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Billing Issues with Apria
Posted by CRACK 1956 on 11/20/2010
HARLINGEN, TEXAS -- I rented a CPAP from them in October 2009 and made a copay for October at the time of receipt of the machine. I have made the 13 monthly rental copays but received another bill yesterday which will be the 14th one, even though my insurance company said, and Apria confirmed, that only 13 monthly copays are required. When I attempted to speak with customer service, I was immediately transferred to the billing center in India, which I was told that they can only receive payments. I called back and spoke to a Lorie in Overland Park, KS who said repeatedly that I owed just one more payment, even though she went down the list of payments I had made and I counted each one with her over the phone and I had all ready paid 13, but this did not stop her from claiming that the bill I had just received was for October making it the 13th. No matter, that I had counted with her 13 payments that had already been made. She kept rapidly repeating the same claim verbatim. This is only one recent extremely negative and frustrating experience with them. Everyone stay away from Apria. They are customer unfriendly and seek to over bill you.

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Abusive & incompetent customer department
Posted by Abuse & incompetent customer service on 04/18/2010
4095 PIKE LN CONCORD -- In November 2009 I contacted Apria Healthcare to see if my CPAP machine replacement would be covered by my medical insurance. I was advised by 2 different people at Apria that it would. After some delay I finally received my new machine in December 2009.
On March 31, 2010 I received a call from Sandra who claimed to be with Apria Healthcare claiming that I was renting my CPAP maching and that my insurance was no longer covering this in 2010. I told Sandra that there is no way I agreed, nor signed any document agreeing to a rental machine over the direct purchase as I had done with my previous CPAP. She just kept raising her voice saying "this is a rental, this is a rental, and then if she was going to send someone out to take the machine back". I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she could not get her on the line and hung-up. I did get a second call from someone claiming to be her supervisor who again said they had processed my machine as a rental.
On Friday, April 16, 2010 I received a bill from Apria for $214.00. No explaination, just demanding payment.
Why would I rent a CPAP machine for $107.00 for month that can be purchased on the internet for as low as $289.00?
Threatening to take a CPAP away from someone who has Sleep Apnea is endangering my life. Are they serious?
There is no document that I signed, nor have I received anything in the mail from Apria which specifies terms for a rental machine. I would never have agreed to such nonsense.
I feel they are attempting to bully me into paying for a machine because they did not properly bill my insurance company. I changed insurance in 2010 and have a deductible that would not have been the case if they had handled my order in a competent manner to begin with.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-04-18:
See if your state's attorney generals office has some advice for you regarding this and be sure to keep any documentation you have related to this incident.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-04-18:
I know exactly what you are up against. Those jerk-weeds are attempting to bill me for equipment my insurance will cover -- IF they will send the documentation requested by my insurance co. I have already sent them a certified letter and telling them they will receive nothing until my insurance actually denies the claim. They don't listen...they just keep on billing...they are incompetent idiots.
Posted by Alain on 2010-04-18:
Having heard that from tnchuck I would now say definately contact your state's attorney generals office.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-04-18:
Does your insurance company have a patient advocate department? if so, a lot of times these folks can do wonders in clearing up messes like the one you describe.
Posted by Brenda on 2012-10-25:
I offer my empathy to you re your problem. I have been trying to get a bill paid since 2009 that my insurance would have paid and have given the correct information multiple times and they now have sent me to a collection agency. I refuse to pay it because I had insurance to cover it if they had only filed it under the correct information and the correct company. The only answer I can get is: we don't have to bill your insurance, we do it as a courtesy. I now have written letters disputing bill and will take it as far up the ladder as I can. APRIA is the worst company. They could care less about your health...they want your money.Very incompetent people.
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Local office is fine but corporate customer care is horrible.
Posted by Russgivens on 04/02/2014
First, they kept leaving me voice mails from an automated call system without any identification of who they were. I ignored it for several weeks as the message sounded like a credit card scam. Finally I called from work and found out they were trying to notify me that my credit card was going to expire next month. The contact is obviously in India and their language skills and understanding is minimal. Not really able to respond to my questions. Another issue has been that they sent my a letter saying I had not sent my modem in when requested. The problem was I left the modem for pickup by Fedex and they failed to come by. I had already called the number on their instruction for advice and they had rescheduled the pickup which went off without additional problems. No communication between parties resulted in a rude letter accusing me of not doing what I was asked to do. Royal a-holes. Will go elsewhere as soon as I retire. Their corporate office is obviously made up of money grubbing people that do not care about their customers and only want to make money. Billing does not match up with my EOB's so I suspect their are trying to rip someone off, too. Wish I were European.
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Can't Get Billing Right
Posted by Johnkirkland on 03/25/2014
CALIFORNIA -- I have a CPAP from Apria. My insurance changed for 2013, and Apria could not handle this update. In April, I had to call three times to get the insurance updated. Each time they asked for a credit card to keep on file, and fortunately I refused. In November 2013, my insurance carrier paid three claims on one check. In January 2014, I get a collection notice that I have not paid one of the claims. After SEVEN calls to Apria, I was assured the payment would be applied properly. Around March 15, I received a refund check from Apria because I had overpaid the account once they applied the insurance payments properly. On March 21, I got a notice from my credit watch service that a negative report had been filed. It was the collection agency that Apria assured me would not pursue any additional action. Now I have to take another hour out of my day to correct this error.

