see what they can do to help you with Apria. There are other DME providers and maybe you will be able to switch to one of them. Don't give up.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-01-25:
I did not appreciate the message I received via email. I asked legitinate questions based on my experience with Apria. What is with the adjusting my glasses. We have hooked horns before, and based on your previous post, I had questions. I am sorry you didn't feel I was compassionate enough, but I asked legitimate questions, in order to try to come up with some help for you. You feel it necessary to send me a snide email, so now I really don't care.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-25:
starlord, write a complaint.
Posted by BMW DOLL on 2008-01-26:
I am trying to get feedback. Some people responding are putting me down.
This is a serious issue and snide remarks are not necessary.
I am trying my best to embrace information to learn what might help.
thanks for all of you trying to discuss this with me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-26:
BMWDoll, try this one it may help. Good Luck to you

Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-27:
BMW: In answer to your interesting e-mail about why I responded if I didn't know what you were talking about:
To learn and try to understand.
I don't see anywhere in the responses where you were put down, just people questioning and trying to help.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-01-27:
Be glad you don't have to deal with Lincare! They are even worse.
Posted by BMW DOLL on 2008-01-27:
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-27:
Whoever said there was a heat control on your CPAP machine needs to go back to school--or at least re-trained. The only heated units I know of are the heated humidifiers.

jennjenn--In the area I live, Lincare was equally bad. These dme places just don't seem to have trained techs when it comes to CPAP. It's a shame because they are such life altering devices.

Someone needs to take notice and do something. At the lab I worked in (I managed the front office), our patients were welcome to come in as often as they needed to to try new masks, get their machines serviced, or just to be re-trained on CPAP useage. That's what it takes sometimes to make sure they get the full benefit. Some dme providers are just lazy, uninformed, or too busy to give a da*m, unfortunately.
Posted by Jmanish on 2008-02-07:
Some states are now requiring Cpap setups be done by a registered respiratory therapist. Until now, Cpap machines could be setup by pretty much anyone, including customer service reps.

Having patients come in the office to check out "new" masks is a nice idea, however considering most insurance plans cover 1 mask per year and the fact that most masks run several hundred dollars, the likelihood that they are able to receive a "new" mask whenever they like, is unfortunately very low.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
jmanish--Sorry, but you don't know what we did at our office as a service to our patients. They were not charged for every mask--if one doesn't work, it's not the patient's fault. I know not every provider feels that way, but, the masks that were returned were used in the sleep lab--after they were sterilized, of course. We did use respiratory therapists--and had registered sleep techs also. When you talk about the others, you are surely talking about DME providers like Apria, Lincare, etc. We were in the business to help people, but then I guess we must have been in the minority.
Posted by Jmanish on 2008-02-08:
Sorry Dianec, your right in saying that I dont know how things were done at your office. Allowing people to come in and try new masks out is a nice option for them.

The part that I was replying to was your following comment: "Some dme providers are just lazy, uninformed, or too busy to give a da*m, unfortunately."

As a sleep lab, you obviously could put used masks to use. But a DME company, which the original post is referring to, they have no use for a box full of used masks. In addition, once disposable equipment is delivered, out of a providers hands, that equipment is not to be returned (Joint Commission is strict about that one).

While I think most providers are in the business "to help people", its important to remember that they are in "business".
Posted by dmedude on 2008-03-11:
Guys, I have worked in the durable medical equipment (DME) business for over 20 years. The product category that we get the most complaints about is CPAP. You would not believe how difficult it is to satisfy every person who walks through the door. Remember, you are dealing with sleep deprived individuals.

One of the biggest problems we have comes from patients who have gone through a sleep study in a lab wearing a mask the seems ok for the one night when they have the study. The problem comes in when the patient has used the mask for a week or two and then decides that it doesn't fit right, it leaks, it breaks them out, etc., etc.