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Horrible Billing Practices and Billing Dept.
Posted by My_shopping_spot on 03/14/2014
MISSOURI -- I would never refer Apria to anyone! If there was a zero rating, I would have chosen it instead of one rating. My son had two types of rental equipment from Apria, they provided the equipment, kept charging me when the insurance had "paid it in full per agreement". There have been payments made that were not applied to the account until 4-5 weeks later. Their billing dept. is horrible!!!! Every time you call, you wait on hold 30 minutes before being helped. Then you talk to a different representative every time you call & they don't communicate whatsoever. You can fax them documentation & they claim to never receive it, or it seems to take DAYS for them to receive it and of course, they don't allow any communications to be sent by email, so you could get things sent quickly & easily. Don't ever expect a call back from the billing dept. either. In the last year, I have worked with 12 different billing representatives/specialists. All of them told me they would call me back after reviewing my files. So far I'm still waiting on even one call back! Need I go on?!!!
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Horrible, worst customer service ever.
Posted by Robay009 on 01/20/2014
WORCESTER, MA -- Doctor submitted health care supply order by fax to Apria 12/23/2013. Order required Apria contact me. Two weeks later a women called me but I couldn't understand a word she said. I did get out of her that some one would be calling me to set up an appointment. Two weeks later no call so I called them. The customer service person was terrible. She kept saying hold on and would yell to another person about another customer (very unprofessional conversation). She proceed to talk over me and just not listen. She just wanted me off the phone. After a very exhausting one sided conversation I asked her to cancel the order. I called the 1 800 customer service number to ensure the order was canceled, the woman told me she was sorry and she would check the order and proceeded to transferred me back to the original person??? I called the corporate 1 800 number which was a recording telling me they were not available at this time and hung up. The web site says all the right things but in the end Apria doesn't have a clue.
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HORRIBLE Customer Service
Posted by Xiangchou on 12/16/2013
ENDWELL, NEW YORK -- When my mother was alive, she had Apria in Florida and had a terrible experience. I didn't think it could get any worse until today. My family has done business with Apria's Endwell, NY branch for many years. You can no longer call the branch directly. The local number is forwarded to a call center in another state. I waited on hold 3 times for over 45 minutes each time!! When I finally got through, they had my insurance information wrong. I waited on the phone for half an hour while they straightened that out then placed my order and gave the representative my credit card info. I waited 2 weeks and when I did not get the equipment we ordered, I called again. I had to try several times as I was always stuck on hold for at least half an hour and would sometimes have to hang up. When I finally got through, they said they needed my credit card information again. I had to call back with my credit card info and when I finally got through, I was told that the order had been canceled and couldn't be "back-dated." ?? I would have to wait at least 2 more weeks to get my things. I worked my way up through supervisors and spoke with someone who promised to get back to me immediately. That didn't happen. I spent the day trying to get through again--finally got someone who would not listen to me. I asked to be transferred to the Endwell branch as I thought I would get better service with them. But the woman in Endwell kept talking over me, too. I hate that. I would start to speak and she would speak over me. I asked her if it was worth losing 3 customers? And she said she couldn't care less. So there you have it. There are other companies out there. I switched in less than an hour.
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Oxygen for a Lung Cancer Patient
Posted by Jbarela2 on 09/18/2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- My father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer on 5/18/2013. He needs to be on oxygen 24/7. We live in a rural part of New Mexico and have to dive 100 round trip to visit the doctor. He has 1-3 doctor's appointments a week. He uses the "D" tanks that you roll behind you. He goes through approximately 3 tanks every trip to a doctor visit. The first 2 months we were able to order tanks when we needed.

After the 2nd month they told us they were moving to a home fill system. We agreed to try the equipment out, but as we found, my father was unable to carry the tanks provided since the cancer spread to his bones. When we called to have them pick up the system, they didn't even have the records stating he was on this new system. After that every time we call Apria we do this merry-go-round dance about why he doesn't have the homefill system and they try to deter us from continuing on the tanks he has now by telling us that they can not deliver tanks for over a month.

They also are very good about double billing patient. We will pay with a credit card over the phone, but when we call they need a payment from is every time. I am totally fed up with this company. After everything my father and family has been through this is just another hurdle in his recovery. I am very disappointed.

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Posted by azRider on 2013-09-19:
I've used them in the past, they suck. no doubt about. run as fast as you can from them and find a different provider. I choose one that I have to pay more for, but its worth it.
Posted by Jay on 2013-09-19:
I agree. Kick these bozo's to the curb. They are one of the most (if not THE most) incompetent, disorganized medical equipment providers on the planet. I, too, have experienced their bumbling ways.
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Criminal Behavior/non-existent customer service at Apria
Posted by GSechler50 on 08/13/2013
CHICAGO, TEXAS -- I called Apria to find out the buy-out amount for my CPAP machine. I was informed that only 3 payments remained on my term and that it would be best to just make the remaining three payments and then billing would stop and I would own my machine. I agreed. Meanwhile, I received a letter regarding patient financial assistance. I called and said I did not think I needed to complete the form as I only had 3 payments remaining. I was informed that by filling out the form, should it be approved I would receive lower "patient assistance" pricing on any supply orders I would make in the future. My assistance was approved and my monthly billing decreased for what was to be the final month. When I received an invoice for an additional month, I called the billing department and was informed that since I had requested financial assistance and received it, that my monthly billing would continue indefinitely and that I would not ever own the machine. I told them that this was unacceptable and that they had contacted me about financial assistance. They told me it was too late and that I would continue to be billed. I told them I would pay the full final month and take ownership. They told me that was impossible. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was refused. Finally they gave me an address for customer care and that I could write to them. I did. 2-3 months later I received a call from a very rude customer service agent, who verified my initial conversation about the buy-out. I again offered to pay it off and again was told that someone had made an error, that it was a training issue within Apria and that I was stuck with on-going monthly bills. I asked to talk to someone in charge and was told that I would be on hold for awhile. I asked if someone could call me back, she agreed and 9 months later I still have not received that call. I wrote another letter, included a check for the buy-out amount and stated that they should either accept the check as a final payment and buy-out or not cash the check. They cashed the check and have continued billing. I have not paid them a dime and now am getting letters that I am being turned over to a collection agency. This was clearly a bait and switch fraud by this company. THEY ARE CRIMINAL IN THEIR CONDUCT _ DO NOT USE
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Posted by azRider on 2013-08-13:
Did you write on your check 'final payment' or something like that? if so, let them take you to court. you have proof they accepted final payment.
Posted by CU on 2013-08-13:
Did you maybe specify on the back of the check that it was in full and final payment for the machine? That might make the difference.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-14:
I suggest filing a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General's office.
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Nasty Rude and Cutoff
Posted by Danopp on 06/30/2013
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- It all started I'm not sure date or those details but from the start I was diagnosed with osa. I went to the only local in Freeport Il osa place it was Garrity Home care. Was awesome worked till got my mask right serviced it got me new humidifier and when it broke they sent it in and gave a loner with humidifier key with humidifier.

The service was so good, people so helpful and friendly. Then this happens. . Apria Healthcare took it over closed my towns store. Then my machine broke a second time they made me go to their town. The atmosphere was just not warm, the lady had looks and wasn't like my towns lady. They reluctantly sent it in to be fixed. I had to force them by calling corporate office for a humidifier, the local refused then they lied to Medicare said I stole their loaner asked for favors etc.

The favors I found out were me asking them to come to me, I'm disabled with a car that don't like town and now I'm demanded to drive 40 miles or so to them. Now my machine is broke again I got ignored for over a year hung up on had to recently sic social security on them.

Then they talk to me and what a surprise its all my fault and they refuse to come to me and basically in not so many words you pay for it. Well social security only does this or that you own the machine etc and we are not required to serve you, want some other numbers, etc.

So I'm screwed with a half working machine I have to wait 2 years or so till social will pay for another one. Thanks Apria enjoy Medicares fraud charges and withheld payments.
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Posted by azRider on 2013-07-01:
I hate Apria also. I have a cpap machine and private insurance. the only place my insurance will work with is Apria. The service is so bad I've purchased masks from other companys and paid for it without insurance just to avoid this company. They suck. so I understand your issue completely.
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