The problem we have is that we can only bill for one mask every three to six months, depending on the patient's insurance. We don't deal in used masks, and I don't know of a way to "sterilize" anyway. Besides that, would you want to be given a mask that covers your nose and mouth that someone you don't know has used? I wouldn't...
Posted by DME provider on 2008-08-23:
since you have Kaiser the BEST way to get service from Apria is to call your Kaiser DME (durable medical equipment) department. They will electronically send an order for a cpap check and have an RT call you. OR you can just go into the local Apria office with your equipment. It might take some time but they will set you up on the spot.
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Fraudulent billing
Posted by Kristab777 on 10/03/2012
Apria is billing me for an unspecified service which I did not order by sending me invoices marked "past due". They have part of the name of my health insurance correct and my name and address right. They will not discuss the bill on the phone with me because I will not give them my birth date. I think they are preying on senior citizens by making it look like I have a past due bill.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2012-10-03:
It's possible they obtained partial information somehow and are phishing you for your DOB to commit identity theft. I fail to see why if you have an invoice/account number that they would need a DOB to discuss the very bill they sent. No specified service, incorrect insurance carrier, it sure throws up red flags at face value.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-03:
I went through Apria Healthcare to get a breast pump which was covered by my insurance. They sent me a $300 breast pump & a kit for a different pump and then tried to bill my insurance $1300 for oxygen equipment!
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-10-05:
Do you have Apria Healthcare insurance? If so, a suggestion would be to write to them, copy of bill attached, asking them to send you a written explanation about what these services were, when they were provided, the doctor, etc. Send the letter certified, return receipt, so that you have proof they received it. See what they do.
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Local office is fine but corporate customer care is horrible.
Posted by Russgivens on 04/02/2014
First, they kept leaving me voice mails from an automated call system without any identification of who they were. I ignored it for several weeks as the message sounded like a credit card scam. Finally I called from work and found out they were trying to notify me that my credit card was going to expire next month. The contact is obviously in India and their language skills and understanding is minimal. Not really able to respond to my questions. Another issue has been that they sent my a letter saying I had not sent my modem in when requested. The problem was I left the modem for pickup by Fedex and they failed to come by. I had already called the number on their instruction for advice and they had rescheduled the pickup which went off without additional problems. No communication between parties resulted in a rude letter accusing me of not doing what I was asked to do. Royal a-holes. Will go elsewhere as soon as I retire. Their corporate office is obviously made up of money grubbing people that do not care about their customers and only want to make money. Billing does not match up with my EOB's so I suspect their are trying to rip someone off, too. Wish I were European.
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Can't Get Billing Right
Posted by Johnkirkland on 03/25/2014
CALIFORNIA -- I have a CPAP from Apria. My insurance changed for 2013, and Apria could not handle this update. In April, I had to call three times to get the insurance updated. Each time they asked for a credit card to keep on file, and fortunately I refused. In November 2013, my insurance carrier paid three claims on one check. In January 2014, I get a collection notice that I have not paid one of the claims. After SEVEN calls to Apria, I was assured the payment would be applied properly. Around March 15, I received a refund check from Apria because I had overpaid the account once they applied the insurance payments properly. On March 21, I got a notice from my credit watch service that a negative report had been filed. It was the collection agency that Apria assured me would not pursue any additional action. Now I have to take another hour out of my day to correct this error.
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Horrible Billing Practices and Billing Dept.
Posted by My_shopping_spot on 03/14/2014
MISSOURI -- I would never refer Apria to anyone! If there was a zero rating, I would have chosen it instead of one rating. My son had two types of rental equipment from Apria, they provided the equipment, kept charging me when the insurance had "paid it in full per agreement". There have been payments made that were not applied to the account until 4-5 weeks later. Their billing dept. is horrible!!!! Every time you call, you wait on hold 30 minutes before being helped. Then you talk to a different representative every time you call & they don't communicate whatsoever. You can fax them documentation & they claim to never receive it, or it seems to take DAYS for them to receive it and of course, they don't allow any communications to be sent by email, so you could get things sent quickly & easily. Don't ever expect a call back from the billing dept. either. In the last year, I have worked with 12 different billing representatives/specialists. All of them told me they would call me back after reviewing my files. So far I'm still waiting on even one call back! Need I go on?!!!
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Horrible, worst customer service ever.
Posted by Robay009 on 01/20/2014
WORCESTER, MA -- Doctor submitted health care supply order by fax to Apria 12/23/2013. Order required Apria contact me. Two weeks later a women called me but I couldn't understand a word she said. I did get out of her that some one would be calling me to set up an appointment. Two weeks later no call so I called them. The customer service person was terrible. She kept saying hold on and would yell to another person about another customer (very unprofessional conversation). She proceed to talk over me and just not listen. She just wanted me off the phone. After a very exhausting one sided conversation I asked her to cancel the order. I called the 1 800 customer service number to ensure the order was canceled, the woman told me she was sorry and she would check the order and proceeded to transferred me back to the original person??? I called the corporate 1 800 number which was a recording telling me they were not available at this time and hung up. The web site says all the right things but in the end Apria doesn't have a clue.
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HORRIBLE Customer Service
Posted by Xiangchou on 12/16/2013
ENDWELL, NEW YORK -- When my mother was alive, she had Apria in Florida and had a terrible experience. I didn't think it could get any worse until today. My family has done business with Apria's Endwell, NY branch for many years. You can no longer call the branch directly. The local number is forwarded to a call center in another state. I waited on hold 3 times for over 45 minutes each time!! When I finally got through, they had my insurance information wrong. I waited on the phone for half an hour while they straightened that out then placed my order and gave the representative my credit card info. I waited 2 weeks and when I did not get the equipment we ordered, I called again. I had to try several times as I was always stuck on hold for at least half an hour and would sometimes have to hang up. When I finally got through, they said they needed my credit card information again. I had to call back with my credit card info and when I finally got through, I was told that the order had been canceled and couldn't be "back-dated." ?? I would have to wait at least 2 more weeks to get my things. I worked my way up through supervisors and spoke with someone who promised to get back to me immediately. That didn't happen. I spent the day trying to get through again--finally got someone who would not listen to me. I asked to be transferred to the Endwell branch as I thought I would get better service with them. But the woman in Endwell kept talking over me, too. I hate that. I would start to speak and she would speak over me. I asked her if it was worth losing 3 customers? And she said she couldn't care less. So there you have it. There are other companies out there. I switched in less than an hour.
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Oxygen for a Lung Cancer Patient
Posted by Jbarela2 on 09/18/2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- My father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer on 5/18/2013. He needs to be on oxygen 24/7. We live in a rural part of New Mexico and have to dive 100 round trip to visit the doctor. He has 1-3 doctor's appointments a week. He uses the "D" tanks that you roll behind you. He goes through approximately 3 tanks every trip to a doctor visit. The first 2 months we were able to order tanks when we needed.

After the 2nd month they told us they were moving to a home fill system. We agreed to try the equipment out, but as we found, my father was unable to carry the tanks provided since the cancer spread to his bones. When we called to have them pick up the system, they didn't even have the records stating he was on this new system. After that every time we call Apria we do this merry-go-round dance about why he doesn't have the homefill system and they try to deter us from continuing on the tanks he has now by telling us that they can not deliver tanks for over a month.

They also are very good about double billing patient. We will pay with a credit card over the phone, but when we call they need a payment from is every time. I am totally fed up with this company. After everything my father and family has been through this is just another hurdle in his recovery. I am very disappointed.
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Posted by azRider on 2013-09-19:
I've used them in the past, they suck. no doubt about. run as fast as you can from them and find a different provider. I choose one that I have to pay more for, but its worth it.
Posted by Jay on 2013-09-19:
I agree. Kick these bozo's to the curb. They are one of the most (if not THE most) incompetent, disorganized medical equipment providers on the planet. I, too, have experienced their bumbling ways.
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Criminal Behavior/non-existent customer service at Apria
Posted by GSechler50 on 08/13/2013
CHICAGO, TEXAS -- I called Apria to find out the buy-out amount for my CPAP machine. I was informed that only 3 payments remained on my term and that it would be best to just make the remaining three payments and then billing would stop and I would own my machine. I agreed. Meanwhile, I received a letter regarding patient financial assistance. I called and said I did not think I needed to complete the form as I only had 3 payments remaining. I was informed that by filling out the form, should it be approved I would receive lower "patient assistance" pricing on any supply orders I would make in the future. My assistance was approved and my monthly billing decreased for what was to be the final month. When I received an invoice for an additional month, I called the billing department and was informed that since I had requested financial assistance and received it, that my monthly billing would continue indefinitely and that I would not ever own the machine. I told them that this was unacceptable and that they had contacted me about financial assistance. They told me it was too late and that I would continue to be billed. I told them I would pay the full final month and take ownership. They told me that was impossible. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was refused. Finally they gave me an address for customer care and that I could write to them. I did. 2-3 months later I received a call from a very rude customer service agent, who verified my initial conversation about the buy-out. I again offered to pay it off and again was told that someone had made an error, that it was a training issue within Apria and that I was stuck with on-going monthly bills. I asked to talk to someone in charge and was told that I would be on hold for awhile. I asked if someone could call me back, she agreed and 9 months later I still have not received that call. I wrote another letter, included a check for the buy-out amount and stated that they should either accept the check as a final payment and buy-out or not cash the check. They cashed the check and have continued billing. I have not paid them a dime and now am getting letters that I am being turned over to a collection agency. This was clearly a bait and switch fraud by this company. THEY ARE CRIMINAL IN THEIR CONDUCT _ DO NOT USE
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Posted by azRider on 2013-08-13:
Did you write on your check 'final payment' or something like that? if so, let them take you to court. you have proof they accepted final payment.
Posted by CU on 2013-08-13:
Did you maybe specify on the back of the check that it was in full and final payment for the machine? That might make the difference.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-14:
I suggest filing a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General's office.
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